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Writing Deeks: The Sexytimes


Kensi’s journal isn’t the only written material with “adult content.” Fan fiction writers have contributed plenty of their own versions of Deeks and Kensi together together. We talked to them about their experiences writing the Densi sexytimes. (All excerpts are T rated.)

Her back arches, responding to his fingertips as they work their way along her spine. Her body is responding to his touch, moving with the rhythm of his hands as they work their way slowly down, making sure to take in every square inch. Together they maneuver so they’re lying down, him on top and her squirming below. “Bed would be bigger.” She shakes her head. “Are you saying you want to be farther away from me?” “Never. I’m saying you’re limiting how acrobatic this performance is going to be.” She laughs and reaches for his belt. “Next time I’ll bring a trampoline – really see what you can do.” “You haven’t lived until you’ve seen me on the flying trapeze.” He grins, his lips once again blazing a path down her body.

– peanutbutterer, “Hook, Line, and Sinker”

Writing explicit material is not every writer’s cup of tea. “I haven’t done anything explicit for Deeks because I’m not a fan of adult material,” says aslycsi1315. thepixiesmademedoit prefers to “allude to it in my stories, but all the real action takes place behind closed doors. I tend towards romance and intimacy rather than anything more explicit. But that’s personal choice, and also my comfort zone.” Kadiedid “originally started out with just hints at what might have happened but then one of my reviewers encouraged me to try it. I did but I’m not sure it helped my story at all.” She adds, “The descriptors and the language you have to use to describe it can be offensive. I prefer not to be crass but that doesn’t mean that I’m a prude, it’s just my preference.”

phillydi also tried her hand at some adult material but found it, “Very hard and awkward. My first time with an explicit scene and it was ok but not my forte.” peanutbutterer has done semi-explicit content but says, “It’s less graphic than a lot of the stuff that’s out there.” And Jericho Steele hasn’t “ventured into too much adult content,” he says. “…I tried to keep it somewhere between a strong ‘PG-13’ and a weak ‘R’. It didn’t really involve Deeks, so that made it a little awkward, but it was needed for character motivation so I put it in there.”

Other writers have explored this genre quite a bit. Jessica237 says, “I’ve written a few pieces. I’ve had a few pieces that were difficult to write, and a few pieces that actually seemed to flow really easily. And then there’s the occasional story that was never meant to have any explicit material at all, and then somehow it just seems to write itself in there, LOL. It’s fun, but at the same time, it’s also somewhat awkward because I’m a bit blushy when I think about some of the stuff I have written. I think for me, the toughest part is mentally psyching myself up to actually post it.” She also worries about getting typecast by her readers. “My pride as far as writing goes is in my [more serious] pieces, and I’ve experienced sometimes that when you post a few M-rated pieces, people become more excited for those than your other heavier, deeper stories- sort of like, ‘okay, this is nice, but your next one is going to be sexy, right??’ That happened much, much more often in my previous fandom than it does for NCIS:LA, but the worry follows me, LOL. I don’t ever want to be that writer that the only thing people want to read is the sexy stuff.”

ZBBZL is quite comfortable with the material. “I don’t find it hard to write about the details, if that’s what you’re aiming at. Sex is another part of life, like laughing and learning and dying… And when you write about two grown-ups that you put in an adult, romantic relationship, sex happens… So I write sex as a part of life, and not some big mystery that only a select few are entitled to know. My characters smile and laugh and moan and frown, they get pleasure and give some too, they learn about themselves and their partner, like they would in any other interaction.”

Sweet Lu also sees sex as a natural part of Kensi and Deeks’ relationship. She explains that, “Having made Kensi and Deeks a couple early on has allowed me not to be frustrated too much by their lack of intimacy on the show. I simply write the interaction I want to see. I also find that love scenes are a nice breather from the action I write. It allows me and the reader to slow down a bit and catch their breath. It makes sense within some of my stories that they would comfort each other in this way. Theirs is a love story, so it’s not always about the sex although that can be fun to picture.”

On the other hand, she sees Deeks’ sexuality as important to his very nature. She says, “I have written some scenes with Deeks and other women while undercover, and those become something quite different. He is a virile man and I have always gotten the impression that he really enjoys sex, so having him respond to a sexy woman is not that hard to picture… In my latest story, ‘The Collector,’ which is about his early career as a police officer, I want to show that he was a passionate lover and loved having sex without the complications of an ongoing relationship. I think it’s what he was like before he met Kensi. He might love women, but not deeply and not in a committed way. He likes sex and draws a feeling of worth from his encounters. He finds a certain power there and comfort as well.”

She’s trapped between the softness of the rug and his hot, hard muscles and she’s given up trying to win the upper hand; twice already Kensi has tried to roll him onto his back, cupping his biceps with her hands to try and push him, distracting him with calculated touches and kisses, and twice has Deeks laughed and kissed her, gently nuzzling into her neck before catching her earlobe between his teeth and whisper, “No, don’t think so, dollface.” She can’t fight, can’t win against him; Deeks is stronger and he knows it, knows that escaping him is the last thing she wants at the moment, knows that there’s no way he’s giving her control again when he has her beautifully flushed and tousled and disheveled in his arms, squirming and quivering beneath him whenever he moves just like this, strokes her just like that… When she’s moaning his name, her hands clutching at any part of him she can hold onto as he moves sinfully against her, alternating between slow and steady, or long and deep; when he has her shivering in anticipation as his hand crawls up her thigh or when his fingers or mouth brush lightly against quivering muscles.

– ZBBZL, “Embers”

Creating these scenes isn’t always easy. First there is the blush factor. ZeGabz says, “I find it very difficult, but mostly because I have several friends who know my fan fiction account, and I know they’ll be reading.” For phillydi, her “Italian/Catholic background made it very hard to feel comfortable writing this stuff. You have to be very comfortable about your sexuality to make these scenes flow freely and effortlessly,” she says.

There’s also the fact that we’ve seen almost no intimate activity on the show, so everything must come from the writers’ imaginations. “Since we have never seen them in a sexual situation at all, (can’t count that kiss),” explains phillydi, “it’s hard to know what they would be like if they really got hot and heavy. We can only guess and dream about it.” imahistorian finds writing them romantically a challenge. “Even though I love writing them as a romantic couple, the actual romance [pre-‘Humbug’ was] purely hypothetical since we hadn’t seen them together as a couple on the show. Even with [Season 5], where it’s hard to know what romance did or did not occur, writing them romantically is difficult since there is no example to draw from. So I’ve pretty much just made it up as what I envision them to be like. For better or worse.”

Describing the physical activity in itself poses some technical challenges. Kadiedid notes, “It is very difficult because getting what you have in your head to read well in a story is extremely hard to do. For me I think it is awkward. Recently, I have gone back to my hints and innuendos and I like it better.” peanutbutterer points out the difficulty of “Making sure there aren’t any extra hands popping up or crazy contortionist moves.” For her this writing can be both fun and awkward. She says, “I try to keep it from being awkward by keeping it in a lighter mood. I put a lot of bumbles and comedy into the smut, which… I suppose sounds not at all sexy. And maybe it’s not? But I like that style, both as a writer and a reader.”

Sweet Lu worries about the repetitiveness of such scenes. “What is difficult at times is figuring out the lovemaking scene and how to play it so it won’t sound like every other love scene we’ve ever watched or read about,” she explains. “I try not to repeat myself, but that is not always easy. Finding the right words to describe what is happening is probably the hardest part, because I don’t want to be extremely explicit in describing body parts, so I search for substitute words that don’t sound silly or weird or too ethereal. I don’t want it to sound like the heavens opened up and little birds began to sing with the choir when they reach a climax.”

Her fantasies had never, ever been even close to this and no other kiss in her life would be this innocent, pure and sweet. When his lips slipped sideways and moved to deepen the kiss, Kensi’s brain short-circuited and she lost herself in his scent and warmth, the world around her disappearing. Deeks was waiting for her to pull back and punch him in his stab wound or somewhere else, but when he felt her shift slightly toward him in his loose embrace, he gently tugged her face closer to his own. He thought that if she was going to beat him to death or shoot him … he would at least go out of this life with her taste on his lips and a smile on his face. As her body relaxed against his shoulder, he took a little more courage and turned his head, still hoping that this was the best way to tell her what his mind and heart couldn’t seem to get his mouth to say. When her mouth opened and he felt her tongue ghost over his lips, the ache in his chest exploded and he knew it wasn’t from his physical injury.

– Jericho Steele, “Aunt Hetty”

When writing such descriptions, writers sometimes worry about crossing the line into plain old pornography. ZBBZL says, “I have nothing against porn, but I don’t want to write something that could be seen as only porn. I want to build a story that leads to sex, not a story that revolves around sex.” ZeGabz finds it a challenge “Balancing on the line between ridiculous and sexy. It’s not that hard to venture into the 50 Shades of Grey area, where logic and basic quality is tossed aside for the sake of sexiness. Sex scenes and kiss scenes should be true to the characters participating in them, not just ‘going through the motions’, so to speak.” For Jericho Steele as well, “There’s a fine line between writing good adult content that adds to a story and turning out something that would make a Marine blush and believe me, that takes a LOT (Semper Fi Devil Dogs!). There are some really talented writers out there that make the temperature rise without getting into too much ‘descriptive detail’, making it feel like some ‘b’ rated porn movie.”

The bottom line for many is that the characters matter. “Sex is the most intimate thing two people can do,” says ZBBZL. “You’re literally giving yourself to someone else, body and soul. So when you have a character who doesn’t share or open easily, it can be hard. You have to find the crack in their foundations to allow them to be free with someone else.” imahistorian has “written a few explicit love scenes for Deeks and Kensi. I’m not sure it was difficult or easy,” she explains. “I just felt a strong sense of responsibility to make that moment between Deeks and Kensi meaningful. I think at that point I was at least three months into writing “Truth Be Told” and it had been a lot of waiting and building of the tension, story, and characters. I wanted the payoff to be worthy of the story I’d written at that point.” For her, getting the tone right is the most challenging part. “The type of intimacy matters, and that governs the language and how it is described. I’ve only written Deeks and Kensi together and it’s always with an eye on it being an intimate, loving act. And that can be a tough line. Emotional but not cheesy, descriptive but not crude.”

It’s not even a moment later that her hands are shoving at his boxers, making quick work of them and Deeks can’t help but shudder at the realization that there is nothing left between them. It hits him like this every time and he closes his eyes and sucks in a deep breath, needing a moment to steady himself. He figures he must’ve done something ridiculously amazing in a previous life in order to deserve this, because this…this isn’t something that just happens out of the blue to him. Good things just simply don’t happen to Marty Deeks, at least not without a rather high price attached. Everything that he’s ever gotten in life, he’s fought dearly for, and yet this…his stunningly beautiful partner, the one who gives her trust as sparingly as he does and yet who trusts him enough to allow him to be with her in the most intimate of ways; the one member of the NCIS team who, in the beginning, he was certain would be the last one to accept him and now, here he is with her…he can’t help but think that, in a long life of constant struggling, this one thing, easily the best thing he has…it’s all but just fallen into his lap.

– Jessica237, “Partners With Privileges”

The best adult content leads to character development and emotion. thepixiesmademedoit put it this way: “There are some who write those scenes with an amazing array of emotions as well as both delicacy and humility. To take an explicit scene and turn it into something that’s about more than just sex; to make it about the emotions rather than just a series of actions, is a definite writing skill. The best writers can even add humor and still make the whole thing work really well.”

We are getting close to the end of Writing Deeks! We’ll spend the next couple of weeks finding out more from these writers about the joys and frustrations of interacting with their readers. We’ll start next week with how they really feel about negative reviews, with Writing Deeks: Everyone’s a Critic.

Want to Read More? To find the stories quoted above, follow these links: peanutbutterer, “Hook, Line, and Sinker” ZBBZL, “Embers” Jericho Steele, “Aunt Hetty” Jessica237, “Partners With Privileges

We also asked each writer to recommend a short story they thought best represents their Densi. Sweet Lu suggested one with some adult content. It’s called “After the Aftermath,” and is a sequel to “July’s Christmas” (her Deeks recommendation). She says, “This shows how much they love and care for each other and is mostly from Kensi’s point of view. They are loving and flirty and X-rated sexy. Lots of hugs and kisses, with angst and vulnerability. I would love to see this Densi, but it can never happen on the show… it’s why I like fan fiction.”

Or, go back to the previous Writing Deeks: Deeks with… Another Woman?

A special thanks to @thewingsofnight for creating the wonderful artwork.

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14 Comments on Writing Deeks: The Sexytimes

  1. hermionesmydawg // April 16, 2015 at 6:09 AM // Reply

    I agree with Sweet Lu, that Deeks’ sexuality is as important part of his character as anything else. It’s human to want sex. And it’s awesome to read it. 😀 Writing it is hard, though. No pun intended.


  2. thewingsofnight // April 16, 2015 at 6:46 AM // Reply

    The point about friends reading was a good one. Somehow it’s easier to write smut for strangers, but if you actually get the courage to admit to real life people that you write fanfiction, adding the “and I also write sex” is quite a huge addition.


    • hermionesmydawg // April 16, 2015 at 7:01 AM // Reply

      Most people I’ve met assume fan fiction is nothing but smut, anyway. I rarely mention it at all.

      Good point though. Another issue with writing sexytimes is that you care more about your friends (even online friends) that read it think about you than what complete strangers do.


  3. Rhonda Lara // April 16, 2015 at 6:53 AM // Reply

    The majority of Densi FF Writers do an excellent job, keeping the more intimate scenes classy, yet descriptive. 💝


  4. I am rarely embarrassed reading stories about Densi sexytimes and this is due to the fact that most NCIS LA fanfiction writers are so talented at writing this kind of stories that I never feel those moments too out of character or forced or unnatural.
    I have many Densi sexytimes fanfictions listed in my bookmarks 😉 but my all-time favourite ones are Jessica237’s “Partners with privileges” that is also quoted in the article above, ZBBZL’s “Expensive taste”, hermionesmydawg’s “for that night for that kiss for your bed”, Fictionista 48’s “Blush” and Jessica 237’s “Dealbreaker”.
    In another alternate universe my favourite sexy story is Densi first quite hot meeting in oranfly’s “Bachelorette” which I recommend to everyone (but I warn you: you will never watch “Hand to hand” with the same eyes again after reading it!!).


  5. I’ve read some M rated fanfiction, but I feel like so much of it is absolutely tasteless. In my mind I refer to them as “insert name here” fanfiction, because I’ve felt it could be any character having sex with another character, there’s nothing to make it obviously Kensi and Deeks.
    That being said I do think there are some good sexytimes fics, my personal favorite is Snowbound by Jessica237, it’s quiet, sleepy, emotional, and intimate, for me it sums up their emotions and thoughts beautifully, while remaining tasteful and that’s all I ask of a M rated fanfic.
    Now before I’ll read anything M rated I check the reviews to see what sort of sexytimes it is. If all the reviews just say things like “hot” or “wow, that was sexy!” I’m probably not going to read it.
    Two or three chapter fics that have sex in the final chapter can be good as long as they are well written, such as Fictionista 48 Captivated, which is one of my favorite fanfiction works.
    There are some fanfictions that have sex in them, and there are others that are sex. I just want to read something thats intimate and has real emotions and could never be classified as smut.


  6. Natalie Ryan // April 16, 2015 at 9:43 AM // Reply

    I still hadn’t gone to that part in writing, but who knows, one day maybe I will.
    I pictured a lovemaking scene in ne of the future chapters of my story, but nothing too explicit. I don’t know if I will ever be able to write the kind of fic that has some hot sexy scenes with Deeks and Kensi. But, never say never.
    I agree with Sweet Lu that Deeks’ sexuality is part of him and as that it needs to be explored. Whenever I start one of her stories that has M rated contents it gets a little hot and sometimes I blush, but sex is a natural thing.
    My favorite sexytime Deeks story is The Collector from Sweet Lu.
    I usually rant about Writing Deeks topics, but this time I will leave it with a short review.


  7. El-maybonics has the best smut in the fandom.


  8. I have read lots of fanfic about our dearest couple including the M rated ones and some are good, some are less good, some are great and I agree with you Claudine that El-maybonics really knows how to make good steamy stories, Oranfly is also at the top with “Survival” and “99”, but my favourite writer of the whole fandom is Hermionesmydawg. Her fiction is really great and sex scenes are hot, sexy as hell and still classy bathed in so much emotions that I felt goose bumps all over my skin while I was reading her story called “For that night for that kiss for your bed” ( I see that Cladani also mentioned it in her above post). I think that the next story I read was also from the same author called “Away from it all” and then I read all of her stories and I fell in love with all of them. Normally, the only person (besides being myself) I wanted to be was Kensi (so I can have Deeks), but after reading her stories I wanted to be Hermionesmydawg and to be able to write like her. So I will just use the opportunity to ask her, actually beg her to write sequel to her short story “Taboo” that I completed reading with my mouth open (luckily I wasn’t eating ice cream…)


    • hermionesmydawg // April 17, 2015 at 4:35 PM // Reply

      Wow, you made me blush! Thank you for the way too kind words. And maybe one of these days I’ll build up the nerve to write a follow-up to Taboo. I’m still not sure if the fandom is ready for that, though. 😀


      • upps, sorry I really didn’t mean to make you blush, because all I wrote above is true. I also see that Fin mentioned story Hard which is another excellent work. So if you think that fandom is not ready for Taboo I am pretty sure they can deal with more of Bossy Deeks…


  9. I have no problem read M-rated fics if they are well written and have some story. In general I like most the fics which stays in character quite well and could happen in real also . This includes also M-rated fics.
    My current M-rated favorite is hermioneismydawgs “Hard”, I’m total fan of “Bossy Deeks” 😉 Really hope he shows up again in world of fandom 😀


  10. I enjoyed all your comments. Somehow I thought this topic might generate some discussion! I too really enjoy the fics where the characters shine through, where you couldn’t simply swap out two other people and have the same story.

    Oh, and let me put in another vote for more Bossy Deeks from the awesome hermionesmydawg (and a sequel to Taboo would be excellent too). 🙂


  11. I didn’t read m rated stories before season 5, but I started when this whole “all in” begin. I don’t know what happened to their chemistry, but I feel there is no much left. They look more like friends now then on the season 3.
    Their first scene together as jason and tracy – there are even some m ff stories. You could see a great chemistry on screen which could lead to more off screen. Deeks watching kensi covered in tattoos and short dress. These days, all we see is long looks and “be safe” lines.
    I don’t like mentioning it, but I think main reason is that they are related in real life, and it is a little awkward for them and a screenwriters. I don’t think we will ever see proper sex scene on the show(there is one on arrow these days). These characters look like people who enjoy sexy times and it is a shame that we can’t see it on screen. Not the m material, but anything would be nice for a change! Even that one time after restaurant, we are not sure if it did happen. Deleted scenes my ass!! So strong t or m rated ff can be a good thing for fans who want a little more that we are given.


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