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NCISLA Case Briefing: “Internal Affairs” (S7E10)

NCISLA INTERNAL AFFAIRS 2NCISLA Case Briefing: Internal Affairs (S7E10)

“Internal Affairs” – While Deeks is under arrest and interrogated for the murder of his former partner, the team races to try and prove his innocence, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES, Monday, Nov. 23 (9:59-11:00 PM, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network. Written by: Chad Mazero and R. Scott Gemmill | Directed by: Eric Pot

Let’s just state the obvious: This entire episode “briefing” is speculation about Deeks’ Week.

It’s here! It’s finally here! The internal affairs investigation takes its long awaited, well-earned place on center stage! Deeks fans rejoice! Or not. Oh that’s right; someone had the gall to haul our beloved detective away in cuffs! Oh Deeks. What did you do?!

Mr. Deeks is being accused of murdering his former partner? Seriously? What series of events would lead someone to this conclusion? Let the fan investigation commence!

The Who – Could someone be targeting Deeks? Is this the result of a “witch hunt”? Could there be a supposed eye-witness? Has he been “set up”, (falsely) accused to draw attention away from the real criminal? Is someone executing a vendetta against the detective? If so, why?

The What – Is there a pile of condemning evidence? Disclosure of classified or historically hidden testimony? What happening (or combination of happenings) prompted Deeks’ arrest?

The When – Did this supposedly occur when Deeks was assigned to LAPD? Did this happen during a joint assignment or perhaps an undercover? Could it have unimaginably occurred during his liaison assignment with NCIS?

The How – Among the many methods of murder, how did his partner succumb? Gunshot? Strangulation? Poisoning? Car crash? Exfixiation? Physical violence? Stabbing? Electrocution? Incineration? Acid bath? Decapitation? (Ok. This is getting out of control.) Could there be an actual literal and physical “smoking gun”?

The Why – Intent is as important as the supposed action. Why does someone believe Deeks is the murderer? Why was his partner murdered?

Openly-biased Deeks fans in no way could honestly consider their favored liaison a murderer. However, let’s consider the objective facts. We know he shot his father. We know he’s had to end the life of many evil beings. Could his former partner be among those? (No. We know Deeks’ sense of justice is honorable.) We’ve seen him previously struggle with rare bouts of rage. (“Human Traffic”, anyone?) We’ve even seen a post-torture Deeks (as recipient in “Impact” and administrator in “Spoils of War”) question his own abilities, self-control, and humanity. Could one of his inner demons acted out uncontrollably?

So that begs the question, did Deeks really murder his partner? If so, what plausible explanation could there be? Might the Deeks’ life have been in mortal danger? Could it have been the horrible result of an innocent accident?

This team always takes care of their own. Always. Even if they are forced to resort to questionable, unethical, and at times, illegal tactics. They’ve demonstrated it repeatedly. Notable examples include tracking Hetty to Romania; Callen (regularly) going rogue; instances of Sam working to protect those personally close to him such as Michelle, Aiden, & Jada; and Kensi hunting her father’s killer.

So how will Hetty handle this instance? Easy – by any means necessary. (Remember, Deeks is Hetty’s “favorite”, right?) For as much as his colleagues regularly dole out mocking and grief to their (yes, the possessive “their”) liaison, he’s considered no less of an agent than any of the rest of them. Always has been, always will be. This was communicated clearly and directly all the way back in Season 2’s premiere of “Human Traffic” when Hetty declares, “Detective Deeks is still our liaison officer with the LAPD. Which makes him about as close to one of us as it gets.” “Close” is no longer an accurate descriptor; for all intents and purposes, he is one of them.

Yet we know all too well that he isn’t. Not officially. Not technically. (Just sign the blasted papers! Oh. Sorry for the spontaneous rant.) Will this issue create an insurmountable challenge to the situation? Perhaps. However, it’s safe to speculate Hetty will craft a “creative” solution.

Knowing the detective as we do, it’s easy to surmise Deeks will be fighting a battle on two fronts. First is the external effort in a physical aspect. (Everyone knows how supposed “dirty cops” are treated both in prison and by their peers.) Second is the internal mental war. Deeks is likely conflicted over how he came to be in this situation, the position he’s unintentionally put the team (particularly Kensi), and/or the factual circumstances that brought him to this place.

Or could this all be some elaborate scheme? An undercover for which Deeks is portraying the role of criminal in order built trust (or misplaced confidence) of a sinister lawbreaker? (Hmm. Suddenly there are flashbacks of a wrongly accused – & supposedly fired – Deeks from “The Debt”….)

As if this wasn’t enough, add in his former/current(?) boss of Lt. Bates from LAPD. Can Deeks ever be sure if the man is working for or against him? Then as perhaps the final “straw that breaks the camel’s back”, Mama Deeks arrives, which surely only further complicates Deeks’ muddled mind.

On the topic of Mrs. Deeks, how did she find out her son has been jailed? The thought of Deeks calling her doesn’t seem the most likely explanation. Hetty? Perhaps. Kensi? Hmm…. An interesting probability.

So what insights might we glean about Mama Deeks herself, as well as any explanation as to why/how Deeks is the person(ality) he is? Will she present as a warm caring mother-figure, one who reserves judgement because she’s not sure who/what to believe, or perhaps some form of “tiger mom” ready to take some prisoners of her own. (Watch out, Bates!)

On a more serious note, will this significant event impact his relationships with his mother, the team, and/or Kensi? If so, how?  Might it strengthen and solidify, or irrevocably damage? With all these factors in play, will Deeks be able to maintain his M.O. of using humor to diffuse tension (beyond the “porn ‘stache” reference)? Might this beckon a rare appearance by Deeks’ darker side?

“Internal Affairs” indeed.

Gayle H. is a contributor at Follow her on Twitter: @DensiLand

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20 Comments on NCISLA Case Briefing: “Internal Affairs” (S7E10)

  1. For once, after a very long time, I agree with promo-Hetty “Get Detective Deeks out of this mess”.
    I think he didn’t do anything wrong and he’s being framed, but it won’t be easy to prove it, maybe? He will certainly need the team’s support.


  2. I love your piece Gayle. I’m a bit puzzled here. Though I’m totally and absolutely certain of Marty’s innocence , I’m not so sure of Bates’s and his collegues. I have a strong feeling that Marty’s been framed but your idea of an elaborated undercover scheme is fascinating me. What if this is all about uncovering a dirty cops nest, trying to lure them out?
    And I’d love to see mama Deeks all Tiger Mom, possibly together with Devil Hetty Mom, going thru’ hell and high water to free our beloved detective.


  3. Thank you for these speculations but we all know that this case will be closed within this episode and there are no comments about this IA in the following ones. Deeks as Santa in the x-mas episode is smiling so happily and in “the long goodbye” he was mocking Callen as if there was never an IA (and “the long goodbye” was originally scheduled after the IA episode). This is killing the suspense but it happend. Actually because of this I even didn’t expect you to write anything about this episode.

    Deeks didn’t kill anyone and this is just a set up from someone. I doubt that this is a set up for an upcoming undercover op as you mentioned. These are usually Callens’ operations since he is the best in this kind of work.

    In the sneek peaks Deeks is far to confident. I don’t know if this is because of his acting (not a real talented character actor) or because of the script but it seems completely wrong in regard of his situation.

    Just two more questions/thought.
    Why is mother Deeks so important. I don’t like the parent introducing for any of the characters (okay, we only had Kensi’s mother but I just don’t get the idea behind it. Tonys father in NCIS is the same.) I think this shouldn’t happen because it is unimportant and just steals time for more important character developement or crime cases. The mother wasn’t mention for 6 seasons. It should have stayed that way. Next is Sams father/mother or Erics or Nells? Please no.

    Oh, Hetty doesn’t have favorites (she told Callen once).

    I am waiting for the x-mas episode with the funny and smiling Deeks. He is way better at this than portraying a desperate Deeks.


    • I think what caught my eye in your post is that you didn’t think Olsen is much of a character actor. I beg to differ with you on that account. Olsen built quite a resume in his years before he was signed to NCISLA and is considered very much a character actor. He has had roles in many quirky independent films and not as the lead, I know I’m a little prejudiced on this subject but I think he is a fine actor and like I said, his long list of achievements over fifteen years of constantly working should be proof enough of that fact. Okay, rant over. 🙂


      • Yes, he did some movies but these are all classified as … right, comedies. He is a good actor, not outstanding as some of you said. (outstanding means better than the average, like oscar winning actors. He wasn’t even nomated for the PCA recently, so he is good IMO nothing more). But he is better than the rest of the cast for the funny scenes because he is better at that. And I like him exactely because of this certain talent. I know for most of you he is more but not for me. And not for ECO also I guess since he never played a big role as a serious character. Wonder why?


    • Yes. I know what awaits in the upcoming “Cancel Christmas”, but am trying to suspend us in this point in time. Still hoping for some type of continuation as this plotline really has the potential to go deep; it’s an opportunity I can only hope they take advantage of!

      As for the “mom” aspect, I personally thought it was a missed opportunity with Kensi. They brought in Julia, but never really did anything with her. My take on this isn’t to actually to get to know Mama Deeks, but rather her interactions with her son will give us insights and much needed character development of Deeks. You learn a lot about people based on their parents, friends, etc.

      As for ECO’s role, is there a more competitive environment than Hollywood? Also, he made the decision to get out of movies (yes, many questionable roles) and into TV, so there’s transition there. If you’re going to do worthwhile TV, then the NCIS franchise is a pretty good place to be. Mostly, I expect priorities change. While he can do drama (“Local Boys” is my primary reference as I refuse to rewatch the ER episode), his core is in improv/comedy. So to me, it’s Deeks’ dramatic moments that touch me more since they tend to be quite rare. Great direction this discussion has taken!


  4. I for one think this is a set up. I re-watched Blye, K. parts 1 and 2. Deeks’ comments to Kensi about how we don’t smoke the bad guy are very telling. I found myself perturbed with LT Bates in the sneak peek. The last time we saw him, Deeks and Kensi saved his life by not only getting him away from an exploding car, but proved he wasn’t the mole he was being set up as. He also told Deeks that he still considers Deeks one of his. This swing to angry Bates rings false. I’m also hoping that this isn’t another elaborate ruse, or at least if it is, Deeks is just being used. The stress placed on both Deeks and Kensi isn’t worth it.

    I found myself annoyed with Callen in the preview as well. I get that someone has to play devils advocate, but he jumped all over Deeks in Seal Hunter for doing exactly that. I’m hoping they cement Deeks as an appreciated, competent, full member of the team after this.

    As for mama Deeks, I’m hoping she’s more of a Tiger Mom, only to find herself impressed with the even more Tiger Ladybird Kensi can be. It also appears that someone is trying to keep Kensi out of it, hence the swimming exit from the boat shed. I just hope the relationship comes out even stronger. We know from the mixed up order that this will be neatly resolved in one episode, but I’d rather see a cemented relationship than one with lingering doubts. That leaves them to worry about the case of the week and little relationship tidbits here and there.

    My final thought (sorry, I’m going long this morning) is about how the team sees Kensi and Deeks’ relationship. Sometimes I feel like Sam and Callen treat them like the relationship is just “partners with benefits” vs. a full fledged, deep, sometimes complex relationship. I’m hoping this outcome leaves no doubt. Sam, of all people, should get it. Ok, rant over! Can’t wait for Monday!


    • Sharing isn’t necessarily ranting. 🙂 You bring a good point that it’s not good for Densi if this plot somehow lingers in a questionable or negative way. Yes, we need more Deeks appreciation on the team (to make from YEARS of lacking)! There’s so much that COULD come from this storyline, but fear – yet again – it will get marginalized in a single ep/42 minute story. Your image of the 3 women is an intriguing one – & one I’m sure they’d spend more time on, if not now, then definitely in the future. Not sure what the guys really think about the Densi ‘ship mostly because we only ever see them at work and typically nothing of a serious personal nature is revealed at work (at least not where I am). Can’t wait to see what’s waiting for us tonight!


  5. You’ve outdone yourself! The what? who? when? where? Why? All the w’s swirling in my head, you’ve put into words. Awesome write-up.
    Undercover Deeks to flush out a mole at LAPD is an interesting possibility with Hetty seemingly unaware of what’s going on. But what about the prelude with Deeks concerned about the ongoing IA investigation….but then again, he would have to maintain his cover and the angst could again be abiut deceiving Kensi…your comment about ‘the debt” makes sense. I can’t wait to see how this all unfolds. Especially with Mama Deeks. I hope there’s a scene with Hetty and Mama.


  6. Thanks for this case briefing . I am one of the fans that is really looking forward to this episode . I really hope this is an episode about Deeks that gives us some insight into his past. I hope that his team and his girlfriend have his back the way he has always had theirs. I also know ECO will deliver an outstanding performance since he is so talented as an actor in both dramatic and comedic roles.


  7. Thanks so much for your wonderful briefing. It makes me hope for a great episode. I have been wondering as well that this is tied to a bigger case as Granger and Hetty have been aware of this for awhile. I am learning to not to expect too much and just enjoy the episodes and have had some pleasant surprises. I hope we get more about Deeks background though we have been told that is coming next season. I think they are building up to something big for Sam. I would hope we get a great Sam and Deeks moment. I look forward to reading more and hearing everyone’s comments. Enjoy the day!


  8. If the team dosent stand behind Deeks (as he has ALWAYS) done for them, especially Kensi, then I don’t think I will ever forgive them). I will never believe that Deeks did anything wrong.


  9. evelynmarie2014 // December 5, 2015 at 8:20 PM // Reply

    Deeks told Kensi that his first partner was found in a hotel room,shot with his own gun. He also said the guy used to ruff up prostitutes.


  10. So, is Francis a man…hard to tell if this was his female partner which caused him to swear off all female partners or a different male partner….can’t wait for tonight!!!!
    Love reading your follow-ups! I tend to agree, this speculation prior to an episode airing is wonderful for the imaginarion and speculation. I’m always curious to see how My thoughts match the episode and with all the speculators out there in wikiDeeks. 💛


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