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Team Assessment for FLETC Assignment by Marty Deeks

By Guest Contributor RobbieC

Response Prepared for FLETC Assignment 10-B

Team Assessment and Evaluation Protocol – Part B

Assignment Brief: Write a formal evaluation of each member of your current team. Include team leadership if applicable. For non-Federal personnel use your primary work team or special unit assignment.

Student Name:

Martin Atticus Deeks                             Student Number 007194

Parent Agency: NCIS (Attached)

Team: Office of Special Projects (OSP)

Nature of the Unit: Counter-espionage and other assigned duties.

Opening Evaluator Comments: Wow. Just gotta say I didnt expect to be evaluating my own NCIS team as part of FLETC. Me? Sure. But not them. Especially since OSP doesnt seem to be a standard team. I think weve been poked, prodded, and generally raked over the coals in my time with them as LAPD Liaison more than the rest of NCIS combined. Its a special unit composed of unique individuals Ive worked with for years.

Grisha Callen: Lets just start with the tough one. I think its fair to say Callen doesnt really know who he is, so its pretty much impossible for anyone else to claim they know him. Except maybe Sam, but hes a case all his own. Full disclosure: Im letting Callen live rent-free above the bar I own back in LA. He doesnt pay rent or say thanks, but neither of those things are Callens style.

I get the guy didnt know much about his background, and maybe still doesnt. Its hard to say because he never talks about those things. In fact, Id be hard-pressed to fill two pages of this blue book with what he does talk about. Hes supposed to be the agent in charge of the team, but most of the time he doesnt seem comfortable with that role. I think sometimes he does it just to keep Hetty happy.

If you looked up lone wolfin the dictionary Ill bet youd find Callens picture next to it. Give him any whiff about his family and hes off on his own. I think that explains some of his later bonding with Mosleyshe could say it was about her son and hed back her play without question because it was about family.

I cant really say were close. But like I said, I dont think anyones really close to Callen. Even Callen himself.

Sam Hanna: Sam is a SEAL. Thats almost all you need to know about him. He says hes an honorable man, but sometimes his definition of honor confuses me. Wheres the honor in looking the other way when an assistant director is mistreating prisoners?

If it sounds like I have a bit of a grudge against Sam, I guess that would be true. I mean, its hard not to when your mouth is destroyed by a dentists drill and you keep the secret of his wifes identity. With most people that would be enough to prove your honor and character. But not with Sam. Its like you start over every day having to prove yourself again and again to him. And its not just me. I see him do that with other members of the team, too. When is it enough?

If Im wound too loose for the team, Sams wound too tight. I mean, who sends both their kids to military school? Dont get me wrong, hes got great kids. Its just that hes making all those choices for them and Ive seen how that ends down the line. Callen tried to tell him once, and Sam just shut him down. Its Sams way or the highway, but what happens when Sams way is wrong?

Kensi Blye: She prefers this name at work. And yeah, shes my wife. Thats the full disclosure part, along with the fact that I love her more than anything else on this earth.

Kensis complex. Shes devoted to her work, enough that she almost pushed me out of her life twice. So devoted she went to Mexico on Mosleys say-so without batting an eye. If thats not dedicated I dont know what is, but it comes with a cost. I worry every day about that cost, and try to plan for a future without the job. But Kensi is so bound up in being perfect, being someone her father would be proud of, that she doesnt stop to realize she already is that person and that hes surely proud of her. Just like Im proud of her. I just wish shed take time to be proud of herself, too.

Nell Jones: She may work in Ops most of the time, but shes a part of the team. Nell is very competent and compassionate, but she sometimes lacks faith in her own ability. Shes good in the field, but I worry she wont be able to object to bad missions or bad orders. In the field shes the Nellverine..tough and determined. Dont let her size fool you

Eric Beale: If theres anyone on the team who reminds me of me, its Beale. Frequently a target of Sams criticism, no matter what he does, Beale is one of the most competent computer ninjas Ive ever seen. He also stays cool in the field, and is capable of impressive courage if Nell is threatened in any way (who would have expected that?). But to his credit Beale is also willing to admit he doesnt like being in the field that much. In a team full of alpha males that takes real courage. Now that hes rich, he may be leaving NCIS, and that in my opinion is a huge loss. Beale is not replaceable.

Henrietta Lange: Who can actually say they know Hetty? If theres anyone in OSP more shrouded in mystery than Callen, its Hetty, our Operations Officer. She picked me for NCIS, and later made sure I made it here, so I do owe her. But I also have to wondersome of OSPs biggest disasters occurred when we were being run by agents who were her proteges (Mosley and Hunter). Shes got ninja magic, no question. But maybe its starting to run out or only works for so long.

Hetty loves secrets. So much so that she holds things back in briefingssometimes things we should have known going in. Sometimes its necessary, but you do wonder at other times. Shes like a weird ninja mother hen, but I dont think this team would run long without her or someone like her.

Owen Granger: Yeah, I know: hes dead. But Assistant Director Granger had a huge impact on me during my time with OSP. He was tough, but he was also fair. Unlike Sam, once you earned his respect that was it. I think one of my proudest memories was when I asked him what I should call him and he told me My friends call me Granger.That meant Id earned the respect of one of the toughest men Ive ever known. Thats actually given me the strength to push this far.

Granger also balanced out Hetty. His loss has been crucial to this team.

Martin Deeks: Im the odd one out. The class clown always trying to fit in. At least thats how they see me. How do I see myself? Now thats a complicated question. I talk too much. I dont take things seriously. Im lazyoh, what. Thats how others see me.

I know I came to the team with more undercover experience than any of them except maybe Callen. I know the law better than any of them do (thank you California bar exam), and I make a mean vodka martini. I also think Im objective about things they wouldnt be (never ask Sam to investigate a SEAL, by the wayit doesnt work). Im also willing to question authority when its wrong (see Mosleys reports about thatif you can find them). Theres a line in what we do, a clear point between right and wrong. Ive been across that line once and didnt like it one bit. Ive also seen what it does to people and the impact it has on their lives. I think this team needs that kind of perspective, even if they dont realize it.


by Guest Contributor RobbieC

About Diane (422 Articles)
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8 Comments on Team Assessment for FLETC Assignment by Marty Deeks

  1. This is very interesting. Good work.


  2. Awesome post. Shows the integrity and honesty of the character Deeks and his perception of the team. Loved it!


  3. Tell it like it is, why not!


  4. Loved this post. You really captured his Deeks’ mind works


  5. When I first read this I was impressed. I’ve since moved on, read it again. Inspired is the word I would choose to describe it. Fair and honest assessments all round. Well Done!


  6. Glad people are enjoying it. I wrote it one afternoon as an exercise for getting into Deeks’ voice and as a bit of a response to the review of one of the episodes where they interview everyone else about Deeks. Deeks, after all, is an extremely observant guy, and his legal training would have given him the tools to be reasonably objective about everyone…including himself.


  7. The Topiary Cow // February 2, 2021 at 10:24 PM // Reply

    Thanks Robbie, for giving equal time for Deeks’ observations. Great insights!


  8. Lots of fanfics putting Marty Deeks in the centre of the action. Very little from his POV.
    We need more.
    Thank you, Rob, for an insight of Martin Atticus Finch.


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