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Faith is what we need right now: Deeks’ Surf Log 10/9/22

First day of school for this first-time dad. OMG does every parent have to go thru this?  The anxiety and worry are overwhelming!  Rosa must have thought we were crazy. I think Kensi has a point….homeschooling may be a good idea. These days I’d rather be chasing down right-wing terrorists (or almost being shot in the back of the head by one) than seeing my child off to school. I’m not sure if being a child or parent is the harder job but like I said to Kensi we need to have faith….and maybe a sense of humor. It’s all we have to get through one day at a time.   

Looks like Sam is having the same problem only at the other end of the spectrum. He’s going to need some faith and a bit of humor too, I think. It doesn’t matter when it comes to family. You do what you have to do.   

Speaking of family…. we have another one to worry about halfway around the world. Where the hell is Hetty?  I just wish we knew. But I have a feeling Callen is going to get himself into a whole shit load of trouble finding out. 

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  1. Now Deeks, why would you ever think Callen will get himself into trouble when finding Hetty is his goal?

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