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NCISLA Case Briefing: “Angels & Daemons” (S7E13)



NCISLA Case Briefing: Angels & Daemons (S7E13)

“Angels & Daemons” – The team investigates the murder of tech entrepreneur turned venture capitalist who secretly developed a daemon, a background computer program that allows for undetectable data collection, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES, Monday, Jan. 18 (9:59-11:00, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network. Written by: Andrew Bartels | Directed by: James Hanlon

Our speculation begins this week with the atypical spelling of “demon” in the use of “daemon”. At first glance one’s mind might recall the popular Tom Hanks film, “Angels & Demons”, the sequel to “The Da Vinci Code”. Both mystery-thriller movies center on ancient history, secret societies, and conspiracy theory. Where might writer Andrew Bartels be taking us this week?

The brief press release shifts our awareness of the term to technology as something capable of collecting data in an undetectable manner. Oh, sneaky! Or should we say stealthy? Actually, this seems to accurately describe Nell and Eric expertly commanding all the Tech Center toys!

So the creator of this feature has been murdered. For what purpose did he develop it? In what manner was it being used? In the age-old question, for good or evil? It’s simple to presume someone wanted to remove the author in order to manipulate, take control, and/or steal the functionality. What was the killer’s motivation? Financial gain? Power? Sinister application? With only a single line press release, our thoughts are already spinning with possibilities!

Much like this daemon, the agents similarly need to plot a scheme of “undetectable data collection” in order to solve the case. Like superheroes donning capes and masks, it’s time for some creative undercover legends! The promo shows us a confident, seemingly high-rolling Callen. Literally. G’s taking a dive down a slide and coasting through the tech offices on a hoverboard!

Sidenote: How many hours of practice to do you think Chris O’Donnell needed to master the personal vehicle with such apparent ease? (I bet the risk management/insurance folks loved this one.) Might the brood of O’Donnell offspring have had the pleasure of teaching Dad a trick or two? Let’s just hope our star didn’t further tweak his Batman-battered back and require an extra yoga session!

Deeks’ Week: It’s normally our Party Marty who regularly gets makes the undercover assignments a fun time. Might there be an element of envy in seeing Callen, the normally stoic lone-wolf, letting loose and whooping it up on the job this week? I think we can all easily envision Deeks in that role, which is what makes the insertion of Callen so intriguing. Perhaps this situation will serve as a bonding experience for the two divergent teammates and finally provide them a topic to discuss over a pitcher at O’Malleys….

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3 Comments on NCISLA Case Briefing: “Angels & Daemons” (S7E13)

  1. Intriguing! I had the same thought about Callen on the hoverboard. Surfer Deeks would have been the obvious choice so shaking it up and highlighting Callen’s abilities on a board is actually a good move by the writers.. I like these unexpected moments, as when Granger took the explosives hit.
    Great questions to rev us up for next Monday. Thanks for the briefing, Gayle💛


  2. Another great briefing! Love this site; I echo what Reader1976 stated! 🙂 Thank you


  3. Callen on the hoverboard must be great fun to watch! For this role we would have expected a natural “talent” like Marty Deeks, but that’s the challenge of undercover operations.
    Thanks for your briefing.


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