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Best Day Ever? Kensi’s Journal: 11/10/2019


Clearly I have to rearrange my list of Best Days Ever once again.  Deeks telling me about his stripper days had topped that list for quite a while, at least until it was outranked by the day we went all-in, the day I was cleared to return to work after Syria, and our wedding day.  Finding out that Deeks’ stripper persona was Jack Dawson (really—where do I put that on the list?!) was almost more than I could handle.  At least in public 😉.  And when I admitted to Deeks that I hadn’t actually spilled his secret to the Cupcake Girls (and that I only teased him about it because I needed something to distract me, otherwise I might have jumped him in the hospital elevator), he was more than willing to dig out the costume and straighten his hair for me when we got home. He’s more muscular now than he was then, so the shirt was too small, but just the sight of Deeks in those suspenders…Oh. My.  Best NIGHT ever!  

I am buying him some “Jack clothes that fit ASAP, because Deeks promised he would show me his stripper routine if I agreed to pose for him (wearing nothing but a smile—and my wedding and engagement rings), à la Rose. Turns out that since my cover story when we ran into each other in that house, Deeks has dreamed about me in some “nobody under 17 admitted” type photos. Two fantasies, one night, very soon.  

Who says married sex is boring?  Not me, and not my husband, that’s for sure!

Even something as ridiculous as that half Russian swan, half jellyfish fiasco that Katherine had me wear was the kick-off for some romantic fun later that night.  The funniest part of which was watching Deeks try to get it off me without ripping it.  Who knew the damned thing would be as complicated to take off as it was to put on?  The man definitely loves me if he could say with a straight face that I looked hot in that get-up.  

So to summarize: one incredible night of fantasy sex (soon to be followed by a double-fantasy come true), plus one amazingly supportive and loving husband, equals one extremely lucky and happy Kensi. 😊

About Psyched (94 Articles)
Turns out I've been writing fan fiction since before it was a "thing" on the internet (okay, even before there was an internet). I spent many a boring junior high history class coming up with more exciting stories for my favorite soap opera characters. I continue to enjoy the creative outlet it provides in my still-boring but now adult life.

23 Comments on Best Day Ever? Kensi’s Journal: 11/10/2019

  1. Bluenet13 (Jess) // November 16, 2019 at 9:23 AM // Reply

    Glad you’re back with another Kensi’s journal. This one was perfect and I appreciated all the call backs to past moments on the show, especially the day they met in that house. Thanks for this continuation to a surprising Densi development. They seem to forget canon so often that I still can’t believe they gave us this.

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    • Thanks for the kind words, Jess! I think Deeks was always impressed with Kensi coming up with the cover story of the pictures so quickly, and once he found out she was a cop, wanted nothng more than to see her in some of those types of pics one day! 😉

      Sometimes I think us fan(atic)s are the only ones who care about canon compliance/consistency; probably because we know it so well. Most of TPTB are probably as familiar with the smaoo details was the casual viewer, since none of them really work on all of the eps.

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  2. Best Kensi journal entry ever!!! I just loved this, what fun, and the perfect closure for a very fun episode.

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  3. I love it! Particularly how you incorporated both of their fantasies. Wonderful!

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    • Thank you, ejzah! I figure it’s a win-win-win: Kensi gets to pose as Rose, Deeks gets nudie pics of Kensi, and Kensi (finally) gets to see Deeks stripper/Jack routine. Who can complain? 😀

      Now if some of our author friends want to expand on that in a different forum, I’m sure no one else would complain!

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  4. michelle mcnally // November 16, 2019 at 2:40 PM // Reply

    awesome journal entry, loved it ❤


  5. Best Kensi Journal entry ever!! I so loved how you had Kensi’s teasing just a wind up, and I can’t wait for your journal entry after Deeks gives her a performance of his act wearing his new “Jack” gear. Getting all warm and fuzzy thinking of it
    Thanks heaps

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    • Thanks for your kind words Aussie Mate! I wish I could take credit for the idea of Kensi teasing Deeks as a means of self-distraction (see my comment below for who that came from). Who knows, maybe Kensi or Deeks will mention that he showed her his “moves” in this week’s ep (hell, I’d be thrilled for them to discuss it in any ep!). I’d be more than happy to share Kensi’s inner thoughts then!

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  6. That’s what I said “Jack Dawson” really. I have to hand it to Deeks if he thought that Russian whatever it was hot he really loves Kensi. I couldn’t believe it when I saw and it made me laugh. Glad to hear the sex is better than ever and thank you psyched for this Kensi’s Journal. You’re the best. wikiDeeks forever.


    • Yeah, Deeks was definitely Husband of the Year material when he sincerely told Kensi how hot she was in that monstrosity. I was glad to be able to slip that in this week’s entry, as I had a bunch of notes for that ep (Provenance) but couldn’t carve out the time to actually write them up. I’m glad their sex life is better than ever too–I have no problem with Kensi sharing that tidbit with the Cupcake Girls, but I think she needs to keep Deeks’ stripper past locked in the vault, as he asked.

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  7. I am so glad that at least here Kensi didn’t share Deeks’ stage name with the Cupcake girls. Thanks for fixing the scene, Psyched, I do hope this is how it really went and Kensi reacted that way only to go away and avoid jumping Deeks the same instant.
    I also enjoyed how you wrote about Deeks-Jack who might like to see Kensi-Rose pose for him naked. Now I honestly can’t unsee the scene 🙂

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    • We are like-minded on this, Cladani! This is now my headcanon and I am sticking to it unless I am proven wrong by the show. Thanks for commenting!


  8. Delightful. And so glad you fixed the ending – your version is perfect.


  9. I just need to give a shout-out (and proper credit) to Phnxgirl, who walked me back from the ledge when I was sooo disappointed by Kensi immediately trying to reach out to the Cupcake Girls to share Deeks’ secret. She was the one who suggested maybe Kensi needed to distract herself so she didn’t jump Deeks in public and graciously allowed me to use it so I could “fix” it here. Thanks, girl!

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  10. NCIS: Los Angeles Megafan // November 17, 2019 at 10:30 PM // Reply

    Loved this one! Their love for each other is amazing and the fact that they both have an amazing sense of humor is even better! But seriously, loved that scene and I really wish parts of this (and other journals) would happen on-screen!!! ❤❤❤

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  11. Thanks, Megafan! I like to use the journals as a way to show that “softer” side of Kensi we don’t get to see enough on the show–the one who readily admits how lucky she is to have Deeks as a partner and husband.

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  12. The best journal entry ever. Funny and smart and sexy and funny again!! I loved it. Seems to me that you are in pretty good form for writing. It is pity that we do not read much more of your stuff nowadays.

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  13. Aww, Maria, thanks so much for your kind words about this entry and about my writinig in general. It is true I have not written anything but Kensi’s Journals for quite some time. Sadly sometimes life gets in the way and I’ve had two major life changes/disruptions in the past year or so that have put a damper on my ability to write more than these short entries (thank goodness for wikiDeeks giving me the opportunity!). Things are beginning to settle down now though, so I am hoping to write some of my own fics again.


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