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What did you think of “Human Resources” (S11E08)?

Sorry, no time this week for a review. But that’s OK- you can handle this without us… Tell us what you thought of this week’s episode! Share your thoughts in the comment section and let’s discuss!

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20 Comments on What did you think of “Human Resources” (S11E08)?

  1. michelle mcnally // November 18, 2019 at 7:16 AM // Reply

    it was very good. love when the four of them team up. it was a good story deeks was great as always and it was well written ❤

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  2. michelle mcnally // November 18, 2019 at 8:19 AM // Reply

    deeks joked and smiled more and he has a beautiful smile. ❤

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  3. Martina Pruett // November 18, 2019 at 9:08 AM // Reply

    I loved it! FINALLY we are getting back to normal cases again. Lots of banter between both partnerships and FINALLY a bullpen chit chat between all 4 again. Now this is the way it’s supposed to be.

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  4. I fell asleep in the middle. Second week in a row. I will re-watch tonight. What was up with Nell’s wardrobe last night? Did she get dressed in the dark?

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  5. I need to rewatch, but on first watch, I thought Deeks looked particularly gorgeous, and agree about his easy going smile. It was nice to see David Olsen get some screen time. He did a good job. Very believable. I thought the subtle undertone from Callen was interesting. He seemed to be hinting throughout the show how much he cares about Sam and the team, and that he considers them family. I want to rewatch that final scene in the bar. It was very heartwarming.

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  6. Evelyn Miller // November 18, 2019 at 3:38 PM // Reply

    I can’t complain itwas an awesome episode.

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  7. One of my favorite lines was Deeks: “Wow, caught my guy in a heartbeat. What took you so long?” I loved it because it was Deeks checking in with Kensi in a I-wasn’t-really-worried-because-I-know-my-partner/wife-can-handle-herself-but-I-was-gonna-give-you-five-more-minutes-before-coming-to-look-for-you-myself-and-I’m-certainly-not-going-to-say-that-in-front-of-these-goons kind of way.

    Also, who are those people in the promo for next week’s ep? They both wore glasses, the man was in his 30’s, the woman much more “mature.” They seemed vaguely familiar, but I can’t quite put my finger on it

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  8. Another strong hour and I enjoyed every hour of it. This episode had it all: good case, excellent team work, banter, bullpen and bar scene. Apart from indeed brave wardrobe combination, Nell was great. In fact she was so great that I haven’t missed either Hetty or Beal in this episode. The whole team worked as fantastically oiled engine with equal contribution from every and each part of it. The whole episode was full of subtle moments that gave away so much and I truly loved it. I know that I am in minority here but I really like this season. After the somewhat rough beginning it took the right course and I am looking forward to every next Sunday/Monday to enjoy.

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  9. Good solid team episode. I really enjoyed it from start to finish. As has been mentioned by others, Deeks looked especially good . I loved the closing scene in the bar.

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  10. I am in agreement with everyone else. It was a really good episode. It was good to see the team working together. I am agreement of Deeks also. This is the format the show needs to stick to.

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  11. I enjoyed this episode, too, especially to see the team work together and gorgeous Deeks.I have liked these past episodes more than the very beginning of the season and I have great expectations for the episode “Mother” written by ECO, I am sure he won’t disappoint and I really can’t wait.

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  12. Debra Gillespie // November 19, 2019 at 2:37 PM // Reply

    Agree with a lot of the comments here, really liked the episode….especially when I watched it again. I like to see what people contribute here before the re-watch; it lets me know and appreciate what I might have missed. I liked the encounter with the autistic man, and even though I do like the quick “run and gun” action scenes, the slower, more detailed ones, like the drawn out one with all the bombs at the abandoned school, are more my favorites, especially when it involves all the teamwork needed here.
    A few random thoughts…from looking down at the bullpen, it looks like Kensi’s desk is not as cluttered as in years past – influence from Deeks, I presume? And it looks like Callen’s drone guiding skills have really improved since the micro-drone mess from last season’s “Aseninos”.
    A few weeks back there was a photo on Daniela’s IG account, showing her, ECO, and one of the directors (Eric Pot I believe) watching old episodes on a PC, apparently for researching ECO’s upcoming “Mother” episode and making sure that they had past history correct. Just a guess but it makes me think that’s one reason we’re getting some recurring history from Deeks and Kensi, such as bringing up Deek’s part-time gig as a stripper, and in this episode, Deek’s talking about “Colonel Mustard with a candlestick”, which I knew immediately was from season 2’s Christmas episode “Disorder”.
    Enjoyed the bar scene in the finale…I’m hoping for a few more of them, especially if Mama Deeks shows up. From the promos and cast listings I’ve seen, we’re going to get back Beale, Hetty, and Rogers within the next two shows….now if Arkady makes an appearance sometime this season I personally will be a happy camper.

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  13. I, too, really liked this episode, I think this is my favorite episode of this season so far.

    I liked the case, I liked the teamwork and it was really nice to see David Olsen. The way this episode was written and filmed from start to finish felt really natural and yes, Deeks was great in this episode, I really enjoyed this episode.

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  14. Hello friends, this is a question, and not an opinion on the last episode.

    I was watching an old episode, the one where Deeks is upset because he found a gray hair (which turned out to be from Monty), and he fears that he will go gray, then bald, like his grandpappy Clifford Jebediah Deeks. My question is about the name Deeks. If Deeks’ father was Gordon John Brandel, why is Marty’s last name Deeks? Was he adopted by Roberta’s second husband, and if so, how could he inherit grandpappy Deeks’ hirsute traits? I thought perhaps Deeks was Roberta’s maiden name, but then why is she called Mrs. Deeks? Anyone know the answer, or was this just another mistake in continuity?

    Thank you, and wishing everybody at Wikideeks, and the fans of all things Deeks, a very joyous Thanksgiving!🦃🦃

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    • Hey reebelle4, I don’t think we know for sure about the origin of the Deeks name. I’ve always surmised that it is Roberta’s maiden name, and after she divorced Gordon, she went back to it. It doesn’t explain the “Mrs.” part of her name though. But of course since her very appearance on the show is arguably a canon inconsistency, or at least a twist that could use a bit of explanation, I doubt anyone was paying too much attention to her name.

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      • I agree with the headcanon that Deeks is Roberta’s maiden name. It’s possible Deeks had it legally changed after she and GJB split, or perhaps they never married (Mama did say she wasn’t married when she was pregnant with him) and he always had her last name.

        As for the Mrs., it could be as simple as that seems to be the default title that people tend to use with woman of a certain age, because they assume that she is married. Miss Hetty Lange being the exception, it’s probably not worth the effort to most to correct the error.

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  15. Thanks for replying Karen. These little things drive me nuts, lol. Maybe we will get some answers in “Answers.” 🧐😁

    Happy Holiday to everyone at Wikideeks!

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  16. reebelle4, I’m trying not to get my hopes up for “Answers” because it sounds so potentially amazing. I wish I had more trust in the showrunners to get their answers right! My fingers are crossed.

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  17. That’s my problem. I always get my hopes up. But ECO did say Answers will be a gift to the fans………
    There I go again. But I really am looking forward to the next few episodes!🥰

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