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Our NCISLA Season 6 Densi Wish List! Which one is your favorite?


Ready or not, the NCIS:LA Season 6 premiere is almost upon us! While many would call Season 5 the “Season of Densi” and saw many episodes focused on the relationship between Marty Deeks and Kensi Blye, there still was much left to be desired for hard core “Densi shippers.” Sure, we finally got some movement on these two becoming more than partners, but there were still pitfalls and obstacles thrown in the way, causing some to wonder if we really are any further along than this time last year.

So we here at wikiDeeks decided to put together a Densi-related “Wish List” for Season 6. We tried to be realistic with these wishes, this is NCIS:LA afterall. For instance, we know we won’t be seeing them getting married anytime soon, as much as we’d like to put that on our list. These are just a few simple (hopefully!) requests that we think could realistically happen over the course of the next season. Here’s hoping at least a few of these wishes come true!

    1. No More Metaphors! – I think we’ve all had enough talk of Frozen Lakes, boxes and raccoons to last us a life time. It’s time for Densi to have a real, honest and straightforward discussion about their relationship, what they want and how to move forward.
    2. Get Back in the Groove on the Job – A lot of Season 5 saw Deeks with an ever revolving door of partners each week. Densi was finally reunited at the end of Season 5 and it’s time for them to get back in sync at work and return to their strong working relationship.
    3. Densi Kiss – That Season 4 finale that finally saw these two stop talking around, but instead showing us how they truly felt, feels like it aired ages ago! We think another kiss is long overdue!
    4. More Deeks backstory – Of course the team here at wikiDeeks is always wishing for more information about our favorite LAPD Detective. It sure would be nice to see a two parter in Season 6 (Deeks, M. Part 1 & 2) devoted to Mr. Deeks. We could maybe learn more about Max Gentry and how close he really is to our shaggy detective.
    5. No more punching! – Many fans have taken umbrage with the way Kensi always seems to be punching Deeks. Whether it’s playful or not, let’s just end the debate and get rid of the punching altogether.
    6. What’s in the box? – Ok ok ok. This goes against #1 on this list, but we can’t help it. We still want to know what’s in the box!
    7. An end to the White Ghost story – This was a great mystery devised by the writers to deal with Daniela Ruah’s real life maternity leave, but we’re ready to put the White Ghost mystery to bed once and for all. Give us some insight into Kensi’s past with Jack, preferably as a conversation between her and Deeks, and we’ll be all set and ready to say goodbye to that story for good!
    8. Continued Respect for Deeks – Season 5 saw the rest of the team, especially Sam, finally embrace Deeks and what he brings to the team. This is a trend we hope to see continue as Season 6 progresses.

Realistically we know we won’t be getting everything on this list and we’re ok with that. What about you? What do you want to see happen in Season 6 where Densi is concerned? Add your thoughts in the comments below!


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26 Comments on Our NCISLA Season 6 Densi Wish List! Which one is your favorite?

  1. Along the same lines as your bullet about no more metaphors, I want to see their personal relationship evolve into something solid. It doesn’t need to be in our faces and cheesy, but those two characters deserve the stability and happiness that can come with a committed relationship, even if it’s slow paced (I’d expect it to be). I’d like there to just be the knowledge for us that their “thing” is working out and then seeing hints of it here and there with looks, words, etc woven into the episodes.


  2. B, C, D, H


  3. christina21700 // September 24, 2014 at 6:44 AM // Reply

    Agree with all of the above! I am so traumatized by the raccoon metaphor that I can not even look at the furry little critters.

    Deeks back story: YES! I have longed for this ever since seeing Plan B. Way overdue. I think things will continue to grow between our Densi.

    I too would love to see Kensi really open up to Deeks about Jack. She said very little bout him in Disorder. Just that she did everything she could to help him. That when Deeks asked why she didn’t look for him she said she had hoped he would have come back. We now know he didn’t infact he left for Afghanistan and married and started a family. The Jerk!

    All in all super excited about the new season and for the love of snickers yes please another Densi kiss!!!! T-minus 5 days…


  4. I fully agree with 1-5 and 8. I don’t want the box to ever come back after Kalstein ruined the fun in that in That episode. 😦


  5. All of them. Start with more respect for Deeks and stop with the physical abuse from Kensi. You’d think she’d make the connection, right? He was obviously an abused kid for the first eleven years of his life, by his father, a “loved one.” She’s continuing the pattern? Really? Inflicting pain, even in “fun,” seems pretty insensitive, not to mention childish. My wish for Kensi would be that she grow up a little in season 6. Deeks is far more mature. I think he was right to back off their personal relationship until she can approach it like an adult.

    I’m also done with the metaphors. They’re silly. Honestly, who talks like that? Frozen lakes, mystery boxes, raccoon love, third heart. Kensi was giving Deeks a bad time in the season four finale for never saying what he really means.

    It’s not him, Honey. It’s the writers.


  6. hmmm I want Deeks backstory!!


  7. A No more metaphor- agree B. get back in the groove on the job- agree c.Extremely strongly agree Densi kiss is needed.
    D. Extremely strongly agree backstory of Deeks like undercover IDs and What happen with Deek’s mother where is she?
    E agree F/G/H IS ALL Extremely strongly agree.


  8. I agree with all of the above to a point. A. Metaphors are for television and storytelling so I don’t mind it once in a while, gets you thinking a little. It’s not like this is reality we’re watching here.
    B. Yes. C. & D. Absolutely!! F. G. and H. I totally agree. E. Is the one that I guess I never took too seriously and maybe it’s a reflection on my immaturity. To inflict pain, absolutely not! But I have to admit a little love tap jokingly I don’t mind. For example I always laugh when I see S3episode “Sacrifice” when Kensi twisted Deeks’ arm and he’s laughing. Kensi was clearly jealous of Eva, but not admitting her feelings to even herself yet. I don’t think she wanted to fall for Deeks, so she reacts immaturely. I was very upset when she punched him in Frozen Lake! That was totally wrong!! So I guess I’d rather see a lite love tap than nothing at all. To me it’s part of her personality and she has to learn to change that. I know I’m in the minority here, but I’d like to see Kensi stop and think the next time she’s about to punch Deeks and try to change her reaction in that very moment. See her make that transformation would be interesting for me. Character development.


  9. The Frozen Lake metaphor felt very fitting and natural to me. Yes, they went too far later in the season, but I wouldn’t mind a follow-up on this one. As for the punching, it feels like the show/writers are prepping to address this. There were simply too many piled up in the finale. It also marked the first time Deeks really called her on it and we saw that even Kensi was confused by her action (in response to the “You’re beautiful” declaration). Otherwise – BACKSTORY!


  10. Thank you for taking the time to list what I would have listed. I’m in complete agreement! Yes, no more punching! A love tap is one thing, but that full on punching — stop! On that note why in the hell did Talia hit Deeks as she did! Hated that. I know the writers lost some viewers concerning the White Ghost — many just didn’t get it. And, yes I don’t need to see all lovey, dovey between these two characters but I would like to see respect and just from conversations know they are moving ahead together. And. for me, all around, more respect for Deeks; he has stepped up continously for this team and NCIS; he has earned it and deserves it. Again, thank you for listing my thoughts, I really do appreciate that :-)!


  11. agree with all !


  12. Great conversation going on here. I want all these things to happen especially Deeks’ backstory! Bring it on!


  13. D – Deeks backstory. A Deeks-centric (not Densi-centric) two parter that reveals Deeks’ childhood, what happened to him before and after he shot his father, who his mother is and where she has been all these years, why he had to resort to stripping to pay his way thru school, and why he gave up practicing law to become a cop. And why he has stalled so long about becoming a full agent.

    E – No more punching. Not the full out angry punch to the face, not the childish punches, not even sparring. If I give up on this show, it won’t be because of the timeslot change; it will be because I hate what they’ve turned Kensi into and I don’t want to see any of the supposed good guys behave like that.

    H – More respect for Deeks. More Deeks and Sam friendship. I love those two together.

    A – No more metaphors. Ever again.


  14. This is a great list, hope all of these wishes come true!


  15. All of the above, especially the Deeks backstory, plus actually starting to call him ‘Marty’ rather than just Deeks when everyone else who has a first name, gets called by their first name once in a while.


  16. Thank you for listing just about all the things I have been wishing for!!

    I really have no problem with writers using metaphors occasionally – it can be very thought provoking. That being said though, it cannot replace meaningful communication and that is what I would like to experience with Densi this season. Kensi needs to communicate to Deeks about Jack properly as well -is Deeks backing down because he believes that Kensi may still harbour feelings for the jerk or because he believes that Kensi was in Afghanistan because of him and what happened between them?

    A Densi kiss? A hundred times “YES”!!! And just a tad more romance in the form of look, a touch now and then and a special smile just meant for each other.

    A Deeks backstory? Absolutely. I would like to know, for example, why he is Deeks and not Brandel? What made him become a lawyer…and then a cop? What happened to his mother? What made him the special man he is today? Sometimes funny, facetious, self-deprecating, vulnerable, loyal to a fault, protective of his partner and team, honest, caring – I can go on and on..


  17. Yes please to all the above – As usual Bridget you have hit the nail on the head! So looking forward to Season 6 just hope that we all wont be too disappointed with the progression of the Densi relationship. We know slow and steady wins the race but I totally agree that just hints that they are working things out are enough to sustain the interest of even the most faithful Densi fans its the stalling and back pedaling of the relationship that becomes at times frustrating and unbelievable. Finally well done to all who collaborated on fanfiction War Games, have to say have loved reading so many of the fanfiction stories over the summer and some of the story lines would be a dream for many Densi fans. – We can live in hope – Enjoy Season 6 Episode 1 all!!


  18. Thanks to everyone for the great comments! Let’s hope we at least get half of these to come true in Season 6!


  19. Hi Again!! Just watching some episodes from Season 4 and had another thought of what a nice to have would be in Season 6 – I have to say I would love to see some real Big brother conversations between Sam and Deeks and also Sam and Kensi with maybe Michelle in the mix if anyone can help these two work out their relationship it has to be Sam and Michelle as they have been there and are proof it can work!!


  20. That’s a good one to add Jan! Can’t you see Deeks talking to Sam about his love life? Priceless!!


  21. I would love to know about Deeks history and hope they give him a family member. Someone cared about him as a child which is why he has violin lessons and played little league. I still think maybe he has a long lost sister out there that didn’t appreciate him shooting

    I would like to learn about his mother.

    Over the metaphors, still need to know what is in the box and the newest rumor about a returning guest star from NCISLA Magazine is the most excited I have been for anything TV wise in a long time. Can’t wait.

    I doubt we will ever see a real kiss between these two but I hope it happens.


  22. Hello everyone, my English is very bad and never write in this beautiful place, but the truth is that I must say that this list is very satisfying desires, my greatest desire is tranfondo Deeks! I want to know about her mother, and as much as possible about their past As densi I’m not desperate for that, I agree with that: “Enough metaphors” and I would love to hecieran things as does all the real world, they face the fact that love and albeit slow is just ahead! With moments: sweet, tender or funny situations discucion With jealousy (of the two) but not agrecivas fun, well that’s what I would like to me!Hello everyone, my English is very bad and never write in this beautiful place, but the truth is that I must say that this list is very satisfying desires, my greatest desire is tranfondo Deeks! I want to know about her mother, and as much as possible about their past As densi I’m not desperate for that, I agree with that: “Enough metaphors” and I would love to hecieran things as does all the real world, they face the fact that love and albeit slow is just ahead! With moments: sweet, tender or funny situations discucion With jealousy (of the two) but not agrecivas fun, well that’s what I would like to me!I!!! Really hope you understand what I wrote, I take quite a while! But I like to express myself here !!! I love this place! A kiss from Argentina all !!!!


    • A big kiss back from wikiDeeks! You expressed yourself beautifully and we really share your wishes as well! Glad you like our site and come back over and over!


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