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Review: NCISLA “Glasnost” (S8E09)

"Glasnost" -- Pictured: LL COOL J (Special Agent Sam Hanna), Chris O'Donnell (Special Agent G. Callen) and Renée Felice Smith (Intelligence Analyst Nell Jones). After Callen's father, Garrison (Daniel J. Travanti) is found in an NCIS patient's hospital room during a radiation poisoning case, Callen must take him to the boatshed for interrogation. Also, the team discusses their Thanksgiving plans, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES, Sunday, Nov. 20 (8:30-9:30 PM, ET/8:00-9:00 PM, PT), on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS ©2016 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
The consistently high quality of the first eight episodes of NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8 is a credit to all the writers and especially to showrunner R. Scott Gemmill. It really is looking like the program I always wanted it to be. Well, except for the lack of Densi scenes, but that’s not Gemmill’s fault (blame David Paul Olsen!). This week’s “Glasnost,” penned by Andrew Bartels and directed by John Peter Kousakis, was another solid episode, although I did find one thing to complain about (Beale!).

No More Keeping Secrets

In keeping with the episode’s title, a reference to increased transparency, let me share that I’ve never found Callen to be a particularly compelling character (probably not a real secret to you regular wikiDeeks readers). I do enjoy Smirky Callen, but Emotional Callen tends to make me think of wingsofnight’s great Tumblr NCIS:LA bingo, with a square that reads “Callen looks like he swallowed a bee.” Despite my lack of empathy for him, I found this week’s case to be involving and well written.

The slightly pointed references to family and to “Uncle Callen” at the beginning had me primed for some new developments in the Callen family tree. I loved the many callbacks to past episodes, including the references to Russians who first popped up during the lead-up to finding Callen’s dad, as well as to Hetty’s history as Callen’s mother Clara’s handler. And of course we had an appearance by everyone’s favorite guest star, Vyto Ruginis, who plays Arkady. I particularly find Sam’s reactions to him (“You’re loyal to no one but yourself, Arkady”) endlessly entertaining.

This episode definitely improved on the disappointing one where Callen finally found his dad only to turn around and flee the country, because her we got to know Garrison a little, and Callen apparently now has a chance at answers to all his questions- real potential closure on his series-long quest for identity. I swear R. Scott Gemmill is ticking through a list of things fans have disliked in the past and trying to rectify them. (At this point I think it even seems possible that he could address The Punch!) Daniel J. Travanti’s strong performance has made Garrison intriguing, and I hope he gets to stick around for awhile.

Garrison’s talk with Hetty was elegantly written. I appreciated, as always, hearing Hetty express regret and responsibility for a past mistake, and the notion that she wouldn’t want Garrison to experience the same (or worse) remorse with those he’d been responsible for was a great touch by Bartels. But seriously, Callen saying that he needed to have a talk with Hetty about keeping secrets is about two or three decades too late!

When Garrison apologized to Callen for not keeping his promises, saying “I will be with your mother soon,” I did feel a little pang of angst and worry. But it all worked out and now Callen has a whole new family. I appreciated the bittersweet quality of him discovering his new sister as he stood at the grave of the only sister he ever knew. I do hope this turn of events, having a real family to be a part of, might help him grow into a more interesting person.

Saddle Up for Deric

So this week it was Eric’s turn to take to the field. On the good side, I appreciated his attention to detail in finding evidence. On the bad side was pretty much everything else. Well, Eric Christian Olsen did handle the ridiculousness as deftly as possible. His dismay was pretty hilarious at times and his deadpan delivery did serve as a delightful foil to Beale’s enthusiasm. I loved Deeks’ making-it-up-as-he-went-along excuse to keep Eric from following him back into the field to interview witnesses at the café. Beale, you know you’re not doing well when your partner would rather spend his time with Granger…

Deeks: ‘We should check,’ oh ‘cause you wanna come hwith me… No that seems like a good idea, I just thought that Granger had mentioned prior to this that he maybe wanted to get out of the office.
Eric: Oh, well, Granger is out of the office. He’s out of the office all day.
Deeks: That’s interesting. He’s out a lot lately. Where is Granger?
Eric: This may come as a surprise to you, but Granger doesn’t really share things with me.
Deeks: Not surprising.
Eric: So, you and me?
Deeks: Yeah, let’s uh saddle up, shall we, partner? And this pains me to even have to say, but no grenades.

On the bad side, the initial interrogation was a joke, and not a funny one. Eric’s lack of professionalism and inability to take his job seriously kind of offended me. It was disrespectful to his partner, and made Eric look immature and silly. The same thing happened at the café when he insulted the customers. He behaved as if he’s received no training at all on how to conduct himself. (I did think his shriek at the sight of the dead homeless guy was pretty funny.)

Aside from stupid comments, how scary must it be for Deeks to have to babysit Eric when the bullets start flying? I feared for Deeks’ (and Eric’s) safety. Sure, Eric might have saved Deeks’ life but that doesn’t mean he has a clue how to handle himself in a firefight. Can you imagine him in a situation like the one in “Greed” where Kensi has a gun to her head, or having to fight hand to hand with bad guys like Deeks did in “Internal Affairs”? I’d much rather have Nell watching my back (but please keep them both in Ops!). Is this the only alternative to Anna? Just think about how Sam and Callen would have berated Deeks had he ever shown such a lack of professionalism or simple common sense. It’s as if Eric thinks he’s playing in one of his video games rather than risking his life (and his partner’s) for real. It was nice that Deeks was so patient, but I’d have preferred that he pull Eric aside and give him a stern lecture about the high stakes of this job. Whew, OK, rant over.

We All Missed This

I had extremely low expectations for the Densi this week given the episode’s clear focus on Callen. What a pleasant surprise it was to see Callen and Sam having morning coffee with Kensi? We felt we missed this the evening they took her takeout, so it was great to see something similar, and it provided a nice reminder of their team banter. Kensi’s not the only one who’s missed this. Their encouragement and support was also delightful. But would it have killed Kensi to tell them not to “Stay safe” but to “Keep Deeks safe”? (Especially given his partner of the day!) And wow, Kensi’s made so much progress. How wonderful to see her walking on her own.

I have to say I’m not sure why Sullivan, who’s lost part of his leg, needs to practice cutting up his vegetables. It seems as though he doesn’t need the therapy and is there because someone sent him to coach Kensi. Still, the food fight was cute. I’m not sure I approved of the headlock though- that felt a little, um, intimate.

But can we talk about the last Densi scene? She’s home! Of course, she still has a hospital bracelet on her wrist- I assume that’s to get in and out of the hospital for therapy each day? While I would have loved to see the Welcome Home celebration Deeks no doubt arranged, it made me so happy to see her there with him. And the way he encouraged her to practice her ADL by holding his hand rather than the checkers was sweet and romantic. Her face went through about ten different expressions there- very impressive work with no words from Daniela Ruah. But hmmm, between the promo for next week with Kensi looking out her window, and her reference here to holding a gun, I’m a little worried the mole is going to come for her (they did leave her the poisonous plant last time). Should be exciting!

Memorable Moments

  • Weird to see Mary/Katerina smoking at the café. I’ll assume she was in a city other than Los Angeles. (There are many smaller cities within the broader Los Angeles boundaries, places such as Beverly Hills and Santa Monica.) Maybe one of those still allows smoking in such a location?
  • Still really enjoying the new Deeks-heavy credits.
  • Thanksgiving dinner with the moms- fan fic writers, I need this!
  • Could they not afford any lightbulbs in the interrogation scene with Fedor? I wanted to see Deeks’ face.
  • Cigarettes. Is nothing safe? Good one, Deeks.
  • Yay, another little Sam-Deeks moment, when Sam assured Deeks they wouldn’t tell anyone that Eric “might have, kind of, sort of,” saved Deeks’ life. “Maybe.”
  • Again, Sullivan, I have to ask you to refrain from the Deeks calling cards. No nicknames for Kensi, and no “Really?” responses to her silliness.
  • Deeks telling Kensi, “In all my years as a cop, and also as an NCIS agent, I don’t think I’ve ever had to play checkers,” was interesting. First because he actually has had to play chess. And second, because he’s not an NCIS agent. Hmmm.
  • I thought Daniel J. Travanti and Bartels did a nice job of fleshing out Garrison’s character. The scene where he expresses his regrets and reveals Katerina’s true identity was nicely done (although COD still seemed a little wooden to me).
  • The entire episode’s many references to the past impressed me. In addition to the Russia-related ones mentioned above, we also got mentions of the mole, and reminders of Granger’s illness and his daughter. While I have no idea if all the Russian backstory was correct, it sure appeared that Mr. Bartels had done his homework.

Come back later this week for a new Surf Log and Journal, plus the Edit and Drabble of the Week. We’ll also have a special Thanksgiving fan fic and this weekend the Classified Preview of “Sirens”. (The Top 3 is taking a week off but will return in December with the Top 3 Deeks Undercover Roles.) And if you celebrate, have a wonderful, restful, family-filled Thanksgiving.

In the meantime, what did you think of “Glasnost”? Am I too hard on Callen? Do I need more of a sense of humor about Eric in the field? And exactly how wonderful was that Densi scene?

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40 Comments on Review: NCISLA “Glasnost” (S8E09)

  1. Over the years I think a number of silent scenes from both ECO & DR have made lasting impressions – and not just from the lack of words. Words are far easier than portraying emotions AND trying to ensure the viewers interpret them accurately. So BRAVA again this week to Daniela!

    We are on the same page with Sullivan. The nickname was one thing I might be able to overlook. But when the “really?!” came out this week, I was like Sam – “Ah hell no!” I can’t imagine they are stupid enough to try to put someone in between Densi; Jack would have been the most plausible, but that never played fully to that end. I’m on board with him being a planted coach.

    Mostly I’d like to give a “shout out” to the powers that be for again NOT teasing that amazing Densi scene in the promos. Those golden moments are treasures to be discovered!

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    • I am with you totally on this Gayle. Dani was beautifully expressive in that scene at home. My take on Sullivan is probably wrong, but I think he knows Deeks and that it was Deeks who asked him to challenge Kensi in therapy. Again…I am probably wrong, but it might account for his earlier comment about her boyfriend being a surfer type, and for picking up “really”.

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    • The chemistry between DR and ECO is really incredible.they can be magical.
      Daniella’s ability to convey emotion without words or big gestures and body movements is just wonderful. We saw such a huge range of emotions, from despair, frustration, determination, love hope and a final look that said, OK, I can do this….all with just her eyes and facial expressions. I am so impressed. It was a deep moment. the entertwined fingers were such a powerful image and so symbolic.

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    • I agree that the Sullivan thing is curious, something has to be up.
      Although I do not believe the writers would put Sullivan between the couple to strain their relationship, something is off. I don’t think that Kensi will be injured next week as the promo hinted at either. I think that they will use something from Deeks past, like an old girlfriend claiming Deeks is the father of her kid or internal affairs will show up again.
      …Man, do I not trust the writers to let them be happy..
      I sure hope I am wrong on that. YUCK

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  2. I kind of wish we had seen Kensi learning to walk again, now the jump from previous episode to this felt quite sudden, but on other hand we did get that amazing Densi scene and I am not complaining if this fast recovery means Kensi is back in the field soon and it was nice to get that surprise (Kensi walking). The ending of that Densi scene was so beautiful and touching and I am constantly blown away how well they can tell a story without words, with just expressions and small gestures. (I was almost hypnotized by their hands) . It was great to have that scene with Kensi, Sam and Callen , it was a nice surprise and I was not expecting that , I just hoped Deeks was there too.

    Beale in field with Deeks was better than I expected and the actors work really well together, but I prefer Beale in OPS, I just wish they would develop the character more. (As someone said in another comment section on this site: Beale has not really changed compared to the beginnning of this show). I really loved that “Kensi will be back ” talk.

    It has been great to see Callen supporting Kensi and Deeks and couple good Callen scenes, but I have to admit I have been a little disappointed with Callen’s character in previous episodes this season (For example there has been scenes that in my opinion are very out of character, like that “joking” when Kensi was under the helicopter), so it was nice to sort of have Callen “back”. I am not a big fan long storylines (for example Callen his father/family or the mole hunt), so it was nice to at least see that Callen’s family story move forward. (Case and storyline were very well done)

    I am very happy that the show seems to be doing well in ratings. Dear writers and producers you have a good thing going on, please don’t ruin it.

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  3. Thank you for this review.
    I really liked this episode a lot because this time the case was excellent, well written and well played from the important characters. COD and Travanti were acting great side by side with raw emotions and hurt just at the right level. Absolutely great acting! (yes there are people out there who like both, Deeks and Callen as characters!)
    Also Deeks and Beale together were hilarious. So funny both of them and together unbeatable. So this writer has figured it out. It took them almost 7 seasons to try these two as partners and it worked out fantastic. ECO had finally found his counterpart. It took the writers long enough to bring back the Deeks we know the funny, annoying and laughing guy.
    Andrew Bartels wrote one of the best episodes this season so far IMO (actually I was surprised because his last 2 episodes in season 7 were weak and boring to be honest). Not as good as ‘Belly of the Beast’ but close.

    The part of this episode that was pre-recorded in July was that a big failure IMO (or maybe I missed something, idk). The acting of all three character were good but sorry, last episode Kensi could hardly stand on her own and now she walks like nothing happened? Also I thought she had an open fracture on her leg/thigh. But the scar faded into nothing. So my guess is she is related to the Flash Family, you know the DC comic family.
    If they wanted something realistic they should have played it out till the end but not these kind of time shift. I didn’t like the idea of Kensi out of the field due to DR pregnancy from the beginning. It was bad in S5 and didn’t get better this season. Why not let her just vanish for the time she needed, a sabbatical or just a break? The writers and producers are not able to make these stories believable because these kind of stories need focus at details and consistency and that was always the weak point for this show sadly.


    • If they just had her vanish, we wouldn’t see Kensi and all for half the season plus they would have come up with some contrived drama between her and Deeks. At the end Kensi said she had been in therapy for 2 months, so one can deduce that prior episodes took place months ago. The first few episodes took place in the Summer instead real time in the Fall. It might just be me, but having to make deductions about timelines doesn’t take away realism for me. What might help though would be if they told you the date on the screen at the beginning of each episode like JAG used to do. So I think they’ve done this story fantastically. But to each their own.

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    • I thought Eric and Deeks together was an epic fail. I didn’t think Deeks was funny at all. I would describe him as terribly annoyed. Please don’t ever pair them up again. Terrible IMO.

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  4. I’m glad that Callen is finally starting to get answers. I also like that Kensi is in a much better mindset and I’m not worried about Sullivan coming in between Densi, Kensi loves Deeks and he trusts her.

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  5. Great review, as always.

    One thing I saw differently – I didn’t get the feeling that Kensi was home. There were game sets – backgammon, checkers, – where Kensi and Deeks were hanging out. It seemed more to be a rec room or family visiting center. Add in the hospital wrist band and the meeting with Callen and Sam being at the area they’ve used for the hospital for weeks, I think Kensi’s still in the hospital. They were visiting her, not hanging out at the rehab place before she started her treatment.

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    • At first I thought Kensi was still in the hospital, too, but then I listened to this part of the dialog with Deeks again
      DEEKS: So what’s the story with that guy?
      KENSI: What guy?
      DEEKS: The guy, you know, Sullivan from the hospital
      and calling Sullivan “the guy from the hospital” made me think that at that moment they were not in the hospital, but somewhere else, at home maybe? This may be a wrong interpretation, though.

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      • I am sure they are at home as I can recognize picture on the wall from Deeks’ last place. Also having so much games around is logical as we should assume that Kensi exercises at home and that Deeks is more than willing to help her in anyway.

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  6. Another excellent review, Karen. I know you have never warmed up to Callen, but over time I have grown fond of him. He is the kind of person who reveals very little of his deep emotions, deflecting almost as often as Deeks. That is why the emotional scenes with his father touched me. He has spent his life trying to understand and come to terms with being abandoned by his
    father and I find his hesitancy realistic and touching. He seems on uncertain ground and I was happy for him when he discovered he had a half sister and was now a true uncle. It was a nice, subtle lead-up to Thanksgiving.

    As for Beale in the field…I too say “Ah, hell no.” We all know he is now the new comic relief since Deeks is in no mood to be funny all the time considering the circumstances, and he wasn’t funny in any of these latest scenes, just supremely frustrated and sometimes angry. Not sure what Bartels was going for, but I found myself embarrassed for the tech. I recalled that episode when he was asked to go into the field at that rocket launching company (and almost frelted). In his conversation with Hetty he pleaded not to be forced to carry a gun because he didn’t think he could kill anyone, which endeared him to me. All of a sudden he is dropping missiles from drones and carrying a gun in the field. I don’t find sending him into the field in any way believable and I didn’t find it believable that he would act that silly either. The man is a genius and I think it did a disservice to his character to portray him as a bumbling, comic idiot. Please…no more Beale in the field…or Nell for that matter.

    Now to that incredible scene with Deeks and Kensi. That was pure sweetness and revealed such a deep connection between them that it brought tears to my eyes. It truly is a love story.

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  7. Thanks for your review Karen, I think you covered the highlights of the episode.
    The script was solid and well-written and I think Bartels did a good job with Callen’s backstory. I am not very invested in his character, but when we get brilliant storytelling I enjoy episodes in their whole and not just for Deeks and Kensi, who are the main reason I watch the show.

    What I didn’t like much was Eric Beale in the field and in the interrogation room: as much as I appreciate Barret Foa as an actor, I think the part he had to play in this episode was a little unrealistic, too exaggerated, almost farcical. Even Deeks had some problems dealing with him and his exuberance. How much I long to see both Eric and Nell back to where they belong: OPS.

    The Densi scene was so beautiful that, like Gayle said in her comment, I’m glad it was not spoiled in advance. It was a perfect intimate moment in which the actions (and especially looks) spoke louder than words. I wonder if it came naturally or if Daniela and Eric needed many takes to achieve that perfection. Anyway it worked wonderfully and I was so eager to stay a little longer with Deeks and Kensi that I hope this fandom’s talented fancfiction writers will delight us with a possible scene that might have happened after that encouraging but also longing kiss… 😉

    The only thing I regret about Kensi’s arc is that I would have liked some witness of her progression from wheelchair to walking on her own. I’m relieved she’s recovering well, but a single scene would have been enough without that sudden time jump that at the beginning was quite shocking for me having her desperate words “I may never walk again” still echoing in my head.

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  8. Brenda (@bpnp) // November 22, 2016 at 6:07 PM // Reply

    Great review Karen!

    I’m also in the “keep Beale in ops!!!” camp. He’s good at what he does there, but it’s just implausible and weird with him in the field. And also agree that writers seem to be systematically addressing prior critiques.

    I also found the jump from not being able to stand to walking with minimal limp a bit of a gap. Would have liked to see that progression. However, I understand the underlying reason and I’m glad it kept Dani in all the episodes.

    I was particularly impressed with the way she moved her left hand in the final scene with Deeks. I cringe at medical stuff on TV shows because it’s often more lame and implausible than Beale as a field agent – but that part of the scene was really well done. The manner in which her fingers were flexed and the way she slowly opened them was so good it almost makes me wonder if then had a hand double there. I’m always impressed when small details are done well.

    Speaking of health, I am very concerned about Miguel – his voice is worse each week and the specific speech pattern is alarming to me. I hope that things are OK with him.

    Finally, Daniel J. Travanti as Garrison – wow!! I was very impressed with the accent, the emotion, the facial expressions. He is a very strong character and actor – I’m so glad they did not kill him off. I hope they keep him around long-term.

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  9. Is it funny, or just a joke …
    I think I have reached my tolerance limit. I have had enough
    The Geeks in the field experiment needs to end NOW, just stop it.
    Having them in the field is like the national take you kids to work day…it might be a good idea once a year….maybe,,,that’s it…now stop it.
    What we saw from Eric went past ridiculous to the point of being embarrassing. For a show that prides itself on the details, having advisors to get things right, this was a joke. I hope we are done with it for a while.

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  10. No double standard here…
    How is it , that after all the crap that Deeks had to endure, that Eric gets a free pass.
    He is underqualified to the point of embarrassment and being a hazard.
    Where is Callen and especially Sam in all this. How can they just let this go. They accused Deeks of not being up to standard or taking his job seriously, jeopardizing the team and then we have to watch this..really ?
    Speaking of Sam…isn’t he supposed to be the one training Eric up… well if the Eric we saw is a product of Sam’s training, then Sam needs to stop what he is doing at the moment…immediately…and go find Deeks, walk up to him, apologize profusely, kiss his feet, and swear to never say anything derogatory to him ever again…Because what we saw was pathetic

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  11. Timing is everything
    We did get a big jump forward in Kensi’s recovery. Although I would have liked to see some progressive steps, it kind of needed to happen. I originally thought that the writers overplayed her injuries and painted themselves into a corner somewhat. Dani was to be gone for 8 weeks, from episodes 3 through 10. A broken leg or neck surgery would have filled that time recovery wise. Dumping in an injury with a 6 month rehab, in a show that typically jumps ahead a week at a time between episodes just won’t work… unless everyone wants to keep Dani/ Kensi out of the field until sometime next season…
    I get the dramatic aspect, and do appreciate it, but it creates a problem time wise.

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  12. Pick a hand, any hand
    Although Kensi expressed concern about it to Deeks, and it looks like she might be in danger next week, lets not look past the fact that Kensi draws and fires a handgun right handed. She occasionally uses her left to support and stabilize, but she can certainly fire a weapon. True, loading in a new clip might be more time consuming, but she is good to go for well over a dozen rounds. She is not defenseless by any means.
    As a side note, she did occasionally shoot left handed early in the show, but I am not sure if Dani actually held it left handed or they reversed the image post production.

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  13. That’s my line.
    Still not a big fan of Sullivan giving Kensi nicknames, the “Really”, and the headlock was a little personal.
    Back off dude, that’s Deeks job
    I wonder if Deeks knows Sullivan and told him that Kensi hates nicknames except from him.
    A possibility. I do think something is up with Sullivan.I did also think why he was working on cutting food with a leg injury…maybe we missed an injury?

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    • First Kensi started the food fight and then the headlock; man I was really glad Deeks didn’t walk in on that! I was also a bit disappointed in her behavior; yes the final scene was golden with Densi; but Kensi is all bubbly playing around with Sullivan and then starts the whining with Deeks. I (sorry Kensi) didn’t appreciate her grin when she asked if Deeks was jealous (somone needs to sit her butt down and explain to her what Deeks has been through. Sullivan has severe injuries to his inner arm; I don’t know which arm but it was a quick shot but the injuries were massive; remember he was injured by an IED. I’m on the fence about Sullivan; still not sure if he’s a plant, mole, just being in the right place; have to wait and see.

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      • Olapa,
        You know you are right about Sullivan’s injury and I forgot to mention it. It has me a little confused. It is on his right forearm, which is the hand he was using to arm wrestling. He sure had a good grip then. You could sure see him gripping Kensi’s hand. Also, it really looks like an old burn, but who knows. What I do see , it that it seems healed and there is not even a sign of the new bright pink skin that would be so obvious with such a major injury for a long, long time. the color of the skin suggests that the injury is likely years old. the color of the skin on his amputated leg suggests the same thing. He can also be seen using his right hand durring the weight lifting scene, even curling his fingers while rolling a weight in his hand, he doesn’t seem to have a dexterity issue. more likely flexibility and range of motion issues due to the tighter skin and repairs.
        Just my opinion from observations.

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      • I noticed the smile over the jealousy comment as well. If Deeks wasn’t fishing to see if Kensi figured out the setup with Sullivan, then it is a little sad that Deeks is still so insecure.
        However,I did actually take it that Kensi was just relieved that Deeks actually does still want her regardless. No matter what he says, Kensi will wonder if he is just saying that for her benefit and not fully meaning it. A triggered emotion may be reaffirming to her that Deeks is fully in love and actually possessive of her. I took it as a form of validation and relief on her part.

        The fact that Kensi… who never needed a man, steered clear of relationships and is so fiercely independent, smiled and felt relief at Deeks being jealous and “claiming her as his” speaks to how much she cares about him.
        I don’t think that she was happy that she made him jealous, she just felt good that he still felt that way about her
        just a different way to look at it.

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  14. Green eyed monster
    Do you think that Deeks was actually jealous/ Kensi did seem to smile and enjoy it. It may make her feel desirable and be assured that Deeks sill wants her…
    Than again, if deeks already knows Sullivan and set this thing up, maybe he is fishing to see if Kensi is onto the setup yet… Just a thought.

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    • I’m still not sure about Sullivan; I’m eager to find out what the deal is with him. I do like Kurt Yaeger a lot; he plays Sullivan very well. His story is amazing; he’s a very good actor and has been great on this show. I had another little chat with him again on Twitter; what a cool guy. He thanked me for the shout out I gave him; very cool!


  15. Hand in Hand
    The checkers scene was just wonderful. I think Deeks needed that as much as Kensi did. Deeks needs to be part of her recovery and having her not be able to pick up a checker, but interlace their fingers was just so deep and emotional….together…we will get through this together.

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    • Agree!
      Hey Ed you still crack me up! And, believe me this year has been one of the most difficult of my life; I so appreciate you making me laugh; whether you mean to be funny or not; I do laugh out loud and I thank you for that. I’ll be fine, I just need to get out of 2016 — Oiy!

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  16. Where’s my ring loverboy.
    I don’t see Deeks asking again anytime soon, I would like to see Kensi become impatient and drop a hint that she is ready. She is out, mobile and making progress with her hand. Yes she will be in outpatient therapy for a while, but even if she does not have complete use of her left hand….it would look better with a ring on one of the fingers, right.
    They don’t need to rush into the wedding, but getting engaged would be nice
    If Deeks is actually jealous or unsure, she could certainly reassure him.
    In episode 1 she said she wasn’t ready to settle down, and it has been rough since then.
    True, she did say she was open to the idea of marriage…

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  17. It’s in the kiss…
    I may be wrong….happens more often than you would think…
    But are we actually 9 complete episodes into the season and have not had a kiss or an “I love you” from Kensi to Deeks. I think we, and he, are due…don’t you think

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    • Wow Ed! That’s interesting I was just thinking the exact same thing; she’s never this season said he loves him; really? It doesn’t make sense however there have been many instances where her behavior or lack thereof doesn’t make sense; it would be nice to hear it now. I think Deeks would love to hear it, probably needs to hear it. Man, I really feel for the guy.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I’d settle for some laughter or fun between she and Deeks. She’s all bubbly with Sam and Callen; playful with Sullivan (a bit too much, IMO) but yet no large smiles, laughter an I love you; a thank you, nada, nothing from her to Deeks; that — to me — is very sad. Kensi is a complex woman I have to respect that; I just don’t get what the writers are thinking at times or perhaps its just me; yep that’s it; its just me ;-)!!


      • I kinda feel the same way. I do get that with Deeks she can just be herself and not need to put on a good happy act around him. but some of the playfulness she showed around Sam, Callen and Sullivan was real. it is nice that she can talk about her hopes, struggles and fears with Deeks, she surely needs that and that level of trust is wonderful and heartfelt.
        it would just be nice to see a slightly higher level of excitement, enthusiasm or appreciation in being around her fiance’. Yep, feel free to mix in a laugh, smile or an “I love you” once in a while.
        I do expect to see a big change next week, maybe she will express her appreciation with a kiss…


  18. Baby got backstory…
    Although I am not against digging into Callens backstory, i am far more interested in finding out how Kensi survived as a 15 yr old kid on the streets. in addition, I would like to get some context into Deeks shooting of Boyle. Was her life in danger, was Boyle beating her, did deeks try to stop Boyle and he pulled a gun….lots of things to qualify what happened.
    i certainly understand Kensi’s forgiveness. The Team shoots people on frequent basis. it is not always in self defense either. especially as a sniper, you will shoot someone, often with no warning, when you yourself are not in danger. Often to protect others or the greater good.
    frequently there may not be a direct threat to you or your team, but it is still necessary
    She and the team would get it.
    they kind of left it open and let many people assume the worst.
    I would like to see it play out and confirm he is more hero-ish and less villain-ish to those that lost some faith in him,
    I am not one of those….I am sure he did the right thing

    Liked by 2 people

  19. It’s about time
    It is nice to see the couple away from work, and although the injury was work related and they were working on therapy, it was still at home and so long overdue.
    We got a taste of what a domestic couple they could be in Neighborhood Watch. The bra, the discussion on the couch, Kensi in the kitchen, the techno blasting, the cut foot….all priceless glimpses of the future they and we want to see.
    Since then we have gotten Deeks using her butt as a pillow on the couch, her showing up after Siderov (It’s a love story) and him showing up after the King case where she got punched….both work related.
    Post Humbug and all in, what have we gotten? We have the beach jogging scene, of course he got pushed over. We have a morning scene that led to their first official fight…interrupted by a phone call obviously, go figure.
    Then we have the breakfast scene where he is so insecure, ironically interrupted by a …don’t say it…yes, a phone call….no, really, not again, are you sure??? Yep, again.
    The point is, this is the extent of their non-work interactions, everything else is at work or on the job…
    Not much for almost 5 years.
    I guess I left out the date that wasn’t a date.
    Sure not many, and not all completely happy.
    Don’t they and the fans deserve a little more…it’s about time

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  20. Karen,

    Thank you for an excellent review. I respectfully
    disagree with you about Callen’s character. Callen’s quest
    for his identity has always interested me, and he is one
    of my favourite characters. But instead of spinning it out
    across eight seasons his storyarc could have been resolved
    much earlier. Garrison is a compelling and perhaps also tragic
    character. Will we see him again? And I think that Linda Hunt,
    Daniel J. Travanti and Vyto Ruginis were all outstanding in this
    episode. The discovery of a half-sister and nephew offers a new
    dynamic for Callen. Will we see Alex and her son again? I would be
    very interested to see how the writers would develop the contact
    between Callen and Alex and her son.

    As for Eric during the interrogation and in the field, I agree with you
    and most of the others completely about him. I found it extremely
    painful and embarrassing to watch. Eric belongs in Ops!

    I loved the scene between Kensi, Callen and Sam. Although it was
    wonderful to see Kensi walk again. It was also too abrupt after
    “Parallel Resistors” when she was still in the wheelchair. I too would
    have preferred if the writers had shown her progress more gradually.
    For instance it would have been beautiful if they had shown Kensi’s first
    steps on her own again with Deeks present. I wondered if Deeks
    could not have motivated her. As he has always been able to draw
    Kensi out. But perhaps in this case he is too much emotionally involved.
    And I suspect that the writers really wanted to have Kurt Yaeger on the
    show and he is an excellent actor. From all the information I understood
    that Sullivan would be on the show for at least three episodes.
    Though I still feel extremely uncomfortable with the shock- and insult
    approach which the writers are using for Sullivan.
    The scene between Kensi and Deeks was so beautiful and poignant.
    The chemistry between Daniela and Eric Christian was magical. And
    Daniela was superb in every way.

    As I still feel very uncomfortable, I would like to add something. I am not
    here to lecture anyone nor to push my opinion down people’s throats.
    But to share my enthusiasm about Kensi and Deeks and the show in
    general with you (and to learn from- and be stimulated by all the different
    points of view).


    Liked by 2 people

  21. I think I really would like to see Kensi hand Deeks the box for Christmas.
    the timing would be nice…
    …plus , I am curious, Right…


  22. I like seeing Kensi at home and progressing.
    I found a clip for next week that touches on her recovery and the moms visit.
    It is one of the best ones i have seen all year, but it is a spoiler. Try not to laugh…


    • Omygosh! That is too good! Don’t want to spoil for anyone but its really good and yes I did laugh!! Thank you for posting Ed!! 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family, friends, loved ones and all the wikiDeeks Fans!! 🙂


  23. As always, thanks for such a great discussion everyone! And thanks for not spoiling whatever goodies you found for next week’s episode. As someone who avoids social media from Thursday on so as not to see the spoilers, it’s much appreciated!


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