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Season 8 Commentary Poll

Vote NOW for which episode you'd like to feature commentary by Eric Christian Olsen and Daniela Ruah!

You thought the time for important voting was over? Surprise! The time has once again arrived for the annual Commentary Poll! As our duo of Eric Christian Olsen and Daniela Ruah has been so kind over the past years, perhaps they will once again grant us as fans the opportunity to choose the episode to be honored with their unique and gloriously entertaining commentary!

If you’re anything like me, some of my favorite moments have been hidden gems within this DVD special feature. They give us a sneak peek behind the scenes of the show, their characters, their families, and each other! Who else easily declares this the best thing on every box set?!

It’s an understatement to describe this 8th season as… rocky? turbulent? stressful? On screen so far the team has endured an extended mole hunt, a plane wreck, partner separation, and all of the guys being detained by various law enforcement agencies. Behind the camera they’ve been forced to mourn the passing of one of their own, a shift in the leadership of the show, and family additions! And somewhat ushered to the backburner has been the essence of Densi, the banterous, flirty partners who not that long ago were verbally sparring over a key piece of jewelry and potential future off-spring! (Like we’d ever forget about all of that!)

So as you consider the humbly offered episodes for consideration below, perhaps also take a moment to ponder what insights our favorite pair might focus on, notable questions to answer, and secrets to be revealed. So cast your vote now and share your reasoning, episode-specific questions, and more in the Comments section at the bottom!

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Gayle is a WikiDeeks writer and has the challenging task of penning the "Surf Log" each week. Known as "DensiLand" on Twitter, Instagram, & Tumblr, Gayle obviously "ships" Densi and has sincere love for the entire cast (& crew) of characters.

19 Comments on Season 8 Commentary Poll

  1. It is hard to vote on this. I voted for “Payback”but I think “Belly of the Beast” would also be interesting. I think there is probably a lot to talk about in terms of how they filmed it. I could not bring myself to vote for a future episode because I was worried, we might not get a good Deeks centric episode. Although I think we will get the proposal this season, it could be a two minute segment in an otherwise not good episode. I wish we could wait until the end of the season to cast our vote but I do know they will do the commentary before we see all the episodes, so I am casting my vote for the best from what I have seen.

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  2. Unfortunately I am probably in the minority here (so please don’t shoot me and my opinion only) but this Season has been underwhelming for me. Apart from a handful of beautiful Deeks & Densi scenes a whole episode has not been a favourite. If I had to vote it would be for Payback or the season premiere. I am still praying and hopeful for a Densi episode before the end of the Season. Can we vote again if that episode comes??

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    • I agree with you. There were a handful of beautifully acted and well scripted Densi scenes but overall I’ve been underwhelmed as well. I rewatch S7 episodes all the time but I’ve yet to watch all the episodes and haven’t rewatched any. I’ve rewatched a few scenes and ff through to only watch Deeks and Densi scenes. I’m hoping we get a Deeks centric episode soon. I think I’ll vote for Payback.

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    • I have to agree Donna, it was underwhelming. I wonder how may others would agree.


  3. I voted for a future episode because I really believe a proposal is coming. I also loved this past episode (8×17) where Kensi and Deeks finally had some working/cute scenes together. I think more Densi goodness and our commentary ep is yet to come.

    My second choice would be Parallel Resistors because we could ask some questions such as, Did the writers and/or actors know all along that Sullivan/Ferris was CIA and that Kensi had shot him in the leg, or was that a last minute addition to the mole storyline? I also loved the putting the ring away scene where Kensi apologizes for taking things out on Deeks. That scene felt so true to life for me and was acted incredibly. My only regret with that episode is that there isn’t more Densi.

    Payback would be a good choice too because I think we could get a lot more insight into the mole and Sullivan/Ferris. Also, would love to hear Eric and Daniela’s commentary on angry, unraveling Deeks. The rescue scene has been one of my favorite parts of the season so far.

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  4. I was tempted to vote “the best is yet to come” hoping for a Densi-centric episode by the end of the season, with a (real) proposal and, why not, a (real) engagement and some beautiful scenes of my favorite (so far) TV couple. But I’m afraid we won’t get it (if ever) in time for ECO and DR to record the commentary, so among the episodes aired until now, I have chosen “Payback”.
    At least it was full of action!Deeks and angry!Deeks (together with sexy-as-hell!Deeks, which is always a bonus) about which I would really like to know more from ECO, and Kensi’s captivity and final rescue was so thrilling and breathtaking it would be interesting to know from DR both about serious details (like how she faced her torture scenes) and just curiosities (like how fake blood tastes and how much of it she swallowed while filming!).

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  5. Rhonda Lara // March 14, 2017 at 8:44 PM // Reply

    I will vote for Payback so far, but hopefully we will get more #Densi Scenes Soon! We finally got a few this last Sunday in Queen Pin 03/12/17, written by Joe Wilson. P.S. I thanked him and he liked my tweet 👏👍🏻💗Waiting for much more…

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  6. Interesting results so far! I am with Kaytie Gene in thinking that Parallel Resistors would be good but that I really want to hear ECO talk about Dark and Desperate Deeks. Any insights I can get into this part of his character are always appreciated. Plus we have that lovely reunion of Densi at the end, and before that each character had interesting scenes to play. Many of the early episodes this season were somewhat lacking in Kensi, and since this is to be a commentary for the two of them, I think Payback provides the best balance.

    I’d also love to hear them talk about a proposal, but we don’t know whether or not that one scene will come during a particularly interesting Densi episode. So I’m going to go ahead and vote for Payback because it’s a sure thing and I will look forward to hearing ECO explain how many chairs he had to throw, what it was like to take on Linda Hunt (it seems kinda scary to me!), and how far he thinks Deeks would have gone to find Kensi). I’d like to hear Daniela talk about what it’s like to act while tied to a wheelchair and unable to express oneself with your body or hands, whether she was told Sullivan was a bad guy from the start, and any other insights either can share about how pre-planned any of the mole details were.


  7. Season 8 has been the weakest season of all times. Bar Paly playing Anna Kolcheck has been most unsatisfied thing ever over the course of this year. Less Callen and Sam what I would of liked seeing. Not much undercovers for Deeks or Kensi either because of pregnancy , I liked the recovery, the mole research took them goddamn time and episodes were not that good in the end. So for all I will say this , season premiere and Payback were the best highlighted episodes I would like to rerun , other episodes not so much. No Granger and no Shane Brennan running the show, IT wont be the same.


  8. Like many others, I found this season less than fulfilling. And it shouldn’t have been. We’ve had Deeks under threat a few time, jailed, struggling with various situations with Kensi, facing Hetty, etc. We’ve gotten Kensi physically struggling/recovering, abducted, escaping, some recent fluffy banter. So why are we feeling this way? Because it was too strung out over time? (FYI I like a nice long arc, but I had a tough time maintaining focus and details. Perhaps all the off-weeks?) Is it because Deeks and Kensi were physically separated for most of the season? This seems like a reasonable cause.

    I admit it was even a challenge to create the poll this year. As many previous explained, so many episodes weren’t memorable; they didn’t compel us to go back to re-watch. (I had to scan ALL of the wikiDeeks episode reviews to get even a semblance of recall, as I marked none of the LA episodes as “keep until I delete” on the TiVo. Who could imagine that?!)

    So enough negativity here. I needed to vote for different episode for each of them. It would have been either Payback or Ghost Gun for ECO, as I think we all are most intrigued when he has to express Deeks’ uncustomary and uncomfortable (for him) reactions & emotions. For DR, it would be Under Siege, as I would have liked insight into the initial realization of being abducted and trying to figure out the situation and ways to escape it as opposed to the fight & rescue. (Actually I’d prefer all the pieces of her recovery mashed together, which is likely only to be reality in my head or a DVD feature.) So in the end, and uncustomary for me, I put faith in what’s yet to come.

    If the TBD/Future option wins, I’m most curious what ECO & DR’s reactions will be to THAT! Guess it’s in their hands this year!


    • sassyzazzi // March 17, 2017 at 9:43 AM // Reply

      Hi Gayle, I would hope when wikideeks forwards the information, maybe this year they send eco the top two whether it is an episode we saw or TBD just so he gets a sense of where the fandom is. I think if the Deeks fans vote for TBD that really is a strong statement on the season. Also, I know it is probably difficult to send comments, but if TBD wins maybe just a line voicing the concerns that have been expressed here about picking an unknown episode.

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  9. I agree with the comments on the lack of an abundance of stellar choices this year.
    If I really thought that we would get a long awaited proposal, and not have it immediately followed by Deeks getting arrested by IA in the season finale…or some such nonsense…
    I am just not that trusting..heck, we did actually get a proposal…Kensi said no…
    so will they pull that, and make us all wait until next year? who knows…
    I just don’t trust enough to take that leap of faith. looking ahead at the promos already available, it seems like it would just be crammed into an episode instead of being the focal point.
    with that being said, I think that Payback provides a good sounding board for their conversation, there are lots of scenes throughout the episode, on both sides, for them to comment on,
    and we get the reunion.
    it seems like a shame that 16 episodes into the season, that there is only one episode that anyone seems to care about enough to not just say…”PASS” , I will just wait and see if anything better comes along…rather disappointing really.

    I voted for Payback, not because I love it, but because it was better than anything else, and i wasn’t sure that it would get any better…
    I almost feel guilty for feeling this way, sorry.


    • I guess that I want to have Densi comment on a Densi centric episode. Right???
      I have very little interest in hearing Dani and Eric comment on …the Sam undercover show…the geeks in the field and how great it is…
      30 plus minutes of Callen acting like he is 15 around Anna…, Anna at all…
      OH MY GOD… my head exploded…DR and ECO are just so nice and always say good things about how great the guest stars are, right…
      There is no way I can listen to them gush all episode about how great Bar Paly is and how wonderful it is to work with her…Gag, Barf….no thank you.
      so , therefore, it needs to be a Anna free episode at all costs…make it so…


    • Hi Ed, just saw an Instagram post from Rick Tunell that there is more Densi on the way”. ❤


      • YAY!
        In spite of my tantrums…
        I do think the season will finish strong for Densi.
        Episodes like 767, where Sam and Callen are away undercover on a plane…
        Deeks planning a surprise party for Kensi
        that could be a good vehicle to have some Domestic Densi Bliss.
        or at the very least some good moments and conversations , away from work, and away from Eric and Nell’s interruptions.
        I do expect a nice move forward for the couple.
        I just don’t want Deeks back in jail to end the season.


  10. insta_densi_ // March 30, 2017 at 4:51 AM // Reply

    Any chance of adding the recent episodes? I’d love to vote for 767 now haha

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  11. Overall, I trust ECO & DR to make the decision. By now they have a strong understanding of their (demanding) fans! LOL!

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