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Review: NCISLA “Citadel” (S7E2)

There has been a lot of trepidation by Deeks fans leading up to this episode. We are slowly now getting bits and pieces of Deeks’ backstory and this week Dave Kalstein adds to the Marty Deeks legend. Whether you love him or hate him, Dave always writes from the heart and respects the characters’ personal story, and he does his best to take on those special moments in the episode. I really look forward to his first episode of the season and this this time was no different.

It was wonderful to watch Densi’s relationship flourish out in the open! I’m also happy that Kensi feels comfortable enough to call him ‘baby’ in front of their friends and colleagues. Did someone say the ‘M’ word in that opening scene? We also find out that Deeks has acquired a new bachelor pad- or is it going to be a new and larger love nest for the out-of-the-closet sweethearts? Deeks has graduated to a house, which means at least he’s thinking in the right direction! Mysterious phone calls, an apartment full of plumbers? Deeks is definitely hiding some monumental secrets throughout this episode and I think hiding stuff is a bad idea too, Kensi!

Talia makes her return and has a few fun moments, but for the most part was annoying as hell. Yet the woman played an integral part in cementing Densi’s relationship. She surely had a role in pushing them closer together so why does she have to keep drooling all over Deeks? Stupid question, sorry. (Talia: Deeks, you are looking good. Never thought I’d hear myself say that either.) And while we’re asking questions… what’s with Kensi’s reaction to Talia’s declaration? She’s totally gone the other way, no jealousy here, except a little controlled anger. Is she really that confident in their relationship and how did that happen so fast? (I think Dave was hesitant to write any more punching scenes after “The Frozen Lake.” Ha!) Yet Talia serves a purpose if only to keep reminding Kensi of the man she has in Deeks. I think I’ve had enough of Ms. Talia for a while… but I wouldn’t be surprised if she shows up again sometime in the future. Someone call Human Resources, please!

I don’t think it was a coincidence that Kalstein entitled this episode “Citadel”, and not only because it was the name of the security company featured in this episode. A citadel is the strongest part of a fortress, hidden well inside the last line of defense. What an apt description of what Deeks has been hiding deep inside this wall of secrecy. But you have to hand it to Kensi, who is learning how to deal with this side of Deeks’ personality. By repeating her new mantra: ‘more being… less doing’ (probably a lesson from Kalstein’s Sayoc training), Kensi learns how to successfully make her way through the twists and turns of their relationship. Sam’s advice also serves her well when meeting Deeks’ mom for the first time. She remains true to herself despite wanting to make a good first impression (Mrs. Deeks: Do you cook? Kensi: No. Mrs. Deeks: Do you want to learn? Kensi: No!). The look on Deeks’ face is priceless.

I’m still wondering why all the subterfuge from Deeks though? Where has Mom been all this time and why return now? I guess I expected a lot more emotions would go with her showing up on Deeks’ doorstep.  Yes, this party has only just begun, and according to Kalstein we will have to remain patient in order to find the answers to all these questions. This may turn into more of a Deeks season after all. Don’t let me down, guys!

Memorable Moments:
• Is Sam Hanna not human or is he just pushing Callen’s buttons? Sam Hanna doesn’t fail! And the bromance continues….
• I don’t think Callen failed that test on purpose. Too many disturbing daddy images for real.
• Looks like Sam is making the rounds these days among his colleagues. It’s rare to see a Hanna-Blye heart-to-heart talk… particularly when it’s subtly veiled in terms of how relationships work. Of course the big man probably has the most experience in this area and who better to advise her in matters of the heart? (Sam: You got to let it flow. More being…less doing.) His advice comes in handy later when searching for the sniper. Let’s see how it works in dealing with Deeks! A classic and sweet Kalstein moment.
• One good scene deserves another as Callen tries to give Deeks advice. We need more of these big/little brother moments between the two. It was beautiful to hear him admit to Deeks that he was trying to look out for him. Even though Deeks found it a bit unnerving since he is used to looking out for himself (I thought ECO was going to break out into tears!). It was another sweet and poignant moment between the two agents… and long overdue.
• I was wondering where Ms. Lange had gotten to! Great entrance! Typical, beautiful Hetty. Of course she invented the test… would we accept anything less?
• Perfect gift from Hetty to Callen. I agree, it’s time for that beard-thing to go! Although I wouldn’t mind seeing him keep the longer coifs for a while longer. Please!

Deeks’ Moments:
• I love the way Deeks/ECO accented the word ‘think’ when he corrects Kensi about her use of food companions. (Callen: Should we put the lid back on this can of worms? Sam: No they can close it themselves.) Love that squeaky voice.
• Yep, it’s official… No one can deny that butt. Did you see the way Talia lusted for Deeks’ derriere? Stand in line, honey.
• ….yet Talia has no problem calling him an idiot. (Deeks: That’s a rhetorical question.) Wow.
• More reveals: Deeks: I know what it’s like to lose somebody. The crazy thing about it is that after they’re gone, everything that passed between you seems like the most precious thing in the world. Who could Deeks be talking about?
• Marty Deeks’ words to live by: It’s not a fetish. It’s just a lifestyle! I think this should be emblazoned on a t-shirt!
• Another reveal? Deeks’ profile test predicted that he would turn on the LAPD. More fodder for the IA investigation theorists. Is this a glimpse of what will come regarding the investigation? OK, now I’m really hooked and speculating.
Densi Moments:
• I found it interesting that during the drive by shooting, Deeks didn’t try to protect or cover Kensi.
• Have to hand it to Kensi, she’s not letting Talia get to her… yet. (Kensi: I’m going to take the highroad on this one. Deeks: As opposed to…? Kensi: Bleeding her out.)
• I’m not sure if Deeks is just trying to appease Kensi when he apologiz

es for Talia’s actions or if he’s just plain scared of them both… but it was kind of cute.

We have a new episode coming up next week and wikiDeeks has all the bases covered. Make sure you read Gayle’s Case Briefing for “Driving Miss Diaz“ and Tess DiCorsi will follow up with a Classified Preview. Until then sit back and enjoy this week’s Deeks’ Surf Log and Kensi’s Journal and find out what’s going on inside Densi’s collective heart. We’ll see you back here next week!

Episode: “Citadel”
Writer: Dave Kalstein
Director: Eric Laneuville
Original Air Date: September 28, 2015


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54 Comments on Review: NCISLA “Citadel” (S7E2)

  1. Thanks for your review, Diane! I love that they both used the word “baby”. For these two lovebirds, that huge!

    Can someone explain the whole thing Deeks said about the restaurant and how one would go there to propose? I didn’t get that. Actually, I didn’t get that whole scene.

    What was Dr. Rathburn saying before Deeks cut her off…about his fixation for revenge for that one time….? Internal Affairs fodder? Also, how did Deeks afford the swankier digs? Please don’t let IA find some large sum of money and question how he can afford this bachelor pad on his cop salary.

    Talia was so out of line. It’s a good thing Deeks and Kensi mostly ignored her because they knew she was inconsequential to their relationship. I don’t really see how she is seen as a catalyst for Densi’s relationship. I think Deeks would still have introduced Kensi to his mom if Talia wasn’t trying to rile them up. Don’t you think?

    The intro of Mama Deeks was so short and almost anticlimactic. Had Deeks and Kensi talked about her in the past? Kensi did say it was finally nice to meet her. Were there references to Mama Deeks before that I just missed?

    I liked the Densi snippets of the episode. I loved the heart to heart that Sam and Kensi had and Kensi’s realization that her quest for perfection has an effect on those around her. I’m not sure if I really liked this episode or not. Certainly, I liked moments, but not sure about the overall feel. I thought it would reveal more than it did. I guess I’ll have to be patient.


  2. Brenda (@bpnp) // September 29, 2015 at 5:15 PM // Reply

    Thanks for the review Diane!!

    I was confused about that opening sequence as well. It sounded to me like Kensi had gone to the truffle restaurant with someone else and then realized she shouldn’t have spoken about that in front of Deeks when he pointed out it was a proposal-type setting. The offer at the end to go to the same place with him seemed to be to rectify that. Not sure though, when I re-watched I found it confusing.

    Talia. Seriously. She recurs and the Gurkha is dead. Sigh. Anyway, not fond of the character to start with but she softened in Deep Trouble II and her and Kensi had what seemed to be a good relationship at the end. What gives with the nonsense in this episode? More like the first meeting and not like the last. Did they have a fight in between? Back to my hopes for this year – consistent complexity. That was just careless writing. I think maybe they were trying to prove the point that Deeks is totally taken even if someone shamelessly and inappropriately throws herself at him, but I was not a fan. At all. She needs to go away and not come back. Seriously, someone call human resources – who acts like that at work? That’s a Grey’s Anatomy schtick that needs to stay on the other network. Also – as someone on Twitter pointed out – on her first visit she said she didn’t work with partners. Get the story straight, please! (I know, I know – tell us how you really feel. lol)

    And while I’m on the inconsistency thing – Kensi spoke about Deeks’ new “apartment” at the beginning and then he’s got this big house. It didn’t seem unfamiliar to her so was the apartment reference just an error?

    Despite the complaints… I did enjoy the ep overall. There were some great Densi moments, especially the end scene with his mom. I like her too. Was hoping for a longer intro, but she seems like a lovely, no-nonsense kind of lady. I guess if she just got into town 2 days ago as Kensi assumed it would explain the “no next of kin” question, but not Christmas. They seem to get along well, so there are still some questions to be answered. But that was an important moment in their relationship and it was well done! And 2 weeks running there are “re-watchable” moments. This ep had a lot!!


    • Talia. Seriously. She recurs and the Gurkha is dead. Sigh

      Best written line ever. Talia being back is a slap in the face to fans


    • Actually, if I remember correctly, she referenced his new ‘place,’ but I cold be wrong. Those are nice digs for a cop salary, especially in LA where things are super expensive.


  3. Thanks Di. Your reviews are always so thorough and insightful. I appreciate that and decided to re watch the episode before commenting.

    I loved the scene between Callen and Deeks. They both acted a bit reserved, but I think that is so believable for these two. Deeks looked startled when Callen told him he was just looking out for him. I think he was expecting criticism, but instead he got support and I think it surprised him. I would love an episode with these two getting along like this.

    Deeks seemed distracted during a lot of the episode, and I’m guessing it was because he was nervous about having his mom in town, or trying to decide whether to introduce Kensi or not. However, I did love the way Kalstein wrote him in this ep. He was smart and mostly serious and wanting nothing to do with egotistical Talia. Hopefully she will fade into the sunset.

    Now about his mom…!!!??? I was determined not to like this reveal, due to the fact that ever since Personal I assumed she was dead. Took a long time for them to tell us she’s not. And the BIG question is, why did he not list her as his next of kin? I need to know the answer to that and more of course…we always want more and probably won’t shut up until we get it. I had a feeling they would tag it onto the end, which was fine. It made for an upbeat ending. As much as I thought she was a bit too conventional for my tastes, in the end I found I was happy for Deeks. Thanks Mr. Kalstein…but more please.


    • Deeks seemed distracted during a lot of the episode – I felt that too. He seemed bored.
      Everything seems concentrated on Callen and Sam, again, I like it, still I would like to see more action involving everybody.


  4. Great review! I enjoyed this one, even Talia harassing Deeks. Inappropriate? Absolutely. But also hilarious. Nice to see that they (Deeks and Kensi) are in a place that they are able to handle it maturely, just like they did.

    Regarding the awkward meal discussion at the beginning; with Deeks being so keen on everything Kensi, I immediately assumed he realized that was the place and time Jack proposed to her. That was why she reacted the way she did when Deeks said what he said about it. He then threw the nachos meal they shared out there, because that was what was relevant to them. I think Kensi’s offer at the end to go there with Deeks was her way to make it up to him. Maybe I’m over thinking it…

    I really hope they bring Deeks’ mom back on a regular basis. That short scene was great, but I’d like to see more! I think they handled her appearance nicely. Kensi seemed to know she was out there somewhere, but surprised that she was in LA. Good stuff! Citadel definitely goes on my favorite episodes list.


    • About meal discussion, I too thoght that the ‘question’ was “That’s when Jack proposed you, isn’t it?” or something like that. If so, while bringing up that meal is rather careless, I think it can mean that Kensi finally fully got over Jack and his disappearance.


  5. I throughly enjoyed the episode, but like others, I had lots of questions!

    I agree that the intro scene was confusing. Like Brenda said, I think that Kensi realized that she shouldn’t have talked about a romantic dinner with someone else in front of
    Deeks. I’m curious who her date was….

    Brenda, we think alike! In Fish Out of Water, Talia says that she likes to work alone. She also tells Deeks about a work relationship that got too close. It seemed relatively recent. To say that she had been working with Mark for 15 years did not match up with that episode to me.

    Likewise, I thought Kensi and Talia were getting along last time they were together. I am happy, however, that Kensi handled herself so much better this episode and didn’t act like an insecure teenager around Talia. Why in the world did Talia need to kiss Deeks at the end?? One tiny editing inconsistency in the scene where Talia leaves: did anyone else notice that Deeks and Kensi are almost elbow to elbow after Talia walks off and then they are further apart when they zoom out and then close together again when it’s close up again? I was just surprised to see that editing!

    Like others, I would like to know much more about Deeks’ mom and hope that some connections are made soon! I watched it more than once to see each person’s expressions. =)


  6. And thanks for the great review, Diane!!


  7. It was clearly Deeks who took Kensi to that meal (ref Sam statement to Deeks) And although people keep saying how much they don’t like Talia, her character gives us more reasons to like Deeks and Kensi. I don’t want her with Deeks but I like the way he gets so uncomfortable with her. Just like the first episode Deeks makes it clear that he only has eyes for Kensi.


  8. Great review, Di. I really enjoyed your thoughts especially the correlation between citadel and the wall of secrecy that Deeks has surrounded himself. Good stuff.

    It appears that Deeks took Kensi probably because he knows how much she enjoyed food and then realized (out loud) that it was the place to go when you want to pop the question. And Kensi’s expression when she said, “you didn’t ask” made me think that she would have said yes. Which explains why she wanted to go back there to give him another shot. But she got to meet Mom instead…which kinda makes sense that you meet the family first before poping the question. Or is that just the old school in me?

    I thought it was a great episode and already re-watched before checking this site. The second time around was even better than the first. I thought the banter, bromance, and the Densi was great. Although Talia was annoying, I actually respected Talia’s demeanor when they were talking to her partner’s wife. She acted professionally, now, why does she act so inappropriately around Deeks? I loved Kensi’s response to Talia’s behavior although the kiss at the end would warrant Kensi’s wrath.

    As for Mrs. Deeks, I was disappointed that we didn’t get more. I wasn’t expecting to like her return to Deeks’s life since I always chalked her up as dead. I have to admit that seeing Deeks’s expression when he looked at his mom made me feel happy that she was alive and in his life.

    I enjoyed Sam’s chat with Kensi and her new found “more being..less doing” which helped her throughout. I really like the “message” aspect of Kalstein’s writing. Hetty’s appearance was amazing, love the reveal for “HL” in the test. Overall, I thought this episode will be a favorite to re-watch.


  9. Thanks for this excellent review!

    I am very conflicted about this episode and even if many last season episodes didn’t satisfy me completely (some at all), I hadn’t felt this exact way since “Three hearts”.
    It’s not even very easy to explain the reasons properly and I’m still trying to understand what I liked or not.

    The first thing is that probably there was too much – and with opposite effects – packed in a single episode: nice scenes and interesting lines and dialogues together with unbearable situations and irritating behaviors.

    What annoyed me the most was Talia. I tried not to be biased, I did my best to like her, but no, it beat me, I couldn’t help it, I detested her character. The more I saw her interacting with Deeks and Kensi, the more I found her out of line and useless. If she was meant to be funny, I admit I didn’t get her humor.
    Throughout the episode she was always unprofessional and arrogant while Deeks was clearly uneasy, uninterested, not flattered at all by her flirting, but the girl couldn’t take a hint.

    I wonder how the writers don’t understand how poorly Talia is portrayed. She acted as a disrespectful person most of the time, immature and aggressive. I can’t stand presumptuous people in real life, let alone fictitious characters!
    I think that if a man had behaved with a woman the way she behaved with Deeks, we would have legitimately say it was harassing. But here it’s all for fun, just to see Deeks’ uncomfortable reactions, and I’m quite fed up with this forced portrayal of an impertinent character that, especially this episode, after the best-friend-kind of hug at the end of Deep Trouble II, could have had a great potential with Kensi.

    And let’s go to our favorite female federal agent. This time I liked Kensi’s character a lot. It was probably what I enjoyed the most in the episode.
    Her self-control, her jealousy that never reached dangerous levels like last time headbutt, her heart-felt dialogue with Sam, her very natural reaction to meeting Deeks’s mum.
    Kensi was the star of the episode and DR did an excellent job! So I am really wondering if poor Talia was only used in the script to make us love Kensi even more, to make her shine and be more outstanding than ever, still badass but with emotions, if only we needed evidence that she is superior.

    I was worried for the introduction of Deeks’s mum but I was amazed that I loved how the final scene was handled. Of those few minutes I liked everything: the domestic atmosphere, Kensi completely at ease at Deeks’s place, Deeks’s nervousness, Kensi’s sincere answers about cooking, Mrs Deeks’s genuine smile, her reassuring look, it all sounded very realistic, as opposed to all the unrealistic and unnatural interactions between Deeks, Kensi and Talia in the rest of the episode.

    The end definitely made me crave for more scenes like that!
    And I also realized with much surprise that in that precise moment I didn’t care we had never heard about Deeks’s mum, or that he had never spent a holiday with her, or that he was shot, tortured and beaten and she never showed up in hospital. I cared more that Deeks felt ready to introduce his girlfriend to his mother (I know I’m fangirling here!) and that Kensi proved she already knew about her, so Deeks hadn’t kept her in the dark about this important person of his life. When shall we see Mama Deeks again?? I need her in my life.

    Sorry for this long comment, I hope no one fell asleep reading it!


    • Yeah, what Cladani said!!

      You said what I was feeling perfectly regarding Talia. I agree that Kensi was the star of this episode. Poor Deeks was so uncomfortable during most of the show except for when he was being a detective and detecting the thumb drive the the show, which was awesome!!


  10. I cant believe I have to defend Talia but I liked that Talia and Kensi weren’t BFF like at the end of her last appearance. I hate when shows make the man (or women) so weak and the way they were tag teaming Deeks made me uncomfortable. Talia worked with Deeks when Kensi was out of town and clearly had a thing for him but to Deeks credit he stood strong. That made me like him even more that he wasn’t a cheat or weak.

    Talia let Kensi know “…you better let that man under your hood.” and Kensi did! We are in season seven so if Talia helps Kensi move forward with her man I have no problem with her. Now if she was doing this when Kensie wasn’t around (or listening) then I would have a major problem with that. But her actions were so over the top that it was clear that she was just working them to see what they have and not be an idiot!

    Communication is still something they are really bad at. So this episode made Kensi seem as others have said the “star of the episode” (and after her punching Deeks) she needed that and if it took Talia to do it I say keep bringing her on… Deeks and Kensi are going to keep shining!!!! That I am sue of!


  11. To me it was a strange episode. I love Deeks but as he was introduced to the show. The funny, silly, sometimes annoying but always charming and protecting Detective who detects.
    I wonder if they try to change his character. Why? I mean he has to be the funny guy in this show cause the others are not funny at all (and don’t have to be) but Deeks always find a way to let us laugh. And the show needs a touch of humor and that is Deeks part (also solving the cases). The bad thing about this is that ECO is a comedy actor which is great and he does it so well. So why do the writers want to expose ECO? Let him do what he does best. He is NOT an actor who is good at playing hurt or serious characters. He never was and maybe never will be and don’t want to. Just have a look and his roles he played so far and all or most of the movies/ TV shows were comedy movies. Whether he only auditioned for these kind of movies or he also auditioned for character/drama roles and didn’t get it. Either way he knows that he is good at comedy and by far the best in this cast.
    I don’t like the way the show him now because that is not the Deeks I love due to the lack of talent for this kind of character change.
    Already at the beginning they try to show him unassertive and that was badly played. Also how he acts with Talia was childish and not confident with the funny jokes. It looked like a little boy being played. Not Deeks! The talk with Callen was the worst. You could see how great COD is with this kind of acting and ECO not. That was not fair. A funny one-liner would have swapped the focus and Deeks would have been Deeks and the scene would have been equal great for COD and ECO.
    As I said I don’t like the way Deeks was shown in this episode and I hope there will be the old Deeks back, not only in the upcoming crossover with the NCIS.
    The story/case was interesting. Would have loved to know if there were also NCIS agents involved.
    By the way, DK mentioned that this will be a game changer. Anyone knows what he meant?


    • I tried to let this comment go, Beth….but NO…can’t do it. ECO is one of the finest actors on this show, in any show, actually. I love comedic Deeks too, but to say he can’t handle drama is simply untrue and rather nasty. You can’t have watched him in Spoils of War, or Human Traffic, or Personal, or The Debt, or at the end of Frozen Lake or Descent or Ascension and numerous other episodes and not see the dramatic actor that he is. He lets his emotions play across his face with seemingly little effort. He makes Deeks a real human being, not just the clown you seem to see him as. Deeks is not a one dimensional character, and ECO plays all aspects of his character with amazing talent and insight. This site is dedicated to the complete character that is Marty Deeks and to the fine, fine actor that portrays him…Eric Christian Olsen.


      • Well said. ECO is a wonderful actor and I, for one, love the more serious, dramatic scenes he’s been given so far this season.


      • Sorry Lindy but I never said he is a clown. And of course he in not a one dimesional character, nobody is.
        But these episode you mentioned (Spoils of War, or Human Traffic, or Personal, or The Debt, or at the end of Frozen Lake or Descent or Ascension) are proof to me that he can’t handle drama, not at all. But he is the comedy actor and he is unbeatable as a comedy actor. Much better than the rest of the cast. Why do you think he never got a role for any other movie genre but comedy. You write it as this is bad to have this great comedy talent. All the other crew members don’t have it. Especially his facial expressions are the worst in the dramatic scenes. And unfortunately the scene with COD made this so clear. COD is so much better at this (DR even mentioned it at the DVD S6), but he has no talent in comedy IMO. So leave them to the characters they are good at and don’t expose their weakness. Again, having the comedy talent is so great and my opinion is not nasty.


      • Brenda (@bpnp) // September 30, 2015 at 9:10 AM // Reply

        Totally agree Lindy. The eps you mention really display his dramatic ability and fundamentally changed my perspective on his prior work. The fact that he has done a lot of comedy and some really goofy movies is more a function of the capriciousness of show biz fame & fortune IMO, because his talent and range of abilities is robust.


      • I whole heartedly agree. The expressions that flit across ECO’s face when portraying Deeks is the reason I love this character so much! The eps you mentioned are just a few of the many epis where his facial expressions add so much to the dialogue. ECO is a fine, fine actor.


      • Not that you will approve this but I;ll say it anyway not everyone thinks ECO is the best actor of all time. IMO he is great at the looking worried and the comedy but sometimes the emotional stuff seems forced. I know a lot of people loved the way he acted when Kensi was being held captive and to a point I agree but right before he tortured the guy when he talked about Mailia I found that very unbelievable. It wasn’t his best acting. Not sure it’s fair that you expect everyone to follow suit that the cast is perfect to post here. Some of us are critical thinkers and we shouldn’t have to deny that to be part of this place.


        • Sorry, Scandelous, but you call entering here and attack the actor this site is dedicated to (as Beth did just a few messages above) “be a critical thinker”? Probably we have very different opinions on what the meaning of “critical thinker” is.
          I found Beth’s sentences “He is NOT an actor who is good at playing hurt or serious characters” and “You could see how great COD is with this kind of acting and ECO not” offensive not only towards the fine actor ECO is but towards this fan website too. But this is only my opinion.


          • Is it dedication or devotion? If it is dedication a fair comment should be allowed. Even if this fair comment is critisism to you. If this is a homepage where only pure devotion is allowed you should put a manual somewhere here so we know what is allowed to write, think etc.
            IMO ECO wouldn’t mind a fair comment since he is a pretty awesome guy (as far as I know) and knows that he is not perfect, nobody is.


            • Well this is a site that is devoted to a character and one actor in particular. As much as this site allowed you to express your fair opinion you have to allow us the same right. Unfortunately there are just more of us with different opinions than yours. They also have a right to express how they feel…. And yes, we are devoted. Not sure what you expected? We never stopped you from having your say which we could have done with a push of a button. I’m really disappointed at your level of sarcasm directed at this site.


              • Where did you see any sarcasm? There is none. But the question remains, is it allowed to have a different opinion on Deeks character and ECO acting talents? Or do we all have to praise him no matter what we really think? I do praise his comedy talent. There is no doubt that he is great at that.
                And maybe someday we have the chance to ask ECO where his talents in acting are in his opinion.


    • I have to agree with the rest Beth. I’m not sure you are watching the same actor I am. He has had a few dramatic movie and tv roles and I think he has an incredible range but has never been given the opportunity to do more. Yes he excells in comedy but he makes Deeks come alive when he gets to use his dramatic bent. I prefer the serious Deeks and wish we had more. This character plays the comic because of what he hides. It’s when his deamons are let loose that we get to see a more interesting character all around.


      • I don’t know why but for you all having a comedy talent seems like a disease. It is not it is a great gift and his acting for drama is IMO bad compared to others. So still I don’t know why they have to expose his weakness instead of pushing and showing his strength. There is a reason why he never played another role (or seldom) before. Maybe he don’t want to because he knows his strength or maybe he never got that role because other were better at it.
        Either way I love him as the funny Deeks because that is what he is good at and I for myself don’t like to watch him in scenes that shows his not so great talent.
        I think we will all stick to our different opinion.

        Anyway still the question. Did anyone of you saw the game changer DK mentioned or any guesses what he meant?


        • I think it was that comment from Rathburn about his turning on LAPD; while the lines did not include what the incident was, it was something LAPD did to him or someone close and it was major. This was our first real clue about the IA investigation. Deeks may now have some idea of what is going on, it will be resolved, but I anticipate that after all is said and done, he will move to NCIS officially.

          To be honest, I haven’t seen any of ECO’s other work so can’t compare. I do see him in his role of Deeks as believable and competent both in the light scenes and the dark. COD, LLCoolJ, and Linda Hunt simply take all the oxygen out of any scene they are in… Serious Marty comes across best in his interactions with Kensi and others one-on-one. His comedic chops are great, but he can and does handle the serious stuff just as well… very much like Michael Weatherly does on NCIS.


          • I keep wondering if the IA investigation has anything to do with a comment made by Lt. Bates in “The Debt” to Kensi. He said that she must have changed his mind about never again having a female partner.


  12. Up front – this is already one of my favorite episodes, even with the canon errors.

    I thought the discussion of favorite foods was classic bull pen chatter common to the show… At first I wasn’t clear on what Deeks and Kensi had said… upon replay, I came to the conclusion (possibly erroneous) that he had blabbed too much when he talked about going to the restaurant and it being a proposal site… The expression on Kensi’s face when he mentioned proposals was “deer in the headlights”… then the “Don’t answer that question” and “You didn’t ask one” exchange. Kensi and Deeks had been at the restaurant together, Sam knew it, and THE question may have arisen… we are left to wonder what the answer was. To bracket that conversation, Kensi’s last line in the episode was something like “Really don’t like truffles anyway”.

    Except for the canon error with Talia’s partner status, I thought Talia was in character… teasing Deeks in the car and irritating Kensi, solid detective at Moore’s house, holding hands with Deeks (remember, Talia knows what her HL-7 test showed about her betraying DEA), the comment from Rathburn confirmed that, and then the kiss which Deeks did not respond to… that Kensi did not shoot her both shows her emotional growth and her trust in Deeks. Rathburn’s comment to Deeks about his LAPD experience was a clear teaser for what the IA investigation is all about.

    I liked that Deeks overrode Kensi about the op; that he would go with Talia over Kensi’s objection showed that Callen’s talk had a result and that he for once took the lead in their relationship…. earlier he would have simply acceded to Kensi. His ” I call it keeping Marty alive” indicated that he trusted only Kensi to literally watch out for him.

    I did think the “daddy” theme during Callen’s evaluation was overdone… we know Callen has daddy issues, that he is a lone wolf at heart, that the end justifies the means in an operation, etc. We don’t have a time frame, but He and Hetty sure got back together fast… from willing to have him killed to joking about his hair in one episode gap??

    I love that Deeks is finally being able to show his brains, not just his comedic side. While neither of his two female side-kicks picked up on the shoe comment, he not only did but figured out where the thumb drive was hidden.

    The conversation between Sam and Kensi was excellent… Sam is fully aware of what Densi is up to and how difficult it is for Kensi who always has to be in charge and perfect… This was two episodes in a role that Sam played the Zen master role (last week it was with Eric)… Will be interesting to see how his advice plays out during this season.

    The Hetty & Rathburn scene was great…

    Deeks’ mom was an intro…but was good. Kensi panicked when she realized that she was finally going to be introduced to his family… Daddy being long gone, we have been told. Deeks was really nervous about introducing his (fiancee, girlfriend, significant other?) to his mother. Just like Kensi, he never said his mother was dead, just didn’t talk about her much. Once he mentioned that his mother had his clippings on her refrigerator, present tense. From her reaction and comment, Kensi knew about his mother’s existence, but not that she was nearby. In Personal, Deeks didn’t say he didn’t have any kin, just “Good question”. For some reason he couldn’t name her or didn’t want her to worry about his frequent trips to the ER. We don’t know if Hetty knows about her, but there was no indication that Nell found her during her search for Gordon John Brandel…. I also noted that neither Mama’s first or last name was mentioned in the introduction. Maybe we’ll learn more next time (supposedly later this season).

    Overall, excellent episode.


  13. I’m theorizing here, trying to find a way to reconcile the whole Deeks asking sherry who should be his next of kin way back on “Personal” and his mom showing up here. How do we know she’s his biological mom? I kind of hope she’s not so that I don’t have to struggle with the inconsistency.

    I loved the scenes between Sam and Kensi and then Callen and Deeks. It was so great to see the big brothers really looking out for the junior agent and detective.

    Also, in the opening scene in the bullpen, when Kensi was talking about the last supper-worthy meal, I was wondering if she was talking about when Jack proposed and perhaps that’s what Deeks meant? The hey never confirmed whether he was the one who splurged on that romantic dinner!

    Finally, what made my night was when Hetty revealed that she was the test developer. Best. Moment. Ever.


  14. Eric Christian Olsen is perfect they way he is and can act in any situation. He makes me laugh and cry. I could watch him all day!! He is perfect in the role and has made Densi a true supercouple with a huge fan following and that is a credit to Eric & Daniela.


  15. I am curious to see what real people like the fans of WikiDeeks as adults would have done if Talia had pulled this immature behavior with their boyfriend or husband because I know if someone acted this way towards my boyfriend something would have been said.

    I also would be on my boyfriends case for standing by and allowing this woman to behave this way. I would have expected him to tell her to back off.

    We are adults and we would have taken care of her behavior as such but for some reason the producers continue to write these two as imbecile’s incapable of behaving like real people. It’s not like Talia acted this way once she continued to put herself on display and something should have been said.

    Just for fun I asked my boyfriend how he would have acted if a woman so blatantly continued to come on to him while I was standing there and he said because he knows me he would have set her straight. He would have told her enough it’s getting old and she isn’t amusing. I am a bit more forceful and the words touch my boyfriend like that again and you won’t have arms might have been said with a few swear words mixed in but I am a lot more vocal then most:)


  16. Thanks for the review Di. Like Reader, I appreciated your observations about the meaning of citadel. I think my feelings about this ep most closely mirror those of Cladani. For me it just felt kind of messy, although there were aspects I really liked. I honestly couldn’t figure out what happened at the fancy restaurant- that discussion lost me completely. But I think the messiness was largely driven by Talia. She doesn’t seem like a real person to me, just a cartoon (written by a man). When Densi first arrived to the safehouse, she was a little subdued, as she was at Mark’s house. But then she just seemed to veer into ridiculousness. Who behaves like she does, with her hands (and lips) all over a colleague while at work?

    In the midst of the Talia chaos, I did love the Densi. They are behaving more and more like grown-ups, except for Deeks’ inability to share his secrets. I loved the way they talked to one another throughout this ep. Things are going so well between them that it makes me nervous we’re going to experience some sort of setback.

    I actually liked the the plot for a change. I found the idea of the organization doing all these background checks and generating their own army of spies rather intriguing. I thought the guy they arrested was well cast and played his part well.

    The only disconcerting thing for me about the ending was the massive size of Deeks’ house. Now I have to picture him living way far away from the beach in order to be able to afford a house that size in L.A., or else wonder if he came into some cash at some point earlier in his life. But the house was gorgeous and so perfect for a Deeks who’s ready to move into the next stage of his life. I loved it, and I loved the entire last scene, which I found upsettingly short but really well written and absolutely charming.


    • Hey Karen…when I saw Deeks new house I actually started trying to guess its value. I know LA house prices can be off the charts, especially for one that looks like that. I don’t know if Deeks got a huge raise or his mother helped him buy it or what, but that house really seems out of his price range.


  17. Lindy and Karen, Yes! When I re-watched, I also noticed that the house looked huge and with LA prices, there’s got to be a story there….and Kensi seemed really comfortable with the layout of the house. It looks like she’s been there frequently and went back to her own digs for “plumbing” issues.


    • Lindy & Reader- Yes, my theory until I hear otherwise is that Mama Deeks helped out. (I totally loved hearing him refer to her as “Mama” by the way- it made me picture little blond 7-year-old Martin, as his mother called him.) She looked quite nicely attired in a style that seemed like someone who had some money. If that’s the case, I look forward to hearing how it came about. And yes, Kensi looked comfortable. I think they could have room for at least 3 or 4 little ninja assassins there. 🙂


  18. Diane:
    Look at all the chatter this episode and review prompted – whoa! Glad you dug into the ep name “Citadel”. We learned long ago many of the titles have dual meanings. For this one, especially since it was from Dave, I just let play out. Trying to dig into that guy’s head is always an interesting challenge.

    While the lovebirds need an antagonist, does it have to be so blatantly offensive in the form of Talia? I’ll give them this: No way will we ever question if Deeks has roaming eyes or thoughts in that direction, which is precisely what Kensi needs. I’ve always enjoyed Possessive Kensi, because it’s a Confident Kensi. She deserves that stability in her life (& vice versa). Talia’s now become a “love to hate character” because at least now we know she can’t be considered a wedge between Densi. Phew!

    I’ll admit having a moment of frustration as Callen took the HL7 test. All I thought was, “Really?! More daddy-issues in this ep, too?!” Luckily, it remained fairly off the radar, which I openly congratulate Kalstein on. Sure it’s another clue to the bigger picture, but at least we weren’t slapped in the face with it all episode. (I also hope Deeks helps Callen obliterate those clippers!)

    So appreciate you notes Deeks’ response on the topic of loss. It was a moment that virtually flew past in the episode, but so interesting I stopped the show with a “Wait, what?” While some might be annoyed by some mere references in this episode (broad vs deep), I enjoyed the effort. To me it was a successful attempt at getting some of that S2/3 magic back. Advancement on Densi, the IA investigation, his mom – there was A LOT in this brief 42 minutes! The breadcrumbs were purposefully placed and I’m now incredibly eager to not only follow the trail, but also learn what the trail entails as much as the final destination which is insight into Deeks’ history that has made him the man we’ve come to adore.


    • I’m happy that so many fans had their say about this episode and had a chance to express their opinions. There are so many Deeks moments and as you said a lot of breadcrumbs that I hope will lead to even greater reveals!


      • someone please light Talia on fire // October 4, 2015 at 12:58 PM // Reply

        Great Review. I know i am late to the party but I had some thoughts….it seems like the show is really taking the “more being less doing” when it comes to densi….more physical contact between Talia and Deeks then Densi….thats kinda annoying…..the kiss seemed annoying but long enough than we have gotten from densi in a very long time. Ive said this before that it seems like the show producers think that we are little school girls who would need to be good with just densi calling each other baby or slight touch of hand …seriously that is a little pathetic.

        Secondly i dont hear anyone mentioning how Kensi made reservations for two at that fancy restaurant where people go to propose. Does this mean that she is ready for marriage?

        Also, if they dont put taila’s character to better use like killing her off and the teadeeks thinking that it was Kensi because they look a like and then him going into his dark place and dealing with that then i think Talia’s character is a complete waste. She definitely is a slap on the face for Densi fans. I mean a Dalia kiss before Densi, thats just wrong.

        Don’t get me started on the inconsistencies. i think others have covered it well.


  19. ECO is a really good actor and he can say so much with his facial expressions without even saying a word. ECO is somewhat like Michael Weatherly… great with comedy, but it is his dramatic acting that keeps me coming back each week. To me that scene with COD only proved that ECO is really good. It’s so funny how we can all watch the same show and see so many different things.

    If its the comedy you like well keep watching for that. ECO did a TV show called GET REAL several years ago (with Anne Hathaway) and his part called for a lot of comedy but it was the dramatic side take he was really good at and still is.


  20. I’m a little torn with this episode. I find Talia to be kind of annoying at times and I thought she gave up on partners when she had some romantic thing with one go sour on her. Maybe I’m remembering wrong. The story was decent, no complaints there. Hetty at the end was fantastic at Citadel. I mean, she came in at just the right moment and the look on the ladies face was priceless. I’m left all to curious about the information that the lady started to say about Deeks before she was caught off. I’m wondering if it has to do with the IA investigation. I have to add in, after seeing some comments, ECO is a great actor. He does comedy really well, but he has also surprised me over the years with his more dramatic parts on the show. He’s so great with emotional parts.

    Now the biggest thing for me was Deeks’ mom. We’ve been left to believe that they were not close anymore. I mean, for all we knew she could have been dead. They’ve never suggested otherwise. We’ve seen Deeks spend Christmas eve at a shelter, when he could have been with her, we’ve seen him spending christmas alone with Monty and whatever he’s cooked up in the croc pot. He had Hetty as next of kin, when it should have been his mother. So where was she then and why do they look so close and happy now? That part just leaves me with too many questions. With his Mom showing up and this IA investigation, I’m not sure how this could not be the year of Deeks.


  21. I have a few thoughts to share as a few things have been on my mind. I loved the episode. We had everyone involved, which is what I love about the show in the first place. Everyone else has pretty much summed up the good stuff in the episode, so I’m left to ponder the following:

    1. The HL7 tests. Talia indicated that she knew her results. Deeks indicated that Citadel had dug into him, which implies that at least Hetty knows his results, as she is the one who would have initiated bringing him on board. And knowing Hetty, she probably has a built in backdoor to see all results should she choose to. Anyway, if in fact I’m correct and Hetty knows about the one revenge incident Dr. Rathburn started to mention, she should have a pretty good idea that the IA investigation is about that incident. Deeks inferred it could be about that bad cop to Kensi. I would think Hetty would have Nell looking into these things so she can help defend Deeks. I also think the comment about Deeks turning on the LAPD will be true-that he leaves LAPD for NCIS permanently (at least I hope so). It will be interesting to see how the IA thing pans out.

    2. The presence of Mama Deeks. Kensi knew she was in town and staying with him. I didn’t like how they played Deeks hiding stuff from Kensi (the calls, the plumber bit) and Kensi acting suspicious. I think that is why they used Talia as a test for the relationship. I was thoroughly confused about the references to the apartment vs. his new house. Love the house, btw, but agree it is way out of Deeks’ price range (from what little I know about CA real estate prices from friends). I think it is the next step in asking Kensi to move in and moving forward. I always expected him to pick a place on the beach, but with all the women flirting with him there, I think a new environment is more conducive to his new relationship status.

    I’d love to know your thoughts on these!


    • Is he renting the house or did he buy it?


      • That’s a good question. It wasn’t mentioned. He had asked Kensi back in Praesidium to be his “ship mate” when they were checking out Hetty’s boat. This was pre-Humbug and “all in.” I took the house and its location (regardless of bought or rented) as a step towards full time coupledom ala Neighborhood Watch. In that same vein, I hope that as Kensi really accepts that she can trust in Deeks, she can shed some of her stuff. I get the impression that Kensi keeps her stuff as a result of living on the street and having nothing. Maybe they are ready to merge their comic book collections (Personal) and go through that trunk from college Deeks has been keeping in his old garage (Savoir Faire). Could be fun!


    • What I don’t understand is that Kensi sums up as soon as they get to his new place that his mother was in town and has been blowing up his phone. That indicates that he must have mentioned her to Kensi at some point and talked about her with Kensi to an extent, but we’ve never seen a word mentioned about her before.

      And yes, California is expensive.We lived their for 4 years thanks to the Navy and I can tell you, unless you were in military housing, you were going to get stuck with a tiny place and spending at least $1500 a month.


  22. Ju5t Becau5e // October 3, 2015 at 10:21 AM // Reply

    How fun to think back on when Deeks was introduced to the show. I was debating whether or not to continue watching NCIS:LA when Deeks came along. It was too militaristic for me and was missing one of the key elements that I enjoyed in a TV show. Initially I thought that Deeks’ character seemed more realistic than the rest, more human, because he had such a wide range of emotions. He was funny but he was also so much more. Or was he? Time to rewatch “Fame”. (Any excuse would have worked, really.)

    In “Fame” , Deeks was:
    tired, happy, tense, nervous, reserved, joking, snarky, contrite, knowledgeable, self assured, reluctant, pissed, observant, nonchalant, suave, compassionate, flirty, analytical, ironic, direct, triumphant, debonair, overbearing, focused, affronted, insulted, challenging, inquisitive, solemn, surprised, grateful, ironic, sarcastic, and playful, just to name a few.

    My point here is that he has been more than the funny guy from the beginning. Most of the emotions he portrays so well in Fame are portrayed equally well in Citadel. I’ll add self-restrained (Talia scenes) and philosophical (losing someone you love) to the list.

    Let’s hope that throughout Season 7 and especially through his highly anticipated M Deeks/M Brandel episode, ECO will be given many opportunities to continue to show the full range of his acting talent.

    Thanks for another great review and thought provoking discussion, Diane. I love your memorable moments and discussion on the meaning of the title.


  23. Thanks for your support! My favorite part to write!

    Thanks for a great discussion everyone!!


  24. Wow! This episode certainly has wikiDeeks almost exploding — great write up! Actually its been a bit funny and frustrating to read some of the comments; but hey that’s what this site is all about; expressing one’s opinion; remember this is a “wikiDeeks” SITE people! Get the Deeks part? Really? Geeesh!!
    Love ECO as Marty or Martin Deeks period!


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