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NCISLA Classified Preview: “The Queen’s Gambit” (S8E03)

"The Queen's Gambit" -- Pictured: Eric Christian Olsen (LAPD Liaison Marty Deeks). The NCIS LA team investigates an abduction case while down two members, with Hetty being held in D.C. for questioning, and another still in the ICU following the mission in Syria, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES, Sunday, Oct. 2 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Neil Jacobs/CBS ©2016 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

“The Queen’s Gambit” — Pictured: Eric Christian Olsen (LAPD Liaison Marty Deeks). The NCIS LA team investigates an abduction case while down two members, with Hetty being held in D.C. for questioning, and another still in the ICU following the mission in Syria, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES, Sunday, Oct. 2 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Neil Jacobs/CBS ©2016 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Title:  “The Queens Gambit”

Airing:   October 2, 2016

Filming:  August 10th to August 18th with any Daniela Ruah scenes likely shot from July 8th to 18th.

What CBS is telling us:  “The Queen’s Gambit” – The NCIS LA team investigates an abduction case while down two members, with Hetty being held in D.C. for questioning, and another still in the ICU following the mission in Syria, on NCIS: Los Angeles.

What we think is happening:  We know who is in the ICU but CBS sent out this press release the Monday before the season premiere so they needed to keep their secrets, well, secret.  Glad to have the title explained last week so I won’t be expecting the Queen family yacht from Arrow.

Be on the lookout: GUEST CAST:

Jackson Hurst as Under Secretary of Defense Corbin Duggan
Lisa Maley as Shu Chen

Both are back from the two-hour season eight premiere.

Laura Harring as Julia Feldman

While mentioned a number of times since season three, this is Julia’s first appearance since the final scene in “Blye, K” part two.

Alyssa Diaz as Jasmine Garcia

CBS summer drama fans – this is Dariela on Zoo.  She also appears on Ray Donovan as Teresa and was on The Bridge as Lucy, Gloria on Army Wives, Kim on The Vampire Diaries, Jasmine on The Nine Lives of Chloe King and Celia Ortega on As The World Turns.  Has had guest roles on the usual procedural dramas.

Getting #roughed up on set #makebelieve #makeup #tv #drama

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James Sayess as Gabriel Mir

Was an “Armed Lookout” in the “Lost in Translation” season 12 episode of NCIS.  Had a guest role on CSI: Cyber and appeared in a number of short films.

Mayank Sexena as David Allen/Bryson Khan

Guest roles on The Fosters, How to Get Away with Murder, Dr. Jackie, Law & Order: SVU, The Following, White Collar and Gotham.  Plays a lot of doctors.

Anne-Marie Johnson as Doctor Adams.

Oh my goodness, JAG’s Congresswoman Bobbie Latham has obviously given up politics for a medical career.

Johnson played Representative Latham on JAG from season three to season seven.  She was Marine Col. Stacey Radcliffe on NCIS in the season five “Requiem” episode.  She was also Donna Cabonna on That’s So Raven, Sharon Upton Farley on Girlfriends, Alysica Barnett on Melrose Place (1990’s), Althea Tibbs on In the Heat of the Night, Nadine Hudson Thomas on What’s Happening Now! and was a recurring performer on In Living Color.

Had guest roles on a large number of procedurals and family dramas in recent years.

James Shanklin as Secretary of Defense Curtis Oleksiuk

Was Captain Martin Strong in NCIS’s “The Inside Man” in season seven.  Played Aaron Hatch on Hell on Wheels.  Appeared in episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, Cold Case, Criminal Minds, State of Affairs, The Cleaner, Without A Trace, Desperate Housewives and CSI.

While most guest cast members have a photo taken with LL Cool J, one can never go wrong with a Linda Hunt photo:

So enjoyed working with Linda Hunt! So talented and fun to work with! #paramountstudios #paramount #kmr @kmrtalent

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Shannon Wilcox as Summer

Mrs. Roach in the “Enemy on the Hill” season nine episode of NCIS.  Has been a working actress – mostly guest roles – back to the original Hawaii Five-0.  Wilcox is the mother of Kelli Williams from The Practice and Lie to Me.

Katherine Kamhi as Samantha Rogers

Played Det. Hubbel in the ABC remake of Dragnet in 2003.  Guest starred in episodes of Scorpion, Castle, Touch, Law & Order: LA, Medium, Bones, Parenthood, Ghost Whisperer, Without a Trace, Judging Amy, The Practice, NYPD Blue, Get a Life and Katie and Allie.

Mickey Shiloah as Resident

Was Reza on Mistresses this summer.  Appeared an episodes of Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders and some short films.

Salem Mikhael as Ben Mir

Appeared in a few short films.

Anthony Ma as Young Worker

 Is Alex on Before I Got Famous, was Pete on Scandal and appeared in episodes of Rosewood, The Mentalist, Castle and Shameless.

This cool guy proofreads my scripts. #secretagentcodybanks #topdog #firstnameyounglastnameworker

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Written by: R. Scott Gemmill, who is three for three in season eight.  Gemmill wrote or co-wrote “The Only Easy Day”, “Brimstone”, “Breach”, “LD50”, “Found”, “Borderline”, “Absolution”, “Archangel”, “Tin Soldiers”, “Impostors”, “Cyberthreat”, “Honor”, “The Watchers” and both sides of the NCIS Los: Angeles/Hawaii Five-0 “Touch of Death” episodes, “Recruit”, “Free Ride”, “Wanted”, “Ravens and The Swans”, “Impact”, “War Cries”, both ends of the “Deep Trouble” season five finale/season six premiere, “Inelegant Heart”, “Praesidium”, “Traitor”, “Active Measures”, “Blame It On Rio”, “Internal Affairs”, “Matryoshka” part one,  “Talion”, “High Value Target” and “Belly of the Beast”.

Directed by:  Dennis Smith. who directed “Fame”, “Standoff”, “Rocket Man”, “Cyberthreat”, “Exit Strategy”, “Patriot Acts”, “Out of the Past” part one, “The Livelong Day”, “Between the Lines”, “Deep Trouble” part two, “Black Budget”,  “Black Wind”, “Blame it On Rio”,  “Defectors”, “Matryoshka” part one and “Granger, O”.



Official Photographic Evidence:  Seat42f has them here, complete with a little Action!Nell.


Unofficial Surveillance:

#ncisla #setlife #centralcasting

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Maybe that is Oliver Queen’s old yacht.




I think you can see LL Cool J’s red henley against the window.


back at it with ma boys @barrettfoa @mjf789 #dennissmith #ncisla #sundaynights8PM

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Renee Felice Smith happy to be with Barrett Foa, Miguel Ferrer and director Dennis Smith.


#Friday treat: #bts with #llcoolj on #ncisla

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The usual “Have your picture taken with LL Cool J” photo.


Alyssa Diaz with her director.


Alyssa Diaz with her stunt double.


Video Surveillance:


Sneak Peeks:

Sneak Peek #1 is a reminder that the Ladies Love Cool James:


Sneak Peek #2 is action packed:


Sneak Peek #3 is quiet and sad:

Possible Sports Related Delays:

CBS has only one late game – Denver at Tampa Bay – but there will be delays in a number of cities including New York, Chicago, most of the state of Florida (except Miami and West Palm Beach), Atlanta, Detroit, Charlotte, to name a few.  The 506 Sports website has a map of the US and the games that will be broadcast each area.  Here’s the link – the late game is in green on the CBS map.



While the program went right into producing episode four, we have to wait an extra week.  The US Presidential Debates means a week off for the program but Mr. Tunell, keeper of the production calendar, was good enough to tip off the episode four title.   Be back before the 16th’s “Black Market”.



Tess DiCorsi is a wikiDeeks contributor. You can read more by Tess HERE.



8 Comments on NCISLA Classified Preview: “The Queen’s Gambit” (S8E03)

  1. Thanks again for doing this , it really helps to put everything in one place. Also thanks for trying to keep track of football on Sunday.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for your preview, always very useful for having all the information on an episode at hand.

    The second sneak peek has scared me a little because it made me wonder if Nell in the field may mean her becoming the star of every operation from now on, obviously at Deeks’ expenses. I wouldn’t like it at all. Competent Deeks is always my favorite and I already miss Kensi.

    I will wait before properly commenting the third sneak peek until the episode airs, because so far it hasn’t satisfied me very much. I don’t want Deeks to go visit Kensi as a visitor, I would like the episode to open with Deeks by Kensi’s bed, as her fiancé, holding her hand, long beard, almost no sleep in days and the others trying to convince him to leave Kensi because she’s in good hands and he’s needed elsewhere and him reluctantly going. Only after this introduction, I could accept that lukewarm scene we saw in the clip.

    Liked by 1 person

    • For the second sneak, I think the show is likely going to use Eric and Nell in the field more this time than the rotating helpful civilian, DEA or ATF agents. Seeing Action!Nell is a reminder that she can hold up her end of the deal when it comes to a foot chase or a fight.

      I read the third sneak peek completely differently. I thought Deeks was just getting to the hospital after his time on the Navy ship. Kensi was flown out early. Callen and Sam both told Deeks she’d be home hours before he would That would explain Julia’s presence and the big hug – those two haven’t seen each other since this happened. Same with Deeks asking about what the doctor said – this is his first time there and we’re what, 24 or 36-hours after the final scenes in “Belly of the Beast”. We’ll all know tomorrow!

      Thanks for your nice words about the preview – this is fun to do!


  3. Just another day at the office. #ncisla New episode! And because of YOU GUYS the Number one scripted show on Sunday night!!!

    A post shared by Eric Christian Olsen (@ericcolsen) on

    Two late additions, one from ECO and one from the show’s official account.


  4. More late addtions (and someone took down the sad preview). You can find the sad preview here:

    More photos with stunt professionals:

    And guest star Mayank Saxena looks to be a good guy who liked being on the program:

    They took away the sad preview and added an action one:

    Knock, knock…we here!…new @NCISLA starts TONIGHT at 8/7PM CT on @CBStv 📺💯

    A post shared by LLCOOLJ (@llcoolj) on

    Mail carrier Nell:

    Tonight, Nell Goes Postal. #NCISLA #SUNDAY8pm #whoswatching

    A post shared by @reneefelicesmith on

    Guest star Lisa Maley:


  5. The delayed markets are looking at a long delay:


  6. Some clarification from CBS about the delay tonight. Most places are starting on time, the ones that aren’t have this going on:


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