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About Face: An NCISLA Post-Ep FanFic (S6E6)

NCISLA - SEAL Hunter - Deeks - Callen
The team had taken over the back corner of O’Malley’s and everyone was acting quite jovial with a couple of exceptions. Sam, of course, was the center of attention, laughing deeply at the many toasts to his freedom and the hard to stop jokes about Ray Turner’s toupee. Callen stuck close by his partner, unable to let go of that protective streak that had him on guard all day. He would periodically shoot surly glances at Deeks, who was being exceedingly quiet, and smiling only slightly when teased about the god-awful, smelly piece of fruit that had caused them all to scatter. The two men stayed at opposite ends of the group and Deeks spent more time at the bar than he did at their table. Kensi couldn’t even get him to stay with the team for long.

“What’s up G?” Sam asked, noticing the clinch of his partner’s jaw as he watched Deeks sitting alone at the bar.

“What makes you think something’s wrong?” Callen said in that low, wary voice that always tipped his hand.

“Are you serious? You’ve been shooting daggers at Deeks all night,” Sam laughed. “Reminds me of his first day back after…”

Sam stopped mid-sentence and turned away from his partner to stare at Deeks for a long moment.

“What happened?” Sam asked. “And don’t tell me nothing. It’s been a long day with a lot of lies flyin’ around, so tell me why you’re angry at Deeks.”

“He played Devil’s advocate a little too convincingly this morning,” Callen said. “When I called him on it he said he wasn’t questioning your character, but he was Sam, and it pissed me off.”

Sam dropped his head and began shaking his head slowly as he stared into his wine.

“Ever think I might have deserved that?” Sam asked as he looked over at Deeks again.

“What? No way. The only thing you deserve from him is his loyalty,” Callen said tightly.

“You were in Iran, so you never heard what I said to him before Sidorov took us,” Sam said softly. “We were running surveillance and I was angry. We were forced to be partners, and I told him I didn’t like anything about him. Not his hair, not his clothes…Nothing. Told him he was different, and I questioned his character G. I didn’t trust him. And then he saved my life and kept Michelle safe.”

“You never told me,” Callen looked stunned.

“I should have trusted him,” Sam said. “So I’m not surprised he still doesn’t quite trust me.”

“Are you talking about Deeks?” Kensi asked as she sat down across from them.

“He seems a little off tonight,” Sam replied.

“Yeah, a little,” she answered. “He never thought Sam was guilty Callen. He’s loyal. You should know that about him by now. He backs all of us up all the time so quit being such a shit to him.”

“Now who’s pissed?” Sam laughed. “You better watch yourself G, or she’ll kick your butt.”

“He doesn’t seem to want your company either,” Callen observed coolly.

“Yeah, well, I kinda did an about face on him today,” she replied quietly.

“Mind elaborating on that?” Sam asked.


“The blond from the martial arts studio?” Callen asked.

“She was hot for him. Flirty. Suggestive,” Kensi said softly. “I told him to do whatever it took to get information that would clear you, Sam.”


“Yep. Anything,” she replied. “I could tell he didn’t want to, but…”

“Deeks didn’t want to get it on with that little hotty?” Sam interrupted. “Something you want to tell us Kens?”

“Monica,” Callen smirked. “You were jealous of Monica last year even though he was undercover and working her for information.”

“I might have been slightly upset with him at the time,” she replied unconvincingly.

“Now that is quite an understatement, my dear,” Hetty interjected as she brought her glass of scotch over to join them. “I’m quite sure he saw the irony in the situation.”

“He pointed that out just before we got here,” she confessed. “He’s not talking to me right now.”

“I believe you two need to do a little fence mending,” Hetty said firmly, nodding in Deeks’ direction. “Don’t let this get out of hand Mr. Callen. You’re a bigger man than this. Holding a grudge will not do either one of you any good, and I need you working as a team.”

“What about Kensi? She screwed up too,” Callen whined defensively.

“Good Lord…sometimes I feel as if I’m running a bloody kindergarten,” she snapped.

“I’ll take care of it Hetty,” Sam said as he rose and headed over to the bar.

They all watched as Sam slapped Deeks softly on the back and slid his hand up to gently squeeze the back of his neck. Deeks turned toward him, a tentative smile slowly widening into the crooked grin they were all so familiar with. Sam pointed back at them and then said something only Deeks could hear and they heard them laugh together. Deeks suddenly became quite serious, searching Sam’s face before glancing back toward the group who were finding it hard not to watch. Sam continued to whisper in his ear and they saw Deeks’ body language slowly change, relaxing as his laughter carried back to them. Sam ordered a pitcher of beer and when it came, he laid a hand on Deeks’ shoulder and nodded toward his waiting team mates. It took a moment, but Deeks finally acquiesced and slid off the barstool and let Sam guide him back to the group. He shot a defiant glance at Callen, who softened his look and poured him a glass of beer, while Kensi bumped against him the way she always did.

“Sorry about the Durian,” Deeks said sheepishly. “Just trying to stay current.”

“That was a disgusting food choice even for you Mr, Deeks,” Hetty commented lightly.

“Deeks might have just found us an alternative to tear gas,” Callen said with a warm smile. “Good job today, man.”

Deeks seemed surprised by the compliment, but clinked Callen’s offered glass, and the tension eased.

“It’s worse than tear gas,” Kensi shuttered. “I could have used it to rescue Deeks from that cougar, Heidi. She had her claws into you from the moment she saw you.”

“You didn’t have a problem with it at the time,” Deeks challenged quietly.

“Not until she shoved you up against the door.”

“You saw that?”

“Didn’t like it much.”


“She’s not your type.”

“I hope not,” he said with a cocky grin. “She was a hooker I didn’t arrest once.”

“So her interest in you was purely professional,” she quipped.

“As was mine,” he said softly. “This time and the last time.”


Deeks laughed easily, cocking his head in acknowledgement before raising his glass in a toast to Sam, all of them joining him in solidarity.


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I write Fan Fiction under the name Sweet Lu. I am a former graphic designer and live in Northern California with my husband and a Cocker Spaniel named Gracie. I love the character Marty Deeks, love writing about him and love watching ECO bring him to life.

8 Comments on About Face: An NCISLA Post-Ep FanFic (S6E6)

  1. Had to get out of bed and make coffee and blueberry eggo’s before reading this😊. I love it!

    All the random thoughts, impressions, unhappiness with G, words unspoken that always swirl around in my head after an episode, I knew that if Sweet Lu wrote a post ep, all the pieces would come together and the blanks would be filled. And that you did. Loved it!

    It’s perfect that Sam went over to talk to Deeks! And I am happy with G making peace and ecstatic that Kensi admitted seeing Heidi shove him up against the door😊. And I always enjoy Hetty..”…running a bloody kindergarten”, indeed!

    Many, Many Thanks! 😘


    • I wondered if the writer of the episode realized the implication of having Deeks speak those words…”I’m not questioning his character”? It struck me so forcefully at the time and then for Kensi to almost order Deeks to get physically involved with Heidi made me wonder again if they weren’t referring back to Parlay…or if it just made sense as a way to aquire information…either way I couldn’t get those two scenes out of my mind. Glad this little story resonated with you and thanks for the kind comments…enjoy those blueberry eggos…now I’m hungry.


      • I would say yes, absolutely. Frank Military was the writer of both episodes, Descent and Seal Hunter. So there is no writer more aware of the significance of the “questioning his character” comment than him. Nice call back to Descent, and the bond that Deeks and Sam have had ever since. I want to see more of that bond.

        I have to admit, I did not pick up on the refer back to Parley. I just thought it was a question of getting the information any way possible.


  2. I Feel Possessed // November 8, 2014 at 10:51 AM // Reply

    I really enjoyed this story (looked on fanfic to comment – i guess maybe later you’ll post it there?) Anyway I really enjoyed this one shot but I must admit I was puzzled by the absence of Granger, bearing in mind it was probably quite a turning point for Callen to invite Granger and for him to say yes. (I know this is a Deeks story, and I’m a Callen girl, but just a one liner explaining his absence would have just rounded this off nicely)…


    • Sorry, but I’m not a big Granger fan, so I only write him into my stories for wikiDeeks if absolutely necessary. I’m sure Nell and Eric would have been there as well, but I wanted to focus on the core team. Thank you for your comments and glad you enjoyed the story.


  3. Awesome! Thanks for writing this. It gives Deeks a chance to stand up for himself, and to put Callen in his place, so it’s quite satisfying to read. My very favorite part though, was Sam. I could vividly picture him putting his hand on the back of Deeks’ neck, and saying something to make him feel better. I think he looks up to Sam so much, and Sam here was looking out for him. What’s particularly wonderful is that I think Sam was nearly banished from much of your work post-Descent, so this really feels like you’ve forgiven him. I hope it’s a sign that he’ll get a bigger part of your next story- I think he’s earned it.


    • I suppose I have forgiven Sam. He is still the one who can cut through the BS of any of the characters and I think he has a fondness for Deeks now, so I will consider including him more. Thanks for your insight and kind words.


  4. As always, your writing amazes me. I love how you’ve portrayed Sam in this one. I literally had the scene playing out in my mind as I read your story. And I too was flashing back on Descent when Deeks mentioned he wasn’t questioning Sam’s character. I wish the show would focus a little more on Deeks and Callen’s relationship. I think there is a lot to explore there. Callen still doesn’t seem to completely trust Deeks and I’m not sure why. It frustrates me.

    Anyway, please, please keep writing. I’m always waiting for another story from you.


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