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NCISLA Poll: Which Season 6 episode should have Olsen/Ruah commentary?

With simultaneous hesitant trepidation and excited anticipation, we begin our trek toward the NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6 finale. As revelations appear and story-lines deepen, we can only wonder how “The Best Team in Hollywood” will leave fans to face the dreaded hiatus desert lurking on the nearing horizon. Thus, it’s never too early for forward-thinking fans to place faith in the envisioned mirage of the Season 6 DVD features. As Deeks devotees, the winds surrounding the next Eric Christian Olsen/Daniela Ruah commentary have already begun to stir. What episode will next join the elite ranks of  “Anonymous” (S2E7), “Neighborhood Watch” (S3E22), “Wanted” (S4E17), and “The Frozen Lake” (S5E10)?

In a recent inquiry about this very topic, ECO passionately shared his opinion that the commentary episode should be chosen by the fans (much like last year) and suggested this very poll. Well Sir, your wish is our command!

Please make your choice by April 16th and we will post the winning episode.  Also leave a comment and let us know why you chose that episode!


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16 Comments on NCISLA Poll: Which Season 6 episode should have Olsen/Ruah commentary?

  1. Can we get “all of the above”?? 🙂
    From what we’ve seen so far, Expiration Date, hands down. But I do have some hopes for the last eps, so we’ll see!


  2. Natalie Ryan // April 13, 2015 at 6:53 AM // Reply

    I love all of the above mentioned episodes, but I voted for Fighting Shadows, not just because of the sex machine thing, but because of the secrets that linger in the air. I’d love to see commentary on this ep.
    And I can’t wait for the finale ep. Somehow I think that it will connected to the events in 6×18.


  3. I have voted for Expiration date even if the first instinct would have been to choose Humbug which will always have a special place in my NCIS LA heart 🙂
    The reason of my choice is that DR and ECO’s commentaries are very fun to listen to and Expiration date is so full of nice scenes that I think it can offer plenty of material for their real life banter! They could also tell us some interesting behind-the-scenes curiosities like, for example, just an example (,-)) who decided Deeks would wear that beautiful tank top!


  4. “Expiration Date” is the one with the scenes I would like to hear them talk about. Love to hear what it was like to work with Ernie Reyes…I’m sure ECO would have some fun stories to relate. And I definitely want to know who’s idea it was to cover up Deeks in that opening scene with one of the ugliest shirts ever worn during a supposed sexy scene.


  5. I purposefully waited for others to comment before I shared my own rationale for “Expiration Date” being the only (as of this moment) choice from my viewpoint. Yes there’s the “personal” opening and many others peppered in with the episode, including a new nickname. I mean the dialogue “We’re not normal” could just as easily be ECO & DR’s subtitle for the commentary! However, this was my choice because of the additional and notable layer that Thapa brings/brought to Deeks individually (street & gun range conversations) and Densi collectively. Plus I’d appreciate hearing their take on the decision to kill “their” Gurkha. Then there’s the epic fight scene at the end. After saying all of that (& thinking so much more), I’ll be really sad if another episode gets chosen. Of course all of this is based on the presumption something even better isn’t lurking in the last few remaining episodes! Hang on gang; we’ve still got plenty of ride to finish!

    (Selfish plug – look for another commentary-related poll next week!)


  6. “Expiration Date” is the one that I would love to hear Eric & Dani talk about this episode. Love to also hear what it was like working with Ernie Reyes…. It was a difficult choice between all of these because season 6 has been amazing so far and all of these episodes I loved so much but I decided between “Humbug” & “Expiration Date” which was really hard but I thought there were more Densi scenes in this episode and it was kinda all about Densi & the “Gurkha” but I did love episode “Humbug” and that will be a fav that I will never forget in season 6 also will be one of my favourites of all time. I’m so excited to see the rest of season 6!


  7. I choose “ask me later”; the season isn’t over yet and I’m still hoping for a Deeks centered episode. If I don’t get that by the end of the season then “Expiration Date” is my choice. There are so many reasons for this because there are so many layers to the storyline; loved it! With the exception of killing off Thapa (not cool).


    • I’m with you olapa. I really want a Deeks-centric episode before the end of the season, and if we get it, that would be my vote. But the runner up for me is “Expiration Date” for all the reasons everyone has already mentioned. “Praesidium” would be my third choice because of the beautiful boatshed scene, and also because I’d like to hear ECO’s and Dani’s take on Hetty’s Season 5 behavior, and that’s probably as close as we’re ever going to get.


  8. “Ask me later”, because I still have little trust for showrunners. But if we will not get Deeks/Densi centered episode in the end of the season, my choice will be Expiration Date. Humbug was fantastic, but ED was more Densi centric, and the last scene was so emotional, I could hear confessions of love hanging in the air.


  9. I think Humbug would be fun. Because you could get to see their reactions of they really are making Densi canon. Personally, I chose Praesidium because I like seeing about early episodes, and how they could talk about this leading up to other episodes in the season, and also see their take on the Hetty storyline.

    But in reading the comments, I also think expiration date is a fine choice as well.

    So I guess, I’d be happy with whatever they ended up completing commentary on because ECO and DR will find a way to make it hilarious and enjoyable.


  10. Kaytie Marek // April 14, 2015 at 5:30 PM // Reply

    I really enjoyed the many Densi scenes we got in Expiration Date, so that’s what I voted for. I think the best Densi episode may be yet to come though.


  11. hermionesmydawg // April 16, 2015 at 6:02 AM // Reply

    I apparently made the unpopular choice with Black Wind, but it was more than just the scene in the tunnel. It was an emotional episode, with the concern over Tomas and the guilt that Deeks felt and Kensi supporting him through it. Not to mention the love eyeballs because they’re together and protected for eternity. 🙂 But really, all of these episodes are good.


    • ‘Dawg, Thanks for the reminder about Deeks’ reaction to the little boy, his family, and his future. Likely a fine hidden nugget of foreshadowing we should all be keen to remember moving forward!


  12. I Feel Possessed // April 16, 2015 at 10:33 PM // Reply

    Expiration Date, second would be Humbug but the season is not over so I hope the Deeks IA is not left hanging for S7, even if it lurks in the background of the final episodes of S6


  13. So I just voted for the ”Good Morning, Detective Deeks” 🙂

    #Densi my OTP of NCIS:LA by far forever&always the one and only ship to ship of the show of NCIS:LA – my opinion that is.



  14. So here is a Question or Request kind of both.

    I need help to get somethings answer that been either by a creator/writer of NCIS:LA or Shane Brennan himself if anyone has the power to contact him. 😀

    So I need these answering can someone help – Back in Season 1 the character of Deeks was mean’t to be introduced into the show in the ”Bank Job” episode where Kensi was shot…. – From that I would love an answer as to if Deeks had been in that episode would the actor be put as a regular cast member and was the Deeks character put down as to be a potential or for sure building up love interest towards Kensi.Blye.



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