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Review: NCISLA “Through the Looking Glass” (S12E17)

Russians, Russians, Russians. This week, writer, director and actor Frank Military took on the Russia-related NCIS: Los Angeles case of the week with “Through the Looking Glass.” He gave us a smidge of his trademark darkness (torture, revenge) while also providing some well written Densi scenes.

What goes around, comes around.

It’s no secret that Frank Military is my favorite of the show’s writers and I always look forward to his episodes. This week he was caught up in Season 12’s very long-running theme of Russian-related trouble. While this has been a recurring theme (the recurring theme, along with daddy issues) of the entire series, it’s taken special prominence this season. I for one am ready to move onto new problems.

Joelle returned and she is now a woman on a one-track mission for revenge. As she told Callen, all she has left is her “taste for blood.” Now that’s a classic Frank Military line. Her severe dress and hair really added to her transformation into a very sad character who doesn’t see a future for herself. Callen looked rightly horrified by her words. He was as thoughtful and supportive as he could be, yet she appears to be beyond help. Unfortunately she’s not a character I care much about – I think the showrunners find her more interesting than she actually is – so it was hard to be too moved by her predicament. (And didn’t she choose to walk away from her family? Couldn’t she have chosen them over her job? Or maybe I’m remembering wrong.)

The plot itself held my attention, although as soon as it became clear the Russians were involved, my enthusiasm waned a bit. I enjoyed the boom of the exploding car, and didn’t figure out the plot twist, but there was never a single doubt that Joelle was lying to the team and manipulating them to her own ends. I mean, it’s Joelle, right? That Callen and Sam would go along with her direction reflects poorly on their judgment.

I’m with you because you’re you.

Military provided us with several lovely Densi conversations, albeit ones that felt mostly repetitive, just more in a long line of similar discussions. The showrunners have always taken each phase of Densi’s thing slowly, more slowly than we’d usually like, in order to fill in twelve, going on thirteen, years of episodes. The strategy makes sense for a procedural like NCIS:LA. But this particular phase has felt less enjoyable than even the endless wedding planning because the tone has been so relentlessly dreary.

When Deeks and Kensi spent three+ years flirting, and five+ years before going all in, it may have frustrated us, but it was still fun to watch. When Kensi was injured in the helicopter crash, the storyline had plenty of darkness, yet we saw Kensi’s regular improvements so we had hope for the future. That hope plus a few well-placed sweeter moments, such as Deeks waking at Kensi’s bedside or Densi playing checkers, resulted in a serious but consistently compelling storyline for the duo. When they began planning their wedding, we got way too many scenes showing them struggle over finding compromise between simple and elaborate, scenes that felt quite repetitive, yet they at least gave us hope that we’d actually get that long-awaited wedding. In addition, some of them were cute and light so even if they felt like the same conversation over and over, they didn’t stress us out.

Because Deeks and Kensi have consistently struggled becoming pregnant, there’s been no joy to this storyline. It’s been painful to watch them face the same problem for so long, and while it’s gratifying to see Deeks being amazingly supportive, and Kensi embracing the idea of motherhood so whole-heartedly, the end result has been depressing – and repetitive. The biggest sign of progress in the whole thing just may have been in this episode, with Kensi broaching the idea of adoption (what I’ve wanted for them from the beginning). This storyline may still end with celebration and joy, but it’s not been entertaining to watch them struggle.

Despite these issues, Military always writes Densi well, and this episode was no exception. We got a lovely opening scene outside OSP with a vulnerable Kensi sharing the emotional roller-coaster she’s been on. Daniela Ruah was great here, taking her time explaining Kensi’s experience and letting her emotions show. The scene felt unrushed despite the annoying interruption, with Fatima standing in for Nell.

Military’s David Kessler then made a return appearance to taunt Kensi via a postcard sent from Los Angeles. He seems to be closing in on her. The close-up of Kensi’s face as she studied the big screen in Ops was effective and took me back to another stressful Ops moment from “The Job.” Of course, the similarities vanished with Deeks’ response. “‘Life is too short’- that’s an obvious threat to a federal officer” isn’t quite as romantic as “I’m gonna be with you every step of the way. Even if you can’t see me, I’ll be there.” Still, the sentiment is the same. Deeks will stop at nothing to protect Kensi.

Kensi’s reaction was interesting as well. Military made Kensi’s stress very clear throughout the episode, starting with worries about needing to sell the house to pay for in-vitro fertilization, and then letting us know that Kessler has very definitely been haunting her. Here though, we saw the bad-ass Kensi who wants to project strength to the rest of the team. Her response to Callen’s question of “Are you up for this?” was an emphatic, “Of course I am.” How draining it must be to feel the need to maintain such a tough exterior. It’s one of many reasons why she must be so grateful to have Deeks supporting her.

His support continued in the boatshed, in a conversation that really captured how much he loves her. He started off admitting that Kessler scares him, making it easier for Kensi to admit her fears. (And don’t worry, Deeks- who doesn’t cry every time they watch ET?)

Deeks: I’m going to approach this conversation as two people that are very much in love just having a conversation.
Kensi: Mm hmm.
Deeks: And I’m thinking about you with Kessler, all this pregnancy stuff, the logistics, the physicalities, the emotion, and I think that you should consider… I think you should consider seeing somebody.
Kensi: [Chuckles.] I don’t need a therapist, Deeks. I don’t. I don’t need to see someone.
Deeks: We all know and we know- I can see you just white knuckling this, alright? That you’re trying to handle the whole thing by yourself, but I need you to know something. I’m not with you because you’re strong, I’m with you because you. In sickness or in health, in strength or in weakness. 
Kensi: Deeks I’m not sick, I’m not weak, I’m not any of those things…
[Post Nell interruption]
Deeks: This is too much for one person to carry, and if you don’t want to talk to me about that, that’s totally fine… But I think you need to talk to somebody.

He’s just constantly looking for ways to help Kensi and his support and concern here was downright romantic. Plus his advice was pretty fantastic. Daniela Ruah gave us the picture of sheer misery, making it clear exactly how sound Deeks’ advice was. And Eric Christian Olsen shined here as well with Deeks’ gentle, loving prodding. His observation about her “white knuckling” the problem showed how well he knows her and the way she approaches everything like another mission that must be accomplished without showing any weakness. He continued with similar observations in the final scene…

Deeks: What can I do?
Kensi: You wanna know what I need?
Deeks: Yes. Always. [So true.]
Kensi: I think I need time.
Deeks: OK, time, great. What does, what does that mean?
Kensi: We need to put a pause on trying to have this baby.
Deeks: OK.
Kensi: I don’t want you to be disappointed in me and I’m sorry-
Deeks: I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed in you in my whole entire life.
Kensi: It’s just with Kessler still being out there, you know, and um, I feel like I’m constantly under attack.
Deeks: Listen, these are horrible circumstances to try to get pregnant.
Kensi: It’s too much.
Deeks: Too much. So we take time. And I say time, as much time as you need.
Kensi: Yeah, but- I do need you to know that I’m not quitting, OK? I am not quitting.
Deeks: No of course, I know that.
Kensi: There’s something I’ve been thinking about- There’s a lot of kids out there with no parents.
Deeks: Yeah, there are.
Kensi: And I’m not saying that we have to adopt, you know? I’m just saying that it’s something that we- I- have thought of. Why are you smiling?
Deeks: It’s just that great moment when I realize this is just one of the many reasons that I love you.
Kensi: Why?
Deeks: I mean, you’re getting attacked from all sides, you’re trying to punch your way out and in the midst of all of that you’re thinking about helping some kid?
Kensi: [They hug.] Thank you for being you. Can we go home now?
Deeks: That would be so amazing to go home with you. Come on.

Again both actors were great here. ECO’s facial expressions told us so much about how well he knows and adores his Kensalina. His observation of her as a fighter, punching her way out of the problem, made a lot of sense and provided insight into how Kensi’s mind works. Plus I’ve got to imagine that he’s long been open to the idea of adoption and I very much hope they move in that direction.

Memorable moments

  • Deeks’ pink sweatshirt has to be one of his most interesting wardrobe selections. I think he pulled it off.
  • Kilbride is really trying to turn into Hetty. His interruptions and eavesdropping were straight out of her playbook. All in all, he injected a nice dose of humor into an otherwise pretty serious episode.
  • Notably, Densi was interrupted in all three of their private conversations- first by the arrival of Fatima to OSP, then by Nell in the boatshed, and finally by Fatima in the bullpen. But at least for the second and third talks, rather than let these interruptions totally derail the scenes, Military just let the characters take a moment before resuming their conversations. A welcome twist on a long-running, and long-unloved, plot device.

Only one more episode left! Spoiler alert: Surfer Deeks kidnapped in a wetsuit? Be still my heart. It definitely sounds like a sillier version of a kidnapping plot than I’d vote for but the wardrobe might totally make up for it. It also doesn’t look like Kessler is coming back any time soon. Something to think about in Season 13.

While we wait for the finale, tell us your thoughts on “Through the Looking Glass.” Did the repetitiveness get to you? Did you enjoy any signs of change? What are you hoping for next week? Tell us all about it in the Comments below. And be sure to come back later this week for new editions of Deeks’ Surf Log and Kensi’s Journal, plus the preview for next week’s “A Tale of Two Igors.”

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39 Comments on Review: NCISLA “Through the Looking Glass” (S12E17)

  1. Nice to see Densi is finally taking a break and considering adoption instead of more unneeded pain.
    Felt bad for Kensi, wished Hetty was around to give her a talk.
    Other then Kilbride is definitely being suspicious (being a bad imitation of Hetty, giving Nell a terrible ultimatium in the Season Finale promo, yeah. Something’s rotten in Denmark.), an uninteresting episode.

    Looking forward to seeing the team’s true leader coming home on Sunday!!!

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  2. I wouldn’t mind an adoption for Densi but would also like them to have a child that was part of them. You know many people who do adopt often find themselves pregnant after they have adopted a child without them even trying. I would like to see that.

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    • Ivelina Plamena Georgievi // May 18, 2021 at 1:36 PM //

      Densi pregnancy and Densi twins – boy and girl!

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    • It will be the end of Densi in the field together. As soon as she is pregnant, she will be placed on desk duty. And Deeks has always said he will not run the risk of having his child be at home wondering if his parents are going to be coming that day so he will be leaving this job, which is what Michelle did when she got pregnant (and she still paid with her life). Unfortunate storyline that has no good outcome.


  3. I love how Deeks is supportive of his wife, and it makes the episode feel like 6×03 when Kensi was (In my view) looking to have one of her PTSD bouts. The episode puts a great focus on Densi. When was Joelle’s family killed? All we know is that her family is dead.

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  4. pat11345 // May 18, 2021 at 1:24 PM //

    I enjoyed this episode – I always enjoy the scenes with Deeks and Kensi. They both are such good actors – its hard to remember that they are acting! I was relieved that Kessler didn’t make more of an appearance. He gives me the creeps and I was thinking after watching the previews, that he’d show up. I am not looking forward to seeing the episode or episodes where that all comes to a head! Sometimes, this show seems too real for me. I’m too invested in the characters. LOL! That’s because the actors in this show make it seem so real. It is by far my most favorite show ever.

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  5. Nutterbutter // May 18, 2021 at 5:53 PM //

    Thanks, Karen for the review. It was straight to the point u said everything that I was feeling. This episode had to be the most twisted episode ever. I bet they had a headache when they were through writing it takes me to watch it 2 times to get the plot.
    I Love Frank Military’s writing in previous seasons but sorry not this season it’s getting darker and depressing IMO like the Kessler storyline he really gives me the creeps and I feel repellent from the idea of him being released and given the pardon and every time I remember what he wants to do to kensi it makes me sick, it’s like watching CM (which I don’t like by the way). But you’re right he’s one of the best writers in the show and one of the best writers who write Densi Scenes.
    As you mentioned so glad they finally thought about adoption, everything else was just dragging on and killing the show and gets glooming and dooming with every episode like there is no hope at all. I love that you mentioned how they get over some difficult situations before without so much drama at least they were able to banter about or make fun of it and I’ve to quote you on this “some of them were cute and light so even if they felt like the same conversation over and over, they didn’t stress us out.” Because it was spot on description of what they’re doing about this pregnancy storyline. I don’t know why the writers always choose to stick on one issue the stretched so much for the whole season or more despite there were some other topics we as fans asked and begged them to address them probably to name but a few (the break up in season 9 or leaving the job and changing their career, or Kensi’s PTSD after Afghanistan, or Boyle’s murder etc…..) and by discussing them it will add layers and dimensions to the characters instead of focusing on one aspect not to mention it also will not affect the structure of the show as procedural series. I mean they don’t have to turn the show into a romantic soap but they could just use the same amount of their screen time to discuss other topics but also related to them and give us more insight into their life.

    Densi started to sound more like an old married couple than two people planning their future together. They were supposed to be newly married for 2 years only and they stressing each other with the pregnancy, so I’m glad they decided to take a break from having a baby. The stress on Kensi was really starting to show she seems miserable and depressed like she is on a mission and failed and I loved when she told Deeks she wants to take a break from the injections and the pregnancy tests, Deeks had tears in his eyes but agreed. I love how sensitive Deeks can be. Not only funny but surprisingly insightful when needed he has been amazingly supportive throughout the efforts to start a family and Kensi’s being stalked by Kessler. He nailed it when he suggested that she could benefit from a therapist. Part of why I enjoyed it was FM made very good use of ECO’s acting abilities and his talent

    Both ECO and DR were great in every scene together with the way they handled the serious scenes and when their eyes tear up and their voices crack to me was amazing. DR was amazing in her scenes It’s not often we get the opportunity to see Kensi get so emotional. She’s usually so focused on being professional, and for ECO he was phenomenal I love how he played those scenes and was so glad to see that side of the actor and character again I have his portrayal of Deeks so much. He and DR were great from the very beginning to the very end of the episode.

    The Joelle story became confusing for me what the writers really want, do they want us to like her or hate her or want her to end up with Callen? it did not make any sense to me what they’re doing with her character we loved her before then they decided to make her the bad guy and working with the CIA against the team and they always try write the story to sympathize with her at first (leaving her family, helping them with a case or save his father, etc…) and then she tricks and use them for her benefits, but like they say” fool me once” but to fool me over 6 years now, I don’t know what’s the point of her story, if anyone could clear that it would be nice?

    As for the next ep the first time I read the story I was terrified and excited at the same time that the writers will give us something we waited for and will see how the team will come to save him but after the teaser, I think they will play it in a funnier lighter ep not intense with no cliffhanger, but I look forward to seeing it as always.


  6. Psyched // May 18, 2021 at 6:04 PM //

    Another great review, Karen! I agree that Densi’s struggle to conceive is difficult to describe as “entertaining” and I appreciate the way you contrasted it with the other major Densi life events that TPTB have dragged on over the years. Thinking about it, now, as someone who has never been in their situation, I do believe that even if it’s not entertaining, it’s probably at least somewhat accurate. The stress on a relationship (and the individuals in that ship) that fertility issues must bring has got be horrendous. The repetitive cycle of hope and disappointment must take a lot out of a person, not to mention whatever physical discomfort and side effects probably come with increasingly invasive treatments and attempts to conceive.

    That said, I think TPTB are doing the characters justice in this arc. As we’ve seen before (e.g. when Kensi was paralyzed) Deeks is trying his best to support Kensi, who in turn is trying to be strong and soldier on. Kensi snips at Deeks sometimes because sometimes his attempts are exactly what she doesn’t need at the moment but at the end of the day she accepts what he offers and they both feel better (til the next turn in the road at least).

    Seeing some of the dialog from their last convo in print actually made me think of another time, when some of the same/similar phrases were used but with a much different outcome. Remember the last time Deeks asked Kensi how much time she wanted to put off trying to get pregnant? But this time he offers her as much time as she needs and she assures him that she is not giving up. Oh, and they walk out together (as physically close as two people can get while walking) instead of Kensi walking away and refusing to talk anymore. How far they’ve come.

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  7. Love the extended details and the way you make us all look at every point of view in your reviews!

    I too am ready to be done with Russia for awhile. We do have other enemies, not to mention that not all naval crimes are foreign related. Sometimes, I don’t even know what crime they are actually investigating anymore tbh.

    This storyline, I thought, was way out there with the fake deaths, etc. Too much detail for a show that has proven not to be cut out to cope with any details of any sort.

    Unfortunately, Joelle doesn’t seem to go anywhere. Didn’t she just lose her leg? It takes months and months of rehab to recovered from an amputation and to learn how to navigate with a prosthetic.

    I also distinctly remember her leaving behind her husband and son “to keep them safe”; however, she could have gone into wit-sec with her family. She chose the job over her family and it has left her with nothing and nobody. Now she is complaining about what she created. Heavy decisions have heavy consequences. I am sure her son asks his dad every day where his mommy went. Like you, I don’t care much about her character.

    Even though I still like Killbride, it is becoming too much crankiness. In which capacity is he giving out orders anyway? He is a retired admiral, emphasis on retired. I did like Rogers as their team leader and I think they should have brought in FBI agent Zoe Morris as his side-kick, she was hysterical.

    Callen’s “your kids are going to love you” remark to Deeks while he and Kensi were in the car should have never made it on air. Though I am not sure if he knows they are doing IVF (but Kensi is apparently now throwing negative pregnancy tests in the trash can next to her desk), the writers in this instance should know better. The viewers know. That remark should have been unwritten.

    This episode demonstrated once again, for me, how completely unnecessary Fatima and Rountree are. I mean, apart from talking about starting a family, did Deeks and Kensi actually do anything besides the shooting scene?

    And then there is my main and favorite reason for watching the show: Densi. You took me back to the lovely bedside scene in which Kensi asks Deeks for a limo to take her home and the two of them playing checkers on the couch. It seems those days are already gone. And they have only been married 2 years.

    In my opinion, the way Deeks was “written light” with the unforgiveable FLETC episodes set the tone for the rest of the season.

    What has been frustrating me the most this season (apart from the abusive way Kensi has been treating him) is how Deeks always keeps his physical distance. When Kensi stumbled on the stairs with side effects from IVF, he didn’t rush over to catch her. This time she actually broke down and starting crying, which we all know is rare for Kensi, while he stood 5 feet away instead of scooping her up and holding her. Have they even kissed at all this season? I was grinding my teeth.,,,aaargghh!

    It seems that, when Deeks told her that if she does not want to talk to him, she needs to talk to somebody, she realized what she could possibly lose. I remember Jack telling Deeks “don’t let her push you away”. However, I would also like to point out that, while Deeks is telling Kensi she has a lot on her plate, she seems again completely oblivious of the fact that he, himself, is also hurting.

    However, in the end, as always, it was Kensi who decided their future by saying they should stop IVF and consider adoption, which was quite contrived, as it was actually something Deeks suggested awhile ago and she out-right rejected. But he praised her for it by saying how, in the midst of her own pain, she is able to consider helping others. Uhm, no……she is not even capable recognizing Deeks’ pain, let alone anyone else’s. Mostly, she’s used Deeks for target practice this entire season while Deeks folds and enables every single time. I think they need couple’s therapy at this point, lol.

    Either way, these are all decisions you make as a COUPLE, together, not one dictating the other. And again, these are decisions you make at home, with each other, not on a stake-out in a car, not in the boat shed, and not in a parking spot. And what were they thinking with the constant interruptions (Fatima, Nell, and Callen)??

    I did like the fact that Kensi’s hair had a more natural look this week and was wearing a lot less make-up. As I said before, she is naturally beautiful and really doesn’t need much styling. Deeks’ pink sweater…..meh…not so much, lol. Still a big fan of the short hair and trimmed “goatee”!

    Did Kensi take 2 pregnancy tests, btw? During their conversation in their parking spot, she was upset the test was negative, and at the end, she tossed another negative one in the trash can next to her desk….?

    I am still not buying into the Kessler thing, sorry. He has been on 1 episode and has not been mentioned (unless I am mistaken) for 12 years. He wasn’t a red line throughout the years on the show, haunting Kensi (example: Foyet on Criminal Minds, a serial killer character that haunted Hotchner for years and ended up killing his wife). Now Kensi talks about him in her sleep…..? Naw, not buying it.

    Also, Kensi mentioned that they would probably have to sell their house to start another round of IVF. Uhm…anybody knows what happened to the bar? And nobody could have written in billionaire Eric lending a helping hand?

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  8. pat11345 // May 19, 2021 at 5:37 AM //

    I have also been wondering what happened to the bar. Did they actually sell it or is it closed because of COVID? As for Kessler, I don’t think he haunted Kensi because he was in prison – after he conned/blackmailed his way out of prison and was pardoned, she knows he’s on the loose and will eventually come after her. As for Kensi, I see her totally different than you do. I do believe she is supportive of Deeks, they just approach things differently. He understands her so very well.


  9. Thank you Karen, great review as usual. I think your thoughts are pretty much my thoughts. That is accepting I’ve only seen the Densi scenes, the bits I’m most interested in.

    I can’t help but compare the care and concern Deeks had for Kensi in Season 8, with how he supported her this season. The differences, of course, in Season 8 Kensi improved every week and Deeks had support from the team. Who can forget the scene with Granger? This season he has listened to Kensi, been understanding of her needs and understanding of her situation. He offered excellent advice. He was totally devoted to Kensi while he was also hurting. This is in stark contrast with how Kensi dealt with a jobless Deeks. As someone who clings desperately to her job, I would have thought she might have shown a bit more understanding. Her reaction was ‘cheer up, Hetty will sort it out’. Her way of ‘helping’ her husband with financial worries? We have to buy a house and start fertility treatment, it doesn’t matter that they are prohibitively expensive. When Deeks was in deep despair, struggling at FLETC she told him ‘there’s no crying at FLETC’. I think she realised Deeks was hurting but didn’t know how to deal with it. The sad thing is she does love Deeks. If he is in physical danger, she will do whatever it takes. She just doesn’t listen to him. Deeks has had to deal with a lot, with precious little support. I was so pleased at the start of the season, when I read Deeks was getting a storyline. Then disappointed it is was just ‘how many ways can we make Deeks miserable’, oh yes, we could make him look weak. This misery has given us some exceptionally emotional scenes, showcasing ECO and DR’s exceptional talent, so I can’t complain. Perhaps when I get to see the whole episodes I will see all the happy scenes that balanced them out.

    I’m not sure what to make of the season finale. To start with I thought, great a Deeks cliff hanger. Having seen more, I think it’s going to be played for laughs at Deeks expense. I’ve never believed the team would break sweat trying to save him. If he needed saving they would think it was his fault he was kidnapped. Please writers, prove me wrong!


    • I agree with you 100%, Patricia. The way Kensi’s character towards Deeks has been written has really been a turn-off (and I love Kensi). Where she was finally growing (example: Better Angels) in letting her emotions out and being supportive of Deeks’ needs (example: The episodes where he was being harassed by LAPDs Internal Affairs), I am clueless as to why they have now allowed her to regress to this behavior and as to why they have written Deeks (and I am using someone’s FaceBook comment here) “to be Kensi’s door mat”. There is a difference between being supportive and being enabling.

      I am also not sure of the finale. I watched the promos. They are making a huge deal out of Hetty’s return (to get the ratings, I suppose), but I already saw that she told Nell she cannot stay long. My guess is she’ll have this one scene (maybe two), and she’ll be out for good.

      The promos with Deeks also seem to be, again, at his expense. Come on guys, he is not in his mid twenties anymore and he has proven himself over and over again. It’s not funny anymore. If Rountree and Fatima have to be in the show (to everyone’s chagrin), use them! Give Deeks the credit he deserves! And better writers for “Densi”! I, for one, am available, lol!


      • Much has been made of Kensi’s struggles from a Mental Health Awareness point of view. Rightly so, brave of TPTB to address such topics as fertility problems. Then there’s Deeks. He lost his job, and as far as I’m aware, nobody reached out to see how he was doing. Kensi, who goes into protection mode if there’s a chance she’ll lose Deeks to a bomb, Internal Affairs or another woman, didn’t seem appreciate the problem. She tends to talk when she should be listening. Then there was the whole FLETC fiasco. A brief respite, then into baby making difficulties, which must be upsetting for Deeks, even if he doesn’t have the physical problems. The Kessler situation must be hard on Deeks. Kensi has Deeks to lean on and vent her frustration on. Who does Deeks have to lean on? Supporters need support. What Deeks has been through would have broken many people. Yet he gave support and advice to Sam. The same Sam who threatened to pull his comms out with pliers. In NCIS Gibbs is a hard taskmaster, but if one of his team is troubled Gibbs is right with them. Hetty tried to help, but got it horribly wrong. I think Deeks needs an advocate. He seems to have immense mental fortitude, yet is still often portrayed as some sort of lightweight.

        On a lighter note, regarding the spoilers. I find it hard enough separating Deeks from ECO, so when I see Deeks wearing ECO’s hoodie, it throws me into confusion. Doesn’t take much I guess. At least it looks as if Kensi and Deeks get some downtime, maybe not much, but I’d like to see some good times to balance the bad.


        • Nutterbutter // May 21, 2021 at 4:51 PM //

          My thoughts exactly, that’s what I was ranting on about last week when I said “What really worries me that it never ends well when he bottling up his Emotions (shooting his father and Boyle, torturing the clerk, returning the knife to Kensi, beating Sabatino after Kensi’s kidnapping, challenging Mosley, calling off the wedding,… ). Now this season alone he’s dealing with financial problems, fertility treatment, losing his job, the FLETC Training, selling the bar, his fear of losing Kensi AGAIN because of the job, and this sociopath who’s threatening her life) so I’m worried about his state of mind if she kept ignoring his feelings or trivialize his concerns and worries”. With that being said he never once takes his frustration out of Kensi, or hurt her feelings, or underestimate her viewpoint of any topic they discussing. As you said he is missing his safety net, at least she has him, and Nell to vent out, add to that the respect, the appreciation, and the trust from her team, which I can’t say he had.


          • Absolutely, yes to all that. He has to cope on his own. Yet we see him reaching out to help others. He tried to help Beale last season when Nell left. This season he gave Sam good advice about his daughter. He tried to help Callen just before the inquiry into Anna shooting the unarmed man. Just like respect and trust, care and concern is a one way street when it comes to Deeks.


            • Nutterbutter // May 22, 2021 at 6:19 PM //

              I really admire your take on the subject and how you view things.
              I know this would sound harsh, but it really bothers me the inconsistency of her feelings and how she acted in the first half of the season and the second. Despite we’ve the same issues looming over their head (financial problems, fertility treatment, Kessler,…). She acted carefree, unworried, insisted on buying the house under fake names, joking, and even singing with Sabatino in the field. Then in the second half, her mood changed, she became hopeless with the treatment, doesn’t want to paint the room, worried about Kessler, and angry with Deeks’s optimism. This really bugged me because before we saw felt Deek’s worries about the IA investigation since it started (Season 6&7), also there was consistency about his feeling about leaving the job and his worry about Kensi’s life during seasons 8&9, even Sam felt the same for Michelle since Sidirove appeared. Maybe I’m reading too much into it. But I can’t believe she enjoyed working in the field with Fatima & Sabatino more than working with her own husband and she could feel safe while he was away attending FLETC training.


              • Thank you Nutterbutter, these are just my opinions and I’m not necessarily right, but it is nice when people agree. It seems we think along the same lines. You pointed out that Kensi seemed very happy to be working with Sabatino and Fatima early in the season. Yet later she became less than happy with Deeks. I hadn’t noticed that. Well if I did, I put it down to the treatment, but maybe not. You made a very good point there, I have to agree.


              • I totally agree with this as well! (See my other comments). Spot on!


                • Nutterbutter // May 23, 2021 at 3:17 PM //

                  Thanks ” Patricia Abbott ” & “M” for noticing and taking the time to post your comments. I really appreciate them. I’ve read all your posts and I totally agree with them, By the way, I love the character of Kensi and my issue is not with her, but the way the character is handled, but to be honest I’m a Deeks fan, and I hate the way he’d been treated over the years whether from Kensi or the team


                  • I also love Kensi’s character and my issue is also with the way her character has been written, as well as Deeks’ this season especially. Props to ECO for pulling off his character’s terrible storyline in a way his fans still love him so much!

                    It’s like the writers have completely forgotten the content of their own episodes over the years and how long the ‘starting a family issue’ has been dragging on and how many times it has been discussed, going back and forth, back and forth between the two of them without any consistency.

                    But what really lacks, in comparison to other shows that were shooting during Covid, is the intimacy between Deeks and Kensi. They have barely been married for 2 years and already there is no more kissing, no hand-holding, no holding the other when they’re distressed or crying, no at home scenes, nothing.

                    I know it’s supposed to be an action-drama; however, Densi quickly became the heart of the show and with their flirting being dragged out for years, their engagement dragged out for years, no honeymoon even though they spent plenty of time planning (!), now 18 episodes of this…..makes me worried where it’s headed and if we’re even going to get 24 episodes for season 13.


        • Supporters need support too. Could not have said it better myself! I find that I am starting to have the same struggle separating them personally from their characters as you de. The pics and vids from pandemic break and hiatus with the families hanging out together is seeping in. Maybe that is the reason there has been zero intimacy this season is that it’s becoming weird for them too. COVID has nothing to do with it. Other shows shoot intimacy scenes just fine.

          I have seen so many spoilers of the season finale, they might as well have shown the whole episode. It’s clear Hetty is not returning. Nobody wants Nell in the job (and she should not be, she is hugely under-qualified and annoying) and Killbride is not staying either. I found it odd that Killbride said either take the job or resign…..why can’t she just stay on as a techie?

          And, yes, sigh, again, they have Deeks babbling on. This goes back to the whole Competent Deeks issue. Enough already please!


          • I always found it ironic Deeks is struggling to become a father and we see pictures of ECO with his new daughter. It is easy to forget these people are fictional characters, they seem very real to me. Easy to forget Daniela and Eric are not really Kensi and Deeks.

            As to the Nell situation. In my experience, and I’m not young, life changing decisions are easy to make, unlike choosing from a menu. For example, Deeks probably never wanted to join NCIS, but if that was the only way to keep working with Kensi, the decision made itself. If Nell wanted the job she would have taken it by now. I can see becoming boss over your friends, would be problematic. Another reason why Deeks would be best suited to the job. I don’t think Sam or Callen can be considered friends. Kensi would be a fly in the ointment, actually more of an eagle in the ointment. I don’t think I would want Deeks in charge, he’s got enough problems. To be fair, it’s not ‘just a job’, but It’s been in limbo too long. I’m not convinced Hetty isn’t coming back. I would be okay with Nell taking the job along with Hetty as some sort of mentor.

            I take your point on Kilbride’s sign or resign comment. I’m sure that is a HR violation. Even so I would like Kilbride the hang around, the kids need adult supervision. Chegwidden would do.


            • Indeed! I am not even sure how Killbride is there in any official capacity. Who appointed him? (then again, who officially appointed Nell,?) Isn’t he retired? Who says he can make the decision to fire Nell? And he outranks Hetty, so how could a techie like Nell surpass anybody higher up for a job like this?

              I think Hetty will make one last appearance. I don’t think she’s coming back, I heard she is either retiring or moving to NCIS Hawaii. I guess we’ll see tonight.

              I just re-watched the episode where Deeks breaks off the wedding before headed out to Mexico. These are life-changes decisions about their future. You don’t decide those on a whim or discuss them on the run from bullets nor do you brush them off during a stake-out. He’s been wanting out for years to start a family. His only reason for staying in is because of Kensi. Like I said before, the writers approached this season in a terrible way, first with Deeks, then with Kensi’s (and the rest of the team’s) lack of support, and then the pregnancy story line, which has nowhere to go. Should she get pregnant, she will be on desk duty, which means no more Densi in the field. And Deeks has always said he will not stay in this job if they have children.


              • If it is just you, career decisions, life decisions are easy. You want to do it or you don’t. I don’t think Nell does want the job. The waters are muddied with relationship issues. To marry or not marry is one thing, but I think Kensi and Deeks had moved way beyond that. Unfortunately Kensi and Deeks seem to do all their talking, under fire or with constant interruptions, never at home. They don’t discuss things, they just do what Kensi wants.

                A woman like Hetty would never retire, Linda Hunt might. What would Hetty do, bounce grandchildren on her knee? I think not. They would have to kill her off, and I hope they don’t. Reduce Linda Hunt’s workload please. I hope we find out tonight but probably not.

                It’s always been a bit of a mystery, to me anyway, who makes the decisions. You would be forgiven for thinking Vance might have an input, but it doesn’t seem to .I think we have to go with the flow and accept it is fiction, however annoying that might be. Yes I think they may have painted themselves into a corner with the Densi baby, have to wait and see. I would rather they didn’t just go out and adopt any baby, rather save a child from an abusive parent or something, but that’s just me.

                I would like to see somebody take up the sword for Deeks. It took time for Granger to see Deeks worth, but bless him, he did eventually. Hetty always did, but lately hasn’t been about to do much. It’s going to be interesting to see where they go, hope for the best, but fear the worst, as always.


              • Nutterbutter // May 23, 2021 at 3:59 PM //

                Totally agree, As for the break-up discussion it wasn’t made overnight, they started it the season before maybe longer. but Kensi kept prolonging the Inevitable till the worst time ever to tell him about her opinion. She also kept giving him mixed single about that matter as in “TheSilo” she asked him How long will they keep do this? and his answer was she was the one he wanted to keep doing this. Also after the ep “Better-Angels”, they had the same conversation with no result. This year when he tried to approach the same matter she deflected and asked him to not discuss strategies. So when’ll it be the appropriate time to discuss this, when one of them got killed or when their children are married?
                Actually, I would not mind Kensi on desk duty as long as she’s pregnant and healthy, not hurt or tortured. and Deeks is in the field as the competent Cop/agent we used to know, and the team can rely on him and give him the respect he deserves.
                For me and it’s just my opinion but this season felt like it was more Kensi centric, even more than season 8.


        • RobbieC // May 23, 2021 at 8:15 AM //

          This goes WAY back, sadly. When he was tortured, Hetty’s main concern seemed to be that he could come back to work the way he was before he was tortured. There was concern, but it seemed very thin to me….except for Granger. I think in many subtle ways Granger was Deeks’ safety net. He was a quiet, sure presence who could get Deeks back on track with a single word. He also showed that he trusted Deeks to do the job, maybe not with loud cheerleading but by letting him do his work.


  10. Martina Pruett // May 19, 2021 at 10:51 AM //

    I LOVED all the DENSI moments in this episode. I may be in the minority here, but I also love the story of their infertility problems. To me, it makes it all the more interesting. I think it’s great to see their struggle and emotion of not being pregnant yet. Don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE to see a little DENSI baby running around, but I am enjoying this story right now.
    I could care less about Joelle and this CIA scrap.
    I can’t wait for this Kessler story to FINALLY start full steam next season. I know most don’t like when DENSI are having problems and/or struggling, but I love it. Those are the kinds of stories I like to watch. Especially when one gets in trouble and the other worries and/or scared for the other (one of the reasons season 9’s “The Silo” is one of my favorite episodes)


  11. J. M. Thomas // May 19, 2021 at 9:11 PM //

    Ok, what is the name of the opening song & artist? Spotify & Sound hound SUCKS!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haven’t seen the episode yet, so I don’t know the opening song. I assume you don’t mean the theme tune, No Crew is Superior, written by James S. Levine, that would be too easy.

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  12. Terrence // May 31, 2021 at 11:09 AM //

    It has been s few days since the USA airing of the season ending. I would like to wade in with a few thoughts.

    Firstly, am I the only one to find Eric Beale irritating? For the past few seasons, the man has been going out of his way to aggravate me – much like Abby in the mothership. On the other hand, Nell will be missed.

    Like other show fans, I too miss the pre-case banter in the bullpen. Covid social distancing rules has made it impossible for season 12. Fingers crossed that we’ll see things improve enough for the return of the bullpen.

    Roundtree/Rountree is a filler agent. I’ve taken to him and I think he needs more episode time. Not Fatima. Please not Fatima. When she first arrived a few seasons past, to consult with the team as an expert on a terrorist group, she was an interesting addition. She has been given permanency within OSP and remains underwritten and underperforming. Please re-assign her to the San Diego office.

    Season 12 has proven to be the Russian Season. Let’s make Season 13 the ‘Deekses’ Season. I know ECO has been busy producing new shows and new babies, but for God Sake let’s explore Mr & Mrs Deeks. There is an entire mine of stories to be written. Especially Deeks, M.
    Might I please suggest you read RobC’s fanfic ‘Turn the Page’ published on Wikideeks. A spinoff series should be made featuring NCIS Investigator Martin Atticus Deeks.

    And what about the Frankenstein killers? The stuff of nightmares and a great story arc that still remains to be explored.

    Kessler is out there, so a Mr & Mrs Deeks Season 13 can put that arc to bed.

    A big thank you to TPTB for keeping every one safe under extraordinary circumstances and still provide us with a watchable season.

    Finally, I cannot heap enough praise on to the Wikideeks editorial staff for their immeasurable hard work and to all the contributors and fans of NCISLA.. Informative. Thought provoking. And all the while, dedicated to ‘watching the six’ of Marty Deeks.


    • Agree with a lot you are saying, you are definitely not the only one: See my previous comments.

      I’d like to repeat what I posted again: I hear Covid being used as an excuse so much with regards to the way the show and its scenes has been shot this season and it is simply not true. My employers are in the industry and have quite a few shows up and running and are doing just fine with the Covid restrictions. They are not only shooting intimate scenes but scenes with multiple people in one room interacting without a single infection or safety-breach. I think everybody figured this was the series finale and became too lazy to care. Even the season finale was shot as a series finale because nobody was assured of a renewal at that time.

      And yes, absolutely, I agree, not only a Deeks, M. but a Deeks, Mr. and Mrs. as well!!


    • I’m not sure how I missed your comments, I check wikiDeeks daily. I should get out more. You make some good points. The writers were never kind to Beale. I always saw a similarity between him and Abby. While Abby always had the respect of the team, Beale never did. I only saw early episodes of the ‘mothership’ but I can imagine Abby could have become annoying. Like Deeks, Beale is a character they treated as a cartoon, there is a fine line between quirky and annoying, I think Beale might have crossed it.

      I understand why the bullpen scenes were missing. They got rid of the bar too, was that for the same reason? We still don’t know if it’s gone for good, I hope not, I liked to see the team together there. I just like to see the team together, even though most of them annoy me for one reason or another. I haven’t seen enough of Roundtree to have an opinion, but I have quite liked what I have seen. As I’ve said elsewhere I’m trying to keep an open mind on Fatima. It’s getting more and more difficult.

      I agree so much with your comment on the ‘Russian’ series and ‘there is an entire mine of stories to be written’. There is just so much they could go with, not stick to the ‘same old, same old’. Have to agree Season 13 should be a ‘Deeks’ season. I would like to see Kensi more supportive of Deeks, stop bringing him down, before they make it a ‘Deekes’ season.

      Finally ditto your comments on wikiDeeks. So true.


  13. almartin1999 // June 9, 2021 at 1:22 AM //

    Does anybody know the name of the song at the start of this episode?


  14. thanks for sharing 🙂


  15. OMG 😱 looks like we broke the site from our comments and discussions in the AOTI episode (LOL) I’m kidding.

    I’ll leave my response to the last debate in the AOTI here just if anyone is interested and just to have fun.

    I’m sorry it wasn’t my intention when I posted my comment on the commentary to add fuel to the fire or cause any inconvenience between us as fans and followers of the show.

    The reason I started posting on this page was that how people interacted respectively with each other and how everyone has interpreted a scene or an episode differently, and appreciate what others have to say whether they have the same thoughts on the subject or have different opinions as at the end of the day we all love the same show but for varied reasons.
    And of course, (no offends to anyone )you will find my posts or the others repetitive at some point and that is normal as I’m the same person and I’m entitled and convinced with my point of view and the character/story that I watch the show for, So let’s just have fun with it.

    M, thanks for taking the time to read and reply to my comment. And I agree with mostly everything you’ve said.

    I feel like I’ve to explain that I am always looking for BTS shots or interviews or commentaries on DVDs or social media just to make sure that the thoughts that I’ve about a scene, character, or episode are aligned with their explanations and implications. (OH I miss ECO & DR commentaries).

    I consider myself a good reader, and I’m always reading whether it’s a book, fanfic, materials related to my job, I can read anything and enjoy it especially I’ve some kind of vivid imagination. So I love the fanfiction stories as they I’ve me something I didn’t find in the episode or the show generally or righting something that went wrong in the show or OOC which happens a lot recently or clear something didn’t sit well for me. As much as I agree with you about the facts and how much truth they hold, but they are enjoyable and entertaining.

    FYI, the main reason I am still rooting for the Deeks, M to happen is that we have a lot of and tons of shattered pieces and hints all around the show with no consistency and fair explanation about his background. Otherwise, you’d find me root also for Sam, H he also doesn’t have an episode titled to him and but we have information about him and his family and friends more than anyone in the show ( except of course Callen ) that the TPTB started to repeat his stories and the plots related to his background despite we’ve got covered again and again.
    All I’m saying is if Deeks character was treated and handled accurately and decently like they do with Sam & Callen I wouldn’t ask for Deeks, M.
    Believe me M I get where your fears are coming from especially after what the TPTB are doing to his character in the last few seasons and they would ruin his story and make it look like the Frankenstein monster.

    To end my post on a positive note I’m looking for S13, I’m a Deeks fan first and foremost, and I will always watch as long as he is still there. I Will refrain from mentioning other characters or what I’m hoping to see so no one gets offended again.


    • Everything seems to kick off on wikiDeeks while I’m asleep. An 8 hour time difference might have something to do with it. Not sure what happened. It’s just 6 weeks before Season 13 airs and there’s a comment with 2 digs at people who comment on seasons they haven’t watched yet. I wonder who the were referring to? Me I guess. It’s not a secret I haven’t seen Season 12 yet. Bit late to grumble about it now, I don’t know what I said that was so contentious. Perhaps I should just sit quietly watching my DVDs and not post on wikiDeeks anymore. I’ll try but I can’t promise anything, lol. Yes I do like to buy DVDs and I don’t see any reason to explain myself.

      As for fanfiction I don’t see the problem. If people enjoy writing it, and people enjoy reading it surely it’s a win-win. I found fanfiction comparatively recently and I don’t actually read a great deal of it. What I do read is usually about Deeks because he is my favourite character. Certainly I can tell the difference between fanfiction and CBS fiction.

      Like you Jessie I think ‘Deeks M’ wouldn’t be such a big deal if they treated the character properly, decent storylines, a bit of backstory etc. I enjoyed posting on wikiDeeks because I found other peoples ideas and interpretations interesting. I think it is sad that you feel you shouldn’t comment on other characters for rear of offending people. Oh yes, big surprise, I agree with everything you said.


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