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The Top 3 Most Romantic Scenes


They may not be the best communicators, but Deeks and Kensi had a special thing right from their very first meeting. Their relationship developed ever so painfully slowly, but the result has been a long list of romantic scenes and one truly epic romance. But what are The Top 3 Romantic Scenes?

The Premise

No special rules beyond the usual need for the discussion to be Deeks or Densi-centric. I will mention though that the existence of next week’s post, The Top 3 Sexiest Scenes, allowed me to focus on what I saw as more old-fashioned romance here.

The Top 3

This was not as easy as I expected it to be. Deeks and Kensi’s unconventional relationship has lent itself to many scenes I see as romantic. Some of them occurred before they were an official thing, and some before I think they were even officially friends. Many of them involved developments in the trust between them; it seemed that each time they made progress on this front, it was because one of them extended themselves and showed vulnerability to the other in a way that felt romantic to me. In the end, I chose two more conventionally romantic scenes, as well as one from early on in their partnership. In reverse order of importance, my Top 3 is…

#3. The non-proposal proposal at end of “The Seventh Child

Written by Frank Military, “The Seventh Child” is one of his classic super dark episodes. Throughout, Deeks and Kensi have been having some amazingly clear communications about parenthood, with Deeks expressing doubts about becoming a dad. It puts them in a slightly sad position as the episode draws to a conclusion, unable to come to any agreement about their future plans. But then (just as he did at the end of “Ascension”, also written by Military), Deeks puts himself out there. He risks his heart by sharing something emotional and making a somewhat indirect marriage proposal, all because he can’t bear to see Kensi sad. It’s sweet. It’s imperfect. It stops her in her tracks. He looks terrified of her response, but her sassy reply (I’m not gonna say yes in the hallway at work without a ring on my finger) is perfect. How could you not smile at this scene, which was made all the more special because it wasn’t spoiled to fans ahead of time?

#2. The “Every step of the way” scene in “The Job”

This one may not make many of your Top 3 lists, but I’ve always found Deeks’ support of Kensi here to be incredibly romantic. I don’t even think either of them was in love at this point in their partnership, but I find it hard to imagine Deeks saying these lines to someone he didn’t care about in at least a somewhat non-partnery way. Written by Frank Military and Christina M. Kim, this scene gives us a Kensi who’s doubting herself after watching the bad guy shoot their informant in cold blood. She gets a call from said bad guy asking her to meet him, and you can hear that doubt and I think a little fear in her voice as she tells the team about the call. (He wants me to meet him at his house? Says he has a job for me?) Nell warns her, “This guy is a cold blooded killer. You could be walking into a trap.” Deeks sees Kensi’s hesitation and goes out of his way to reassure her, saying, “I’m gonna be with you every step of the way. Even if you don’t see me, I’ll be there.” Rather than encourage her to pull out of the op, he supports her; he shows he respects her ability all the while wanting her to know that he has her back. It’s that respect that I’ve always found incredibly sexy, and the reason his line plays as totally sweet rather than over-protective. Plus who doesn’t want to believe that their special someone will always watch over them, no matter what?

Wow, I would never have guessed that Frank Military would be responsible for two of my top three romantic scenes. Who knew he was such a softy?

#1. Remembering their first meeting in “Neighborhood Watch

While I don’t expect many of you to list “The Job” in your Top 3, I’d be surprised if any of you leave this “Neighborhood Watch” scene off your lists. Written by Christina M. Kim, this entire episode is a fluffy Densi delight. But the scene in Brett and Polina’s kitchen is my #1 Romantic Scene of the entire series, as Kensi and Deeks have an incredibly meaningful exchange all while maintaining their cover. There are two aspects to this scene that I love. The first is, of course, that they both remember what the other was wearing when they first met. The undercover nature of the conversation allows Kensi to say, “I knew it was meant to be the moment I saw him.” And who doesn’t want to believe that their relationship is destined to be? What’s great is that Deeks provides actual proof that they’re meant to be, for why else would he remember what she was wearing?

But what I love even more than the remembering is the way they each deliver their lines. Kensi could make up anything here and keep her cover, but she blurts out the right answer in an adorable way. Then Deeks tries to pretend he doesn’t remember until he sees the disappointed expression on her face. Again, just like in my #3 pick, Deeks can’t bear to see Kensi sad, especially if he’s the cause. So he shares the truth with her, and we see her face light up. She, and we, can choose to think that it really was “meant to be.”

Also in the Running

There were so many romantic Densi scenes to choose from! Among them:

  • The hill-top kiss in “Descent” (Frank Military- again!)
  • “Your smile, your laugh… everything” at the end of “Ascension” (Frank Military)
  • The “It’s a love story” end of “Impact” (R. Scott Gemmill)
  • Deeks proposing to comatose Kensi in “The Queen’s Gambit” (R. Scott Gemmill)
  • Deeks ready to die by unconscious Kensi’s side in “Belly of the Beast” (R. Scott Gemmill)
  • Agreeing to lighten up/take things more seriously at the end of “Empty Quiver” (Dave Kalstein)
  • Offering to let Kensi hold his gun near the end of “Bounty” (Dave Kalstein)
  • The “sunshine and gunpowder” end of “Wanted” (R. Scott Gemmill)
  • Holding hands as part of physical therapy in “Glasnost” (Andrew Bartels)
  • Kensi reassuring Deeks over breakfast in “Command & Control” (Kyle Harimoto)
  • The “You’re the only person I trust” garage scene in “Blye K., Part 2” (Dave Kalstein)
  • Saying goodnight to each others’ picture at end of “Iron Curtain Rising” (Jordana Lewis Jaffe)
  • Deeks offering support (and a bottle of water) in “The Fifth Man” (Dave Kalstein)
  • The boathouse scene in “Praesidium” (Erin Broadhurst, R. Scott Gemmill)
  • Hetty interrupting the boathouse kiss at the end of “An Unlocked Mind” (Frank Military)
  • The long distance Christmas phone call at the end of “Merry Evasion” (Kyle Harimoto)
  • “All in” in “Humbug” (Kyle Harimoto, Andrew Bartels)

Next Week

As I mentioned, next week we talk about The Top 3 Sexiest Scenes. I was a little surprised by what made my list, and I can’t wait to hear yours.

In the meantime, what are your Top 3 Romantic Scenes? I expect to see a lot of variety here and am looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

Or go back to last week’s Top 3, The Top 3 Granger Danger Scenes.

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22 Comments on The Top 3 Most Romantic Scenes

  1. Another great list. Looking at your runners up, any of them could make the top three on any given day, IMO (probably would just depend on my mood). I really liked your perspective on the scene from “The Job.” You’re right, one of the sexiest/best things about this ‘ship is the way Deeks respects Kensi’s ability in the field, and his support of her in that scene is definitely romantic in a very Densi way.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, and because I just had to go and re-watch “The Job” (thank goodness for VOD), I have to add to the honorable mentions: the last scene, when Deeks brings a smoothie and beer for Kensi and her sore jaw, in what I think was the first of many partner-bonding evenings spent on one of their couches.


    • Thanks Psyched! Glad you saw the romance in that scene in Ops. And excellent addition of the final scene. That’s a huge moment for them for sure.


  3. thanks, I love the list.
    I agree that list of runners up could easily be a top three on any given day.
    I also like the smoothie and beer scene.
    also added to the list would be the final scene from come back, where they were reconnecting after Jack left and talking about moving in that night.
    I would also add the scene were they were talking about a small beach wedding and shared I love yous.



    • Thanks Ed! While I have my issues with Come Back, that is a lovely final scene. And the discussion about the wedding is fantastic- I want more like it!


  4. Wonderful Choices! 💗💙


  5. My absolutely favorite type of story is true love delayed. I am such a sucker for it. Densi and NCISLA gave us multiple seasons of it, bless them.

    “Recovery”. Dinner. “I don’t want to be here with you right now.” “What?” “I want to be at my place …. right now … with you.” And the challenging head tilt look he gives her. And her intake of breath. Ooooh yeah.

    “The Frozen Lake” gosh, pick a scene. Deeks covers her with his body when shots are flying in the hotel room. Flirting when Deeks is getting ready to go undercover. Flirting after the undercover scene. Deeks hurrying to get back and finds her gone. Oh my heart.

    “Spoils of War” again, pick a scene. Deeks doing anything including torture to get her back. Seeing the photo of her “dead”. The hug/hold at the reunion at the end.

    Pretty much any scene when they weren’t a couple yet and they make googly eyes at each other.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Excellent list, peakae. You might see a mention of that head tilt in the next Top 3. I was definitely a fan. And thanks for pointing out that “Spoils of War” hug, an egregious oversight on my part to leave it out!


  6. Ant list of top romantic scenes would have to include (sorry I never can remember the episode titles like the rest of you) the scene where Deeks is watching Kensi and Jack exchange what appears to be a loving embrace after they rescue her in Afghanistan and then she turns to him, so broken and vulnerable, and tells him it was so bad. He doesn’t care about what the team has gone through, he just holds her. *sigh*

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  7. Great list. My faves are (like you) Neighborhood Watch, sunshine and gunpowder, and the kiss/moment in Unlocked Mind. A close fourth is the “what got me through it” speech. Can’t wait until your sexiest picks.


    • Thanks Diane. I was quite surprised by the differences in the two lists. Romantic and sexy are apparently not the same thing in my mind.


  8. Excellent lists everybody!
    It is really not easy to find the top 3 scenes of anything but, Karin, you are doing great job. It is totally hard to pick 3 most romantic moments for me as I found a lot of things between them to be romantic even when they were not even the friends. So after lots of thoughts my list would be:
    3. Deeks shielding Kensi with his body in “The Frozen Lake” and “One More Chance”
    2. Deeks saying Kensi that she is beautiful and agreeing with Chinese lady that she would make beautiful bride in “Deep trouble” (parts 1 and 2)
    1. “nothing’s gonna tear us apart” scene in “Fighting Shadows”
    Although the “remembering of their first meet” scene is all kinds of awesome and one of my dearest scenes ever, “nothing’s gonna tear us apart” scene makes every time goose bumps on my skin. I really love how Deeks knows Kensi and how he knows what to say or do to her(almost) every time to make her feel better. In that category is their hug at the Christmas party in “Tidings We Bring”…


    • Thanks Maria. I see you are not the first to be a fan of “Deeks shields Kensi with his body” scenes, LOL. And that “Fighting Shadows” scene is a great one- thanks for reminding me!


  9. This is a great list, Karen and your Number 1 is a scene that even after all these years I could watch over and over again in awe of how amazing ECO and DR were and how beautiful they were (still are, though!) and how much they could intrigue the viewers just with their looks, and smiles and everything. It’s a little perfect scene in an episode that has remained in the hearts of all the Densi fans.
    I have thought a lot about what mine could be and I have picked the “It’s a love story” scene at the end of “Impact”. I think that scene was a great moment between Deeks and Kensi and, even with a lot of misunderstandings between them and numerous low points in some Season 5 episodes, it laid the foundations for something very deep and important. It’s another perfect scene in which you could find a lot of nuances of love, and what’s more romantic than spending time with the person you love, just eating and watching a film and enjoying each other’s company? Yes, definitely my number one!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know a lot of people don’t like season 5 but that is actually one of my favorites because of the true love delayed aspect to it. 🙂


    • Thanks Cladani! While the “Impact” scene didn’t quite make the top of this list, it is my favorite scene of the entire series, one that I could watch over and over for exactly the reasons you mention about “Neighborhood Watch.”


  10. I’ve been thinking of the romantic aspect of their partnership per this thread and how much I loved watching it. I’m sure we’ve discussed it before but I had the idea to rewatch some episodes (lots of them now) and I got to thinking: when did the mutual attraction *really* start with Densi? Yes, Deeks was flirting from the beginning but that’s his thing. I think mutual TRUST started with Deliverance with Kensi in the laser trap and Deeks pulling her out. Kensi maybe seeing Deeks as a person she cared for was in Personal when he got shot. Deeks started to show a little more in The Job when Kensi was undercover. And there was talk of “a thing” in Plan B. These were all season 2. Season 3 had The Debt when was Deeks was “fired” and Kensi didn’t want to lose her partner leading to the Blye, K. episodes and Neighborhood Watch. By the end of season 4 we have Kensi being jealous in Parley and, of course, the kiss in Descent. The show had them on a slow burn but what was the spark? Thoughts?


    • Here at WikiDeeks there was a debate in 2014, “Debating Deeks: Why Do Fools Fall In Love? The age old question for Densi on NCISLA” in which Karen S. and Lindy asked the question that I think sooner or later all the Densi fans have asked themselves: When did Kensi and Deeks fall in love and who fell first? It was a beautiful and insightful debate that I recommend to read.


    • peakae I love your description of “true love delayed.” I love that too, so long as it’s not delayed forever! In addition to the fabulous debate that Cladani remembers on this site, you might also enjoy checking out Gayle’s Densiland blog on Tumblr. She led some fantastic conversations with her readers where your question was a prime topic, with lots of differing opinions.


      • I agree on the length of the delay, I am a little impatient.
        not too long please.
        delaying it until the last scene of a 2 hr movie is alright.
        delaying it until the last 20 minutes of an 8 hour miniseries I can deal with .
        once it reaches the 7 year mark…I am all out of patience..
        I don’t need a huge leap forward, just a little more progress and a little less setbacks

        the love delayed should be for an adequate time to create the anticipation …
        like letting a fine wine breathe or letting a good sauce rest to allow the flavors to blend.

        …not delayed like throwing something in the back of the freezer, pulling it out every once in a while to look at it only to throw it back in…until when you finally decide to actually use it, it is ruined and no one wants it anymore or even cares about it.

        Insert the interest in the box to the examples above.
        it used to hold interest for a lot of fans…they were teased for years..the excitement built….but now most cant cant less.

        most things have a shelf life and will spoil if left too long.


        Die, Anna, Die


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