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Review: NCISLA “Granger, O.” (S7E22)


Don’t get me wrong. I’ve been a champion of the grumpy Assistant Director of NCIS since he was first introduced as a recurring character in Season 3. The fact that we get a glimpse into Owen Granger’s private life before we get our desperately awaited, “Deeks, M.” is just pure frustration on this fan’s part. We all know that at PaleyFest Shane Brennan promised Deeks’ special episode would be a part of next season’s lineup. Let’s just hope he keeps that promise or I have a feeling there will be a riot going on the Paramount Studio’s lot by some very angry Deeks’ fans! Until then, we have an episode of spies, lost daughters and the elusive NCIS mole in a script by Kyle Harimoto. Veteran director Denis Smith also lends an experienced hand for what turned out to be a very subtle episode, much like the character this story is based on.

Like father, like mother, like daughter? I guess it really runs in the genes. Unbeknownst to everyone else (outside of Hetty), Owen Granger has a daughter. Jennifer Kim insists she has no abandonment issues, but don’t believe her. Even Granger has to tell himself lies in order to reconcile the issues he has with being an absentee father. Both are still carrying around a lot of baggage all these years later. Yet there are no histrionics, no overt emotion between the two. Just quiet acceptance. Still I get the sense that Granger is enjoying this mission… if only for the chance to work together for the first time with the daughter he’s never known. In order to keep Jennifer safe and not tip off any moles in the organization, Granger decides to go lone wolf. But it’s Granger Danger for the win!

So how much did we really find out about Owen Granger in the end? Once again some subtle clues but maybe it’s what we didn’t find out about the man that’s even more interesting. The story showed a deep desire to be needed that I never knew existed in the man. So what else could be lurking underneath that gruff exterior? Granger wants to be a father but will he settle for being a friend? This relationship has a long road ahead but in this family still waters run deep. Who knows where it will lead but one thing’s for certain… Assistant Director Granger will surprise us once again, I’m sure.

Memorable Moments

*I love when the team can let their hair down and relax over a game of b-ball. Deeks is so confident playing with his lady. There’s nothing they can’t do as a team!

*So is Eric really a closet Michael Jordan? What other talents is the Op Tech hiding? (Eric: Three years on varsity, bitches!)

*Sam has got to get over this obsession with Callen’s lack of furniture. G’s a minimalist and he should know by now he’s never going to change his partner. (Sam: When something comes in a tiny box, with a million screws and turns into a bedroom set, that’s not furniture.)

*Did Callen just mention going out on a date with Anna? Lalalalalalalala (hands over ears). I didn’t hear you, Callen!!

*This is certainly a Sam and Callen bromance evening and nobody does it better. Their carbonite/Hans Solo banter was one of the best this season. (Sam: That Sam Hanna is one cool guy! Callen: You’ve lost your mind!)

*Hetty’s a Laker’s girl? Or a Laker girl? I kind of enjoy the second image better too!

Densi Moments

*I love the way Kensi is just resigned to her partner’s ridiculousness sometimes. (Deeks: Baby, I got this all day, that’s why they call me White Chocolate.)

*Speaking of which… It’s great how Deeks has combined all of Kensi’s previous nicknames into one: Baby! There is a lot of love every time he says it and it just gives me a little tingle each time.

*More marriage talk and a kiss in Weapons. What can be more romantic than that? Maybe a small beach wedding with the moms and Monty? Perfect and magical. Just keep all the Mandy’s and those sniper school guys out of it!

So what did you think of this week’s episode? Have you become a Granger fan or are you just not sure? Let us know in the comments below. Only two more episodes left now, which will lead us to the end of Season 7. We will be back next week to see how Sam and Callen take on their new roles as firefighters but in the meantime check out our other features this week: Deeks’ Surf Log and Kensi’s Journal. Don’t forget the Edit of Week too! See you all then.

Episode: “Granger, O”
Writer: Kyle Harimoto
Director: Dennis Smith
Original Air Date: April 18, 2016

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Founder, Writer and Contributing Editor of wikiDeeks. Always wanted to put together a talented team of writers and graphic designers who loved NCISLA and Marty Deeks in particular! My dream came true! Hope you enjoy what we have created!

11 Comments on Review: NCISLA “Granger, O.” (S7E22)

  1. Thanks for the review! As always, it’s a nice summary of the episode and highlights all the Deeksness!

    I have to say that I was underwhelmed with the episode. I liked Granger and his daughter’s struggle to bond. I like their chemistry, but it didn’t really grab me like some other episodes this season. I definitely enjoyed the basketball game and Deeks’ b-ball moves (and his choice of attire) as well as the mature and grown-up talk about their wedding. I kinda feel that whole gaggle of girls that Kensi is friends with is a little bit forced on us. I know writers have explained why Kensi would be friends with them, but I just don’t buy it. Deeks got so much grief from Kensi in the beginning about being so “ridiculous” yet Kat, Mindy, Mandy, Tiffany and Tiffany sounds 100 times more vapid and ridiculous that anything that came out of Deeks’ mouth in the beginning of their partnership. Oh well….. One more little nitpick about continuation errors. Eric is now a 3-year varsity basketball player while the last time they played, he could barely catch the ball and stood there like a fish out of water and he played varsity?

    I’m sad that there are only 2 more episodes until the fall. At least there is a S8. Now, we can all obsess with how Dani’s pregnancy is going to be dealt with on the show. Not sure I’d like a Densi baby, but I’m definitely up for a Densi wedding.


    • To be honest, I have never bought Kensi’s “pantheon of crazy friends” myself either, so I completely agree with you: the “Cupcake girls” have seemed forced to me from the very start, from that morning of Deeks’ and Kensi’s first “fight”in bed, similar to Deeks’ mum whose presence in her son’s life has come out of nowhere. Where was she when he spent Christmas at a homeless shelter or when he was shot, beaten and tortured and alone in a hospital bed? Did she have a good reason not to show up and then suddenly appear out of the blue with homemade lasagna?
      I guess the writers should explain a lot about her in Season 8, if they want to try to sound at least a bit consistent. We can accept explanations even with a year’s delay, can’t we? And let other writers handle Kat, Mandy, Mindy, Tiffany, Tiffany and Roberta Deeks plausibly (wishful thinking?) since their “creator” is no longer available.


  2. Another super review, Di. You even made me laugh out loud with your comment about Callen’s date with Anna…Lalalalalalala with hands over ears for me too. Maybe Callen and Granger’s daughter will find a deeper connection. I know she’s a North Korean spy, but I still like her better than Anna.

    This episode was rather low key and slightly boring. The jumping back and forth between the in depth conversations between Granger and his daughter and the happy go lucky banter between Callen and Sam, kept me off balance and I could never sink my teeth into either one. That could be because I have never been a big fan of Granger, and it had me wondering why he needed his own episode unless he will be in charge next year with Hetty retiring.

    I loved the scenes with Deeks and Kensi, but felt as if I missed something as I watched the last one in the armory. Did he propose and we weren’t allowed to see that scene? Or are they just talking as if it’s a done deal and a proposal with a ring is just on the horizon? Surely they wouldn’t deny us the opportunity to see Deeks down on one knee or however he chooses to propose? Would they?

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  3. Liked it better than last week. I agree with daisy about kensi’s friends. I would believe she had friends from sniper school, but not the pony at my wedding friends.
    As for Eric’s b-ball skills I thought he was bad, last time they played. And said he took band or something else. Maybe I am remembering wrong.

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  4. sassyzazzi // April 19, 2016 at 4:02 PM // Reply

    Thanks for a really good review. On a positive note , I really enjoyed all the Deeks and Kensi scenes, I am so enjoying that their relationship is progressing and we still have the humor, the banter and the great chemistry. I enjoyed Sam and Callen and that the entire team was involved in this episode. I thought the actress who played Granger’s daughter was very good; she played the part well, and I certainly would not mind if she came back as a recurring character.

    I found the scenes between Granger and his daughter to move very slowly, and it just seemed like the writers had a pacing problem with the episode.

    My biggest complaint though is how you started your review. I was not only frustrated that we got this before Deeks, M. ,I was annoyed by the end of the episode. This episode was really more about Granger’s daughter than Granger, we learned a lot more about her than him . However, now I know a lot more about Granger’s daughter than I know about Deeks’ mother. Roberta Deeks was thrown in at the end of a bad episode for about a minute and a half making lasagna. Although, we have seen her since then , we know nothing about where she lives or where she has been all this time. I am really hoping that TPTB come through in season 8 and make a two part Deeks, M where we learn about his childhood, his mother, his father, his time as a lawyer, at LAPD, etc.

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  5. Excellent review Di. I loved your reaction to Anna- that was mine too. I think Jennifer was an interesting character who felt like a real person to me, unlike Anna who feels totally wooden. I think Jennifer would have fantastic chemistry with Callen so I hope they try that combo out at some point before they commit to bringing Anna on. I really liked the scenes with Granger and Jennifer a lot, and thought Miguel Ferrer was fantastic. I cannot believe I have come to actually like this character, just as I’ve come to completely dislike Hetty. These two have basically switched places for me.

    And at least we have one indication why they’ve hinted about Anna being needed- Daniela’s pregnancy. I’m now completely obsessing over what this means for Densi. It feels like they’ve been letting Densi enjoy so many happy moments (which I can’t get enough of), because they have nefarious plans to throw a wrench in the works. What horror is going to befall these two that will force Kensi away or off screen for a number of episodes in the fall? And if Anna does join Callen, does that mean I’ll finally get the Sam-Deeks partnership scenes I’ve longed for? I’m simultaneously terrified for Densi and super excited for some serious Densi drama.


    • I would also love to see some Deeks-Sam partnership if DR’s maternity leave forces a partner shuffle on the show. That’s how I thought they should have handled it the first time, instead of having the Deeks-go-round of temporary partners. Right after the events of Descent/Ascension, that could have been amazing. But as much as I would love to see Deeks and Sam work together, I won’t be watching if they pair up Callen with Anna. I hate Anna that much.


  6. Many thanks for your review.

    These are the episodes I like: action, banter, lightness, seriousness, emotions, competence, continuity, tenderness, development of some characters, team dynamics, all together in less than one hour TV.
    To see this kind of satisfactory mix of ingredients I have kept watching this series even when some episodes were far from being memorable.
    I think this season has been extremely rewarding for the fans of this show: the writers had more than one idea in mind and they have delivered on their promises most of the times, so much that they can be forgiven for some minor episodes’ flaws here and there.

    I am glad that the authors decided to dedicate an episode to Granger: he has been an integral part of the team for some time now and it was good to see him from different points of view in just one episode. This season he has had many moments to shine and more than one quote to remember.

    I am really looking forward to the next two episodes to see how this awesome season is going to end. Will there be a classic, rollercoaster-ride cliffhanger to ruminate on all hiatus? Or a less breathtaking Season 6-like almost uneventful ending?

    On one side, I would like a Kensi-focused finale with some (reasonable) angst, but at the same time, I hope a possible Kensi cliffhanger won’t involve her being shot or in whatever kind of imminent danger that implies Deeks hasn’t done his job properly. My fangirl heart couldn’t stand spending all summer thinking about a heartbroken Deeks that blames himself for having failed to protect his partner and the woman he loves. It would be too cruel after seeing the romantic and sweet scene of this week where they start to share their ideas on a future wedding. They are so in love! Who could argue with that after seeing the way they look at each other with heart-shaped eyes? This, I think, counts more than one hundred “I love you’s” even if it’s still nice to hear them say it.
    It’s extraordinary how their life together is becoming more than just a dream to both Deeks and Kensi and it’s getting more and more real day by day.
    Thanks writers for this mature, realistic, plausible evolving, magical Densi relationship.
    I only hope we viewers haven’t already missed the proposal scene!


  7. I don’t mind Granger either he grows on you but as a Deeks fan I would like to have had the Deeks M episode as well. I want to learn more about his family life and his mother. However we can only hope for Season 8. Densi moments were lovely to watch as always and the wedding conversation was just too cute! But where is the real proposal and her ring? Will be interesting to see if they write her pregnancy into the show. You would think they would and not write her out again. Maybe Nate will be back on a part time basis to be Deeks partner for a while? Anyway, looking forward to the remaining episodes and seeing what happens with our favourite gorgeous Detective.


  8. Reader1976 // April 20, 2016 at 6:47 AM // Reply

    Thanks for the great review, Di! I was feeling a bit disgruntled knowing that this was a Granger, O episode as I settled in to watch, a day late. But knowing that we will get the long awaited Deeks, M next season did allow me to focus on this episode. I like Granger and the showrunners have made him more likeable with his flashes of empathy and sense of caring for the team thoughout the past two seasons. I think Lindy may have hit the nail on the head. Is Granger taking over for Hetty? It appears so.
    I liked that Granger has a daughter that he’s known about but never had the chance to know. Di, Your description, “no histrionics…just quiet acceptsnce”. Perfect description. I do hope they follow this story arc. The team trying to figure out Owen’s interest in Jennifer was perfect. Eric was funny. I loved Deeks’s line, “assistant director Granger Danger for the win doesn’t have…”

    I thought Densi was awesome. I hope we see a proposal. Something unique. Enough said.

    I like Jennifer more than Ana, however, I do like Ana as a partner for Callen…but that makes me uneasy because that would mean that Sam is leaving? Yikes…I don’t like change in the core team.


  9. I agree with most of what has been posted so I’ll be brief. I agree that it was a bit slow and the pacing seemed off. I enjoyed the team time, the banter, and of course, Densi.

    -Eric is terrible at BB so why all the sudden is he a 3 year varsity star?

    -The cupcake girls seem ridiculous still. Do they know Kensi is a Fed? She felt compelled to lie to one of her friends way back in S2 (I think it was 2) about being an art curator because she couldn’t tell her she was a Fed. And Deeks ragged on her throughout the seasons for not having many friends. I hope for once that Hetty was spying on this conversation and helps Deeks set up the wedding on the beach. She gave Callen a house so why not work her connections for a surprise wedding?

    -While I may not be a huge Ana fan, I’m glad they’re giving Callen a bit of a life outside of work (ducking under my desk!). It would be nice to see Deeks and Kensi get to turn the tables on him for keeping his personal life out of work, or razzing him if Ana does come and work with them. Fair is fair.

    -Finally, I hope they work the pregnancy into the show. They’ve done a good job of working through the relationship and that would make for interesting tv. Besides, I don’t want them sending Kensi off on a side mission. I really watch for Densi, so that would not be fun (unless Deeks goes with her and we get to see their missions).


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