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Top 10 Wishes for NCIS:LA Season 13

It’s hard to believe we’ve been lucky enough to enjoy twelve seasons of NCIS: Los Angeles. Let’s take a moment to celebrate the fact that we have another season coming our way. We don’t yet know what this new season will hold for our favorite characters, but there are a few things I’m hoping to see. Without further ado, here are my top 10 wishes for Season 13, in increasing order of importance:

10. Less Russia, less Russia, less Russia.

I haven’t done an official count, but Russia-themed episodes last season felt more frequent than ever. Sure, the show’s main character has Russian roots and a Russian name, but these story arcs have begun to feel a bit stale. It would be great to see the show come up with some new long-running arcs, new subjects, and especially, new villains. We know Frank Military’s creepy bad guy, David Kessler, is bound to make an appearance or two, but it would be great to have even more charismatic villains we can enjoy watching the team face, particularly when they don’t win every battle. I’m thinking about arcs like the (admittedly Russian-themed) Sidorov/Janvier episodes, ones that involved scary villains with scary henchmen that felt deliberately planned, where we actually had time to get to know the bad guys enough to fear them and enjoy their demise.

9. More LAPD.

Yes, Deeks is finally an NCIS employee, but I hope the show doesn’t forget about the LAPD. Among my favorite recurring characters are Lieutenant Bates, played by Patrick St. Esprit, and Detective Whiting, played by Karina Logue. Of course, I may be biased because these characters have always brought Deeks-centric stories with them, but there’s no reason they couldn’t be involved in more team-centric episodes. On the other hand, there is one Deeks-centric LAPD story we’d still like to hear, and that’s learning the exact details around the death of Frances Boyle.

8. Consistent respect for Competent Deeks.

Last year was a rough one for fans of Competent Deeks. It sure would be nice to see the showrunners and writers making sure Deeks maintains his competence even when he’s cracking jokes to alleviate tense situations. And for bonus points, a few kind words from Callen and Sam would mean sooo much to Deeks, and to us Deeks fans too. Oh, and extra bonus points for giving us a skilled Surfer Deeks. We’ve been graced with two episodes featuring a surfing Deeks, but we’ve never gotten any clear shots of Eric Christian Olsen actually tackling the waves with aplomb.

7. More reasons to embrace the newbies.

We get it, they’re young. (Speaking of which, can we request a moratorium on age jokes?) Oh, and Rountree runs fast. I understand that we need Fatima and Rountree, along with whoever replaces Eric and Nell in Ops. The core four actors are likely all wanting to reduce their work time to focus on other things, which is understandable after so many years. I’d love to get more reasons to care about these two. I want to learn more about their stories. And I have to say that less whining from Fatima also wouldn’t hurt.

6. Bring back the bullpen. And the undercover ops.

OK, this is really two different things, but I would argue they’re both representative of classic elements that have made the show great. Remember those wonderful pre-COVID days where most episodes began with team banter in the bullpen? I want that back. Really, anytime we get to see them all working together is fun, and now something I’ll value all the more for its frequent absence last season. And how about giving the newbies desks- there’s plenty of room to add a couple more next to Deeks and Callen. Let’s see how Fatima handles the kind of group teasing Deeks has long been subject to.

As for undercover operations, they’ve been few and far between despite being one of skills OSP is supposedly known for. There’s nothing more fun than seeing our favorite characters play people other than themselves. The possibilities are endless and this is one seriously underutilized plot element that could bring interesting dynamics. How about a happily married Kensi and Deeks playing an unhappily married couple? How about Rountree playing anyone other than himself? How about Deeks and Callen playing brothers? And I’d enjoy Sam and Deeks together in just about any undercover roles. It’s not hard to imagine lots of interesting scenarios to challenge the team and liven up the storytelling.

5. More Densi variety.

No one loves the angst more than I do, but last season’s pregnancy storyline never seemed to let up, except to give us Deeks’ struggles with his employment status and their worry over Kessler. I’m very happy to have lots more angst, but I’d appreciate it if we also got to see moments of lightness, of flirting, of downright silliness and fun. Deeks and Kensi don’t have to limit their scenes over the course of an entire season to a single topic, whether that be wedding planning or pregnancy. They can deal with lots of different issues and experience many different moods. Eric Christian Olsen and Daniela Ruah are the best at delivering strong emotions to the show; I just want them to have a break every now and then.

4. Better balance the dark and the light.

NCIS:LA has always run the gamut from silly (“Neighborhood Watch,” “SEAL Hunter”) to incredibly dark (pretty much everything else Frank Military has written). It’s one of the things that’s made the show so interesting over the years. Last season we definitely continued to get both elements, but the humor felt like it was taking over more than in the past. Some characters, like Beale, went full-on cartoonish. Even a character like Arkady Kolcheck, whom we all love, has really evolved over the seasons from a pretty dark and serious guy in Season 1 to kind of a buffoon now, albeit an entertaining one. When Deeks started to look like he was headed down that same Bealish path, alarm bells sounded amongst wikiDeeks readers (and contributors).

It would be great to see the show find a healthier balance between the all out humor of R. Scott Gemmill’s apparent inclinations and the all out darkness of Frank Military’s. Any individual episode can definitely go silly or dark- it’s one of the things we enjoy about the show. And it’s not that Military has grown darker, it’s really that Gemmill has grown sillier. I’d just like to see that silliness stay grounded in reality and carried out without making our beloved characters feel less real, less capable of taking on the bad guys, and less themselves.

3. A new episode from writer Eric Christian Olsen.

ECO’s first effort at writing an episode, the show’s 250th episode, “Mother,” co-written with Babar Peerzada, was a home run. It was exciting, funny, dramatic, emotional, filled with fascinating literary references, and a great team episode, one of the show’s best ever. I cannot wait to see what he comes up with next, and I’m thrilled that we’ve already received confirmation that he’ll be penning the season’s 19th episode. Consider this the first of these 10 items I can cross off the list.

2. “Brandel, M.”

Yes, I know I sound like a broken record. It’s just hard to fathom how we’ve gotten to Season 13 without the show’s best character (according to us at wikiDeeks but also according to Frank Military) getting an eponymous episode. Ironically, he’s quite possibly a character with two names, assuming he took his father’s last name before his parents divorced (again, we assume). It’s a tailor-made set-up for a two-part episode to answer all the questions (OK, some of the questions) we’ve long wanted to know about Deeks’ past.

1. “Deeks, M.”

See #2. What a great gift it would be to long-time fans of this character to get an episode (or two) devoted to his intriguing past. We won’t give up on it happening and we won’t stop asking for it.

. . .

What do you make of my list? And more importantly, what are your wishes for the new season? Tell us all about it in the Comments below!

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29 Comments on Top 10 Wishes for NCIS:LA Season 13

  1. Great list, Karen! Not sure there’s anything I can think to add (at the moment). I loved your point about the “lightness” of the show seemingly getting sillier last season and I can’t stress enough the need for consistently Competent Deeks (and it would really be great to see his teammates acknowledge that too).

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  2. DonatellointheBAUwith187 // September 26, 2021 at 10:25 AM // Reply

    I agree with just about everything on this list. Especially about the endless Russian episodes. They’ve gotten so stale, that they’re moldy.Also, I would like to see the shoe come to a realization that diversity also means of ideas and politics. The trend of laughs for opposite believes has also grown tiresome, people watch tv to escape. I didn’t watch this show last year due to that and other reasons. Willing to give it another chance but likely I’ll stick to Chicago Fire as my must-see show.

    Also totally agree about competent Deeks, and an episode or 2 devoted to him (Deeks,M. Aka Brandel,M.)

    Please, less Roundtree and Fatima, they add nothing to the show. At least give fans a reason to like them instead of forcing characters that aren’t well liked on fans. I must say, that Chicago Fire has had a lot of turnover (especially in regards to one of the paramedic characters-it’s like it’s own meme, but firefighter characters also have changed) but for the most part have created likeable characters with the exception of one original character whose actor has moved on. New characters for the most part, while being welcomed have had to prove themselves a bit to the rest of the firehouse.

    I’m sure there are more things I would like to see but Drawing a blank at the moment.

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  3. Less (or no) Russia…show Sam as actually human for a change…Competent Deeks…real characters as new people and not boring cutouts…I think you hit the main points. Like some other commenters, I really think it’s too late for any kind of Deeks, M. episode. There’s just too much junk floating around for it to make sense, and I don’t know if they could have Callen and Sam take a back seat long enough (or show enough respect to Deeks) for such an episode to work.

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  4. Catherine Betham // September 26, 2021 at 10:47 AM // Reply

    100% ENDORSED!

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  5. My list mainly consists of:
    Lots more Hetty
    Plenty of Hetty centric episodes
    Plenty of scenes between Hetty and every team member
    For Hetty to stick it to Kilbride more then once because of how annoying he is
    For Nate to return (its’ certainly possible based off what I heard on TV Line a few weeks ago)
    For Callen to decide on if he wants to be with Anna for the rest of his life

    And to actually try to enjoy this show for more then 1 or 2 episodes at a time.

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  6. I believe you hit the nail on the head with this. I’ll only add that they need to handle the Kessler story with caution as it gives me the creeps already and also the same vibe of the (Sullivan/Ferris) and to end it without hurting Kensi (again).
    As I’d love to have ECO/Deeks in every single scene of the show, but I know that will never happen, so they need to write a proper story to cover his absence/less screentime (sending him to LAPD or keeping him out of the field for silly reasons like a broken toe) is not working for me anymore sorry.
    Deeks and Kensi address the big elephant in the room about their future working for the low enforcement and their destiny before the adoption/ having a baby.

    I can not Emphasis more on “less” Russia, Anna, and Callen’s love triangle, I feel like we are stuck in a loop.

    Whether we have A” Deeks, M” or not they need to fill the gaps in Deeks background and give him the support and the appreciation that he deserves from the team in general and his wife particularly.

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  7. Well I would settle for anything the writers decide. After watching the premier episode of NCIS Hawaii I realized how really gifted the writers are for NCIS LA. NCIS LA alone has characters who “click”. They know how to banter with each other- laugh and cry and care. There is warmth and growth in each character with a true connection to one another. There are warm smiles, silly jokes, and friendships that are truly genuine. I will not criticize the writers at all because no other drama show compares to NCIS LA in its character development and that in itself is what makes the show so worthwhile regardless of the plot. The only thing I would like to see in Season 13 is the morning connection at their desks and Deeks lighting up a bit as he has been very serious in Season 12. A smile on his face and his old fashioned kidding around would be welcome- like old times!

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    • I would actually say the character connection on this show has been dropping steadily over the last few seasons. And aside from Deeks and (to some degree) Kensi we’ve seen little in terms of character development. I certainly wouldn’t compare it to Chicago Fire or even the now defunct Hawaii 5-0. Everyone’s got their own opinions, of course, but character development on the whole isn’t one of the things I think of when I think of NCIS LA in the last few years.


  8. I know it won’t happen but it would be amazing to see deeks alter ego, Max Gentry especially since deeks a married man now.

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  9. That’s a good list Karen, I have to agree with pretty much all of it. Not going to comment on Russia, Kessler, Fatima or Roundtree, nothing to say. I think my hope for the coming season is pretty much the same as always. I’m not alone wanting plenty of Competent Deeks, appreciated by the rest of the team. I would definitely like to see more LAPD. So many storylines there. I keep hoping we will meet the cop(s) who attended the crime scene after Deeks shot his father. I think I’ll have to keep waiting.

    I’d really like to see them in the bullpen again too, but I’d like to see them in Deeks bar even more, perhaps paying for their drinks too. Nobody does angst better than Eric/Deeks, I’m not averse to seeing more, but I would rather the angst came from the bad guys, not LAPDor NCIS and especially Kensi. I think his marriage should be his sanctuary, he should find peace with Kensi. I want to see them fighting the bad guys together, not fighting each other. With Deeks they have a character supposedly skilled in working undercover, yet we never get to see it for more than a few minutes at a time. I read somewhere Kensi is going undercover solo at some point. I hope I’m proved wrong, but I can see a scenario where Kensi gets to be the hero and saves the day, while Deeks is left in meltdown, afraid of losing his wife. Something like ‘The Silo’. I’d rather see the roles reversed. I’d like to see Hero Deeks now and again. Happy to see Eric is writing another episode, I’m sure he would write Hero Deeks well. Whatever, I’m looking forward to episode 19.

    Then there is Deeks M or Brandel M. On balance, yes please, but I do have reservations. I certainly want all the answers. I’m afraid a single episode would be a disappointment. I’m thinking of ‘Drive’ in Season 4. It promised so much, with Deeks background as a Public Defender, we could have learnt so much. Yet it turned out to be one of the worst, if not the worst episode in the history of NCIS:LA. Almost everything we know about Deeks past we learned in Season 2, it is time they told us more.

    I am so sorry, I have rambled so much, I’ll stop now.

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  10. Can’t argue much with your list. It mirrors my wishes almost to a tee. I know we’re stuck with Fatima and Roundtree. I just don’t like her character, and quite frankly, the backstory they’ve given her sucks big time. I seriously cannot suspend belief enough to buy her being a field operative. Working in Ops, maybe. But I guess it is what it is. I, too, would love a Deeks, M. episode.

    Can’t wait for the season to start, and reading your reviews again. October 10th can’t come too soon.


  11. Debra Gillespie // September 28, 2021 at 4:03 AM // Reply

    1. Some scenes with Roberta, especially if Arkady is involved – how close is their relationship? Seeing the reaction Deeks had last season when he realized his mother and Arkady were often talking to each other, there could be some funny situations there.
    2. Probably won’t happen since “The Monster” was four seasons ago, but I’d really like the team to catch those serial killers, as it seems the FBI by all indications hasn’t nabbed them yet.
    3. The last I heard was that the union strike was still on for next week, which would shut down filming in Hollywood and other locations. If it does happen, here’s wishing it wouldn’t last long, unlike in 2007 when it lasted for three months, and so the filming of the last part of season 13 wouldn’t be delayed very long.


    • Strangely I’ve had these ideas in my head, what would have happened if Deeks had been kidnapped by the killers from ‘The Monster’ rather than Kirkin’s people? One for fanfic perhaps, but not by me.

      Yes I’d love to see more of Roberta too, with Arkady would be a bonus. I started thinking (I need to stop doing that) if Roberta and Arkady got together, and Callen and Anna stayed together, with weddings involved. Arkady would be Deeks’ stepfather and Callen’s father in law, Deeks and Anna would be step-siblings. I think that would make Deeks and Callen brothers in law or stepbrothers? What could possibly go wrong?


  12. If there’s anyone on this thread who’s up to discussing spoilers, well. The sneak peaks from CBS were just released. And as expected, Kilbride is being a massive jerk. (who, like every dummy who can’t understand Hetty, ends up having to learn the hard way that she doesn’t like to be told what to do on a lot of things.). Am I the only paranoid one that is thinking what he says to Hetty is an open invitation to repeat Season 9? (I’m way too addicted to this show)


    • There’s also been some new pics from the premiere released by CBS. And 1 of them reveals a Hetty/Kensi scene!


      • I think spoilers are best avoided, they’re called spoilers for a reason. They suck you in and mess with your head. I can’t leave them alone either. They are there to spark our interest and they certainly do that, they mislead sometimes, too. I just like to see Deeks in the spoilers, that makes me happy.

        For you Maria, I hope you can take heart from seeing more Hetty than usual in the spoilers. At least it seems she will be in Los Angeles at the start of the season, three times out of the last four seasons Hetty has been AWOL. Keep optimistic, hopefully Hetty wont be alone when she clears off back to Syria. I assumed Kilbride was brought in as a playmate for Hetty and we knew they wouldn’t play nicely. Just have to wait and see. I wouldn’t be averse to a Hetty/Deeks scene.


        • It IS nice seeing so much of Hetty again. And yes, I DO hope there’s someone with her in Syria (maybe even Nate!), and I hope she avoids getting captured (as badass as those Season 9 episodes were, I can’t stand seeing her treated worse then dirt.).

          Hopefully there’s more pics of her in future episodes.


          • Hopefully we will see lots Hetty where she belongs, in the thick of things in Los Angeles, not as some sort of satellite as she has been the last few seasons. The team needs to work together without anyone going rogue. I do know that’s not going to happen. I’d like to see Nate again.


  13. I agree with all of them, but the only one that matters to me is the 8. I overheard a spoiler where they dealt with hate crimes against Asians in their show. I’m Asian and I’m a little sick about it. As an Asian, I was very sympathetic to the many insults they made to Deeks last season and carried a lot of sadness for their viewers reaction to affirm it. Unless they improve their respect for Deeks, I think it’s a thoughtless publicity stunt against the social media trend and there’s no useful discussion to be had there.

    I don’t have any bad feelings about the newcomers, but whether I want to see it or not, the show needs them to fill screen time, and I just hope they don’t leave without telling us anything about their background like TPTB did with Nell and Eric. I keep thinking the same thing about our Deeks, of course. Anyway, I’m grateful to most of the crew, except for a few people who keep messing with Deeks unnecessarily. Even if I don’t like what the writers have written, I never forget that a lot of people worked hard to get it shot.

    I don’t check the spoilers because I know they are biased towards the characters they promote, but I did see an image of Kensi smiling at Deeks instead of snapping at him. I hope that will continue. Like I said at the beginning, I’m not holding my breath on the Asian adoption storyline as well as last season’s infertility story. As long as they remember to be respectful of the Deeks, that’s fine with me. I hope they realize that they have a lot more to understand and clean up first than a big proposition. I’ve said something similar in the comments before, but please stop throwing someone under the bus and serving the vulgar audience that laughs at it before they do the “hero saves the world story.” It lowers the quality of the show. More to the point, I would appreciate it if the media would think more about their responsibility they should have rather than the sense of responsibility that their fictional agents have with a baby. I am not looking for perfection in any way. As I may have mentioned a few times, this show is not an educational video, it’s a show dedicated to entertainment. Who would want to learn coherent morality from a classic hero show where people keep dying every week? So making it as removal disgusting as possible is the biggest and only thing they can do. Bringing in new agenda without solving the ones that are already there simply gives the impression of dishonesty.

    Sorry for the long comments each time. Thanks to all the writers on this blog. You guys are the best. And Deeks, I am glad to have met such an interesting and loving character.


  14. 1-I want some angst/hurt/comfort Deeks’s stories.
    2-I wanna see some fight scenes with Deeks as he rarely gets involved in them.
    3- they need to put The Kessler arch to bed. but maybe we could see some confrontation between Deeks and him particularly because they share an abusive childhood.
    4- I don’t wanna see Kensi or Callen being hurt or in hospital for so long time.


  15. I think I need to take my own advice and disregard spoilers. I don’t think I like the most recent offerings. True there is one picture of Deeks looking happy, but he should, it looks like he is in bed with Kensi. All the other pictures of Deeks show him looking most unhappy. I know I said Deeks in spoilers makes me happy, there are exceptions. Other pictures show Kensi and Fatima bloodied. Not sure the picture of a bloodied Kensi is the same episode. Nice to see TPTB are taking notice of us. Sorry sarcasm is not a good look. It will probably be a really good episode.


    • Sorry, obviously I wasn’t paying attention. The pictures of a bloodied Kensi were bts photos of Dani and her stunt double. Looks like Kensi has a tourniquet on her arm, shot maybe. Covered in blood. Perhaps not pleasing people who don’t want to see Kensi hurt anymore. Not expecting similar pictures of Eric/Deeks any time soon, lol.


    • Oh OMG, Patricia, I missed your comments and your sense of humor. sometimes I wonder how you literally speak what goes on in my mind (Sometimes it freaks me out)LOL.

      I was just thinking about the same thing word-for-word, but I was just debating myself if I should say or write something about it or I need to refrain from doing that till the season starts. But looks like you have the courage and determination that I lack.

      I think I’ll try to gather my thoughts and put them on another comment, maybe it will just put my mind at ease after all the spoilers that we have witnessed on Social Media, but I needed to acknowledge your post and raise my hat for you and your efforts. RESPECT.


      • Thank you for your kind words Jessie, but it’s you that routinely writes what I’m thinking. You have the courage and determination, it’s me that lacks self control. I try to gather my thoughts but it’s a waste of time, like herding cats. I look forward to reading your thoughts, sorry I mean reading your words. I think I often write nonsense, but you write nothing but sense. Can’t wait to read your comments.


  16. I always wanted to see a ‘Deeks, M’ episode. Now though, I must agree with RobbieC – it’s too late to give us a ‘Brandel-Deeks, M’ story. Too many seasons have passed and there is enough information of his background that can be gleaned from Season 2 et seq. with snippets and hints. Avid fans are already aware of the history of Mr Deeks.

    The Densi baby arc is becoming as tiresome as the wedding planning arc. It’s as though the writers and showrunners are only sticking with the baby to give Densi something to talk about. Instead, let’s see Roberta and Julia. The moms. There must be comedic relief in those characters for the writers to mine.

    Let’s see more undercover investigations; re-introduce the bullpen and add desks for Rowntree and Fatima. And please, more BOOM! for us fans. The core Team character developement appears frozen in time. It’s time to take them out of their respective boxes and let them run.

    Most of all, I want more stories to show the competent Deeks. We know Deeks is an undercover savant, an excellent investigator, a brilliant partner and a ‘cheeky bugger’. If TPTB want to know how to show a competent Deeks, then I suggest they read Tess Corsi’s fanfic ‘Commander’. Tess called it an ‘AU’, but Tess knows how Deeks should be written. It’s exceptionally good and not too far off canon that it doesn’t read like a Season 1 or 2 episode. TPTB, please join Tess’s dots and bring them to Season 13 to equal a very competent and a very excellent Martin Atticus Deeks. I would think ECO would enjoy portraying the competent, cocky Deeks.


  17. Just a few words in appreciation of Ravil Isyanov. I was saddened to learn he had died at the relatively young age of 59. In his role of Anatoli Kirkin he brought so much joy to so many people. My condolences to his family and friends. RIP Ravil Isyanov.

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