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NCISLA Classified Preview: “Where Everybody Knows Your Name” (S9E21)

Title:   “Where Everybody Knows Your Name”
Airing:  May 6th.
Filming:  Late February, early March.
What CBS is telling us:   NCIS partners with the FBI after a Marine is murdered by a rare nerve gas. Also, Deeks shares his dream to quit law enforcement and open a bar, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES.
What we think is happening:  FBI Agent Morris is back and Deeks is looking to go all Sam Malone on us.

Be on the lookout: GUEST CAST:

Erin Way as FBI Agent Zoe Morris
Our favorite “value-mate” seeking FBI Agent returns from “Battle Scars” last season.

Adam Chambers as Victor
Was Robbie Santori in the “Blast from the Past” NCIS episode in season 12.  Guest star roles include CSI: Miami, Threshold, ER, Cold Case, South of Nowhere, Without Trace, Criminal Minds, The Bill Engvall Show, Zeke and Luther, Good Luck Charlie, Hollywood Heights, Married, Goliath, Rosewood, American Horror Story and Superior Donuts.

Wiley Pickett as FBI Special Agent Fred Munger
Longtime working acting, appearing as either military or law enforcement officials.  In the 1990’s, appeared in a varied group of series – ER, Diagnosis Murder, Space: Above & Beyond, Melrose Place, Coach and Baywatch.  In the 2000’s, Picket was in soaps like Bold and the Beautiful, dramas like Walker: Texas Ranger, American Dreams, The Shield, both CSI and CSI: Miami, Dexter and 24.  More recently was in episodes of Outlaw, No Ordinary Family, Law & Order: LA, Ironside, Hawaii Five-0, Sons of Anarchy, Drop Dead Diva and Young Sheldon.

Was a State Trooper in the “Ice Queen” JAG episode – the episode that introduced the NCIS team.  Played Captain David Wade in the “Gone” episode of NCIS in season ten.  Played CWO3 Rodney Poynter in The Last Ship.

Tyler Poelle as Corey
Played Boon in Scrubs, a police officer in several Criminal Minds episodes, Andrew in We’re Not Alone.  Was in episodes of Veronica Mars, CSI: NY, Without A Trace, Undercovers, I Hate My Teenage Daughter, Last Man Standing, Hot in Cleveland, Grey’s Anatomy, American Crime Story, K.C. Undercover and Impastor. 

Jocelyn Ayanna as Angie
Was Mrs. Dawson in the “Better Angels” of NCIS in season 11 and played Officer Barbour in Justified.  Appeared in episodes of Outlaw, Modern Family, Scandal, Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23, Raising Hope, Workaholics, The Middle, See Dad Run, Anger Management, Criminal Minds, How to Live With Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life), Franklin & Bash, Family Tree, Ironside, Master of Sex, Shameless, Trophy Wife, The Millers, Mad Men, Bad Teacher, Dads, Benched, Switched at Birth, Awkward, Scream Queens and Hand of God.

Emanuel Borria as Gus
Played Ricardo in the season 14 finale of NCIS.  Guest roles include Promised Land, 10 Items or Less, Harry’s Law, Rob, Rules of Engagement, The Fosters, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Major Crimes, Training Day, Wisdom of the Crowd and SWAT.

Anastasia Leddick as Amanda
Featured in a number of short films as well as episodes of Chronicles of the Dead, The Wangmaker, Maggie, Hand of God, Ray Donovan and Lucifer.

Melody Butiu as Evie
Was Nurse Karlen in the short-lived series Invasion.  Was Patricia Richert in the “Hit and Run” NCIS episode in season 10 (the young Abby episode).

Appeared in episodes of The Practice, Strong Medicine, Without A Trace, Baby Bob, Scrubs, Dragnet (2003), What Should You Do?, Cold Case, Samantha Who?, Star-ving, Rules of Engagement, Three Rivers, Modern Family, Desperate Housewives, No Ordinary Family, True Blood, Harry’s Law, Melissa & Joey, Gotham, Major Crimes, Rizzoli & Isles and Kingdom – in many of these programs as a medical professional.

Duncan Campbell as NCIS Special Agent Castor
Back from “Liabilities”.


Written by: Chad Mazero & Jordana Lewis Jaffe
Chad Mazero co-wrote “Internal Affairs” and “Revenge Deferred” in season seven, the holiday episodes for the last two seasons – Tidings We Bring” and “All Is Bright” – and this season’s “Can I Get a Witness?”.

Jordana Lewis Jaffe  wrote or co-wrote wrote or co-wrote “Honor”, “Patriot Acts”, “Dead Body Politic”, “Paper Soldiers”, “Unwritten Rule”, “Big Brother”, “Iron Curtain Rising”, “Exposure”, “Savior Faire”, “Beacon”, “Defectors”, “Exchange Rate”, “Black Market”, “Payback”, “Battle Scars”, “Montebank” and “Vendetta”.

Directed by:  Rick Tunell.  The program’s longtime production manager also directed “Revenge Deferred” and “Se Murio El Payaso”.

Insider Intel:

Official Photographic Evidence:

Unofficial Surveillance:

On set kindness:

On set all-business:

On location wackiness:

On location envy:

Today in having your photo taken with both LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell (the photo wouldn’t post for some reason):

Link to photo.

Emanuel Borria is happy to be working on the program:

Video Surveillance:


Sneak Peeks:

A bonus from Barrett Foa:

And a link to more sneak peeking at ETOnline:  Link Here.

Possible Sports Related Delays:  None planned.



Tess DiCorsi is a wikiDeeks contributor. You can read more by Tess HERE.

18 Comments on NCISLA Classified Preview: “Where Everybody Knows Your Name” (S9E21)

  1. Thanks for your preview, always welcome and full of information.
    To be honest what I’m really curious to see is if Deeks running a bar is just one of the many OOC characters’ behaviors of this season or it will have serious future repercussions on his (and Kensi’s) life, which I’m quite scared to find out because it may mean what we have been discussing over the past week (ECO totally leaving the show or staying but with very reduced screen time, owning a bar).
    Then, I would have hoped to see Deeks and Kensi together in the field again, but the sneak peek showed they are with Hidoko and I am already here, trying to guess how much screen time she will steal from both of them.
    Moreover, last but not least, I hope the Neric fans will have a nice scene with Nell and Eric to watch, since this season they have nearly been MIA too, along with Densi.


    • Thank you!

      I don’t thinking owning/running a bar is all that out of character for Deeks. He’s been talking about the two of them walking away from their dangerous careers for quite some time. He’s been tortured, she had what could have been a career-ending/life altering injury. It is actually really in-character for me to have Deeks looking at a career completely away from what they do.

      I want more of the Eric and Nell scene. That looks like fun.

      Thanks again!


  2. Great preview Tess,
    you always find all the good stuff and drag it into one place for us.
    thank you as always.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You know,
    As I watched the promos and sneak peaks this week it was just so obvious what has been missing. It was thrown right into our face.
    More ridiculous wedding banter…about stuff neither one of them would care about if canon was even in the same zip code.
    Kensi…chocolate fountain…really??? WTF.
    They still seem so far apart about stuff that shouldn’t matter
    It is like there nothing else the writers can come up with for them to banter about.

    It was obviously just a setup to bring up the Deeks leaving his job discussion again.
    Talking about banter, what was up with the scene at the motel.
    It was just as flat as could be.
    The Deeks and Kensi walk across the parking lot and up the stairs seemed off and even awkward.
    I compare it to all of the great quick little banter segments that we have gotten during a transition between locations during a scene in the past.
    A few examples. Like in touch of death with Deeks harassing Kensi about flirting with the 5-0 boys. Pelvic tilt, feremones, sleeping with his shirt. Kensi teasing Deeks about island fever and saying she only wears a costume to bed…classic.
    The Touche dance and teaching semantics to a dolphin comments while climbing the stairs…
    The you can’t handle Vegas conversation.
    The I’m not bending over in front of you today comments…

    There are dozens of them. It is a great way to interject a little comedy and confirm their connection at the same time.

    I was actually EXPECTING it, and was disappointed when they said nothing. It was just dead air with nothing but watching them walk…
    Oh, how the might have fallen. This is a long way from what we have grown to love and expect.

    A week or 2 ago, Mosley said herself that Harley needed more field experience.
    So, who appointed her in charge to give out assignments in the parking lot to 2 senior personnel with vastly more experience.,Hmmm
    She is getting forced on us more and more.

    Then, we get the shotgun comment from Harley, Really,
    Put the guy that is a foot taller than you in the back.
    She is the guest tag along, get in the back or drive your own car…

    This is just more attempts at transference of affection.
    Here is how the brain trust must be thinking…

    We like Deeks… he calls shot gun a lot… We will have Harley call shotgun… everybody will like her

    People like Sam and Callen…they make Deeks ride in the back…Harley will make Deeks ride in the back…people will like Harley too.

    Is this what their thought process has degraded to?
    Wow is this sad
    A newbie using someone else’s material to fish for a joke.
    When you look at recent events and watch ate promos it makes me take pause.
    If I was the least bit suspicious…
    Which all of you know, I am not, Right?
    I would thing that there is an attempt to transition away from Densi and more toward Neric as the couple of lovebirds if this is Densi’s last season. Will Neric be the new Densi?
    It doesn’t set well.
    I think now it might just lead to some comedy, but down the road, who knows. It is nice to see them get some airtime.

    On the plus side.
    Little agent value mate should be a treat.
    She wasn’t intimidated by Sam and Callen in the least last time.
    Watching her order them around a little may be fun.


    Liked by 1 person

  4. wait…
    what the heck is wrong with me…
    okay, that was rhetorical…no comments needed.

    have things gotten so bad that I am actually thinking a guest actor may be one of the highlights of the show this week???
    i’m going for a walk to clear my head…


  5. sassyzazzi // May 5, 2018 at 10:05 AM // Reply

    Thanks Tess, lots of behind the scenes, lots of sneak peeks .I will reserve judgment until I see the sneak peeks in context. I did have the same reaction as others have already commented, I wonder how much screen time Hidoko will take from Kensi and Deeks, and as Ed said , I really did not like Hidoko giving the orders, and I certainly did not think it was in any way funny that she would tell the guy who is Kensi’s partner and is 6″2, she who is 5″ feet tall ,was riding in the front. It seemed like only JLJ would think that was funny. Sorry for the rant, so much for waiting to see it in context.


    • exactly, well said,
      nothing about Harley’s interaction with them was good.
      it didn’t flow well, seem logical, or was funny.

      the only value what so ever was to make Harley appear as a more viable field agent. (replacement)…or that is what the show runners appear to be thinking.



    • hoopsdiva // May 5, 2018 at 11:55 AM // Reply

      Sassy, I’m glad d to hear I’m not the only one who thinks that JLJ is the only one who thinks her humor is funny.


    • Thank you!

      No rant – I think calling shotgun is just a running joke on the show whenever there are three of them in the vehicle. I like Hidoko so I think she’s just messing with them. Thanks again!


  6. previously,
    in a similar short scene with just the 2 of them walking from the car to the door we once got banter about Kensi’s biological clock and Mutant Ninja Assassins.
    …now we get silence..dead air.
    it is actually somewhat depressing that no one seems to even be trying.
    it was a lost opportunity…
    unless it was intentional, to make us feel the separation between them and set things up for a change at the end of the season.
    …or make the wonderful surprise bigger…yeah, that’s it…


  7. For me, it just doesn’t work.
    Harley is not any more believable than Nell as a field agent.
    In some ways, even less so.

    It can be done…
    Grace Stevens
    Natalie Giordano, the secret service agent

    Whether we liked them or not, they were all far more realistic in the position.

    There are plenty of female actors out there that can sell the fact that they are a capable field agent. The show should try and go find one…

    We have had many on this very show.
    Siderov’s Bond Girls (barbies)
    The girl that beat on Kensi in Forasteria
    Eva, the Mexican cop.
    …And many more…

    Yet, we get this…
    I just don’t get it.



  8. It is obvious at this point, and has been for several episodes, that Renee is pregnant. At least they are covering her up with huge clothes instead of putting her in a coma. Has she not said anything about it or is it supposed to be a secret? (Not actually my business, though, lol)


  9. Some Sunday social media:


    • The truly stunning thing about this post is, that out of all the actors on the show.
      only Daniela Ruah managed to find time to post something.
      I do not know just where everybody is, but I do know she is in Lisbon.

      yes, it is a Sunday.
      But she spent all day at the opening day red (blue)carpet event for Eurovision.
      in spit of this and the fact that it actually Mother’s day in Portugal…
      She still managed to promote NCIS LA by posting something even though it was after 1 AM in the morning her local time…
      Impressive level of dedication.
      I wish we saw more of it from some of the others…she is a true phenomenon.
      Dani is amazing.

      Lets see if she gets the episode right…
      Apparently that is harder than you would think.



      • Yep,
        LL did just retweet something.
        …apparently while I was typing (code for me spelling things wrong).
        I guess I missed it because the show was already airing in half the country.
        In any case, even though it was a little late for the east coast feed, the gesture was appreciated.
        It is nice to see them take some time to mention it.
        It shows that they care.


  10. maria luisa illarnizzi // May 8, 2018 at 1:41 AM // Reply

    Eco twitted the work out video but forget to put it on instagram!? I love the episode so much! Now that Deeks bought the bar, I just hope that we will continue to see Deeks on the show. Maria Luisa


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