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Review: NCISLA “Three Hearts” (S5E21)


I’m not exactly sure what is going on in NCIS: LA fandom these days, but there has been a lot of controversy swirling about the amount of attention getting paid to Densi’s relationship. Hopefully this new episode, written by Kalstein and Harimoto will have something in it for everybody no matter what character you are cheering for and love. It’s always wonderful to see Valentine behind the camera as well, bringing a strong feminine touch to the show and the action on screen. It’s a powerful trio working this show, and I have been looking forward to "Three Hearts" for a long time.

The main story centers around an undercover NCIS agent (Angelo) who has gone rogue, but now he is suspected of working for a drug smuggler (Brunson) bringing in contraband on Navy ships. Once he went off the grid, the team has to figure out why and pull him in before his disappearance affects national security.

The Kid’s Got Skills

As a proud Deeks/Densi fan I was excited to hear that (according to Dave) this is the episode that would take over where "The Frozen Lake" left off. We’ve been waiting a long time to see how the Kensi and Deeks relationship would progress but a lot has happen since Kensi was whisked off to Afghanistan. I knew we wouldn’t hear the same conversation that might have happen if the partners had met after work that fateful night to discuss their 'thing'….and I was right. Even though their banter was sweet and silly as they start their day, Densi is still having trouble getting to the heart of the matter. Something is brewing beneath the forced smiles.

Game Recognizes Game

With Angelo in custody, thanks to a fancy-staged carjacking by Callen and Sam, Hetty and Granger go to work interrogating the rouge agent. But who is interviewing who? They’re not sure what side he’s playing so they send in Kensi and Deeks to continue the interrogation. Angelo is cocky and self-assured and playing the game very well. He finds it funny that Hetty has sent in the partners to get more answers out of him. So he decides to tell them a little story about growing up on a range and like the Frozen Lake metaphore we learn again what’s going on between Densi and what’s unsettling Deeks. It seems everybody has three hearts, one you show to strangers, one that only your soul mate sees but the third is private… too much truth… too much risk to reveal it to the outside world. So Angelo plays the psychic and tells Deeks that Kensi has already seen his third heart! Is it that obvious? Does he wear his devotion to Kensi on his sleeve for all to see? Interesting… and even more so when Angelo tells them it won’t end well. Kensi tries to deflect his little fable by recognizing that Angelo has revealed his third heart too... Angelo is in love with Brunson’s wife who he has been sent to guard. Why does love have to be so complicated? If he’s reading Densi’s body language, he’s doing a great job. They are so much in the throes of a new found love that it must be very obvious to the well trained eye... fidgeting with his hair, the sound of her voice. Deeks is still leading with his heart and wants to take the bait, but Kensi methodical as ever continues to play it cool.

Going undercover again, Callen and Sam find out what Brunson has been smuggling… a drug cocktail called Krokodil that will quickly flood the streets of Los Angeles. Angelo tells Densi that his boss has to pay for the drug and he was supposed to broker the sale. They want to go after Brunson’s wife but Angelo has another fable… this time about raccoons! This guy really knows how to screw with your head! (I wished Kalstein/Harimoto had picked a different analogy but ok, I’ll go with it.) Angelo plays on Densi’s emotions and tries to scare them into believing love doesn’t last forever… or is it raccoons don’t mate forever… not sure by this time! But I get his game… and all of this is not sitting well with Deeks.

I feel like I need to take a shower after that conversation…..

Obviously, Hetty suspected that Angelo was involved with the boss’ wife, and she sends in Densi as bait to get him to talk about his feelings. Only he didn’t take the bait… Deeks did. Deeks sees all his analogies can apply to him and Kensi. Since “Fish Out of Water,” Deeks has been wondering how he was going to make it work out with Kensi. Angelo has stirred up all these emotions again and even though Kensi assures him it will never happen between the partners, Deeks is not buying it.

I enjoyed Sam playing with Stephen Wozniak’s character, Brunson, who plays one of the smarmier bad guys the show has seen in a while. Would love to know where he got his inspiration for playing that character! He gets Brunson to agree to let his gang buy some of the Krokodil in exchange for Angelo. LL Cool J is so much fun to watch undercover, you have to admire how slick he can get. At the Mission, Angelo may have preferred to be turned over to Brunson instead of being interrogated by Hetty. Just when you think you got her pegged she tells you what her real motives are. Cutting the strings indeed!

Angelo is afraid Brunson is going to crack when the deal goes down and gives up more intel to Hetty. He does his damnedest to try and save Olivia and wants to get her out of the middle of deal to keep her safe. But it all falls apart after Olivia hears Callen say the safe word. But Hetty was taken! Callen and Sam are made! So, all along Angelo had gotten in too deep, and let Olivia see his Third Heart. It was also his downfall. Despite the team being able to overcome Brunson and his goons, I’m surprised Angelo lives to see another day after pulling one over on Hetty…but the ol’ gal has something up her sleeve for another day. As he goes free, you kind of have to feel sorry for the guy.

So we end the episode with how it all started. Deeks used that knife to get him through the darkest days of his separation from Kensi. Now he’s using it to rip open envelopes. Sometimes a knife isn’t just a knife. As he returns the weapon to Kensi, you can see the wheels turning and the confusion swirling in his mind. Deeks became unsure about his relationship with Kensi since she left and it became apparent after his talk with Talia that he’s not sure how their ‘thing’ is really going to work out. Both Kensi and Deeks have come so close to death this season. He almost lost the one person in the whole world that has ever meant this much to him and he is questioning if he can handle it. That’s the kind of truth that puts you at risk. It’s hard to live with all that vulnerability. Just ask Kensi. When he tells his partner he doesn’t know what to do about their thing he’s a lost man. We usually don’t get to see him so uncertain. It’s a different Deeks for us and that’s hard to take. (But it’s also great to see another aspect of his character too.) He wants so hard to make it work, he just doesn’t know how. For once in his life he can’t act on gut alone, he has a whole lot of feelings to work through. It could be part of the PTSD weaving its ugly head back into his life or just the raw emotions of loving someone that may be impossible to love. I think it’s real and so human. It’s a complicated dance but so is the mystery of life.

I was a bit disappointed at the end until I saw Kensi heading for the box and then using her knife to slice through the tape. As Deeks looks inside and gives a laugh, he pulls out another sealed box. There was hope in his face. The fact that he didn’t take out his own knife to open the nestled box was telling, too. He realized he would symbolically need Kensi’s knife again to find out what was inside. Usually you don’t put one box inside another unless the item is delicate and that’s what I think Kensi was trying to tell him. Have patience with our relationship and when you need my knife back you know where to find it. The knife belongs to both of them now, to use when needed.

Is this the ending I wanted? Of course not. But I think we’ve got to be patient and go along for the ride. I truly believe they will be together in the end. I don’t think their love is going anywhere and we get to see how it will affect them as they work together.  If it was all signed, sealed and delivered it wouldn’t make for such an interesting love story. I believe Hetty is correct… This is just the end of the beginning and now we get to see them move on from their thing to a real relationship. In fact, I would be happy if we never hear the word ‘Thing’ again. Let’s make this all about the love story instead as we go forward into next season.

I’ve said it before, I enjoy the way Dave Kalstein makes you work to understand what’s going on underneath the surface. I love putting the pieces together and coming out at the other end with a theory that works for me. Although it was a bit confusing at times, Dave does make you think, and that’s so rare for these kinds of procedural dramas.

Memorable Moments

  • Poor Callen had to wear Deeks’ homeless coat. That must have been a hoot when he went into wardrobe to pull that thing out!
  • Finally… Kensi calls Hetty out for something! She doesn’t like her using her relationship with Deeks to get answers from Angelo… But why didn’t we ever see the conversation as to why she used her to go after the White Ghost?
  • I’d rather but a bullet in your skull and dump you in the ocean. But neither one of us is getting what we want tonight. Granger just makes me laugh out loud sometimes at his off the cuff remarks. Gotta love him.
  • How cute did ECO look as Kensi was opening the box. Now I know what he looked like as a kid when he was opening up his boxes at Christmas time. The wonder and suspense on his face… priceless.

Classic Deeks

Deeks: The good news is this team totally respects your privacy so you are fine. This team thinks it’s totally awesome, yet a little bit predictable that you wear a wonder woman sports bra.
Kensi: Ok I wouldn’t exactly call them wonder woman sports…
Deeks: No, I saw it..that’s what it was. They are perfect because they match my superman underwear.
Kensi: I didn’t need to know that.
Deeks: I didn’t need to tell you that.

Deeks: Contrary to hundreds of years of scientific evidence, I believe that raccoons do mate for life.

Classic Densi

Kensi: Don’t cut yourself.
Deeks: Kid’s got skills.
Kensi: You can’t nervously style that mop without any fingers
Deeks: There’s nothing to be nervous about because I have my partner back.
Kensi: And it feels good.
Deeks: It feels right.
Kensi: The band’s back together.
Deeks: Rock and Roll!
Kensi: Van Halen!
Deeks: Original line up?
Kensi: Diamond Dave era?
Deeks: I mean, is there any other?
Kensi: Jump.
Deeks: Hot for Teacher.
Kensi: Panama.
Deeks: What’s in the box?
Kensi: You mean that box?
Deeks: I mean, is there any other box?
Kensi: Apparently not.
Deeks: You didn’t answer the question.
Deeks: That was easy.
Kensi: Like I never left.
Deeks: Wait! You left? When? Seriously? You were gone? Did you go to Afghanistan?
Kensi: Kid does have skills.
Deeks: Speaking of skills, what are you, uh, what are you up to tonight?

Hope you enjoyed Dave’s interview that we posted yesterday. If you haven’t read it yet, you are in for a treat. Of course we have new editions of Deeks’ Surf Log and Kensi’s Journal tomorrow as well. Next week also we have a special feature story by Anonkp which is an analysis of the Deeks/Hetty relationship. You don’t want to miss that one either! We’re counting down to the last three shows of the season and a new review in two weeks! See you all then!


Title: “Three Hearts”
Writers: Dave Kalstein, Kyle Harimoto
Director: Diana Valentine
Original Air Date: April 15, 2014


Diane Volpe is a Contributing Editor at Follow her on Twitter: @phillydi

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Founder, Writer and Contributing Editor of wikiDeeks. Always wanted to put together a talented team of writers and graphic designers who loved NCISLA and Marty Deeks in particular! My dream came true! Hope you enjoy what we have created!

26 Comments on Review: NCISLA “Three Hearts” (S5E21)

  1. Dr. Brenda // April 16, 2014 at 4:04 PM // Reply

    Great review as always!!! I was waiting for it and you didn’t disappoint.

    I was also a bit sad at the way he gave back the knife. But I think the box & Hetty’s comments (especially if you look at Diane Valentine’s tweets regarding that) do indicate that we’ve moved past the “there is no thing” phase. Some “thing” has started, the beginning of that thing is no longer in question – acknowledged by everyone. Now what will it look like as it unfolds?

    Kensi didn’t hesitate the way he did, and she made it clear that she has opened up to him when she opened the box. I also thought it was significant that she said “It’s still sharp.” – like she took note of the fact that he had taken good care of her knife. It seemed to imply, together with opening the box, that she trusted him to also take care of her heart. In the past she was always frustrated when he didn’t say what he meant. This time, he said what he meant, and even though it wasn’t exactly an enthusiastic endorsement of their relationship, she took it and responded by opening the box. I didn’t like that scene the first time I saw it, but when I thought about it, it does show some significant growth in how they relate to one another.

    I read the conversation by the SRX where Deeks said it would be because of Kensi that he was on the wrong side of the table as a veiled reference to how he almost crossed the line with the cleric in Spoils of War. He realized to what lengths he would go to defend/protect her and I think it still unsettles him.

    I also wondered about that exchange with the underwear. I haven’t seen it referenced anywhere in other reviews, like it was inconsequential. I have watched that segment several times and the way Deeks says “I didn’t need to tell you that” and Kensi smiles awkwardly and says “OK” while they both smile a little too knowingly at each other seemed to imply that she already knew what kind of underwear he wears. Am I misreading that? Would love to hear what others think.

    (ps – not to get too “street” on you, but I do some of my work in the “hood” – it’s Krokodil. 🙂 Nasty stuff.)

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  2. DeeksFreak // April 16, 2014 at 9:26 PM // Reply

    Such a great review, Diane! I totally agree with the sentiments you expressed regarding Dave Kalstein’s episodes and how he makes us work to understand all the nuances of what’s happening onscreen. We are on the same page with everything else, too. A lot of people on Twitter didn’t understand what happened with our dynamic duo at then end, many of them interpreting the opposite of what (I believe) was intended. This is what I took away from the episode regarding the status of Densi:

    Deeks has been thinking of the consequences since “Fish Out of Water.” He doesn’t want to lose his best friend. There’s a lot they still don’t know about each other. There are parts of him he’s not sure he wants her to see, at least not yet. He’s already seen the consequences of just letting his heart take over. He doesn’t want to mess things up by moving way too fast. I’m sure he thinks about what Thapa said to him about the Frozen Lake and not rushing things.

    Hetty’s words sum it up pretty well — “it’s the end of the beginning.” They are finally at a point where they can talk to each other about their thing without one of them pretending it doesn’t exist. As they go forward, they will continue to shed layers of each other and get closer to the heart of their relationship. The next box will be opened when they finish the next part of their journey. This is a marathon, not a sprint, and they’ve got a long road ahead of them.

    He gave the knife back to say let’s back off from going full tilt and screwing things up. Both of them are still trying to figure themselves out, and each needs to understand one’s self before being able to be completely open to the other. But, then Deeks added the bit about the raccoons to say if they figure out that’s what they are (they keep ending up together because it drives them crazy to be apart), that’s it – it’s a forever thing with them.

    I’m not worried about Densi. If it’s too perfect it wouldn’t be satisfying. This keeps things interesting. We already know they are drawn to each other and will continue to be. It will definitely be interesting to see how it all plays out. I believe we’ll see a series of obstacles that will ultimately bring them closer together in the long run. There will be ups and downs as they go, and probably a good amount of angst added to the mix. And, in my opinion, angst makes for great television.

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  3. I have to say that I found this episode tremendously disappointing. Before I list my criticisms, let me preface my comments by saying that I’ve realized the main reason behind them is that I want these two together. Now. Now, now, now. I’m tired of waiting. And I’m scared that I may be waiting another four years.

    I was glad to read that Dave Kalstein doesn’t mind when fans “burn him down” on occasion. After he gave such a generous and wonderful interview to this site, I feel a little rude turning around and criticizing, but hopefully he would take it in the “authentic, emotional” way it is intended… Here’s the thing- I loved the frozen lake metaphor. I thought it was a very clever way to allow Kensi, who’s otherwise unable to verbally express her feelings, to communicate to Deeks what she was thinking. But do all of their key interactions have to consist of metaphors? I liked the conversation at the Cadillac. I actually said out loud, “Good communication!” But the end was very frustrating for me with the knife and the box and the raccoons and the beginning and the end. I thought these two had grown in their ability to communicate, but apparently not.

    Of course, per my opening comment, I’m mostly just mad because Deeks seemed to take a step back. And while others have raised great reasons for this, it wasn’t how I read it within the episode. To me it looked like Deeks was looking forward to spending the evening with Kensi, and then all of sudden this random bad guy starts playing mind games and he totally caves. I also have a hard time wrapping my head around two adults who’ve been in a monogamous relationship for what, two years, who are still finding reasons to not be together. Yes, I see progress in their relationship, but I don’t get what not sleeping together, not being together together, is going to do for them. I don’t see how they would behave differently/more safely in the field because they’re in love but not together. And if they’re going to wait until they both have dealt with all their individual baggage and issues, this is going to take way too long. It just felt to me like the first time where the writers threw a roadblock between them that didn’t feel totally right (or a reason to cover a maternity leave), that felt more like an excuse to keep them apart. I think it panicked me a little because I don’t want their relationship, or lack thereof, to become a ridiculous only-seen-on-TV, totally unrealistic joke. On a related note, the fact that we haven’t even been able to tell for sure the nature of their relationship, their off-the-job interactions, since Spoils of War (or really, since Recovery) is also frustrating. I guess some people enjoy the game the writers play with making us wonder and guess. I’d just like to know what’s actually happening. To me, this is not a necessary or enjoyable mystery.

    And don’t even get me started on Hetty, and how Densi could call her on her manipulation here but not over Jack and Afganistan.

    One more thought- I too enjoy television that makes me think. But three Kalstein episodes in a row where the is-he-a-good-guy-or-is-he-a-bad-guy spouts metaphors and wisdom (Thapa, Tujon, Angelo) is not in my book good writing. It’s formulaic.

    I’ve decided that I clearly need to develop more patience, which in turn has led me back to thinking about my own frozen lake. Kalsteeeeeeeein!

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  4. Great review Diane and I understood where your were coming from..when you said it wasn’t the ending you wanted. I felt the same way… as we didnt get a clear cut answer..regarding the fate of Kensi & Deeks “thing”

    But like you said..Dave Kalstein. makes Densi fans., just a little harder to figure out where our romantic twosome is headed.

    I thought it was interesting to see.. that in “Three Hearts”..Deeks is the one full of doubts about things working out between Kensi & him….while in Frozen was the opposite way around.

    When we spot Deeks at near the end of the episode..Deeks looks deep inthought & sad. His fears & doubts about Kensi…are obviously on his mind still.
    Im guessing he looks so down and un Deeks like….because of what Anlgelo told him earlier..about how things would not work out between him & Kensi.

    Obviously…things didnt end well..for Angelo & Brunson’s wife.
    Then there was Talia in “Fish Out Of Water” who told Deeks about how her relantionship at work had failed.

    Thats 2 strikes…and perhaps Deeks…was thinking Kensi and himself..were next to strike out.
    If Deeks was thinking about what those 2 told him…it’s no wonder he looks down in the dumps.

    I was as confused & uncertain what was going on as Kensi was….when Deeks pushed Kensi’s knife towards her.

    You could clearly see the hurt on Kensi’s face..when she surmised that that was Deeks subtle way of letting her know…that their thing was finished in his eyes.

    But soon as Deeks told her… that he felt that racoons mated for life…Kensi’s eyes & face brightened right up…before she walked over to give Deeks the box.

    I think that a metaphor..for Kensi’s heart. as it says clearly on the box in big red tape…” Handle With Care”

    In Frozen Lake…Kensi asked promise he would be patient with her.
    I think Kensi…is not ready…to let Deeks see her 3 hearts..or give herself over to him completely…not yet anyway

    I like what DeeksFreak said…about the shedding of layers.
    Kensi opening the 1 st box is her way of showing Deeks that she’s letting him..see a little more of her 3 rd heart.

    And everytime Deeks says or does something to show Kensi how he feels about her..she will trust him more..and open her herself & her heart to him wider.
    ( The fact they were talking about their alluding to a another form of shedding.)

    I think..there is another box..inside the one we see sitting on Deek’s desk….so it will be fun to long it takes open the newest box for Deeks.

    I watched those last few moments..about a dozen times.
    And even though Deeks & Kensi didnt say anything to each other once Kensi started walking towards the box…the fact we saw both of them smiling at the end of their time on screen….was a great this Densi fan at least…that their “thing” was still on.

    Having said that…I fee that they have both moved on..from their “thing”..into something..more serious & deeper in meaning.

    Hetty herself alluded to that ..when she told was the end of the beginning.
    That was another good sign to see..that Hetty was giving her blessing.. with the idea of them going forward as a couple.

    The show was full of analogies & metaphors tonight. Like that story Angelo told about the female raccon..coming back night after night to look for her male partner.

    It reminded me of Deeks desperate search for Kensi while she was being held in Afghanistan.

    If Deeks had not found Kensi when he did…Im sure Deeks would have kept searching for her..until he did locate Kensi. He would not have stopped..just like that female racoon.

    Overall..I really liked “Three Hearts” as I thought Daniel Henny was really terrific & Im glad we will be seeing him again sometime down the road.

    I also enjoyed watching Sam working undercover …he was very convincing….as a bad a$$ who talked tough & knew his way around a drug deal.

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  5. Reader1976 // April 17, 2014 at 1:49 AM // Reply

    As usual, Great Review! There were so many layers to this episode. The dialogue in the boat shed was amazing. When Hetty stopped Granger and sent in Deeks and Kensi, she knew the undercover op had gotten personal. And when questioned, she said with conviction that Densi was exactly the interrogators needed. And it was true. While Angelo spun stories to deflect, Kensi was methodical and called Angelo on all the BS. But Deeks took the comments to heart and applied them to their partnership. That was amazing acting. The subsequent conversation in the parking lot..layers and layers as Angelo said.

    Game recognizes game. After all, the name of the game is to throw your opponent off balance by implying weaknesses that may exist. Angelo went undercover too deep and exposed his third heart and deflected to Densi. Agent Angelo was struggling with falling in love with Emily yet he was an NCIS agent and loyalties are split. Hetty saw this clearly. And the symbolism of Kensi’s mismatched eyes to the telling of the raccoon story was brilliant.

    Hetty is not the “puppet master”, she is the one that cuts the strings. Hetty differs from Granger in her handling of an agent that has gone off script . Granger would simply take him out with a bullet to the head, yet Hetty understands the risks of the job. Going undercover too long and too deep..who’s responsible? The organization or the agent? As Deeks said in the boatshed, Angelo has been undercover in multiple cases over a short period of time..yet Kensi commented that he worked too slow…why is that? Hetty chooses to cut the strings as punishment. Angelo no longer exists except for his alias. What he chooses to do with that is possibly a later story. Will he try to get to Emily or will he shed the undercover persona and when Hetty asks him to do something, he will?

    Fascinating episode and the ending met expectations. Deeks has indeed shown his third heart and with that comes enormous risk. After this case, balancing all the variables and possible outcomes, he chooses to return the knife to Kensi. However, Deeks is unable to resist adding that contrary to scientific study, he does believe that raccoons mate for life. The frozen lake episode where the Ghurka advised moving slowly and with patience *sigh*..the word patience always brings to mind the Chinese character for “patience” . It is comprised of the character for knife written above the character for the heart. The knife can cut the heart but patience will keep the knife suspended above the heart. Deeks is clearly struggling with his love for Kensi and his urge to keep her safe. The expressions on his face when he decides to return the knife *sigh* the expression when he said he believed in mating for life…was amazing. Equally amazing…Kensi without hesitation took down the box down and opened it with her knife. Her comment that it was still sharp implied that their “thing” was still there and still sharp. The layering of another box inside the first was perfect. “Touché”…what’s inside the box requires “patience” and Deeks got it. The next layer will be revealed. When Granger said, is this the beginning of the end? Hetty’s wise is the end off the beginning. Stay tuned 😊

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    • Reader 76 …your comments were very enlightening and somehow comforting. The only thing I can add are my thoughts about the knife. Apparently I can only deal with one metaphor at a time. The knife represents Kensi, and Deeks held on tightly to it while she was away, caring for it as he would for her, keeping it sharp, so that when she returned she would see the care he had taken of something she held dear. I think he returned it not because he was taking a step back, but because she was home now. He didn’t need a symbol of her, because he had her back in his life…the real thing. And just maybe he was putting the ball in her court now…she could use that knife against him in so many ways, but she used it to open the box, to reveal just a bit of herself, giving him a hint there was more she wanted and was willing to reveal…that’s why he smiled.

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    • Hi Reader1976…I enjoyed your thoughtful & insightful review of the episode!
      The thing about how Kensi;s tied in with the racoon story..really was,,pardon the pun..( metaphor???lol) an eye opener!

      So was the thing you said about how a knife above a heart…is the Chinese character for patience.
      As Deeks himself would say…”Well played…well played!! lol 🙂


    • Reader1976 // April 20, 2014 at 1:21 PM // Reply

      I meant Olivia, not Emily☺️.


    • Thank you for outlining the Chinese character for “patience”. Wonderful and fitting in this application!


  6. Sweet Lu, I like that take-away very much 😊😊😊. Deeks walked away with a much lighter step after he looked in the box. 😊


  7. Diane, great insight as always. So many metaphors and symbols to dissect, it was mind boggling. As I tweeted on Tuesday, since they both left with smiles, it can’t be a bad thing. I’m very impatient and like anonkp I wan’t them together now but we all know that good TV shows leave you thinking and guessing and this one certainly does at times! Love Dave Kalstein!

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  8. There is no many things to say about that episode. I believe it was more Getty (Granger & Hetty) and less Densi episode than I expected. However, these scenes were adorable. During the box opening I couldn’t get my eyes of it. I was just stearing at it wondering what could be inside. To be honest I thought Deeks was going to look in, smile and then walk away, but definatly not another one. Now all we have to do wait (plobably another one season).

    Could be just me but I think the song played at the last Densi-box scene was the same played during their date in ”Recovery”.

    I didn’t like Angelo (as I didn’t like Daniel Henney as Mickael Noshimuri in Hawaii 5-0). He was kind of aggresive at both Hetty and Granger. But he was right on the Densi thing; like he knew what had happened between them. And if I were Kensi, I would also question Hetty’s call. Deeks didn’t do it so ”obvious” as Kensi did.

    I hate to say it but I can’t wait for the season finale. DEA agent Talia (I think) is back. I want to see Kensi’s reaction when she will find out that her partner had worked with her and that Nell was not the only one who had replaced her during her absence.

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  9. Diane, great review as always.

    I wanted to comment for days now, but since I didn’t have the time and it’s been overdue, I will keep it simple.

    Deeks behavior didn’t come as a surprise to me. Since the beginning of the season I feared Deeks might step back and to my disappointment he did.
    Strike one: he basically accused Kensi that she will be his destruction. How can the woman whose memory comforted you in your darkest hours can possibly wreck your world? I understand that maybe he got a bit scared of himself back in Afghanistan, but let’s face it. As Max Gentry he has done some nasty things too. That was not the first time his dark side took over.

    Strike two: he didn’t keep his promise. Kensi asked him to be patient and he failed her.
    On the contrary Kensi kept her promise and was more than willing to openly discuss their thing!

    Strike Three: the knife! I didn’t bother me that he gave it back. I was upset by the way he handed it over. It wasn’t hand to hand.

    Strike Four: Raccoons! You can’t break someone’s heart and then give them hopes by quoting that line. It confused me and I bet that was the whole point.

    Being a pessimist, I didn’t receive Hetty’s quote the way most people have. Many fans assume that the beginning is over and Densi has now stepped into the next level.

    What I got from that line, was that their relationship ended before it even started.

    Anyway, overall a really good episode – after all I have a soft spot for Kalstein’s writing.


  10. Angelo is interesting. Hope that he will be back not just once.
    And about this ep, I’ve read many disappointed comments from Densi’s fans, but with me It’s amazing, specially the last scene. They have too much things which haven’t known about each others. Slow it down or they will mess every thing up.


  11. Thanks, Diane, for another great review of, to say the least, an interesting episode. I’ve waited almost a week to write just a few of my thoughts about the episode as I wanted to access wikideeks, tumblr, and the FB sites to see how the Densi fans were reacting and give myself a chance to think about everything. First let me say, that unlike me, my husband’s immediate reaction was, “That was good!” I, on the other hand, was in panic mode – DID THEY JUST BREAK UP?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Then, I started to calm down. No, they didn’t break up; Deeks stepped back. Now, the ball’s in Kensi’s court, and she knows it. That’s what her smile was all about when she left. And, she feels confident enough to now acknowledge the increasing depth of their relationship to actually open the box for him! And, yes, Deeks is not giving up because he knows in his heart of hearts that they belong together, and it’s a love story, for pity’s sake! And, Hetty quoted Churchill, and Churchill meant what he said at the beginning of WW II. The part leading up to the war, the BEGINNING, was over; it had ENDED, and now the war would begin. Interesting that she used a truly gloomy quote to talk about a love story, but Granger started it, and he was referring to Densi, and she wouldn’t let him get away with THAT! I’m very excited about what the writers, directors, and actors are planning for Densi. I truly don’t think any of them has given up on these two lovely, special characters who mean so much to so many fans because they mean so much to the show’s success as well. So, we all need to hang in there and enjoy what’s next as Densi embarks on an even better, deeper relationship.


  12. Thank you so much for this fabulous site, which I stumbled over a week or so ago and have been addicted to ever since! I’m in England and way, way behind you guys, currently watching S5 on DVD (and not that quickly as my husband won’t binge watch). Obviously I can come to this episode with a different perspective because thanks to the internet I am fully aware of the pivotal Densi moments to come (shower, anyone?), but even if I wasn’t I wouldn’t see the end Densi scene as a breakup. Both walked away with smiles on their faces and typically that doesn’t happen when you break up.

    By the way Churchill’s quote in full was “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning” and he said it after the defeat of Rommel at El Alamein in November 1942; the first tangible Allied victory after over three years of war.

    (I’ll get my hat…)

    Liked by 1 person

  13. almartin1999 // February 8, 2021 at 11:53 PM // Reply

    The first time I saw the end of this episode when Deeks hands back the knife, I thought that Deeks was calling it quits on their ship. How do you think he felt when he saw Kensi hugging Jack at the end of “War” when she was rescued? He had to turn away. Poor Deeks. I feel so bad for him. I’m surprised he has lasted this long. If it was me I would of gone back to LAPD and say you NCIS people can keep it. They constantly act like they don’t accept him.


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