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Review: NCISLA “Venganza” (S9E22)

For most episodes of NCIS: Los Angeles, the charm of the banter and the excitement of the action enable me to look past any plot holes, directorial missteps, canon inconsistencies, or characters out of character. But every now and then an episode comes along where I find myself unable to just chill and enjoy because I’m too confused by the plot or too agitated by other issues. Alas, “Venganza,” written by Erin Broadhurst and Kyle Harimoto and directed by Yangzom Brauen, fell into the latter category. I’ve helpfully labeled the sections of my review so that you can skip right over the ranting if you’d like.

The Good

Let me start with the things I liked about the episode, beginning with two moments involving Sam. I was glad to hear he’s still planning to travel to Carmel with the kids to scatter Michelle’s ashes. It’s nice that the writers haven’t forgotten about his plans. I also liked that bad guy Michael Silva wanted to look out for his autistic brother, and that Sam was going to see to it personally. It was an interesting and creative callback to “Se Murio el Payaso.”

I also loved watching Kensi and Deeks practice shooting. That’s choreography I can get behind. Plus Deeks’ movie confusion, whether it be mixing up Flashdance with Dirting Dancing or not knowing where Butch and Sundance were when they were killed, was quite charming and funny. “I mean, I’ve seen the movie, I think I know.” Yes, Deeks, you may have a concussion.

And while I had some issues with the Densi shoot-out, I loved how Deeks shielded Kensi inside the stable. It reminded me of that scene from the hotel room early in “The Frozen Lake.” Oh, and Harley did a hilarious job as the chef warning the bad guy about parasites. She sold that story well, although Kensi or Deeks could have done the job at least as well, and without making Harley drive all the way to Malibu- uh oh, the ranting has already started!

The Bad

There were a few things that made this episode tough for me to follow. One was that I barely remembered the counterfeiter story from “Se Murio el Payaso,” other than it was the episode where Densi spent the entire time in the boatshed interrogating Lucila Marca. It may have been my shortest review ever since there was little Deeks to discuss. It did not seem like the kind of story that needed a follow-up.

In addition, the episode just felt a little filled with random moments, maybe kinda sloppy, both in the writing and the directing. There was the continuation of character soup, with different people coming and going so that Callen could split off from the group and so that Harley could have something useful to do. All this mixing of people and places, including recurring guest – and new NCIS agent – Nicole DeChamps should have given the episode an energetic feel, but to me it just felt unfocused. (By the way, they had been casting for a new recurring female NCIS agent. Could it be that DeChamps, with her move to NCIS, is taking the spot instead? Maybe that’s why they decided to return to this story, as a way to reintroduce her.)

I thought Callen never slept, but now he’s sleeping like a rock? The meditation worked so well it put him back to sleep but he still meets Sam at the crack of dawn at the boatshed? He’s now offering to help Sam with the boat? I thought he’d been doing that all year. What was the point of Densi interviewing the prison guard in the boatshed? If Agent DeChamps was undercover, how did the Peruvian bad guys find her? That seems like a big, mole-like problem for NCIS. And what was the meaning of the secret message?

Another complaint- it feels good to get them off my chest!- was in the directing. Unfortunately I had quite a few quibbles with first-timer Brauen. In the cobbler scene with Sam and Callen, the slight movement of the camera from side to side left me feeling like the vehicle behind Sam was moving. It was disorienting and distracting. I know they frequently utilize this technique, but there was something about it this time that didn’t work. Then during their shoot-out, what the heck was in those trash bins that kept DeChamps from being filled with holes? Was the nightclub throwing out trash made of steel or Kevlar? (And why didn’t she run back inside?) Also, how convenient did it seem for Callen to notice the stack of flammable containers that brought an end to said shoot-out?

Then when Deeks and Kensi were taking fire on the hilltop, we never got to see the “sheer cliff” they were discussing jumping off. It communicated to us that the cliff-top scene was shot in a different location from the stunt-people falling scene, which was likely a different location to the Deeks and Kensi stopping scene. Later, the doors of that stable were clearly paper-thin (they needed some of DeChamps’ trash bins!), yet all the bullets went to the side, miraculously missing them. Good thing that Callen could get there from Glendale in about 15 minutes and Sam and DeChamps could arrive from San Pedro (40 miles on the 405 Freeway) in the same amount of time. Maybe they took a helicopter? The addition of the song (Funk #49 by James Gang in case you were wondering) was also problematic- it immediately took away any sense of suspense and communicated that the good guys were about to win.

Finally, in the last scene with Callen, the lighting made me laugh out loud. Was this a government facility or a secret meeting of James Bond villains? I hate to be so critical, but this episode definitely stood out for me as being less well put together than most. It did make me appreciate how consistently well directed the series usually is, especially considering how many different people take the helm.

The Densi

And then there was Densi. Be warned, there’s still quite a bit of ranting here too. The duo got off to a nice start with the shooting practice. Too bad they didn’t get a chance to incorporate some of their moves in the big shoot-out at the end. But once again we got what felt like the exact same conversation the two have been having since the season began…

Kensi: Choreography’s a beautiful thing.
Deeks: [Sighs] Wow, you are just not gonna let this go, are you?
Kensi: No, I’m not going to let this go. Why can’t we have a choreographer for our wedding?
Deeks: No thank you.
Kensi: Wh- Look, you’ve had salsa class and waltz lessons, why is this any different?
Deeks: Baby this isn’t about my skills, and it certainly is not about your skills. I just, I just want this thing to be…
Kensi: Our wedding.
Deeks: Right, our wedding. I want our wedding to be natural. OK? I want it to be like us, I don’t want it to be too forced or too planned out because the truth of the matter is, baby, it doesn’t have to be perfect because we are perfect together. And that’s what this is all about. That’s all I’m saying.
Kensi: So you’re saying we can’t do the overhead lift a la “I’ve Had the Time of My Life”?
Deeks: Listen, at the end of the day, I’m going to do whatever it is that you want me to do. If you want me to do the whatever it is that you just did, I’ll do it. I’m just trying to tell you where I’m coming from.
Kensi: Fine. No overhead lift. Or jazz hands.
Deeks: For as long as we both shall live.

First, yes Deeks, you and Kensi are “perfect together.” Shameless self-promotion alert, but just this past Sunday we posted an essay on that very topic. I definitely got a kick of out of hearing Deeks echo my piece’s title.

But a choreographer so they can do the Dirty Dancing lift? I don’t even know what to say. Is Kensi actually counting their one session with Hetty as “waltz lessons” and Deeks’ one practice with the guy in “From Havana with Love” as “salsa class”? That’s so clearly not a Deeks thing and I hate that they’d give us a Kensi who thinks it could be. I am really hating these wedding discussions more and more, primarily because I don’t see Kensi as being portrayed at all in character. I guess I will be happy next week then, right? Seems like wedding discussions are coming to a head one way or another! Unfortunately the discussion continued…

Deeks: I have the most amazing idea.
Kensi: Does it involve vacation time in Diamondhead?
Deeks: What about here?
Kensi: What do you mean, here? You’ve been talking about surfing in Hawaii for months.
Deeks: What about if we did the wedding here? In Malibu, on the beach. Baby, we talked about doing a beach wedding. Why not do it here, on our beach? Why fly to somebody else’s beach? That’s their beach.
Kensi: You’re right.
Deeks: I’m- I’m sorry, what? I could just, if I could just record that maybe, and use it as my outgoing voice message, just to let everyone know how right I am.
Kensi: I’m just saying that it is a beautiful location, and that patio is huge. It could fit like, what, 150? Easily.
Deeks: Oh, no no. Not so much the restaurant, I was talking about the beach, and 150 people? OK, that’s way too many people. I was thinking like 10 people, just the people that mean the most to us by our side.
Kensi: There are way more than 10 people that mean the most to me.
Deeks: Right, no no, obviously. More than 10. Like fif- fifteen. Twenty?
Kensi: Deeks, I grew up on bases. I was the Agent Afloat for an aircraft carrier. The people that mean the most to me add up. It’s not just the people that mean the most to me right now.
Deeks: And for you that makes sense, and that’s totally right. But for me, I’m a little bit different. You know, when I move on, for better or for worse, I move on. It’s not that I’m keeping track of like, my buddies that I played Little League baseball with.
Kensi: Little League?
Deeks: Not that, but with you it’s different. And these people love you, and you love them, and they should be at your wedding.
Kensi: Our wedding.
Deeks: Our wedding.
Kensi: I love you.
Deeks: I love you too. But just to clarify, that means you’re OK with the reception being here?
Kensi: Yeah, I’m sure they could do a wonderful fixed menu of clam chowder and fish ‘n chips.
Deeks: It sounds like you’re being sarcastic but seriously, like that’s my kind of party.
Kensi: Our kind of party!
Deeks: Our kind of party!
Kensi: Oh, my gosh.
Deeks: It’s gonna be so much fun.
Kensi: I know.

Well that was awkward and uncomfortable! This discussion confused me. For how long have these two been planning their wedding, and they’re still negotiating the number of guests? How can they even search for a venue if they don’t know how many people are coming, let alone decide the color of the tablecloths. More importantly, the idea of Kensi having 150 close friends doesn’t ring true to me. This is same the woman who once faked plans to visit her fake family in Seattle for the holidays, right? I’ll be interested to hear what you all think about that. Does someone who slept on the streets for two years and lies to everyone she knows about her job strike you as someone who has 150 friends and has maintained relationships with people she’s considered friends at different stages of her life? I guess it’s in keeping with the same Kensi who’s buddies with Tiffany, Tiffany, Mindy, Mandy and Kat, another thing that never rang true to me. Maybe I need to actually see her interacting with the Tiffany’s for it finally make sense in my mind.

The Promo

How can we discuss this week’s episode without considering how it will play into the two-part season finale? That promo sure got my attention! I hadn’t heard that Frank Military was writing it, which put a whole different spin on my expectations and fears. I think it’s fantastic news for Deeks and for Densi, although not necessarily for what it might mean for Eric Christian Olsen’s plans.

You all know that the Prince of Darkness is my favorite NCIS:LA writer. I think he’s the best overall, the best at writing a competent but complicated Deeks, and one of the most romantic in terms of Densi. He wrote two of my top 3 most romantic scenes, and my number one most romantic kiss. Of course, the latter came right before he literally tortured Deeks, so be warned that there’s likely a huge heaping of angst in our near future. I just refuse to believe that Military will leave them in a truly bad place.

In fact, I think it’s still possible for us to have a wedding by the end of the two-parter. A simple, sunset beach wedding like most of us want. Why else would they have spent the season arguing over these ridiculous, over the top plans that are so obviously wrong for them, if not for Kensi to realize in the end that she just wants to seize the day and be married to the man she loves? Life is short, right?

What did you think of “Venganza”? Was I too hard on it? What’s your theory about these repeated wedding discussions? Are you freaked out about the finale or looking forward to it (or both)? Tell us in the Comments below. But FYI, I’m staying away from all social media and possible finale spoilers this week, which unfortunately includes your lovely comments. I can’t wait to read them once the finale airs!

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47 Comments on Review: NCISLA “Venganza” (S9E22)

  1. I liked your review and it made lots of good points and many that I can agree with. In my opinion I have to say that I and many other fans of this show probably don’t look at the show with such a critical eye. Good or bad we love the show and will continue to watch no-matter-what. These two lovers may end up eloping with a justice of the peace with a couple of witnesses.Again the review was very well done.Thanks.


  2. Hey Karen…I can’t fault anything you wrote, especially the rant, although it didn’t bother me as much as it did you. That said, maybe I’m getting used to the confusion, which is sad. I’m not sure why they keep bringing back bad guys from past episodes, and no, I wouldn’t have remembered who any of them were if they hadn’t done the flashbacks in the beginning. It’s as if they can’t come up with any new ideas so they are searching for storylines from the past. Not sure why they picked this particular one, unless, as you said, they wanted to reintroduce the woman agent. Just what we need…another character thrown into the stew of agents we already have.

    My one rant is not an old one. It still amazes me how no one is ever hurt during all the firefights, explosions, and tumbles down hill. The bad guys die, but miraculously, not even a scratch or a limp from Kensi or Deeks after going tits over ass down a cliff. As Deeks would say…”Seriously?” And how do three bad guys with automatic weapons only hit the door of that stable. Maybe those walls were reinforced concrete behind that rustic wood. I know it would change the storyline if one had to take time to have a wound treated, but it’s really getting to be unbelievable that they come out unscathed every time. Maybe the bad guys need to take more target practice.

    Now for that scary preview. Frank Military is the best writer this show has, and he scares the crapola out of me. With all the uncertainty about what Deeks will be doing next season, or if he will even be back next season, the fact that FM is writing the season finale gives me just a smidgen of hope amidst the fear. But the question is…is it enough to overcome my suspicion that the powers that be might actually break them up and leave us hanging and destitute and pissed over the summer? Would they do that to us?

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  3. Jess (bluenet13) // May 15, 2018 at 7:25 AM // Reply

    Thanks Karen for another great review. It’s hard for me to think and comment about this episode because all I can think about is the promo. But let’s try.

    I enjoyed the episode and was entertained all the way through. I appreciated that we finally got more Densi and a nice balance of conversation, action and that great shooting practice scene. The problem comes with the subject of said conversations as their wedding talks keep sounding out of character to me. These feel like the talks they should have had last summer during our hiatus and when the proposal was still new, not a year later… I did love their ending action scene, and have in fact rewatched it many times since it aired.

    As for the rest of the episode, for this type of show, I’ve grown accustomed to the inconsistencies, good guys being practically bulletproof, and traffic/time not being an issue, so those things don’t bother me as much anymore. I didn’t care much about the case, as “Se Murio el Payaso” is an episode I disliked very much. I’m not the biggest Anna fan so I also didn’t care much for her storyline. I did like Sam talking about Michelle and the boat, especially as we near the anniversary of her death.

    As for the promo, I will just say I’m glad Military wrote the next episode, as he’s by far my favorite writer. I’m not worried about the showrunners breaking Densi up by their own choice, but I’m worried that cast contracts and personal decisions could force them to. Whatever happens, I hope they don’t leave it open for a Densi angst-filled summer…

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  4. Great review! Rant and vent away!

    You know, I was just thinking yesterday that I don’t know if I’ll be buying the season 9 DVD. I’m that disappointed in it.

    Here’s my wish. During the hiatus, I want Gemmill and the writing team to barricade themselves in their conference room and binge all the previous seasons AND read all of wikideeks. It’s intervention time, people. They’ve been given a gift of a season ten. Time to shake off the lethargy and get cracking. The mothership will be doing their SIXTEENTH season. Supernatural will be doing their FOURTEENTH. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. thought this past season, their fifth, could be their last and they pulled out all the stops for a kick ass story arc. They’re now renewed for a sixth. Timeless fans are BEGGING for a third season and even season finaled on an amazing cliffhanger.

    I don’t FREAKIN’ care if y’all are tired or burned out or want to move on to other things. Quit yer bitchin’, wake up and realize what an amazing opportunity this is with a fan base WHO CARES. I take that back; this isn’t a wish. This is a demand. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER. FAST. You’ve got another chance at this.

    I guess I was in the venting mood, too.

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    • sassyzazzi // May 15, 2018 at 12:43 PM // Reply

      I agree with what you said, I would only add, get ECO, Dani , LL and COD in a room and make them watch over a couple of days , season 9, every episode, start to finish, no phones, no interruptions, just watch, and then ask for their input into season 10.


    • this is fantastic.
      go get em…


  5. Karen!

    Another Great review I can’t believe there’s only one left.

    I agree they have had the whole year to plan this wedding and they haven’t sent out any invites yet. Sometimes I just don’t get what the hell Deeks is talking about it’s like he’s not the same character he was 2 years ago.

    What really got me super pissed off was the preview of next weeks Ep. There is NO WAY that the Deek’s character would ever make Kensi cry and infer he was going to leave her! At least not the Deeks I’ve been watching these past eight years. This is so not OK and makes me want to quit watching the show. If they are going to split them up or one of them is going to leave then I’m done. I only watch because of Densi cause the callen and sam show is sooooo boring I go to sleep in the middle 0f the Ep.

    I don’t think I’m going to watch next week until I read your review. This will save ware and tear on my TV and DVR when I throw things at them.
    I’m REALLY going to miss you guys and my favorite show.

    I’ve been watching TV. since the mid 50s and these two actors have the best chemistry of any that I have ever seen its a shame the show runners don’t see it

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  6. Thank you for your great review Karen and all the other great comments and reviews.
    A simple sunset beach wedding is really what I, too, want for Deeks and Kensi, maybe if the team will go to Mexico Hetty can show them one of those beaches where she surfed in Mexico 🙂
    I really hope this episode really was a goodbye to Anna’s character, I have to admit I thought there would be a much bigger storyline about that shooting and that there would be a some kind of reveal about her reason for shooting Sokolov. I am so nervous and excited about the season finale that during this episode my mind was already wandering to the season finale 🙂
    I really am hoping for that intervention peakae mentioned before s 10 starts!

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  7. sassyzazzi // May 15, 2018 at 10:31 AM // Reply

    Karen, I loved your review, it was so entertaining. I enjoyed this episode a lot, however, everything you said rang true. In another season, I would have thought this was only okay, however, this season , it is great because we got some personal Densi scenes and also Densi in the field as work partners. I also loved Deeks in his red truck and the scenery of beautiful southern California beaches . I feel like I should give the show an A for effort, it almost feels like the show runners came back in January and actually read fan reviews across social media and are trying to deliver.

    I will rant again about Harley. I just wish that someone would spend as much time trying to come up with a part for her, as they spend worrying about how much screen time she gets. I really found it distracting that Deeks and Kensi were in Malibu on PCH at lunchtime, and out of nowhere pops up Harley , the notion that Kensi called her and she got there in traffic was absurd. Both Deeks and Kensi have played waiters before, there is no reason that entire segment could not have just been them. It absolutely made a good Densi scene feel disjointed and there was no reason to do that.

    As far as the promo, I suppose it is possible that when Harley was talking about her husband , that there was a foreshadow that Deeks is blown up in that car explosion we saw , and that Kensi and Deeks get married as he is carted off in a helicopter and we have to wait the summer to see what happens. To be honest, I cannot imagine that happening, it would involve more story planning than we seen all season, and it would make Deeks and Kensi center, which we have not seen this season. I am going with my practical side. I think when CBS released the finale summary, which was yet another Sam centric finale ( Sam is shot) and it is the rescue of Mosley’s son, the social media I saw responded very negatively . There were lots of people saying they were not going to watch. Very few people care anything about Mosley. Lots of folks complained about no wedding. I think TPTB gave us a Densi promo to get people to watch. It certainly is generating lots of social media commentary so probably it will get folks to watch.

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  8. I think Kensi is making Deeks very nervous with all her stupid wedding suggestions and the fact that she has no clue as to what would make him happy. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if he winds up becoming a runaway groom! Like you said this is just not the Kensi I grew to love. I know weddings make people crazy but it looks like the two of them are going to be having a very serious talk next week. I hope Military has that fairytale ending we are looking for but with everything going on I’m just not sure what pieces we will be picking up off the floor as the season comes to a close.

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  9. R/N : The episode left me in a less than pleasant mood, so apologies in advance.

    R/N stands for “Ranter’s Note” by the way…

    Welcome to NCIS Bizarro World Los Angeles.
    Things that don’t make sense, chaotic plots, characters so out of character they are barely recognizable, canon, what canon…
    The entire season has been schizophrenic at best and ridiculous at worst.
    An old inappropriate saying involving a bunch of monkeys and a football come to mind…
    Just sayin’
    The vast majority of this has already been stated better by others, but I need to vent a little bit.
    Mosely is a royal Beeach one episode then nice and smiling the next.
    No idea just what Hetty is doing anymore. chain of command doesn’t exist Mosely runs right around and over her.
    Harley doesn’t seem to fit anywhere and just keeps popping up taking some random agents job from week to week.
    Hetty spent years grooming Nell to take the lead in her absence, yet she seems forgotten.
    Kensi all of a sudden cares about table cloth lengths and the color of center pieces.
    Deeks actually making Kensi cry and think he may leave her.
    Callen being a big douche to Anna…” I thought you MAY have wanted some time” really WTF worst boyfriend EVER.
    He checks up on Sam, but ignores Anna.
    He deserves to stay alone forever. That just sucks.
    Agent DeChamps (Marsha Thomason) is far more believable as a field agent than either Anna or Harley are…Nell too for that matter
    Get rid of Harley and Anna and replace them with DeChamps.
    I get that Deeks is struggling, but if I recall, he has spent 8 years refusing to become an agent because “ being a cop isn’t just what he does, it’s who he is”…
    All at the risk of being pulled back to LAPD.
    The fake shooting that shook Kensi’s trust, internal affairs, Whiting.
    None of it was necessary.
    He constantly made fun of the agent’s courses, failing bomb disposal, refusing to take close quarter battle or urban warfare… joking about a master of disguise class.
    Mocking hand to hand training and stick grappling
    Making pirate jokes about knife training even though he has nearly died more than once.
    He was nearly useless in expiration date in the fight.
    He is supposed to be Kensi’s partner and have her back.
    Forget about him, he stands a better chance of protecting his partner if he actually says alive, staying on his feet would be a bonus.
    He puts her life at risk when he is overly occupied with an opponent he should have easily disposed of.
    Now he is constantly pressuring Kensi to leave a job she loves.
    As emotional as the ending of The Silo was,
    He was too caught up in his own pitty to provide the support that Kensi obviously needed.
    Maybe some of those classes and training he avoids might actually help him cope with the stress.
    But yet he avoids Nate like the plague.
    …Maybe Sam was right after all…he is only just a cop.

    He gets a second chance with no more secrets… and continues to keep things from Kensi.
    The restaurant, the bar…WTF…crappy move.
    Kensi gets her ass kicked because he is busy chasing down some stupid laptop all day.

    Speaking of the bar…
    This might be the stupidest thing that the show has come up with in the 200+ episodes so far.
    Multiple Gyms, different laundry mats, different routs to work, different jogging routes, different coffee places… No patterns, no predictable habits.
    Who cares when the bad guys just have to hang out and wait until the agents show up…brilliant.
    Alcohol, loud, dark crowded… perfect place to get a disturbance going to distract someone and then shank them, right….
    Sometime down the road he will get distracted breaking up a typical bar fight and get knifed in the kidney from behind.
    Certainly, all the bad guys he put in jail as an undercover cop (and all their friends) would never wander into a bar, right???
    Just. Plain. Stupid.
    And that isn’t even dealing with the whole abusive alcoholic father issue….hey a bar fight or two should bring back some GREAT memories, Right?
    And now he makes Kensi feel like if she doesn’t quit that he will leave her.
    Maybe Deeks can move in with Callen as a roomie
    They sure don’t deserve a woman in their life.
    If you need help, get it, don’t project your issues onto others.

    I can’t figure out what the plan is.
    This finale was filmed in the 2nd half of March and the first week of April.
    So it was fleshed out and written well before that.
    This was all finished shooting over a week before CBS announced that there would actually be a season 10.
    I’M not going back to verify, but I believe the wrap party was on April 6 and the announcement was around the 16th…or somewhere close.
    So, what did they decide to do.
    If they actually intended to keep their word about the wedding, it would have had to been shot for the finale.
    So, do we get a wedding, will they break up Densi to allow ECO to leave.
    They couldn’t assume they would have next year to ease into it.
    Did they actually shoot multiple endings so they had options depending on the show’s renewal?

    The writing is doing a pretty good job of ruining the partnerships, the relationships, the characters, and the continuity of the show.
    It just doesn’t flow very well any more.
    I don’t enjoy it like I used to, and it sucks.
    …because it doesn’t have to be this way.
    They can do better.
    PLEASE do better

    I have a feeling we will get a crappy cliffhanger with Kensi and Deeks unsure about their future. Well just Great—

    Wait, does that work?
    Never mind,

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    • I really wanted to give it a pass and leave your rant ignored but I couldn’t, so I will just quote once again your last thoughts about Deeks:
      I get that Deeks is struggling, but if I recall, he has spent 8 years refusing to become an agent because “ being a cop isn’t just what he does, it’s who he is”…
      All at the risk of being pulled back to LAPD.
      The fake shooting that shook Kensi’s trust, internal affairs, Whiting.
      None of it was necessary.
      He constantly made fun of the agent’s courses, failing bomb disposal, refusing to take close quarter battle or urban warfare… joking about a master of disguise class.
      Mocking hand to hand training and stick grappling
      Making pirate jokes about knife training even though he has nearly died more than once.
      He was nearly useless in expiration date in the fight.
      He is supposed to be Kensi’s partner and have her back.
      Forget about him, he stands a better chance of protecting his partner if he actually says alive, staying on his feet would be a bonus.
      He puts her life at risk when he is overly occupied with an opponent he should have easily disposed of.
      Now he is constantly pressuring Kensi to leave a job she loves.
      As emotional as the ending of The Silo was,
      He was too caught up in his own pitty to provide the support that Kensi obviously needed.
      Maybe some of those classes and training he avoids might actually help him cope with the stress.
      But yet he avoids Nate like the plague.
      …Maybe Sam was right after all…he is only just a cop.

      He gets a second chance with no more secrets… and continues to keep things from Kensi.
      The restaurant, the bar…WTF…crappy move.
      Kensi gets her ass kicked because he is busy chasing down some stupid laptop all day.
      Deeks actually making Kensi cry and think he may leave her

      I have just one question though: why do you watch this show?
      It is clear that it only annoys you.
      After 9 years of watching and rooting for Deeks you came to conclusion that he is crap of an agent, unreliable and lying cop who cannot take anything seriously and that eventually Kensi would be much safer and better without him.
      And yeah there is additional bonus of him being passive aggressive towards Kensi when pressing her to leave the job.

      I am also not happy and satisfied with each and every episode or each and every character but honestly at this moment I am almost relieved that this site is closing down because all I can feel now is huge amount of negativity that somehow contaminates me.

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      • Well said Maria, I feel like the negativity is spreading and growing a lot, contaminating everything. Wait until you know the whole story of the finale before judging! There’s a lot of assumption there about what you think will happen. While the promo is definitely made to throw off the fans so that they watch, it never reflects the reality (remember Hidoko being shot int the promo like 4 episodes ago ??). Plus if it starts bad .. it usually end better. I honestly would have been really worried, it the promo had been about a happy Densi about to get married!!! because you then know that it would have turned badly. Also you fully assume that ECO is leaving and I am far from convinced of that.

        That episode was far from perfect but at least it was funny and full of Densi.
        We know that there will definitely be plenty of Densi in the finale too. That’s at least one thing to be happy about.
        Finally if you ask for more Densi, as everybody did all year, well that’s what you get. This show is a drama, not soap opera. They never gave free hugs in that show, and there is no reason that it starts now! That’s also part of why I like the show, that the drama is intense and realistically slow in terms of relationship (any of you got married ? I did recently, and a year of planning, even for a small wedding, is totally normal).

        Anyway, I am looking forward to the finale, and would rather watch it with an open and optimistic mind 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

      • While I don’t speak for Ed, I think he has been rather easy on the crap that the writers have put on the air this year. I get that you think there has been a lot of negative comments about this season but I think they are well deserved. That’s my opinion and I wouldn’t expect everyone to agree with it as I can’t agree with yours. What is great about this site is everyone gets to voice their opinion even though the site is about Marty Deeks. It’s great to comment about ins and outs of the whole show.

        The show runners have made Deeks a killer so questioning his character is their fault and makes everything Deeks does in question. So Ed’s list may be to short.

        I think its great to hear from both sides of the coin and this site allows it and I’m going to miss it even if I quit watching the show

        Liked by 2 people

        • hey Ron,
          don’t worry about speaking for me,
          I don’t really speak for me either.
          I just make crap up on the fly and wing it.
          close your eyes, swing hard, and hope for the best….probably why I never made the majors…

          Liked by 1 person

      • I’m very sorry to disagree with you, Maria, but WikiDeeks closing down has really saddened me to no end, so I can’t be relieved at all and I’m sure I’ll miss this site, all the staff who spend time making it a nice place with interesting topics and posts and the chance to write something about my favorite show. I wouldn’t have written anywhere else about NCIS:LA, but here I have always felt at ease to write and comment, both when I have said something positive (many times, this show is literally my passion) and when I couldn’t help being more frustrated and disappointed.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Despite my previous fight for positivism I want to add that I am sad too that Wikideeks is ending.

          Liked by 1 person

        • I, too, will really miss this site, this site has been a kind of a safe haven to express my feelings, (even if my English isn’t perfect since Finnish is my native language). If I have been frustrated with the show this site and all the comments and reviews have really helped me get over it and feel much more positive and in my opinion this site has been spreading a lot of positivity.
          The reviews here have been excellent, well written, well-thought-out (not just retelling of what happened in an episode), written by writers who know and love the show and characters and I will really miss them next season.

          Liked by 1 person

          • oh hey,
            if you all want to give me your contact info, I will be glad to just E-Mail or text you my rants next year…
            just a thought,


            • maria luisa illarnizzi // May 16, 2018 at 11:32 PM // Reply

              Hi Ed! I would love to continue to read your thoughts about our favourite show. Best regards from France.


        • I too will be very sad when this site closes.
          I do love the conversation.
          thank you all,

          Liked by 1 person

      • Maria,
        Apologies if I have put you in a negative mood.
        I can write tough things and still be very happy, just like writers that post fanfiction don’t always want to do the things they write…( at least I hope so).
        I fully understand that this is a site based on Deeks, and I try to warn in advance if I am going to be tough on him.
        Please take what I write as an alternate point of view for discussion and not a firmly held belief or an indication as to how I truly feel.
        Because, honestly, I have mixed emotions.
        So, without further ado
        No, I haven’t come to that conclusion about Deeks being horrible . In fact, I own all the DVDs from the show, NCIS, as well as Jag.
        It has been my favorite show, my 2 favorite characters, and my favorite couple by far, for a long time now and I hate to see the showrunners doing what I feel is a somewhat less than stellar job this season.
        It is still the only show I save on my DVR after watching, and I currently have 74 episodes saved, most cued up to my favorite scenes.
        So, I do care actually.
        Much of this was to balance out the opinions and recent comments made that Kensi was being selfish and insensitive to Deeks.
        There was some of that stated just recently, so I wanted to balance it out and put out another side of the equation to think about.
        ECO himself loves that Deeks is so flawed. But actually listing some of it is eye opening to see it all together.

        It is simply another side of the debate.

        It does read as harsh. I went back and reread it and it does come off as mean.
        As many of you know, I just peck away and hit send, I really DO need a proofreader or Beta to keep me out of trouble.

        The problem is, when you take 8+ seasons worth of these tough moments and put them all together, it can become overwhelming.

        Is Kensi perfect…no
        But neither is Deeks,
        So, to portray him as some white knight wanting to rescue Kensi from this life she chose is laughable.
        To just assume that he is the one being mistreated by her might be slightly inaccurate.

        Many know I post this sort of thing to stimulate conversation.
        And that is just my point…
        When I hit send, there were only 9…yes, NINE replies to something so big leading up to the season finale. Not to mention the big promo we all saw. Yikes. Lots of big things to talk about but the crowd doing so has shrunk dramatically.

        Fantastic reviews like this used to illicit comments in the dozens.
        50, 60…maybe 80 or 100.
        Obviously, the dedicated fans, the ones that will actually take time to engage in a discussion…are losing interest.

        If I had done this last year (which I did, by the way ), I would have been slammed.
        I posted something inflammatory and got double digit thumbs down and numerous responses in about 12 seconds.
        I am positive I hold the record for the most downs…
        Now what,
        I am critical of our favorite character and the response is dramatically muted.

        The show doesn’t really owe us anything.

        But from another point of view, we gave the show something.
        Our support and loyalty.
        And when you give someone something, you would like to think they will take care of it and appreciate it.
        When they act like they don’t care. It is troubling.
        Maybe it is just me, but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of respect for the Densi fans. Even if they aren’t the most numerous, they certainly are the most vocal and supportive.
        I feel they have been taken for granted as the show ignores them and focuses on at attempt to attract others.
        I mean, what are we trying to do here guys…
        Hope we can attract enough viewers that just love Mosely and Harley to offset the loss of some of the Densi fans…
        News flash, look at the isn’t working folks…
        The current plan is NOT attracting enough new viewers to offset the loss of the long tine viewers that are getting frustrated and giving up.

        Looking at it objectively am not sure that there are a lot more negative posts than before. They just stand out because there are so many less positive ones being posted.
        It makes the balance seem off.
        Before, the 5 negative comments were overshadowed by the 40 or 50 positive positive ones.
        now with the the same 5 bad and only 10 good, they become overpowering.
        There is a saying that one happy person might tell a friend or two,
        …but one disgruntled person will tell ten, and shout it from the rooftops while doing so.
        Upset people respond the loudest, and there just aren’t as many happy fans out there as there used to be. Unfortunately.

        A good point is that the promo, if you listed to the dialogue, is obviously spliced from a longer conversation. So the context is lost. So I take it with a grain of salt. We shall see.

        They obviously wanted to get the fans riled up…
        And I hate to disappoint… hence, the grumbling rant…

        I grow tired of the hurt between the couple..
        The punch
        Whose the bitch now,… he is,… no argument there
        Forgotten birthdays
        Well done councilor
        Partners, thats what we are right, (instead of saying you are my friend and I care about you.)
        You would make someone a great…personal assistant ( ouch)
        I missed you, what was that?… instead of just saying I missed you too.
        Returning the knife.

        They both suck at times.
        So, enough already.

        They have both emotionally hurt each other so much over the years, I am ready for it to stop.
        Let them be happy for a while.

        I really hope for a wonderful finale that allows our favorite couple to stay together
        thanks for listening,

        Liked by 1 person

  10. Great post frost! Thank you very much. My sentiments exactly.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Thanks for your review, Karen.
    About this episode I don’t have much to add, I think you and other commenters have already covered the most important moments, scenes and dialogs.
    I’ve been saying all season that the idea that Deeks and Kensi’s wedding plans would be dragged on 24 episodes wasn’t thrilling at all (for me) and I haven’t changed my mind, so I found this week’s wedding talk quite boring, especially because it showed there has been no progression! I could have accepted them talking about the number of guests very early in the season, but now it just seemed lazy writing. And I’m quite fed up with all the out-of-characters Densi behaviors and backstories, too (Kensi with so many friends, just to mention the most surprising).

    And here comes my favorite part of your review:
    “Why else would they have spent the season arguing over these ridiculous, over the top plans that are so obviously wrong for them, if not for Kensi to realize in the end that she just wants to seize the day and be married to the man she loves? Life is short, right?”
    This is exactly what I’m thinking!! All these plans have been ridiculous all season and they may have just been a way for the authors to mislead the fans while preparing for Deeks and Kensi exactly the simple wedding that would be so “them”, more or less like it happened last year with the proposal.

    What I wouldn’t like, though, is if the wedding was just a rushed scene crammed into five minutes of a very angsty two-hour finale. I think the characters and the Densi fans that have been following this show for almost a decade now deserve more and better, but probably, if lucky enough, this is what we’ll get and we’ll have just two options: either stop watching the show next season (not my case), or keep on imagining a dreamy Densi beach wedding and Kensi in an awesome white dress with the help of fanfictions and edits (but that would be so frustrating I can’t even think about it!).

    Liked by 1 person

    • very well said.
      I agree totally,
      unfortunately, for me much of the reduced Densi scenes we did were less than rewarding.
      Disappointing is a good word.
      The entire relationship seemed…well, stagnant.
      Any remotely important conversation they had usually had one or both of them acting out of character.
      great insight from you.
      thank you

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ed
        I have a word that I can’t say here that is much worse than disappointing…………..


        • exactly,
          I’m glad you picked up on that.
          I agree.
          occasionally I struggle to find a word strong enough to express how I actually feel that is suitable to print here.

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  12. a great review as always Karen.
    fantastic as usual and i just love it.
    thank you so much.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Okay,
    Let me bring up a different way of looking at the show.
    Forgetting our biases for certain characters or relationships, lets look at what has changed recently and what it is doing to the show’s popularity.

    No Granger,
    Less Hetty,
    Less Deeks
    Less Densi.
    Densi relationship seemingly stalled.
    Some advancement with Neric.

    Obviously, some of this was beyond the show’s control and some was not.
    The numbers are down. What to you think the reason is.
    Forget that I am a Densi fan and love ECO and Dani.

    This is just my thoughts, no real facts included…

    I feel that a reduction in screen time for both of them and the additions of the 2 new characters, as well as the resulting random mixing of partners has hurt the show.
    Pissing off the Densi fans hurts ratings.
    Harley and Mosley taking away screen time from the core cast is hurting ratings.
    Love her or hate her, Hetty being gone affects ratings.
    Time changes and crappy lead ins affect ratings.

    So, it isn’t if I love or hate the characters…or if I love the current story arcs. Or love the time the show is on…
    But what they are doing is not working and there is a constant ( if slow) deterioration of the fan base that is affecting ratings.
    I love the show, so I want it to stop.

    Saying I can’t stand Mosely is one thing.
    …saying that reducing Hetty’s time and giving it to Mosley is costing viewership is quite another.
    Rooting for a new character we happen to like while the numbers say it is hurting the show is a tough thing. It leads to a lot of rationalization and justifications as to why that isn’t the reason.
    So, what is it actually?

    So, I will now stand here before you and state that I firmly believe that the way the show has handled Kensi, Deeks and their relationship this season has had had a less then desirable effect on the show.
    It is not all the reason, but it is part of it
    The additions of Mosely and Harley are part as well.

    Yes, that is just my opinion.
    But I want it fixed so the show stays on the air…past next year.

    What do you think the reasons are for the decline?
    There are obviously more than one. Or 2…

    I also feel the cast has just grown to large and there isn’t enough time to spend on any in-depth look at any of the characters without impacting everyone else. It leads to a lot of jumping around that can be hard to follow and have plots seem half done.

    This isn’t about what we personally like or don’t, but how we think the show can improve.
    what should we see change for next year???


    Liked by 1 person

    • confession time,
      Here is one of those tough acknowledgements.
      I have been a long time Hetty Basher. I despise some of the things she has done and have been vocal about it. I have wanted her gone for years.
      But the loss of Miguel changed things.
      After getting a full dose of Mosley and thinking about the alternatives, I have to admit something.
      Hetty is good for the show. Things flow better, she is a great actress, she has some chemistry with the rest of the cast..
      The show is better with her on it.
      There I said it.
      Without getting Chegwidden or someone like Admiral Kilbride (Gerald McRaney) to fill that spot, there is a vacuum. Things just don’t work well.
      Mosley is certainly not the answer.
      Hetty should stay for the health of the show.
      yes, it is really me, I can’t believe I said this either…

      …maybe I have a concussion…

      Liked by 1 person

    • While I do not like the way the writers had Callen treat Anna.
      And it was a lousy way for him to treat his kinda girlfriend with a complete lack of support…
      I really don’t care.
      I can only hope that she is mad enough at him to leave and never come back.
      Less Anna is better, for me personally and more importantly better for the show. in my opinion.

      Arkady can stay, obviously.

      With Anna in trouble with the ATF, if they wanted her gone there was already a way to do so.
      There wasn’t really any reason to have Callen be less likeable by making him appear insensitive or uncaring to someone he supposedly cares about.
      There was no reason for it.
      less of that would be good…

      Liked by 1 person

    • Is OSP over staffed.
      I think so.
      With so many characters things are a little too chaotic.
      There seems at times to be too much going on and it is hard to keep up.
      In addition, it affects the detail that can be put into the story and the in-depth scenes suffer. Things seem glossed over to get everyone involved.
      With Harley there, the odd number of agents seems to be a constant issue. And rotating partners affects the flow and continuity of the show.
      I hope they fix it for next year.

      Liked by 1 person

    • They need to bring back more of the bullpen scenes.
      It is a way to get everyone involved,
      The banter is usually good. They are fun.
      It reminds us they are all a team.
      It is a good thing…
      It also gives the opportunity to allow the different characters to interact without having the need to actually partner them up and disrupt the flow of things.

      More bullpen, less partner swapping for next year.


      Liked by 1 person

    • As peakae so gently suggested.
      Having the writers take a look at what the issues are for the fans might be a good idea.
      Reviewing past scripts to see what canon actually is, might not hurt either.
      It seems that some of the writers have no idea as to what happened previously.
      That seems like just a lack of effort to get things right.
      It can be a big turn off for long time fans.

      So, better attention to detail next year please.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Don’t sell yourselves short.

      This is an established popular show on a highly rated network.
      So. act like it.
      There are a lot of skilled actors out there that would love to be on the show.
      So please improve the casting of recurring characters.
      As an example, if the show needs to have an additional agent or just another female character, then get a good one that fits the part she is to play.
      Someone like Marsha Thomason ( as DeChamps) interacts better, is a superior actress, and is far more believable as a field agent than Anna or Harley are. She just has so much more experience. Out of the 3, she is far and away the best choice.
      Bad casting is not the fault of the actor, it is the casting director that put them in a bad situation that they are not a good fit for or have the skills to be successful at.
      start them with smaller bit parts, not an important recurring character on a show like this.
      you aren’t doing anyone any favors by miscasting because you want to think out of the box.or be trendy.
      You have a good show, you can afford to be a little picky.
      There is nothing wrong with insisting on quality.
      It may take a little more effort, but it is worth it.
      Quality for next year…

      Liked by 1 person

    • I mentioned earlier about the fact that all the weekday, air time and lead in changes aren’t really helping the show.
      It is a shame that CBS feels the need to keep mixing things up that constantly affect the show.
      from a positive perspective, it could be that CBS is showing faith in NCIS LA to draw viewers to the new show as the anchor of the evening primetime slots.
      if this is the case, perhaps they will allow for and understand a slight drop in the rating as the show is surrounded by new ones that are still trying to draw an audience and find their way.
      I hope and actually feel that the network knows that they keep putting the show in a difficult position and understand that it may affect the final numbers rating wise.

      They got stuck with Wisdom of the Crowd, and we all know how that went.
      Then the switch up that followed.
      and now we get this.
      I will reserve judgement until…
      well, maybe not (i’m not usually good at that sort of thing)
      does this seem like a good fit for a lead in to a crime drama?
      not sure, but I hope so…
      so, behold the new lead in for NCIS LA next year………….

      stars Brandon Micheal Hall in a humorous, uplifting drama about Miles Finer (Hall), an outspoken atheist whose life is turned upside down when he receives a friend request on social media from God and unwittingly becomes an agent of change in the lives and destinies of others around him. After repeated pokes by God, Miles’ curiosity takes over, and he accepts the ultimate friend request and follows the signs to Cara Bloom (Violett Beane), an online journalist. Brought together by the “God Account,” the two find themselves investigating God’s friend suggestions and inadvertently helping others in need. Miles is set on getting to the bottom of what he believes is an elaborate hoax, but in the meantime he’ll play along and, in the process, change his life forever. Steven Lilien & Bryan Wynbrandt, Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter and Marcos Siega are executive producers for Warner Bros. Television and CBS Television Studios. Siega directed the pilot from a script by Lilien & Wynbrandt. GOD FRIENDED ME stars Brandon Micheal Hall as Miles Finer, Violett Beane as Cara Bloom, Suraj Sharma as Rakesh Singh, Javicia Leslie as Ali Finer and Joe Morton as Reverend Arthur Finer.

      I hope it catches on, because a show with some solid numbers airing in front of NCIS LA would be nice for a change.

      the new 1 hour dramas for the network also include:
      Magnum PI

      and Bull was moved.

      Did the network give us the best option of the four that were available???
      …to be determined.
      let’s see how this plays

      so, my suggestion for next year to help improve the show would be…
      get us a good quality lead in and then quit messing around with things.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ed, about programming for next year, Skinny Dip on the CW with Sarah Olsen did not get picked up. They passed. This may be a factor in whatever is going on with ECO and his possible departure from the show.

        Liked by 1 person

        • I had not heard that yet,
          it sounds callous to call it good news, but it will likely help tip the scale in favor of ECO sticking around for another season.
          at least I would think so.
          A disappointment for them personally, but good news for fans of the show.
          that sounds better.
          thanks for the update.


  14. Great review. I will miss Wikideeks. It has been my place to come after an episode to hear what people think. I really enjoy the passionate discussions.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. I so enjoy reading everyone’s comments each week about the show. I wish I had found this site years ago, but it was only this year that I stumbled across it. I have been a regular reader ever since and a fan of the show since Season 2. I love Wiki Deeks so thank you for all you have done to make this site so awesome!

    I don’t have much to say about this particular episode other than it was okay. Not great, not bad, but okay. I give it a “C”. Even the Densi moments were just okay to me. I continue to tune in each week hoping to be blown away by a show reminiscent of the past, but alas that is never the case. My wish for the finale, is that there is a wedding even if it is a last minute rush job that they have to squeeze in. I know lots of people don’t want that, but I’m not going to be picky. I just want a happy ending for Kensi and Deeks. I just hope ECO and DR can muster up whatever it takes for Kensi and Deeks to show us some love, lust, and excitement for each other and their future life together. We haven’t seen that is a long time. What they need is a good talking to by Hetty. She can set them straight and get their dang priorities in order.

    I have loved this show forever, but it is too frustrating to watch now, so as someone suggested in an earlier post, it’s time to move on. Never say never, but I don’t plan to be a Season 10 viewer. I will however tune in for the wedding whenever that is…. if there ever is one. Maybe there are issues with the writers, maybe not, or maybe some of the actors just aren’t so excited about being there anymore. I don’t really care. I mean I wish them all the peace, joy, and love in the world, but for me, I just want to watch a good show and this one fit the bill for many years. I’ve enjoyed it tremendously so I’m going to be happy for what was and not sad about whatever the heck is going on now.

    At the risk of sounding like a negative Nellie, could it be that TPTB no longer care so much about the show as they do the money? Could Season 10 be more about lining pockets and keeping people employed than it is about producing a quality 60 minutes of television? I think so.

    Thanks again Wiki Deeks for everything! It’s been fun. You ROCK!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I share your frustrations.
      That said, I do hope that you don’t give up on the show.
      My plan is to be back watching next season, but the possibility that the finale could change that does exist. I truly hope not.

      As you said you are a regular reader, you likely have a goo idea of how I feel about the direction of things, so I will skip it.

      It is not that I do not think this is a good show… because it is.
      It is that I feel that it is now less than it was. A shadow of itself.
      But, it is all fixable, they just have to do it.
      That, actually, is why I a still here voicing my frustrations at times instead of just turning it off and walking away.
      There are only 3 options really.
      Take what is left and just love it, even if it is not quite the same
      Stay engaged and suggest that it gets some improvements by being vocal about what you think should be fixed.
      Or just give up and walk away in frustration.

      A boat with a hole in it poses the same options really.
      1) Close your eyes and ignore the problem hopping it gets better all by itself
      2) Give up and jump off
      3) Or, stay, try to identify the scope of the problem, come up with possible solutions to fix it, and then try to do so any way you can.

      If you can’t have an open discussion about what the problem is, it will never get addressed. Bringing visibility to the issue is the first step.
      So, I type, hoping for improvements and the chance that this fan’s frustrations will one day be noticed and addressed by the people able to do so.

      You brought up a great point about Hetty.
      Is there a chance that she might be the one to give a gentle push in the right direction?
      Then again, she did have the discussion with Kensi about knowing when it was time to get out of the job and not being alone when she did so.

      Could Hetty actually have a part in this with offering some of her sage wisdom?
      Will it be seeing Sam almost die after being shot that is the push to move forward?
      Could it be seeing Mosley with her son, and witnessing how family is so much more important than the job?

      What could be the push?

      I truly hope it isn’t an ultimatum from Deeks that pushes the issue.
      That will only lead to resentment sometime in the future.
      It never ends well.

      Or, maybe Kensi finds out she is pregnant?
      That would do it???
      She could find out very early during a blood test following an injury or doctor’s visit.

      Any thoughts???

      Oh, and stick around…don’t give up yet.
      Ed again.


      • For the couple years I’ve watched live and also bought the season via Amazon so I can watch it the next day as much as I liked. This year, I’ve not watched live as much and catching it later. I will do the same for season 10.


    • I can live without the wedding this season.
      But, I DO NOT want to have some big fight between the couple and have the season end on a cliffhanger where we are left to wonder all summer if they will break up and have Deeks actually walk away from Kensi because she won’t quit her job.
      That could actually push a few people over the edge.

      There must have been a plan to close it out this season, because, when the episode was shot, they didn’t know if there would actually be a season 10.
      so if this was the end, how would they actually leave it?
      If we actually see that or not is questionable.
      They quite possibly shot multiple endings to leave their options open. The renewal notice came out only a week or so after the finale was shot, so there was plenty of time to edit it to suit the result of the announcement.
      It does make me curious.

      Liked by 1 person

  16. A selfish observation.
    The show inspires the writers of fanfiction.
    Fanfiction keeps me going through the summer
    I want something “stimulating”, important and meaningful to happen on the show for our couple to give the writers some good motivation for great stories.
    These writers could use for the show to actually offer up some romantic inspiration for a change. It has been a little lacking this season.

    I do not really want to read a bunch of stories about the angst and heartbreak of the breakup.

    Don’t get me wrong…I will read anything Densi related regardless.
    I love it.

    There, a selfish request.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. What I don’t like in Kensi and Deeks conversations, they seemed so innocent and natural talks, the wedding talk is just a silly way for the writers make us tune in for filler episodes. Season 9 has been the worst season. Actors and writers need to rewatch season 2-4, they have been given the shot do season 10, we talking 10 years of one show. I need quality over quantity, they seem more worried now who gets the most screen time. Ok lets talk about season finale , I hopefully think theres a big NO arc but a story for Deeks , hopefully he really distances himself for Kensi, to make things interesting I would make them leave for next season aka real life family time, no public appearances , like some story twist to make all us forget this horrible season. A big intervention for both of them to finally get married or realize this is really it !

    Liked by 1 person

  18. I think there will be a wedding, if this episode was filmed in late March early April, the management did not know that the series would renew for a 10th season. For our part we knew very well that there would be a 10th season.So I tell myself that the season 9 should end with the wedding. Finally I cling to this theory.

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