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The Top 3 Densi Kisses


We waited until Season 3 for the first, albeit undercover, one. We waited until Season 5 for the first real one. Season 6 had one that signified Densi was “all in,” but not much else. It wasn’t until Season 7 that the floodgates unleashed and we got a plethora of Densi kisses. But which ones make The Top 3?

The Premise

There’s so much to consider here! Technical difficulty and artistic merit must be taken into account. But the most important factor for me is the emotional importance of the moment.

The Top 3

There were quite a few kisses I did excluded from consideration. Cover kisses, for example, just didn’t do it for me. I know there is genuine emotion behind them (just look at Deeks’ face in “Neighborhood Watch”), but for me they lack the romance to be found in the “real” kisses (plus they frustrated me since I desperately wanted the real thing). Speaking of frustration, I also excluded that adorable kiss at the end of “Come Back” because I couldn’t get past my overall frustrations with that episode. In reverse order of importance, my Top 3 is… 

#3. Command & Control

This breakfast kiss is the most perfectly domestic Densi kiss ever. Deeks has just done a wonderful job of communicating his insecurities about providing for Kensi, and in turn, she’s reassured him (This is exactly how I wanted to feel. I don’t care where I have breakfast, as long as you’re there). The kiss is the very sweet, physical reinforcement of her words. It’s also nice because we get a glimpse of how the situation might escalate to more than just kisses. We don’t ever get Steamy Densi, but here we get the tiniest glimpse of what it might look like. (written by Kyle Harimoto) 

#2. “Cancel Christmas

This is one of the most emotional Densi kisses ever. Post-“Internal Affairs,” Deeks has finally gotten up the nerve to tell Kensi his long-kept secret. But she surprises him by revealing that she had already figured it out. Deeks is overwhelmed with relief and gratitude at her easy forgiveness. (I love the moment he covertly wipes a tear from his eye when he reaches to brush his hair back.) His words to her (written by Joseph C. Wilson) – Do you have any idea how much I love you right now? – sum up his feelings perfectly. Rules or no rules, he really does need to kiss her in that moment. Kensi takes a page out of Deeks’ book, and alleviates the tension with a bit of humor, joking that she hopes his love will be reflected in her Christmas gift. She continues to keep the moment light by giving him a quick smack on the lips, giving them a chance to dial back the intensity and get back to doing their jobs. It’s not the sexiest kiss, nor is it the longest. But for me, it’s one of the sweetest. 

#1. “Descent

Again, who knew that the Prince of Darkness Frank Military was such a romantic? He had two of my Top 3 Romantic Scenes, and all three of the Top 3 Sexiest Scenes, including this hilltop kiss from “Descent.” For me, no kiss is more important, for it came at a time when Deeks and Kensi were completely unable to use actual words to convey their feelings for one another. They were both frustrated with the situation until Deeks took matters into his own hands and showed Kensi exactly how he felt. There was absolutely no mistaking his intentions or feelings. It was the moment where more than three years of sexual tension finally had a brief outlet. And his “How’s that for communication?” line just topped off the moment perfectly. In retrospect, there’s a bittersweet quality to the whole thing because we know what happened immediately after, and how it affected their relationship, but it’s still the biggest, most epic Densi kiss ever.

Also in the Running

A few other kisses I considered:

  • The Hetty-interrupted end of “An Unlocked Mind” (Frank Military)
  • Telling Deeks all she cares about is that she has him in “Queen Pin” (Joseph C. Wilson)
  • Humbug” all in- not listed higher because of ice-induced technical difficulties and questions about why Kensi was the one to take the big step (Kyle Harimoto, Andrew Bartels)
  • Sweet morning greetings at the hospital in “Home Is Where the Heart Is” (Joseph C. Wilson)
  • Passing an earwig to him in “Under Siege” (R. Scott Gemmill)

Next Week

Next week is a pretty hefty topic, as we take on The Top 3 Best Written Episodes. What goes into a well written NCIS:LA episode? What are your Top 3?

In the meantime, how do you rate the Top 3 Densi Kisses? What makes your Top 3 rise to the top? Tell us about it in the Comments below.

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17 Comments on The Top 3 Densi Kisses

  1. Hands-down, absolutely agree with your number 1 pick. Best. Kiss. Ever. I would expand your requirements to included kiss(es) from deleted scenes, because the one that was filmed for Spoils of War is the closest to we’ve ever gotten to “steamy” (they are in bed, after all, and about to do the deed). And, oh yeah, he just said he was falling in love with her. That would be my number 2 pick. Can’t argue with your number 3 either. Well done.


  2. My top kiss is in Descent too. I must have rewound that lots of time. I was really excited about the entire show then. My second would be at the end of An Unlocked Mind, I loved that episode too. My third? I think is from Come Back. I didn’t dislike that episode like you. I actually liked it and I think that was the last time we would see Jack. Season 8 lacks memorable kisses for me. They need to rectify that.


  3. I like everything mentioned already.
    I agree that i didn’t like Come back, but I did like that Kensi immediately went to Deeks and confirmed her devotion…very nice.
    the thing I loved about the Unlocked Mind kiss was that when they wee caught, that Kensi didn’t pull back, in fact anchoring herself to Deeks…no longer hiding…very nice indeed…
    I liked the kiss from the wedding talk in the armory as well with the I love yous…

    my favorite kiss is the passion filled kiss that Kensi gave Deeks after saying yes to his proposal…wait, that hasn’t happened yet…it has been so long I forgot…hasn’t she been out of the hospital for 9 or 10 episodes already…hmmmm


  4. it is striking how few real kisses there are with our couple…
    Calanna or Neric could pas them in sheer volume by the end of the season…
    with all the progress the couple has supposed to have made, and what they have been through…it would be a shame if there wasn’t a kiss or two by the end of the season that could stand near the top of this list…
    actually there should already be one…



    • You got that right, Ed. I can’t help but wonder if we’ll never get an on-the-floor-in-front-of-the-fireplace-actually-steamy type of scene or kiss from Densi out of respect for their real-life relationship. Despite the talk of professionalism we’ve heard from ECO and Dani, I think perhaps the writers refrain from doing much more than what we’ve already seen out of “respect” for the actors and their spouses (I wouldn’t want to piss of former Navy SEAL David Olsen, who is occasionally on set doing his own job)? Or it could just be that I’m reading too much into this and COD gets the hot scenes because he’s the star?


      • I don’t really think the actors have the problem with it.
        I have heard both of them sate that they are committed to the charactors and want to be true to them and their behavior. that thet frequently shoot scenes with different levels of passion and the directors usually take the most subdued and tame version to show.
        so, I think the actors are fine with it, but the showrunners really want to keep the relationship in low gear…



        • I don’t think the actors have a problem with it either. It is part of their jobs and they are always talking about how professional they are, and that the whole family-in-reality/couple-on-the-show thing is only weird when people ask about it like that. But I do have to point out (several months later, granted) that in one of their recent Comic-Con panels or interviews in either Hanover or London last month (May 2017) Dani basically said she thinks that the writers tend to avoid “gratuitous” love scene between Kensi and Deeks because of their real life relationship. She further commented that she thought it made the kisses/ romantic scenes they do get all the more special and organic or germane to the story.


      • I stated something like this a while ago…but I think it is relevant again…

        being honest about it, the kissing shouldn’t be a big deal for an actor.
        could it be awkward, sure, a little.

        how about an in-law though…

        but look at all the positives.
        you know and trust the person.
        no worries about it developing into one of those workplace romance things
        …how many of those things can get out of hand.
        you know their medical history, where and with who they were with last night …and so on.
        you are sharing more than a kiss…
        you share history, illness, and so on…so knowing that they weren’t doing drugs or hanging out with “working girls” I would think would be a bonus.
        if your on screen spouse is into the party scene, they could be hooking up with a different person…or two…every weekend…then Monday, they are kissing on you…Eww, right…
        you could catch anything from the flu to so very much worse, right???

        I mean really…
        would you want your spouse to hang out with a player like Pitt, who seems to make a pass at every costar wearing a skirt…or someone with the social habits of Charlie Sheen..
        or even someone with questionable hygiene, or someone that smokes or chews…

        I would think that once you got past the initial awkwardness…it would be about as safe and comfortable as it gets…
        worse case, they catch each others kids colds…which they likely already do, as close as the families are…

        I thing the public, and mostly the media…make a much bigger thing out of it than dani and Eric do…



  5. I love the list! And, pretty much agree with it. Actually there really isn’t that much to choose from because we don’t get many Densi scenes; especially this season — ugh! Kiss or no kiss those two actors have a lot of natural chemistry that can be felt through the TV. I’m in the minority, again — I really liked Come Back. The end was just perfection; that kiss, whisper and then framing them holding each other –oh be still my heart 🙂


  6. I agree with your number one, Karen, the Descent kiss is my favorite Densi kiss (so far), one that I think has remained unparalleled, even if we got some more good ones, like the one at the end of An unlocked mind (definitely the sexiest one) or the ones at breakfast in Command and control, full of love and promises.
    This season I have missed so much a beautiful Densi scene with an amazing kiss as the icing on the cake: the one in hospital when Kensi wakes up was bittersweet if we think of what Kensi was having ahead of her, the one through the prison bars was only a sly way to pass Deeks the earwig.
    I want to believe that the real proposal&engagement scene, hopefully by the end of the season, will be accompanied by an awesome, memorable Densi kiss. Then, and only then, I will be ready to reconsider my Top three list!


  7. Dear Karen…you have done it again. A perfect list and your number one will always be mine no matter what happens from here to the end of the season. It wasn’t just the kiss, or the timing, but the look of passion and intensity on Deeks’ face afterwards. He looked so incredibly sexy that I want to watch it over and over.


  8. Their kisses are practically rated G. Disney gets hotter then their kisses. Sigh.

    Yes, first and foremost, Descent. Ambush kiss. Emotional kiss. Bittersweet kiss because of what happened afterward.

    Hot Water, season 8. The kiss to pass the earwig. Had to have some tongue action going there. Yes, it matters!

    This was tough but I’m going to go with the kiss during Neighborhood Watch. It was a surprise, I squealed. It didn’t have much duration but but Deeks’ reaction was lovely.

    And I’ve got to take this opportunity to critique ECO’s kisses. He seems to always go for the upper lip which makes the kisses look awkward. Bottom lip, dude.

    The kisses lately have sorta happened but it seems like Daniela is the one who is more stiff in them. Just my humble opinion.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ok, I have to make an amendment to my top 3, removing Neighborhood Watch:

      “767” – THAT was a good kissing session. For them. I’d add that it ended too soon but I won’t be picky.

      And adding it also to Sexist Moments as well.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. I know a lot of people won’t agree that it was a real kiss but I love the kiss on the cheek in queen pin in the van.


  10. I think you are allowed to count whatever kisses you want in your own Top 3’s, LOL. So MareeK, feel free to use that “Queen Pin” kiss in the van- I loved that moment between them and I’d say it’s one of my favorite kisses. Psyched, feel free to count the deleted kiss. While I quibbled with Deeks’ wording (“falling in love” vs. “fallen in love”), it was a huge moment (for those who accept it as canon). But yay! The “767” kiss definitely gave a lot of us the kiss we’d been wanting. I’d certainly have to reconsider my list after that scene. Here’s hoping we get at least one more (proposal-related) awesome kiss before the end of the season.

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