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Where is Deeks when you need him? Kensi’s Journal 11/24/19


Beale may be bulletproof (though apparently not dart-proof), but it looks like he couldn’t elude Hetty’s manipulations.  Welcome to the club, Eric.  I’m both proud and relieved he was able to escape from the bad guys multiple times and keep himself alive long enough for Sam and Callen to get to him, not to mention figure out what was going on in that start-up.  I hope Eric doesn’t realize anytime soon that Hetty probably suspected Chinese involvement before he even left LA.  Hell, she might have been responsible for the job offer that got him inside the company in the first place.  (I should have known she was holding back, especially since she seemed so forthcoming with information when I first asked her—and here I thought maybe she’d learned a lesson after Afghanistan and the mole hunt.  Oh well.)  Let Beale have his moment of glory knowing he figured out and played a major role in stopping another country from using our own citizens to create and benefit from cutting edge military technology.  He doesn’t need to know right now that some of the danger he was in might have been avoided had he known all along what Hetty was up to.  I’m sure Nell will tell him when she thinks he’s ready to hear it.

Poor Nell.  I wish I could have been more supportive with what she was going through.  I wasn’t sure what to say when she was so worried about Eric; I’m still more about doing than talking(or being—sorry Sam) in situations like that.  The fact is, Deeks would have known exactly what to do or say to ease her anxiety a little, seeing as how he’s been in a similar situation a time or two with me.  As hard as it was, Nell kept it together today and I was proud of her too. She did confide afterward, a little embarrassed, that she went off on Hetty but wouldn’t go into detail.  Another club with one more member, I guess!  

Add today’s Neric drama (individual and joint) to the long list of stories to tell Deeks when he gets back.  As much as I enjoy the occasional day or two of just-me time, I really hate it when Deeks is on assignment with LAPD, for so many reasons.  1) I don’t like not being the one to have his back; 2) I always feel better when he’s the one at my back; 3) the house is too quiet; 4) the bullpen is too quiet; 5) the car is too quiet; 6) Monty is too quiet; 7) I tend to eat way too much crap; 8) the bed is too big and cold.  It still surprises me that after all the years I happily lived alone, how quickly I miss my hubby/partner/best friend.  I knew he wouldn’t have picked up the phone if I’d called him earlier because his should be turned off.  All I really wanted was to hear his voice (okay, his voicemail message) if I couldn’t have him there to bounce ideas around with.  Damn, when did I turn into such a sap?  Oh well, in a couple more days Deeks will be safely home (and in our bed) where he belongs and all the drama with our friends and colleagues will be behind us.  I’m sure I can survive until then.  

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Turns out I've been writing fan fiction since before it was a "thing" on the internet (okay, even before there was an internet). I spent many a boring junior high history class coming up with more exciting stories for my favorite soap opera characters. I continue to enjoy the creative outlet it provides in my still-boring but now adult life.

11 Comments on Where is Deeks when you need him? Kensi’s Journal 11/24/19

  1. We all know Hetty and how devious she has been in the past, but it strains the imagination that she had planned or had any idea what Eric was walking into, but you know her much better than me Kensi. I was actually disappointed Deeks never even showed his face in that episode, and you said he was at LAPD, but I must have missed that in that episode. I’ll have to watch it again. Thanks, Diane for another wonderful Kensi’s Journal. You’re the best. wikiDeeks forever

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    • LOL, I appreciate you saying Kensi’s belief about Hetty strains the imagination, and not mine, ewaguy! Honestly, it seemed to me that the writer(s) wanted us to think Hetty knew more about what was going on than she said. Nell flat-out accused her of it (and Hetty didn’t deny it) and at the end when Kensi confirmed she had briefed Hetty about the Chinese, etc., she said it seemed Hetty had known most of it already. Hetty’s scene with Callen also had her questioning whether she’d done the right thing, which to me indicates she did more than just keep the fact of Eric’s discovery from the team for a while.

      “Kensi” could absolutely be wrong here, and those examples can also be interpreted more favorably/innocently toward Hetty, but I do think that Kensi (and Deeks, but he wasn’t around to talk about it, sadly) is pre-disposed to be a little more aware of the fact that Hetty may have ulterior motives, having almost died twice because she wasn’t given all the available information (not saying it wasn’t Hetty’s prerogative both times to withhold information, just that Kensi got burned as a result).

      (Oh, and Kensi said it very quickly while she was hopped up on energy drinks in her first scene with Nell that Deeks was “away on LAPD assignment all week.” I had to rewind that scene to catch some of what she said, she was talking so fast!)

      As always, thanks so much for your comments–they are always appreciated!

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      • You have a great memory and I guess I have to agree with you and I appreciate pointing those things out to me Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas holiday. I’m thinking it’s Daniela’s birthday tomorrow and I know it will be good. Looking forward to 250th episode tonight written by one of my favorite people. wikiDeeks forever.

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        • I have a terrible memory actually, and am eternally grateful for sites that provide transcripts of the episodes shortly after they air!

          Less than an hour to go before #250–everything I’ve seen so far looks great!

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  2. NCIS: Los Angeles Megafan // November 30, 2019 at 5:06 PM // Reply

    I loved this one, especially the last paragraph. Kensi and Deeks have become inseparable and when they are separated, they say they’re ok but their really not. Densi is one thing. And the two make up that one thing. They feel the most safe when they are together and that’s what makes us feel better too.

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    • I agree, Megafan! Densi works best as a team/couple. And while a short-term separation certainly gives them room for reflection about that, I say TPTB needs to keep it to an absolute minimum! Thanks for your kind words!

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  3. I can feel you, Kensi: I missed Deeks too in this episode!
    Thanks, Diane, for this great page of Kensi’s journal.

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  4. Thanks, Cladani! I think Kensi spent so much time writing about other things because she had no one to rush into bed with (or exercise with, or walk Monty with, etc)!


    • Thank YOU, Psyched, sorry I didn’t thank you properly when I wrote my message yesterday, but the name at the top was Diane’s (whom I have to thank anyway for this amazing site!).


  5. Good journal entry , loved Kensi talking about why she hates it when Deeks is on assignment with LAPD.

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  6. Thanks, Sassy! I could have gone on and on with that list…


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