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Always Speak the Truth: Kensi’s Journal 3/5/2022

I hope Deeks gets over his home repair show obsession now that he’s fallen through a ceiling on top of a dead body; if we ever do become parents, he’s not going to have that kind of spare time.  Though he had a good point—better to spend his free time with Chip and Joanna than having an affair (not that he ever would).  And not that I’d ever give him a reason to, especially after watching him kick/punch/elbow down a wall hiding an impressive stash of weapons. 😉

I can’t believe he actually thought I would suggest converting our garage into a “staycation paradise,” though.  And he really has to get over that golden shark!  We still haven’t figured out what to do with that very generous $20,000 from Beale, but the fact that Deeks’ first thought was to use some of it to make sure Pilar, Rosa, or any older child we may take in can stay in touch with relatives in their homeland just reinforces my belief that there’s no one who deserves to be a father more than my husband and partner.

Speaking of being deserving, Martin Henderson deserved to have his dying statement heard and acted on by the powers that be.  I’m proud of Kilbride for doing the right thing and defying the order to bury that video.  Listening to Henderson’s last words reminded me of my time with David Sarraf at the end of his life.  It’s very humbling to witness someone’s final moments and be privy to their last thoughts.  As with David, I will never forget Martin’s dying words and I will stive to always speak the truth.

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