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Review: NCISLA “If the Fates Allow” (S12E06)

The NCIS: Los Angeles Christmas episode is always something to look forward to. Through the years, we’ve enjoyed classics like “Free Ride” and witnessed key Densi developments in episodes like “Humbug,” “Cancel Christmas,” and “Answers.” “If the Fates Allow,” written by Andrew Bartels and directed by Dan Liu, continued in that tradition, gifting us with a happy outcome for Deeks’ season-long troubles.

Faithful friends who are dear to us

The episode’s plot revolved around the plight of Callen’s one-time foster brother Raymond (played by Demetrius Grosse), unjustly accused of drug smuggling. Raymond had once lived a life of crime that began when he defended young Callen from a bully. Grosse and Shelley Robertson, who played Raymond’s wife, couldn’t have been more likeable, and they made us root for Callen and the team to clear their names.

The well done flashbacks (thankfully no de-aging techniques were needed) and the whole story provided an absorbing glimpse into Callen’s life as a young boy in foster care, and a window into a key moment that helped shape the man he became. We can see the lesson he learned as a kid – that he needed to fight his own battles in order to protect the people he cared about – reflected in his lone wolf tendencies and willingness to take on bad guys everywhere.

The episode contained several very romantic touches, including every scene with Raymond and Shelley together, as well as when Raymond told Callen about how meeting her changed his life. His encouraging Callen to make a commitment certainly could have planted the seeds for an eventual proposal. It’s hard to picture Callen settling down as a married man, but I’ve made my peace with Anna, so if she’s around for good, I can live with it.

The whole storyline, with a look back at a key moment from Callen’s troubled childhood and a heavy reliance on flashbacks, made me absolutely crave the same treatment for our longed-for “Deeks, M.” I want to see exactly what went down when little Marty shot his father. That tale could have actually made for a great, if bittersweet, version of this Christmas episode, showing us where Deeks has come from – the childhood events that continue to drive him today – just as he embarks on a new chapter of his life with NCIS. Unfortunately, showrunner R. Scott Gemmill has remained non-committal about a look at Deeks’ past, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Let your heart be light

The episode provided updates from a few other characters as well, with Sam’s daughter returning for the holidays and looking all grown up. (Her act of swimming onto the boat has to be the most creative way yet to generate an excuse for social distancing.) Sadly, she wasn’t ready for a cozy Christmas with the new woman in Sam’s life, but at least Sam and Katherine seem to be progressing in their relationship. I couldn’t help but feel that Sam got shorted at episode’s end, though. A quick shot of him having a candlelit dinner with Katherine would have helped reassure us he was in a good place.

We also got the return of Eric Beale. Was he in character? At this point I honestly have no idea. I was also confused about the state of his relationship with Nell. The lack of hugs from anyone on his return felt a little cold, as understandable as it was. At least Deeks made some physical contact, reaching out and placing his hand on Beale’s shoulder. Their conversation was lovely, filled with gentle humor at Beale’s expense, Beale’s heartfelt aspirations to end homelessness, and Deeks sweetly foregoing asking for financial aid and acknowledging that he is, in fact, one of the lucky ones.

Our troubles will be out of sight

Early on in the episode, Deeks succinctly sums up what we’ve all likely been saying for many months, which is that “2020 sucks.” We learned that Kessler has dropped breadcrumbs about relocating to Asia- but are they genuine or just a ruse to make Kensi drop her guard? At least Kensi still seems unaffected by her interaction with him. One of the things I’d have appreciated seeing at the end of “Raising the Dead” was a “Silo”-like conversation where we learned what she had really thought of having to deal with him. Based on her continued nonchalance about the encounter, I can only assume that she hasn’t let him get to her.

More sad feels continued as we headed into the final scene, seeing Deeks sitting at his now empty – and former – desk. Yet the glumness didn’t last long, as Deeks revealed his plans to pay for the house. His “I don’t need a Christmas miracle if I have you” line may have been a little sappy, but I found it incredibly romantic, as was his gesture to sell the bar. It actually reminded me a little of O. Henry’s holiday story “The Gift of the Magi” where the two characters each sacrifice something they hold dear to make the other happy. And that’s Deeks, willing to do whatever’s necessary for his ladybird.

Thankfully, Deeks’ and Kensi’s non-Kessler troubles were taken care of thanks to Santa Hetty. She seemed downright jolly at the opportunity to spread Christmas cheer, and her happiness really sold the whole scene. Her admonition to Deeks to “Never let age stand in your way” was a perfect line for her character to share, and exactly what he needed to hear – he’s got to have been feeling his age since learning he wasn’t eligible for FLETC last episode.

Now the big question is, does Deeks still need to sell the bar? I was never a fan of the bar idea originally, and it still seems much too time-consuming if you’re also trying to raise a family, but I have loved the team scenes there, along with watching how much happiness Deeks gets from playing host. I hope they hang onto it. (Plus, it’s one more filming location on the Paramount lot that would seem particularly valuable this season.)

Our troubles will be miles away (or will they?)

I hate to end this review of a lovely episode on a “Bah, humbug” note, and yet… And yet I have to admit I was left somewhat unsatisfied by the FLETC resolution. The issue is really the path Deeks has taken to becoming an agent. Many of us have wanted to see it happen for a long time, yet Deeks never chose to sign those papers Hetty gave him so long ago. He saw his identity as being “a cop,” and for all these years, he’s refrained from taking Hetty up on her offer. With this current arc, he was put in a corner and left with little choice. His identity had been ripped away from him, and if he wanted to continue working with Kensi (and protecting her from Kessler) and bring in enough income for a house, he must have felt he had to join NCIS. His lack of agency here took a good deal of the satisfaction out of an outcome that should have been a moment of real celebration for this character.

And while of course we all expected Hetty to swoop in and wave her magic wand, in some respects it would have been more gratifying to hear that Deeks earned his spot thanks to his stellar work over eleven years, and the sacrifices he’s made to defend his country. I mean, they owe him this and more, don’t they?

And while Deeks’ words to Kensi – “I’m going to FLETC” – came with a beautiful smile, might they also have carried a tinge of doubt? It could have just been the good kind of shock and surprise that comes with truly welcome and unexpected news, but it felt a little like Deeks couldn’t believe he was really doing this thing that he’d never apparently wanted to do. It’s also the exact opposite of what he’s repeatedly said he does want, which is to have them both out of danger and raising a family. It felt like he was more relieved to have a plan and an income, than happy to get to do what he’d long dreamed of doing.

Still, it’s the resolution we needed to give this character a way to stick around and stay involved, so I’ll take it. Kensi sure looked ecstatic. I can only hope that the ribbing he’ll receive as the most junior of agents won’t be too nasty. I know Sam and Callen will take joy in giving him a hard time, as big brothers do, but I hope it comes with respect for his decade plus of experience, especially when compared with the two actual junior agents they’ve treated more kindly than they ever did Deeks. What can I say? I’m protective of my favorite character.

Memorable moments

  • The truly disturbing opening where we worried about a Black man stopped by a white police officer felt like heavy subject matter for the opening of a Christmas ep, but good for Bartels to include it.
  • The mission closing down at the holidays was yet another great excuse to forego using a lot of extras.
  • Was everyone’s childhood friend named Ray?
  • Push-ups! I don’t really have more to say on the matter, but thanks Mr. Bartels.
  • Brooch alert! Nell is even starting to dress like Hetty. Is she slowly going to ease herself into pantsuits with scarves to go with that brooch?
  • This is two episodes in a row where a man gets angry at Fatima in Ops. This time it was definitely uncalled for, but at least she got an apology.

That’s it from me. Tell us all your thoughts on “If the Fates Allow” in the Comments below. I’m pretty sure my view about the ending will be a minority one, and that’s fine by me. It’s boring if we all agree! I can’t wait to hear your takes.

Finally, here’s to a much happier 2021 for you and yours, and if you celebrate, have yourself a merry little Christmas, from all of us at wikiDeeks!

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66 Comments on Review: NCISLA “If the Fates Allow” (S12E06)

  1. Thank you Karen, enjoyed your review..I guess I was glad to see rountree wasn’t there, and Fatima is always complaining, she never seems happy..still not sure about them…like the episode, a little more interaction with kensi and Deeks, which I always enjoy…Sam and callen are always fun to watch, hopefully the daughter will give sams new love a chance..loved the ending, hope since they are on winter break, when they come back Deeks will be done with training and they will start off with their full team…really hope callen and Sam kinder to Deeks about being an Agent…I haven’t seen much love lately. And as much as rountree has made mistake after mistake, no one says anything..don’t understand that at all..thank you for listening ..

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  2. Hi Karen, I don’t disagree with anything you wrote, especially the ending comment. Was the Kessler story arc a way to keep the status quo, meaning, Kensi/Deeks still working at OSP? I had hoped that Beale would have offered to pay back all the money Deeks had lent him. Yes his nonprofit is awesome but he would not have had that opportunity if Deeks hadn’t bankrolled all the other ideas. Beale could have been a real hero to his friends. I agree with you about the bar, meaning, on the fence about should it stay or should it go. And O’Henry was my first thought along with a lovely fanfiction written by basicnsync in 2016. I would have loved to have known what Kensi would have offered as her end of the sacrifice.
    Wishing all at wikiDeeks a lovely holiday as well!

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  3. The Topiary Cow // December 16, 2020 at 9:00 AM // Reply

    Best moments ever: Deeks doing push-ups, Eric rolling in with cool shades!!!

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  4. Your comments and review are spot on! I was glad that Deeks got into the program. His years of experience with NCIS as well as LAPD should give him a great advantage going to the head of the class – as life experience counts more than bookwork these days. He should be back in the saddle in no time if they would only acknowledge his accomplishments. Since he was terminated from LAPD he is entitled to unemployment benefits and his pension would be his choice to cash out and pay the taxes, or roll it over into an IRA for his future. It is not as bleak as he thought. Something needs to happen to Deeks to make the others wake up and appreciate his accomplishments. They need to reflect on his loyalty to all of them as he never really gets the credit that he deserves. I am hoping the writers spotlight his worth to the team as he deserves more than he is getting from them.

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    • I agree with you. However, although I’m not up to date on LAPDs retirement policy, most police departments who have retirement systems can have you tenured (usually 12 to 15 years in). In my city, if you retire before 25 you get a percentage for each year and you can have it held until retirement age. Deeks will definitely not earn social security under any government retirement system. Most of our officers who leave early (not duty disability) leave their retirement intact. It’s considered a celebration when you reach the tenured stage. Not sure where we’re going these days with our golden years but I doubt if Deeks would be eligible for a lot of social security (if you pay into a retirement system you do not earn social security even if you have off-duty jobs that pay into the SS system) so that tenured retirement for the future is a big deal and most would not touch it. All he has going into social security is monies earned in his college days (dancer) and maybe as a public defender but probably not because that would be government related too.

      I really enjoyed this episode and the line from “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” really made a great title. Thank you, Karen, for another great review. And I hope the frontrunner gives us some more Deeks’ push-ups throughout the rest of season. It was an unexpected Christmas gift.

      Hope everyone at WikiDeeks (writers, readers and ECO) have a wonderful, safe and healthy holiday season.

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  5. Your reviews are always the best, Karen, but I can’t say I read as much into that ending as you did. I’m afraid that after this year I just wanted a happy ending. I took the scene and Deeks reaction at face value. I’ve watched it at least six times, and it always cheers me up. That said, I did have a seed of doubt about what his experience at FLETC might be like. I hope they show how he deals with it all. Knowing how the writers tend to deal with Deeks, they probably won’t make it easy on him. However, it would give them the opportunity to show what an excellent agent he has become. But Hetty’s remark at the end about not letting her down made me nervous. They wouldn’t wash him out would they? Don’t think they’d do that, but they might torture us with the possibility.

    As for Beale…the glasses have to go, but other than that, I was happy for him. The hair, mustache and even the glasses seemed like the over the top craziness we have come to expect from his character. I think he was play acting a bit, and it was rather charming. An expression of his own personal Renaissance. However, I don’t think the writers explained his change in circumstance all that well. By the end I figured out he had become a bazillionaire, but only after his talk with Deeks, who was the only one to call him on his bizarre new look. Their moment together in the park was sweet, making me realize how lucky I am…just like Deeks had to admit. I will say that I don’t think Billionaire Beale will forget Deeks’ kindnesses over the years. Maybe it’s the season, but I could picture him using an anonymous corporate LLC to buy Deeks’ bar and then gift it back to him. Like Deeks says…I do like happy endings.


  6. Seeing Hetty show up at the end like an actual angel (in hot tactical gear!) was definitely something I needed to see!!
    Last time I really enjoyed a Christmas episode of this show was Tidings we Bring. (yeah, a long time ago!). I was glad to finally get to enjoy another one this year.

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  7. Bashful Hamster // December 16, 2020 at 12:45 PM // Reply

    Thank you, Karen, for a very thoughtful and thorough review!

    I would love to know if ECO improvised his heartfelt comment about 2020, it felt too natural to be scripted!

    Instead of the usual baggy, boring clothes the cast is usually in, it was a great Christmas present to see Deeks doing push-ups! Thank you from this single lady, you made my day! (Yes I am shallow) 🙂

    Loved the Beale/Nell banter. Loved Hetty’s outfit, good to see her again. Having Deeks at school, checking in occasionally by video call, should give ECO a chance to spend more time with his family, and keep them safe, so I like it!

    Difficult circumstances, keeping people safe right now. I am happy, liked the episode and the choice for Deeks NCIS career!

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  8. Great review, Karen!

    I never really cared if Deeks became an agent–as a practical matter it didn’t make sense after this long, in part because of the pension issue. Obviously as a means to keep Deeks in the field with Kensi until the little assassins/wolves come along, it works as a plot device. But I’ve got to bring up some RL issues again. Deeks is only on furlough from LAPD, so why isn’t he just looking for some short-term work until he knows for sure what’s happening with his job? He could be a bouncer, private security, whatever The point is there are ways to make money while things play out with his job. What happens if the budget is approved and LAPD recalls him when he’s in the midst of his FLETC training? He then has to choose between leaving the training (and making a fool of Hetty) or giving up his pension. No brainer, IMO. Plus if we’re looking at the NCIS regs closely enough to know there’s an age limit for trainees, we also know there’s a three-year commitment. So does that mean he now has to stay in the field for three years when we all know he’d get out as soon as Kensi says jump? /end rant

    I really enjoyed Ray and Shelley and hope we get to see them again. Nice catch, Karen, that Callen’s sense of responsibility for what Ray suffered after protecting him played a role in his lone-wolf tendencies.

    The whole Sam/Kam/Katherine storyline was a yawn for me (though I do agree that having her swim in was a very creative way to avoid on-screen hugging). If Kam doesn’t want to meet your girlfriend yet, let her be. And did anyone else notice that Katherine basically admitted to attempted muder when she casually said she cut the brake lines on her mother’s bf’s car? WTH?!

    It was good to have Beale back, but the pornstache has GOT to go. Shave it off and send it to Bates. Not quite sure where this ep leaves us with him and NCIS, but I hope to see him again soon. Nell was nervous about his pending arrival and had a sweet look on her face when she finally saw him for what I assume was the first time in a while. But I didn’t get the sense that these two were anything more than friendly colleagues.

    I enjoyed the Densi scenes: loving adults having respectful conversations about important life issues. It was nice that Deeks was willing to give up the bar for their dream and nice that Kensi didn’t want him to because she knew how important it is to him–and I hope this news about FLETC means they reconsider that decision. Kensi was clearly happy, but I’m undecided about how Deeks took the news. I couldn’t tell if he was just in shock that he got a reprieve or realized a noose had just been tied around his neck.

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  9. In real life, once you are vested you never lose your pension, instead, if you depart, you just have to wait to draw it till you are age qualified instead of qualified by years of service.

    I am a Fan of Foa, and liked the facial decoration! I wish men’s hair styles would change from the shaved sides though as I am tired of that. Foa would look good wearing a paper bag, imho, so handsome! Agree it seemed inconclusive with Beale and Nell.

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  10. Hi all,
    First time poster here (though long time fan of the series and wikideeks).
    I would like to start by saying I have been enjoying reading the posts/reviews/comments and everything else this wonderfull community posts here all the years. So thank you all so much for keeping us company through all the wonderful work that you do, especially in such difficult times.
    With regards to my favorite series, i have to admit that the writing quality has declined over the years with some notable exceptions here and there (Mother anyone?).
    Now to the specifics of this episode.
    @Karen, lovely review as always though my take on the last scene was different. I think Deeks was genuinely happy that he would get the chance to permanently be partnered with Kensi to protect here as well as get a paycheck for it for as long as they stay in NCIS.
    @Psyched, I think if it comes down to choosing between LAPD and NCIS, Deeks will choose NCIS. He already declined to go back to LAPD twice, once in season 3 and once in season 9 (i think, the one with the killer crop virus). Remember that the Liaison position has been cancelled permanently so if he gets reinstated, it will be back to LAPD and not working with NCIS.
    And if he needs to choose between pension or protecting Kensi, i think he will choose the latter every time. If he is presented with the choice, i would like to see the team finally acknowledging all his contributions and his skills all these years as a means to convince him to choose NCIS (but I doubt this would ever happen).
    I would still like to see a Deeks M. episode as we have so many gaps about what happened to Deeks when he shot his father, why he said his mother was not existent, why he quit being a lawyer etc. But again, wishful thinking…
    And has anyone noticed that there is literally no kissing between Densi this year at all?
    With regards to Eric, i am with Psyched. He needs to lose the stache and we need to understand what his status is now. As far as i could tell (and considering the visitor card), he is no longer in NCIS. Which means he will be doing some cameos only?
    With regards to the new guys, i have to admit i am not sold on either of them. They didn’t have the impact that i was expecting like when Deeks joined. He is the reason i came back to the series in the first place.
    I will keep watching the show as long as Densi is around but i would really like to see less drama and angst for our couple and more happy/flirty moments.
    I would like to wish everyone happy holidays and please stay safe out there.
    Apologies for the long post and for any spelling /grammar mistakes. English is not my native language 🙂
    Warmest Regards from the other side of the world, our lovely little island called Cyprus.


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  11. Another great review Karen, thank you. It’s good to read all the comments, and all the new people. I agree with just about everybody. Okay I haven’t seen the episode yet, but I’ve got the gist of the story, and I am looking forward to watching it. I agree with you about the ending. Deeks was put in a corner, forced to make a decision he probably didn’t want to make, didn’t like any of the options. It would have been nice to see him get his job back on his own merit not having somebody pulling strings for him.

    I did see the clip of the push-ups, have to agree with you, Bashful Hamster and The Topiary Cow. Looking forward to seeing that on my TV screen.

    Must say thank you to Pysched for helping me understand Deeks situation better. I understood the defunding and furlough side of it, but not the finer points, pension and FLETC rules etc. I never saw the need for Deeks to become an agent, especially if it made him junior to Fatima and Rowntree. I also thought married agents couldn’t work together, but this is fiction, right?

    I think Allou1979 is spot on saying Deeks would choose protecting Kensi over a pension. He would choose Kensi over anything. Allou1979 you put things so much better than I do and English is my only language .It would be good to be in Cyprus rather than soggy England right now.


  12. The Topiary Cow // December 17, 2020 at 1:53 PM // Reply

    Patricia, good point about Deeks should have got the job because of his merits not pulled strings.

    Surely all the lives he has saved and times he has come through for the team should merit being given a position without starting from the bottom?

    Horrors, I hadn’t thought about Deeks coming in at a lower rank than the newcomers. That would be dreadful!!!! Argh!!!

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  13. Terry McQueen // December 18, 2020 at 8:12 AM // Reply

    Karen, I agree, I’ve ever been a fan of the bar, which seemed more distraction than anything. For once, in this episode, I liked Callen who’s never been, to me, very likeable. Too cold. After Siderov, Sam has grown on me. Must be their attitudes toward Deeks.
    A romantic, feel good episode at Christmas. Great song, good mini film montage. A pleasure to see Densi! Sightings were becoming rare.
    Unlike the horrible, disappointing S11, the show runners appear to have an unfolding plan for S12. Hurrah! Well, so far, so good.
    I’m happy the age limit has been waived for our Mr Deeks. His historical contibutions to his NCIS team, public safety and national security is finally rewarded. When he returns from FLETC (and SABTP?) as a Special Agent top of his class, it’ll be interesting to see how he fits in to the expanded OSP. Personally, I’d like to see Shaggy’ and ‘Velma’ /Deeks and Nell partnered again.

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  14. Just some odd thoughts bouncing about here, don’t mean anything much but….
    Deeks said he was going to sell the bar. We all know it’s Deeks bar, always referred to as ‘Deeks Bar’. It was his dream and he did all the work. I thought it was actually ‘their bar’. Don’t think Kensi was quite so invested in it.

    Is Deeks situation another of the occasions where he had to make a no win decision? I’m thinking shooting his father and killing Boyle. He didn’t set out to do either. I think the present situation he wants maintain the status quo, be a cop and be partnered with Kensi, not possible. Becoming an agent his only real option, but not one he really wants, just pushed into a corner.

    I’ve seen the synopsis for the next episode ‘Overdue’. The team are questioned as to whether Deeks would make a good agent. I feel quite indignant, of course NCIS would be lucky to have him. I wish I could believe the team would say yes. Might explain the unusually short haircut. I would like to see the scenario where Deeks returns with higher scores/marks than Smug Sam or Cold Callen and the ‘top banana’ offers him a ‘dream job’. Not going to happen but a girl can dream.

    Whatever, I find I am more interested in ‘what happens next’ than I have been for a while, I am bothered about what happens to Deeks, Looking forward to seeing him showing off his skills, which we know he’s got but seldom see, as well as his muscles.

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  15. Bashful Hamster // December 18, 2020 at 4:08 PM // Reply

    Smug Sam and Cold Callen! Love it!!! I agree!!!

    Excellent points, Patricia.

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  16. The age limit, per NCIS manual, can be waived by the Secretary of the Navy for Special Agent entry, so the whole thing was really just a red herring in my view. The exact language around that is “The specific individual for whom a waiver is requested must present special or unique skills not otherwise available.” I’d say that fits Deeks, and Hetty is always on first name basis with any SECNAV you care to imagine. There’s a whole training pipeline for this, and he’d go to FLETC as part of SABT. It’s all in the NCIS Manual, which is out there (and over 1000 pages…).

    As for them questioning the team about Deeks’ suitability for agent status…maybe they should question Deeks about the rest of the team. Sam can’t reasonably investigate any case that even remotely involves a SEAL, and how many times has Callen gone off the rails if it involves someone he even remotely thinks might be in his family? Even Kensi went off the reservation a time or two. None of them are really in a good position to challenge Deeks’ suitability. Just look at Mexico. He was the only one who questioned Mosley and her motivations.

    As for the bar…I like the idea quite a bit. Especially if you go back to his reasons for wanting to open it. It’s pure, unfiltered Deeks, and I suspect it also harkens back to places he’d remember from his childhood…maybe from following his father inside or going in with Ray to pull their fathers out of trouble again. It also shows the stark contrast between him trying to plan for a future without NCIS and the others pretending they can keep running missions no matter what. It’s a grounding element for Deeks, and something I think they should use more in some ways. Selling it would just strip something else unique away from him, and I think they’ve done enough of that already.

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    • Oh my goodness RobbieC you have put so well exactly what I have been thinking. I have absolutely no idea of the rules and regulations regarding the acceptance into FLETC or anywhere else, but the age thing being so definite, just seemed wrong. I couldn’t really understand why it needed Hetty to get him accepted. I was nice that somebody was on his side.

      On a simplistic note the idea of Sam or Callen having a say on Deeks suitability for anything is out of line. I had always hoped the team would be supportive of Deeks. Fat chance! The Squid and Dagger was not doing well. Can we assume Callen was still living there rent free? He was supposed to ‘bounce’ on a weekend, but if there was no trade he had nothing to do, I’m sure he would have noticed. A real friend would have offered to pay some rent, I’m not aware that Callen did. Yet it was only a few episodes ago Callen was talking about buying a house, of course he could, couldn’t he? I can only remember one time Deeks asked Callen for $4 for a beer, when Callen didn’t agree Deeks had saved his life. It’s only fanfic where the team pay for their drinks.

      Does anybody remember anyone other than Deeks or Hetty saying ‘Good Job’ or ‘Well Done’ to any member of the team? Sam is quick to praise ‘civilians’, yet a bully to the team, particularly Beale and Deeks. Sam already judged Deeks on his appearance, I’m not sure he moved on. What I’m trying to get at, is that Sam and Callen may be first class agents and honourable men, but they are not good examples of human beings. As has been said before, Deeks is the conscience of the team, what right does anybody have to judge him?

      Deeks idea for the bar, as a place for people to feel at home, was admirable. I don’t think it was meant as a money-spinner. The whole team are brave and risk their lives on a daily basis, but Deeks was under threat of having everything he holds dear taken away from him, and not by the bad guys. I think it made him the bigger man.

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  17. Charita Paul // December 20, 2020 at 3:10 PM // Reply

    The ending scene would have been perfect if Kenzie and Deeks were kissing like they wad in season 7 episode 7 of
    “An Unlocked Mind” when Hettie interrupted them. I’m wishing that Sam’s wife Michelle’s death was staged and she returns shocking him and his new love. Callen is not getting any younger so he needs to have a child. If not let him adopt that teenager named Finn who he is looking after.
    He is a great actor and he would fit in perfectly, maybe a crush for Kam.

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  18. I think everybody deserves some happiness, even Callen and Sam. The person I think deserves it most is Deeks. He routinely tries to help people. We heard about Versey in ‘Personal’ and Tiffany in ‘Internal Affairs’. He went above and beyond throughout Season 8 to help Kensi recover from her injuries, then threw a party to celebrate that recovery. In ‘Knock Down’ he tried to help Beale. He even tried to help Callen with his dilemma over Ana shooting an unarmed man. Even the bar is not just to make money but give people ‘a place to feel at home’. If anybody needs rescuing Deeks doesn’t hesitate. Yet if Deeks needs help as in ‘Human Traffic’ or ‘Drive’ the response is, “Do we have to?” The only exception nowadays is Kensi who is like a mama bear when her man is in danger. Help and kindness seems a bit of a one way street as far as Deeks is concerned.

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  19. The Topiary Cow // December 21, 2020 at 9:16 PM // Reply

    Hi Patricia, I am new to the series and don’t know it too well but I think you make valid points. Callen is so obviously dysfunctional— not creating a first name for himself, at least to get by; not having a place with furniture. And cold as you say. In functionality Deeks is way ahead yet keeps being put down and sidelined. In real life Deeks would be team leader, Callen would have been sidelined.

    Is there some rule in the show that Kensi always has to look unattractive? Never even a hint of colored lip gloss, much less lipstick, those awful striped sweaters, baggy shirts, the pony tail, looks like a 70-year old man who hates her, picks out her clothes. What gives with that?


    • Hello Topiary Cow, I am pretty much a newbie to wikiDeeks too, my first comment was June this year. I think everyone on wikiDeeks make good points, some you agree with, some you don’t. Some points you just hadn’t thought of.

      Not a fan of Callen but perhaps we can cut him some slack. His mother was killed in front of him when he was a small boy. He grew up being moved about in thirty odd foster homes, so he had no sense of home and few possessions. He really didn’t know his name until he met his father in Season 7. He could have given himself a name, any name to get by. Good point I hadn’t really thought of that. Callen’s backstory has unfolded throughout the seasons but it doesn’t intrigue me like Deeks backstory. At eleven years old Deeks shot his abusive father, and we haven’t learnt any more. He has every reason to be dysfunctional, and some would say he is, but he comes across as being happy and kind. Both are complex characters but Callen doesn’t grab my attention. Yes I know these guys are fictional.

      I can’t really comment on Kensi’s appearance. My dress sense leaves much to be desired. Daniela Ruah is a stunningly beautiful actress and a much nicer person than the character she plays. Early Kensi was pretty nasty to Deeks and thumped him all the time, but now she has mellowed. She still likes to get her own way, maybe not with ‘wardrobe’. I will admit to preferring her hair longer, but it is her hair.

      Is this a good time to wish everybody at wikiDeeks Merry Christmas? Those that comment and those that don’t. Thank you Diane, Karen, Psyched and everyone that keeps wikiDeeks going, we appreciate your hard work. Thank you to the cast and crew of NCIS:LA for giving us a show that fascinates and sometimes frustrates us. Thank you to ECO for just being awesome, and congratulations on your new Cloud Nine projects. Collectively you have given us a refuge in this difficult year, a diversion to help us through. Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year.

      Liked by 1 person

      • From a writer’s standpoint I find Callen rather dull. He clings to his angst too tightly…just like Sam clings to his created honor. They make good partners for that reason, but I don’t think either one is really capable of leading the team. Callen let his environment shape him, while Deeks is always trying to shape his environment. I think that’s why he always keeps doors open (like not joining NCIS when Hetty gave him the chance). Yet Deeks is stable in his own way, while Callen is still jumping (what is it…CIA, then ATF, then maybe FBI, then NCIS…I lose track of how many agencies he’s supposedly been in). And have they ever really addressed why Sam left the teams to work with NCIS? That’s not something those guys walk away from unless it’s medically required, and given the issues he has any time he has to deal with a case involving SEALs I can’t see someone bringing him in for that reason.

        And look at how the show treated Nate. Making him interrogate Rose was pretty low in my opinion, but it didn’t seem to bother Sam or Callen much at all.

        Anyhow, I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season!

        Liked by 1 person

        • The Topiary Cow // December 22, 2020 at 7:36 PM // Reply

          Hi Patricia, nice to meet a fellow newcomer to the series. I am slowly catching up from the DVDs but have 5 seasons to go still. Lots of people here sure have in-depth knowledge of every episode and plot twist.

          My favorite characters in order are Deeks, Nell, Beale and Kensi. I don’t think I know any backstory on Nell or Beale but love to watch them anyway. I guess all the actors are good but some are just magical. I sure hope Nell and Beale continue on the show.

          I hope you and everyone has a safe and healthy holiday and yes, it has been wonderful to find the show and especially WikiDeeks in these hard times!

          Liked by 1 person

          • I got addicted to this show back in Season 6 because of Hetty. (she’s so awesome!). I like everyone on the team just fine, but she’s special!
            And Merry Christmas to you too!

            Liked by 1 person

          • Hello again Topiary Cow. You make some interesting comments, coming fresh to the show. Some of us have entrenched ideas, you bring a new perspective.

            I started watching NCIS:LA from Season 1 but gave up, didn’t find it interesting. Then I rediscovered it at the end of Season 1 when Deeks joined. I was hooked. I watched Seasons 2 -5 on the TV, then they stopped. I had to sign up to Sky and I’m too mean to do that, so I switched to DVDs. I have Seasons 4-11 on DVD and 4-8 have been watched over and over, not so much the later ones. Seasons 1-3 seem to be on a loop over here in the UK, anything I want to watch comes round every few weeks. I watched ‘Personal’ Monday night. I think the Season 4 finale defines Deeks and my favourite is Season 8. I almost didn’t buy Season 11, but bought it for ‘Mother’. I am looking forward to getting this season.

            I discovered wikiDeeks around Season 9, I didn’t post because it didn’t seem right to comment on a show I hadn’t watched, it still doesn’t but now I do it anyway. I started to comment earlier this year, when they had the ‘Ten Questions’, part of the drive to get a ‘Deeks M’ episode.

            Like you, my favourite character, (by a very long) way is Deeks. Nell and Beale come next. I don’t think we learn much about their history apart from Nell’s happy family and Beale has a step parent. Hetty is something of an enigma, she does bring a little extra to the show. In the early days I really didn’t like Kensi, I thought she was mean and selfish. Gradually I am coming round, I don’t actually like her yet, strangely I like Densi. I wont go into my views on Sam and Callen, I will be here all day. You can read RobbieC’s comments above, I totally agree, and then some.

            Finally, sorry I know I’m rambling, I always have a look at Instagram, lots of snippets there. Still getting my head round the fact that some people don’t like Deeks.

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            • The Topiary Cow // December 23, 2020 at 9:12 PM // Reply

              Hi Patricia,
              I was channel surfing and usually go right past any cop shows, I couldn’t tell them apart and everybody in them always looks the same with their short hair, but I happened on the episode where Deeks was using a standing desk. And he looked so cool with surfer hair and there was some funny dialog. So that was when I looked up the name of the show and started purposely watching it.

              I became more and more of a fan of Deeks/ECO and bought all the DVDs to watch from the beginning.

              Nobody else has anything near his range; ECO can play homeless guy, all different characters. The others occasionally try undercover but they have no range. One of my favorite Deeks characters was when he was the railroad inspector, spouting regulations, loved it!!!

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            • The Topiary Cow // December 23, 2020 at 9:15 PM // Reply

              Hi Patricia,
              I was channel surfing and usually go right past any cop shows, I couldn’t tell them apart and everybody in them always looks the same with their short hair, but I happened on the episode where Deeks was using a standing desk. And he looked so cool with surfer hair and there was some funny dialog. So that was when I looked up the name of the show and started purposely watching it.

              I became more and more of a fan of Deeks/ECO and bought all the DVDs to watch from the beginning.

              Nobody else has anything near his range; ECO can play homeless guy, all different characters. The others occasionally try undercover but they have no range. One of my favorite Deeks characters was when he was the railroad inspector, spouting regulations, loved it!!!


              • Hi again, yes as cop Deeks area of expertise was undercover work and he does have a wide range of characters, I would love to see that skill used more. My favourite has always been Artie the homeless guy. You mentioned the railroad inspector, I think we only met him once, but I liked him too. I think the episode was ‘The Livelong Day’. A simple, humble episode with lots of the things we like. Kensi and Deeks working together, undercover no less. Kensi was just Kensi with another name while Deeks used a different persona. Deeks was both funny and competent a mix we don’t often see. There was even a nod to Deeks police career and a tiny peek of his childhood. Of course Sam and Callen still went off to save the day. Sam had lightened up with Deeks in Season 5, so the pokes at Deeks were more gentle. A few episodes later things started to get complicated, they had to accommodate Daniele Ruah’s pregnancy.

                Things have to change but more recently Deeks has been left holding the coats while the rest of the team strut their stuff catching the bad guys. It’s great that Deeks has a storyline, but I’d rather see him out being a detective and catching the bad guys. The more screen time for ECO/Deeks the better, but I hate to see him as a victim, he’s hardwired to help people. According to the posts on Instagram, his interview for FLETC doesn’t go smoothly, I’m sure there are more twists and turns to come, but I hope he manages to sort things out for himself rather than be rescued.

                Liked by 1 person

          • The Topiary Cow // December 23, 2020 at 8:42 PM // Reply

            Hi Robbie, those are very perceptive comments about who shapes their environment vs. who is shaped by it. Love it.

            I am new to the show but love getting the in-depth perspective from commenters such as you. Thanks!

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            • I didn’t mean to post today, busy day with the turkey and everything, but here I am……What makes wikiDeeks work, as far as I’m concerned is the diversity of the commenters. Have to say it didn’t happen by chance, Diane, Karen and co made it happen, I for one am very grateful. Sure Deeks caught our eye, he is easy on the eye after all. The shaggy, irreverent cheeky chappy on the surface, but with unfathomable depths, and people treat him badly. Intriguing. Grabbed our attention. We commenters are all different. We have different backgrounds, different mindsets, different life skills. Some have a depth of knowledge of Law Enforcement matters, personally I haven’t a clue. Some, like me, were fans of the original NCIS, I even remember Jag, the forerunner of NCIS. Others, talking about you Topiary Cow, are new, fresh and asking questions, excellent. Some people watch the show and take it at face value, probably the best way to enjoy it. Others dissect it and explore every nuance. It’s all good. Everybody has a valid opinion and often point out things I hadn’t thought of. We read what everybody has to say, and make up our own minds, maybe not in that order.

              Happy Holidays!

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  20. I’m not sure where to put this comment so if it’s in the wrong area, I apologize. For reasons I’ve already stated, so no need to rehash, I’m not watching NCIS: Los Angeles this season. However, I do keep up with sneak peeks, episode press releases and the like.

    I recall reading on Wikideeks that when Deeks lost his liaison position, that he was kicked out of OPS, by Fatima. To my understanding, this was done because he no longer officially worked there. As much as I hated reading that, I can somewhat buy it, despite the sheer amount of people who don’t officially work there who have gone in there over the years. Stupid, but at least a smidge understandable.

    In one of the promos for the next episode, Overdue, Beale is visiting headquarters and finds himself stepping in automatically when Nell is working. She invites him to go up to OPS because, according to Nell, Fatima would welcome his help.

    This seems very hypocritical, if Deeks was kicked out, especially by Fatima, why would Beale, who is also to my understanding, not officially working with NCIS any longer, be welcomed by her? Just because he he contains the “know how”to work up there, doesn’t mean he’s officially working there.

    I’ll be honest, I tried to give Fatima a chance, but over time her character has grated on my nerves. I get she wasn’t even in the sneak peek and it was from Nell, but she is likely right that Beale will be welcomed. I also fully get that it was a obvious ploy by Nell to get Beale missing NCIS enough to come back. I have no major issues with Beale, I like him, but this situation reaks.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s a well known fact that there is a law that says NCIS agents can do whatever they like, ride a motorcycle for example, but Deeks can’t. Seriously I think Beale had a Visitors Pass and Deeks didn’t. I think Nell passed on Beale’s Visitor Pass in ‘If the Fates Allow’? I assume Beale will have one in ‘Overdue’. I do wonder if ‘they’ will ask Fatima if Deeks should be an agent. Probably.

      Liked by 1 person

      • The Topiary Cow // December 23, 2020 at 8:56 PM // Reply

        Hi Patricia, hahaha—-visitor pass!!!

        And about this age requirement which is so inflexible—-bet the height requirement had to be waived for Nell and Hetty! Law enforcement usually has all kind of physical requirements such as height, good vision, etc. 🙂

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  21. The Topiary Cow // December 22, 2020 at 7:44 PM // Reply

    Hi R2, where do you find the sneak peeks of upcoming episodes?

    I am new here, why don’t you watch anymore? (Don’t answer if you don’t want to or if WikiDeeks doesn’t want it posted)

    I agree if other non-employees wander in and out of Ops it is typical of how poorly Deeks is treated that he would be the only one kicked out. Grrrr!


    • Hi there The Topiary Cow! Cool name by the way. I saw the sneak peeks on the website, Spoiler TV. As to why I’m not watching right now, I expressed my thoughts in the episode review for the first episode of this season.

      As to this episode, I’m glad to hear that Deeks is able to go to the academy- I figured it had been a red herring. 🙂

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  22. The Topiary Cow // December 23, 2020 at 5:47 PM // Reply

    Thanks R2, never heard of Spoiler tv, will check it out! And will check your earlier comment.

    May your festivities be filled with Topiary ( thank you for the compliment, Cow bowing gracefully to you) 🙂


  23. Is it just me, or is anybody else bemused by the promo for ‘Overdue’, the next episode? The lady interviewing Deeks says “LAPD files don’t make you out to be a team player”. She made it sound like a bad thing. Sam, Callen and Fatima are as far from team players as you can get, yet they are all NCIS agents. Perhaps her next words are “Welcome to NCIS”. Do they want team players or not?


  24. The Topiary Cow // December 29, 2020 at 10:31 AM // Reply

    Patricia, in my view Deeks was treated as an NCIS agent, not a liaison, almost from the beginning. He accepts assignments and functions as a team member; I agree that is ridiculous. Just another undeserving slam at Deeks by the writers.

    I haven’t finished watching all the seasons yet but it seems to me that Deeks is the only one who is ever shown with his shirt off. Why?


    • Yes Topiary Cow, you are absolutely right. Also, as to shirtless Deeks, he is also the only one ever shown in the shower and I not complaining. In fact I am very grateful.


    • I think it is believable that the LAPD file wouldn’t show Deeks as being a team player. From the small amount we have been told about his police career, we know there was conflict between Deeks and his colleagues. He wasn’t afraid to report corrupt cops. Being a team player has never seemed necessary for an NCIS agent before. Well, not to me anyway.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yet Deeks was always a team player when it mattered. My two favorite Deeks scenes are him coming out of his hospital bed to save Sam and Michelle (although the one with Kensi is a close second), and how he stops the plane to accompany the team to Mexico. He’d been fired, kicked in the teeth by the team (including Kensi), and yet he still came through for them. I can think of very few (if any) other moments in the show that stand out like that. And I also can’t think of another character (except maybe Beale) who would do the same thing. Callen (who froze when they were in Mexico) would do it for Hetty, but I don’t know that he’d do it for the team.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Once Deeks worked with NCIS I think he was a team player even when it didn’t matter. There are plenty of examples of Deeks teamwork and few, if any, as a lone wolf. He always came through for the team, if not always as spectacularly as the events you mentioned. I would have thought all his good work would be documented in a NCIS file. Yet they focus on his LAPD file, not his work with NCIS.

          Deeks has shown more ‘team spirit’ than the rest of the team put together. Kensi, Callen and Sam have all gone rogue at least once. Constant belittling of a team member is not team work in my book. Mosely and Arlo Turk are not team players. The little I’ve seen of Fatima doesn’t make me think she’s a team player. What exactly is in his LAPD file? Didn’t Hetty have access to it before she hired him?

          I do realise the interview was never going to be a formality, and of course we don’t know the outcome.

          Liked by 1 person

          • I honestly don’t believe they will reject Deeks from joining NCIS.
            Hetty went through all the trouble with Director Vance or the Undersecretary/Secretary to waive the age limit for Deeks to go to FLETC and somehow a bureaucrat will assess and say no?
            For a guy that has been working for NCIS for more than a decade? I am not convinced.
            I could be wrong but i don’t see it happening.
            Besides, why would they be looking at his LAPD file if he is essentially loaned out permanently to NCIS? They should be checking with Vance,Hetty and the rest of the crew.
            I am just hoping they are using this as an excuse to show us what the team really thinks about Deeks.


            • You’re absolutely right. We’re pretty sure Deeks will be back working with the team. What isn’t obvious is in what capacity. The liaison position was cancelled permanently, but that doesn’t mean a similar position can’t be created, if LAPD take him back. The most likely outcome is that he is accepted as an agent, but maybe not. The writers are just giving Deeks more hoops to jump through. I like the idea of an excuse to show what the team thinks of Deeks. I would like a scenario where Deeks skills save the day, the team realise they need him and fight for him. Other outcomes are more likely. I think there are more twists and turns to come.

              Whatever the outcome, the writers are doing a great job keeping me concerned about what happens to Deeks. I don’t get bothered over what happens to any of the others.

              Happy New Year to one and all


              • I am happy that the writers are keeping us on our toes with what happens with Deeks. I just find it tiring after a while that he is the only one getting the “special” treatment.
                How come Roundtree left FBI and joined NCIS and went through FLETC between seasons without any hiccup and Deeks gets to jump through hoops time and again just to get something he deserves. Considering the fact that Roundtree essentially went AWOL because his fellow corrupt agents were trying to kill him and NCIS had to save him.
                As far as LAPD taking him back, i don’t really expect it to happen. The promo showed that the whole reason of this questioning happening is because he doesn’t have good reviews from his bosses (not a team player).


                • Yes I agree with everything. Life, or the writers have never been fair to Deeks. I think that is why we are so protective of him. So many people have questioned why Fatima and Rowntree were accepted straightaway, while Deeks had to struggle for years to prove himself. I’m not sure he has acceptance now. Just for once I’d like to see him get a break.

                  Liked by 1 person

                  • As far as I’m concerned it’s just lazy/sloppy writing. There are better ways to do this that don’t require Deeks to be hauled through the pit of ridicule yet again. He’s proved himself time and time again. Why not come up with a better reason for him to be away? I honestly expect better from some of the people involved, especially since they’ve been on other shows that handled this kind of thing very well. I mean, if Hetty’s word is supposedly good enough to get someone whose father is prior KBG (yes, Anna, I’m looking at you) accepted by Federal agencies, what’s supposed to be wrong with Deeks?

                    Liked by 1 person

                    • You’re probably right. Although I think variations of this storyline, Deeks going back to, and having issues with LAPD, have been in the pipeline for a long time. They have used the events of last year to put a topical spin on it. Just taking advantage of it to give ECO time off. It was never going to be a happy time for Deeks.

                      The object of a promo is to spark our interest the episode, this one certainly worked on me. It was just one line that caught my attention. We have to be careful not to judge an episode that hasn’t been aired. We don’t know the issues or the outcome.

                      I’ve seen the conversation between Deeks and Sam in the boathouse. Sam was supportive, condescending, but supportive. Well it looked like Sam and sounded like Sam……..

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  25. The Topiary Cow // January 2, 2021 at 5:56 PM // Reply

    The entire cast and crew may have an extended vacation, not just Deeks, if pandemic restrictions are implemented on filming in California. Has anybody heard if they will continue filming?


  26. Happy new year everyone! It’s so wonderful that after all this time, we’re still getting new commenters and having such an engaging discussion. I particularly appreciated everyone’s coming to Deeks’ defense and I am waiting with bated breath to see whether the next episode will be a chance for the writers to finally give Deeks the credit he deserves, or to continue to diminish his skills and use him as the butt of jokes.

    I think the discussion is also evidence that, as Terry pointed out, the showrunners do actually seem to have a plan this season. And even though it’s involved little Deeks screen time, at least his storyline has kept us involved, or as Patricia pointed out, waiting to see what happens next.

    I also really liked Robbie’s defense of the bar as something unique to Deeks, and the observations about Sam and Callen clinging to their respective honor and angst. Interesting stuff!

    Can’t wait for the “Overdue” discussion!


    • Once again, sorry that this is in the wrong spot, but this little tidbit was in the press release for Jan 17 …Don’t read below if you don’t want to know press release infor for a future episode. Found on Spoiler Tv website. “A Fait Accompli”

      Spoiler . . . .

      Deeks is kicked out of NCIS training only to find that Hetty has a life-changing surprise for him, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES, Sunday, Jan. 17

      Can’t something EVER go right for him (Besides the marriage)?!?! That surprise of Hetty better be good.

      End spoiler. . .


      • Same here… I just read the synopsis that Deeks will be kicked out of NCIS training …
        Seriously …


        • I saw the same thing. The next episode bothered me too, ‘Deeks struggles at FLETC’. So he will be the only one that didn’t get through FLETC….Really


          • So let’s do a quick summary of what we know this season …
            Deeks is recalled back to LAPD in 12×03.
            We find out he is furloughed till budget is discussed (i think this was 12×04)
            Then he can’t go to FLETC because he is too old and he cant come back to NCIS as the Liaisson position is permanently cancelled (12×05)
            Hetty pulls strings and gets him in FLETC (12×06).
            He has an entire episode where he goes through interview to get accepted (12×07)
            He apparently struggles with FLETC whereas Nell, Fatima, Roundtree and everyone breezed through it (12×08)
            And he gets kicked out (12×09)
            We spent half a season making Deeks the butt of all the jokes and drama, and now he comes out as completely useless and Hetty needs to intervene again …
            Seriously …
            And i bet the surprise will be that he is back to LAPD and the Liaison position is restored and we will be back to episode 2 …Even after all he said to the interviewer …


            • I have to agree with all you say. It’s great that Deeks is finally getting a storyline, a bad storyline is better than no storyline, but not much. It does give us something to talk about. Any screen time for Deeks is good, but it is way past time that he is shown to the team for the man he is. His ‘speech’ to the interviewer made the rest of the team look exceptionally shallow, but only we get to see it. I try to stay optimistic that the writers will surprise us and make Deeks the ‘hero’, but it is difficult sometimes.


              • Honestly,
                i am so close to giving up on the show…
                I think I will just wait for wikideeks to post the reviews for 12×08 and 12×09 instead of watching them. If it goes the way i think it will, then that will be it for me …
                I have all the DVDs up till season 12, i will just stick to those …


                • Anything can happen. I don’t think they have filmed much past episode 9, and due to Covid, there will be a delay before shooting restarts. Now if the writers were to look at wikiDeeks…..


                  • There is one thing though that is bugging me from the description of the episode.
                    And I would like your thoughts on it.
                    The synopsis says that Deeks is kicked out of NCIS training. Not kicked out of FLETC.
                    Maybe it’s the same, maybe not.
                    Maybe i am just overthinking it …


                    • I can see why it would bug you. I had to go back to see exactly what was said. First Deeks ‘struggles during training to become an official NCIS agent.’ then ‘kicked out of NCIS training’. I would assume FLETC is NCIS training, going to FLETC was the big deal. If not somebody will tell me. I must admit I did read the the first synopsis as ‘struggles with training’. Can I be optimistic and hope Deeks finds something amiss at FLETC, rather than actually fails. Don’t worry about overthinking it, we all do it. Well I do.


                    • FLETC is a universal training program used by many agencies (Federal Law Enforcement Training Center or something close to that). NCIS conducts their own additional training after that.


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