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Let’s Do It For Us: Drabble 4/27/23

“Oh, good thing we’ve been working out,” Deeks said, laughing in between short breaths while Kensi collapsed on top of him. He could feel her heart pounding against his chest.

He curled an arm around Kensi’s back, tucking her more securely into his body, and gently trailed his fingers along her skin. It was almost funny how he’d convinced himself that he wasn’t craving this side of their relationship.

“You know, I was thinking about what you said.”

Deeks turned his head slightly towards Kensi, his chin pressing into her cheek as he continued stroking her back. “About not needing romance? Cause, that was one of the more idiotic things I’ve said.”

Kensi fumbled around until she found his shoulder, and gripped it, her hand warm and firm. “Babe, you’re not an idiot. Actually, I meant what you said about wanting to spend as much time with Rosa as possible. And, of course we still want to have time for us.”

“We’ll make the time,” Deeks promised. “Now that we know it’s an issue, we’ll know what to watch out for.”

“I know we’ll try.” Her fingers found his cheek, carding up into his hair. “But that’s always the problem, isn’t it? We make plans, we have the best intentions, and then something comes up. A bomb, a missing person, or some other catastrophe.”

“Yeah, but that’s always been a concern,” Deeks agreed. One they’d decided to deal with for the time being.

“Maybe I was wrong,” Kensi whispered.

Deeks frowned, not sure he’d her correctly, and definitely uncertain what she was talking about.

“Kens, what’s going on?” He nudged her chin until she turned to face him.

“Maybe thinking that we can both stay with NCIS and meet all of our needs as a family and as a couple, isn’t realistic. Rosa shouldn’t have to feel like an afterthought every time something comes up and I hate missing out on so many key moments in her life,” she said, eyebrows furrowed. “Maybe I need to consider making some changes.”

“Are we talking major changes, the kind that involve careers?” Deeks asked.

“Yeah.” Kensi exhaled quickly. “Yeah, I think so.”

“That’s a lot to consider, especially given our history with the topic.”

“It is.” Kensi cupped his cheeks, her eyes softening with affection and something more melancholic. “But tonight was so… everything I’ve been missing with you, and I can’t go back. I won’t risk our relationship for a job. Not anymore.”

“I love that you’re ready, but, uh, maybe we should have this conversation when we’re not basking in the glow of really amazing sex,” Deeks said, and Kensi tossed her head back, laughing.

“Baby, I’m not going to change my mind,” she said, leaning in to kiss him softly. “I promise.”

About Em (43 Articles)
I write fanfiction as ejzah on and Tumblr. I love writing and talking about all things Deeks, Densi, and Eric Christian Olsen. I’m so excited to contribute some of my writing to wikideeks.

3 Comments on Let’s Do It For Us: Drabble 4/27/23

  1. Em,
    I like your thinking on this subject!

    Always thought that if they really wanted to be parents that then they needed to be PARENTS and
    do what is absolutely necessary to be that type of parent who is there for their child.

    Since Rosa has been a part of their family there has always been some work “thing” that caused
    either Kensi or Deeks not be there when something that they signed up for (adoption) and then
    ended up missing out a part of her life but cannot ever regain.

    I realize that they had to miss four episodes each but didn’t Kensi go to some kind of training
    at Glynco while Rosa and Deeks were sick? Like it was stated in “It Should Be Me: Kensi’s Journal”
    it truly is both parents’ responsibility to do the parenting.

    Either way only 3 more episode to go and all we will have are the memories and DVDs.

    All the best in everything you do after Wikideeks.



  2. Terrence // May 1, 2023 at 5:34 AM // Reply

    Compulsive reading of anything from Em as Em, or as ezjah.

    We, the wife and I, also have a mini list of look for works by Sweet Lu, anonkp, and Tess Di Corsi. Honestly! We have several favourites bookmarked for re-reading, by each and every mentioned author.

    NCISLA might be terminal but we hope you don’t give up on your drabbles, one-shots (sometimes extended to three chapters) and multi-chapters.

    Thank you WikiDeeks, yes it certainly has “been a blast”. Thank you from all of the fans. You’ve made even the meh! episodes interesting in your reviews. Whatever you decide to do after WikiDeeks eventually flat-lines, the very best wishes in any, and all, of your endeavours.
    Sincerest kind regards
    from Terence and Laura


  3. Ivelina Plamena Georgievi // May 2, 2023 at 5:29 AM // Reply

    Need Densi kisses and Densi romantic!!!!!


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