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NCISLA Case Briefing: “Active Measures” (S7E1)

NCISLA Active Measures 2NCIS:LA Case Briefing: Active Measures (S7E1)

Note: Welcome to a new weekly column, the “NCISLA Case Briefing”. This will serve as an episode preview of sorts. It will allow us to consider what we’ve been preemptively told about the episode and speculate on a myriad of aspects such as character reactions, continuing plotlines, and connections to past episodes. With this being presented by wikiDeeks, it also includes a feature titled “Deeks’ Week”, where we can consider the detective’s specific role in the investigation and his interactions with teammates, suspects, and a few notable visiting acquaintances.  So settle in as we begin tackling our first case!

Official CBS Press Release: “Active Measures” – When Callen goes rogue and embarks on a secret mission that leaves Sam and the team in the dark, Hetty demands that his operation be shut down and tasks the team with finding him, on the seventh season premiere of NCIS: LOS ANGELES. Written by R. Scott Gemmill; Directed by John Peter Kousakis

Welcome back NCIS:LA fans as we likewise welcome the team home from Russia! The hiatus is finally over and lucky number Season 7 is upon us! With inaugural members of the NCISLA family, R. Scott Gemmill and “JPK” launching the season, it’s sure to be a surprising and intriguing turn of events!

As Callen has just stumbled upon more clues related to his father, he reacts in an expected way. He goes rogue. Again. Oh Callen. Will he never learn this Lone Wolf tactic is detrimental to pretty much everyone involved?! It’s this “everyone” that will surely be an incredibly compelling aspect of the episode.

Sam knows his partner. He knows when to give him space and when to rein him in. So which strategy will The Big Guy choose this time? In the press release we’re informed “Hetty demands”. (Of course she does.) This indicates Sam won’t have a choice. Will this bring Callen into check or perhaps damage their partnership?

Yet, this time it’s different. Very different. Forget a verbal exchange. Save your fists. And leave your knives in the kitchen. No, this time they pull out the “big guns” so to speak – on each other! In the promo we see the brotherly partners staring down the barrel of the other’s weapon!

The tension continues to build as we unbelievably see Hetty tasing her favored agent?! This all seems so outrageously out of character can it be real? Or might this only be a case-based ploy to bait a suspect? Based on the reactions by the rest of the team both in Ops and nearby, it’s anyone’s guess.

Meanwhile it appears Densi may have found some non-work workout time. Similar to their resistance tether (that Eric & Daniela actually broke!) in the park, the partners are now ocean-side. Promo pics show us a humorously tumbling Deeks. Did the detective encounter a road hazard, or more likely was distracted by his (literally) dashing partner? It’s a great illustration of Shaggy physically “falling” for his Fern.

Speaking of Fern, it appears as if the beloved SRX may have been retired. Sadface. Is that a new black Audi Q7 she is about to put to a test? In addition to her aggressive driving, this ride makes Bad Ass Blye appear even more dangerous! You go girl!

Deeks’ Week:  It’s fairly easy to surmise the California-bred surfer relieved to have returned to the comforts of sun, sand, and sea (especially with his Sunshine at his side). So how might Callen’s supposed AWOL status affect Deeks both professionally and personally? More importantly now that he’s back in the City of Angels, what “devils” might await him in the presumed ongoing Internal Affairs investigation?


Gayle H. is a contributor at Follow her on Twitter: @DensiLand

About Gayle (147 Articles)
Gayle is a WikiDeeks writer and has the challenging task of penning the "Surf Log" each week. Known as "DensiLand" on Twitter, Instagram, & Tumblr, Gayle obviously "ships" Densi and has sincere love for the entire cast (& crew) of characters.

10 Comments on NCISLA Case Briefing: “Active Measures” (S7E1)

  1. What a great column to launch. And what better way to look forward to upcoming episodes than with fan speculation and discussion. I am so looking forward to the season premier especially since it is a Gemmill/Kousakis episode.
    I can’t believe that Hetty would tase Callen. Their relationship is one of mutual respect and I see a heated discussion but not physical force. An actual tasing would be shocking but I tend to agree with Gayle that it may be staged.
    And yay, more discussion on Densi. I am looking forward to how the writers handle their relationship. From the Paleyfest panel discussion, the IA investigation will be resolved. I hope tthat Kensi plays a pivotal role in the resolution, after all, partners always have each other’s back. Previous episodes where Deeks display unequivocal belief in Kensi has always tugged at my heartstrings and warranted multiple re-watching. Fngers crossed that the writers will return the favor and insert scenes with emotional dialogue showing Kensi’s full belief and support of Deeks as his partner and in another scene as partners in life. After all, that’s what partners are for😄
    Great write-up with intriguing questions for discussion, Gayle!


    • Wow! Thanks for a wonderful first comment on this new wikiDeeks offering. I too would enjoy seeing Kensi defend Deeks, as long as they don’t simultaneously make him appear weak or incompetent.


  2. Oooookkkaaayyyy…..just watched the sneak peek….Hetty tased G…..bugger…


  3. Welcome our latest feature by Gayle to our weekly lineup!


  4. Love this idea and implementation of it! Its fun to read what other fans are reacting to and what feelings it invokes. I love this site. I didn’t come to read the fictional stories mostly because they are (sorry PTB) so much better than the episodes written to air; which, for me, became very frustrating. Thank you WikiDeeks! All of you ROCK!!!


  5. Gayle, I’m so happy that you’ve added this feature to our weekly line-up. It’s a great addition!


    • Thanks, Karen! This is such a great site and team I appreciate the opportunity! It’s a wonderful chance to support the show and actively contribute to the fandom. (Plus who doesn’t enjoy trying to out-guess The Powers That Be!)


  6. Thanks for this new contribution, Gayle. I have always liked your episode previews.
    I think it’s very interesting to speculate about episodes from what they let us see (behind the scenes pictures, messages, press release, etc…) and then, after the episode is aired, to compare how much we guessed and how much was misleading to begin with (I still haven’t totally forgiven who created the promo of “Traitor” just on purpose to make viewers think Deeks was strangling Kensi!!).

    In general I have high expectations from this premiere, both for the plot and for some characters development.

    Two things I am most curious about: the role of Sabatino (I kind of like his character, especially in “Wanted”) and the progression of Densi with each other and in relation to the IA investigation.

    I can’t wait until tomorrow (which will already be Tuesday for me…).


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