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Debating Deeks: Is Densi Together Good for NCISLA?


Brenda and I are back to tackle a new debate topic. Previously, we discussed whether Kensi and Deeks should get together, focusing on what was best for them as a couple. Now that they are ALL IN, we’ll look at whether a united Densi is good for NCIS: Los Angeles the show. Brenda will take the position that of course it is, and I will attempt (completely contrary to my true feelings) to argue the opposite. Brenda, please get us started…

Brenda:  In our prior debate we established my desire for Deeks and Kensi to be together, so I am very “Humbug”-happy!! The question today is why this is good for the show, and not just for the fans who have been clamoring for this. The most compelling reason for this necessary progress in their relationship is character growth and development. In any long-running series there is and must be growth and change on the part of the characters. It is part of what keeps the show interesting as we see the impact of the characters’ experiences on their lives. My other favorite show, The Big Bang Theory, has evolved from its “four nerds and a pretty girl” premise. All the guys are now either married, engaged, or dating. The evolution of their relationships was closely connected to their characters’ development. The Season 8 storylines that would have been implausible in Season 1 are fascinating now because of that growth. They have been rewarded with passionate fans and high ratings.

Karen: I agree that character development is a desirable goal with any television show, and Densi being together is the obvious next step in their thing. But for every show you name that successfully moved their single characters into relationships, I could probably come up with one that struggled. The classic example is Moonlighting, where the characters’ chemistry fizzled once they got together. Moving two will-they-or-won’t-they characters into the yes-they-did category is a risky move at best. I’d like to think that the amazing chemistry of Eric Christian Olsen and Daniela Ruah wouldn’t stop even if their on-screen relationship became more settled. But “settled” connotes a stability that would seem to take at least some of the drama away. For those readers who aren’t as old as I am, let me use a more recent example: New Girl. When Jess and Nick got together it didn’t just make them as a couple dull and sort of annoying, it seemed to sap the entire show’s energy.

Brenda:  This is a common concern, cited even by people who weren’t around to watch Moonlighting!! However, that show was already on a decline, perhaps because viewers like me tired of their drawn out relationship. More contemporary examples of relationship success, on the other hand, include Bones and Castle.

The idea that “together” equals a “settled” (i.e. boring) relationship is a TV cliché. The NCIS:LA writers are phenomenal and certainly capable of more than a perennial will-they-or-won’t-they dynamic. There are many issues after the beginning of a relationship (e.g. moving in together, marriage, kids!?!). Focusing solely on unresolved sexual tension becomes a bit one-note after a while and can itself lead to fizzle instead of sizzle. People don’t pine for each other for five years without having sex! They move on, one way or another. Though we may, at times, feel stuck in certain parts of our lives, we don’t want to see our beloved characters perpetually stuck. We want growth, development and expanding of horizons that create previously unimagined possibilities. Like maybe they DO get married!

A successful and long-lived series requires new sources of interest and drama each season. The clear move forward in “Humbug” is a sign the writers have acknowledged the fans’ desire for a solid Densi relationship and that they are not feeling bound by ancient TV history.

Karen: You are right that there is great potential to move the Deeks-Kensi drama from will-they-or-won’t-they into new and exciting directions. One worry I have though, is that this group of writers isn’t all that well suited to making that happen. Is there an established adult relationship that we have seen well and regularly depicted on NCIS:LA, or on NCIS for that matter? Sam and Michelle are great, but we have rarely seen them together. Is the fact that Deeks and Kensi are together together going to fade away into the background, or are these writers capable of showing the next steps forward in their relationship? Do they have a plan for what happens next? One of the things that led to Moonlighting’s downfall was that once the writers began to get the two leads together, they seemed to lose confidence and took the stories in different directions, away from the screwball fun that had made the show special.

Brenda: It is a fair question whether action writers will be interested in writing the romantic relationship stuff. The ratings for “Humbug” and the encore of “Merry Evasion” (another critical Densi moment: “Go for Santa”) provide a major incentive to go in this direction if it attracts viewers and increases ratings. I couldn’t help but wonder whether the fall ratings loss was solely time-slot dependent or also related to the step back Deeks took in “Three Hearts” when he returned Kensi’s knife. There was much discontent with the subsequent Season 5 episodes and frustration with the lack of progress in Season 6 prior to “Humbug.” The current writing group is large, with additions this year who have written incredible episodes. I would hope there would be at least one person within this group who had that comfort level with romantic writing, and if not, that the ratings bump would give them incentive to go find one!

Karen: Yes, ratings for “Humbug” were strong, but keep in mind that there was no competition that week from the other networks. And even if lots of people tuned in for the big Densi development, we can’t know whether those people will come back to see Densi as an established couple. There’s a reason fan fiction writers like to focus on the culmination of the will-they-or-won’t-they stage of the relationship: because that is the time when the characters’ chemistry is at its highest. The advantage of fan fiction, though, is that the writers can tell and retell the same basic story in different ways over and over. On TV, it only happens once and then it’s done. (Well, hopefully it only happens once- another path the writers could choose is repeated break-ups a la Ross and Rachel on Friends or Sam and Diane on Cheers. And I really don’t want that for Densi!)

The longer they drag things out between these two, the more romantic it becomes. Look at how unbelievably excited we all were at a single kiss in “Descent,” let alone the declarations about being bold and the two kisses of “Humbug.” Keeping them apart, and slowly moving them forward, has been old fashioned and romantic. In the end their relationship is all the richer for the winding path they’ve taken together, all the while keeping the sexual tension pretty high.

Keep in mind that NCIS: Los Angeles could run for another six seasons. Its storylines need to take a different trajectory from your average show. I’m not saying I want something like JAG or The X-Files, where the characters don’t get together until the very end of the series, but the showrunners do need to “respect the pace,” and make sure they don’t peak too soon.

Brenda: I agree with the need to plan for relationship and series longevity. However, they don’t need to look too far to see how that can backfire. Tiva on NCIS remains a sore point with fans that cannot be rectified since Cote de Pablo has left the show. This is another reality with long-running series: not all actors remain for the duration. Viewers were stunned last year when Will Gardner was killed off The Good Wife and only then did fans learn that the actor wanted to pursue other endeavors. As strange as it seems to think one of our team would want to leave a hit show, it happens, and would truly be the worst case scenario as the similarity to NCIS/Tiva would be set in stone and haunt any future franchise relationships.

A Densi pairing achieves the best of both worlds for the fan base. Now that they are “all in,” the pro-Densi people are satisfied (ECSTATIC!!) and likely don’t need or want to see nothing but Densi snuggles every episode. (We’ve got Sweet Lu for that!!). No one is expecting an action show to turn into a soap. My only non-CBS favorite show, Bones, is a great example. We rarely see Booth and Brennan in their bedroom, but the episode usually ends at their house, often with their daughter and sometimes a romantic innuendo thrown in. They clearly have a hot and solid relationship but the show remains focused on forensic pathology. Likewise, Sam and Michelle’s relationship is referenced, but not a focus. All-in Densi satisfies fans who want them together as well as the fans who want less will-they-or-won’t-they and more focus on team cases. All the fans are happy and the writers move on to new sources of drama.

Karen: Ah, I think that’s exactly what I’m worried about- that the writers will lose the drama of will-they-or-won’t-they and not know what to replace it with. Could Kensi ever get pregnant like Brennan on Bones? Her dangerous job seems to preclude that. She could work in Ops, but then we’d lose that wonderful Densi partnership. She can’t be a stay-at-home mom like Michelle- she’s a star, not a recurring character. And of course there’s the teenage boy demographic to keep happy, so there may be limits to how much domestic Densi we may get. As you mentioned, it may become part of the background. To me that seems like a loss in terms of quality Densi moments every week.

Brenda: In the end, the numbers tell the tale: Twitter explosion, winning their time slot, the ratings bump over last year’s Monday nights. It seems even Kyle Harimoto, who wrote “Humbug,” was surprised by the outpouring on Twitter. There is five years of pent-up demand for this OTP (a term Andrew Bartels claimed to have learned on Twitter post-“Humbug”!) If they write happy, together Densi, the viewers will come!

Karen: Unfortunately Twitter activity does not necessarily equate to ratings success. And to have the UST finally satisfied for this OTP may result in a longer term drop in viewers. Bones, for example, appears to have dropped in ratings about the time the two leads got together. NCIS:LA beat Castle the last time they went head to head, with a non-Densi-centric “Reign Fall.” Is that because having Castle and Beckett together is causing that show to lose steam? The good news for NCIS:LA is that Densi is only one element of its success, so bringing these two characters together is unlikely to have a big impact on ratings either way.

What impact will #DensiBOLD have on the long-term success of NCIS: Los Angeles? Brenda and I enjoyed trying to figure that out. What do you think the showrunners should do with Kensi and Deeks now that they are “all in”? Tell us in the Comments, and let us know if we missed any good arguments!

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34 Comments on Debating Deeks: Is Densi Together Good for NCISLA?

  1. Great debate! Great subject, too. When Deeks first came on the series, I didn’t want the two partners to get together, even though as a fan fiction writer I put them together almost immediately because it was easier, and I was more interested in writing just about Deeks. On the show, I liked flirty Deeks. Watching women slip him their number or blow him off was extremely entertaining. I really loved it when he kissed Nicole in the interrogation room in Plan B. Now that was sexy. However, as time went on I began to see Deeks fall for Kensi and that changed me. Maybe the writers did take it way too slow, but it did make us all yearn for them to be a couple.

    Now that they have crossed their frozen lake and met in the middle, I really don’t think the show will delve too deeply into their private life. I think there will be hints of it, but I don’t think we will get an engagement party anytime soon, let alone marriage or kids. That’s not what the show is about and we have to remember this is Callen’s story and this is basically a crime show. That said, I recall that part of the Frozen Lake episode when they didn’t know what was happening when Deeks was inside that butcher shop trying to get to the Gurkha. You could see the turmoil in Kensi’s entire demeanor. She was terribly afraid for him and she acted on that fear. She couldn’t wait another minute to rush to his rescue. That was a tense scene and a dramatic way to show how much she cared. She didn’t follow orders, she went on gut instinct and fear not just for her partner, but for a man she was falling in love with. That is what I hope to see now that they are a couple. How do they react to things now that there is so much more at stake because of their love for each other? What will their love do to them when they are in dangerous situations? How will they deal with it if they are ordered to do something that might put the other in danger? There are so many dramatic possibilities that would fit the show and keep the excitement flowing between these two. I don’t need weekly snuggles, just that obvious closeness that comes with commitment…a touch of the hand to a cheek after surviving a dangerous situation, or a clasping of hands to show there connection. I’m sure they will continue to banter…it’s who they are, but their new relationship could add so much more because the stakes just became higher. That will be something I want to watch.


    • Lindy D..I loved your post ..and how you mentioned it will bring many more dramatic moments to both thier characters and the show itself…now that Densi is official

      That tense scene you talked about from The Frozen Lake…where Kensi rushed into the butcher shop to help Deeks….is a perfect example of a dramatic Densi couple type moment….as it showed a worried & but determined Kensi..coming to Deeks aide.

      I thought DR did a wonderful job of she displayed..both concern for Deek’s safety…while trying to control her emotions and remain professional…..and put on a brave face she waited anxiously in the van with Callen & Sam.

      I’ve re watched that scene often..precisely because it showed much Kensi cared for Deeks..not just as her partner..but as a man she had deep and growing feelings for.

      Both Callen & Sam knew..she was worried about they kept checking on make sure she was “good” and at first Kensi appears ok..but as the moments tick by and still no word from Deeks..Kensi’s calm outer demenour quickly starts to disappear..

      Callen tells the team they will wait 1 more minute…then go into the store…and G even tells Kensi…” We clear”?
      G is in charge…and his message to Kensi…was an order.

      Kensi says nothing to Callen….just nods to Sam ..when he asks Kensi for some type of response… .but you can tell by the look on Kensi’s face & in her eyes..that she cannot and will not… wait 6 more seconds to go rescue Deeks.. so…forget about 60!

      That moment… is just one example…of why I think making them a couple on the show will only add to it.

      As ECO said himself in a featurette on Season 6 going forward after the events in Humbug..the stakes are now raised for Deeks & Kensi…and there will be consequences for the choise they have made ..such as how will they juggle…..their personal relantionship..with their working relantionship

      LL COOL J talks about Densi….and he said speaking as Sam Hanna…..” I think the most important thing is that their personal relantionship…doesn’t interfere with our work..because people could get killed!”

      So right there…you can see where the new status between Deeks & Kensi..will add not only differant & dramatic dimensions to the team..but potentially unwanted tensions.

      DR says at first..she expects Deeks & Kensi will keep their updated status private and to themselves.but Im guessing..the team will know …..but keep their secret.
      Hetty being Hetty…will know pretty well..right away…..and so will Granger..sooner rather than later.

      Seeing how Hetty & Granger…deal with and tolerate Densi’s couple status..will open up even more dramatic storytelling opportunies for the writers & show runners

      I know they are fans who dislike all the couples stuff on the show…with Densi…G & his gf…and even Nell & Eric budding romance….but…if the show didn’t explore and develop the characters over time…and flesh out their characters and make them more human …we would not care for them as much as we do.

      The non stop adventures of the what first draws us to the show..but I believe what has kept most of us on here the characters….and as long as the powers that be…remember that…the show should be on our TV screens…for a long time!


      • Lindy and Owen, you are so right about the great opportunities for drama like that scene from The Frozen Lake. (Whew, it feels nice to be able to agree with this side of the debate, the side I’m actually on!)


  2. Great well-written topic! It was very interesting to read and focus on one side and the other of the Densi coin.
    I admit that after “Humbug” I have often thought about how the writers on the show would decide to make this couple progress now that they are “All in”. I think for them (writers) it’s a new challenge, more than if they hadn’t let Densi take this bold leap. The challenge now is to write for Deeks and Kensi very plausible dialogues, plausible with who they are themselves alone and together as a couple. The “couple” material is new, obviously, but if well-planned, it could give an unexpected spark to the show. I have never believed that the chemistry between the characters would drop after crossing the boundaries between personal and professional. Again, if the characters are supported by brilliant lines, being a couple should only bring an added value to the show. I don’t want to see too much of “domestic” Kensi and Deeks, but hints here and there that they are progressing well or that they are arguing over “trifles” (as they have always done!) would be welcome…
    I have regained great faith now after “Humbug” and I am so thankful that the “Densi treasure” inside the show has finally been acknowledged by the same showrunners that probably had not planned it to begin with.


    • wow.
      I agree,.

      You managed to express my thoughts in a much more compact way. It took me much longer to say the same things, and I do not think I even got anything said half as well as you did with this post.


    • Thanks Cladani! I think we saw from this week’s ep Spiral that the witty banter doesn’t have to stop. I think I’m with you, that too much domestic Densi would detract from the show’s overall balance, but I’m still hoping for a bit more than the work partners we saw in Spiral, at least every now and then.


      • To be honest, I’m still hoping too, but even to see them as work partners now that we know what they truly mean to each other with no misunderstandings is really awesome!


  3. Good debate.

    As for the shows mentioned as examples:

    With Moonlighting I do think it was more about what was happening behind the scenes and the writers own inability to write a together couple, than viewers simply not wanting to see the leads together. I did exist when the show was made, but was too little to know about these shows then, but I have seen the show at some point in my life. And as far as I remember the problem with this show really is that with one equivalent in the formula changing they for some reason kept trying to change other things too. And that most likely made it not work for many viewers.

    With New Girl I personally thought that the only good part of the “gone downhill for my taste” show lasts season was Nick & Jess scenes. Somehow either the writers did not know what else to write besides their scenes that were okay (except for Schmidt and Elizabeth story line that was in my opinion the actually only really good thing about that season), or they had lost their writing spark and ideas anyway, and had no new interesting stories to tell…with or without the couple being together. For me the show lasted only 1,5 seasons, and another season was kind-of. And the ship thing, for me, has nothing to do with dropping the show from my watch list.

    The X-Files for me, was more about the search for the truth, and less the search for the truth about the characters relationship status. And though the viewers learned only quite late in the shows history that these two had been together, and they only officially got together at the very end, that show did something in its very own way – the characters had actually been together, and viewers only learned about it after. I personally like the episode that this all was revealed, but I love it more as a great episode…directed brilliantly by the lead actress, Gillian Anderson, less for the sole reason of finding out that the two characters had spend a night together.

    With Bones I have to say that for me the show lost its magic and being interesting before the lead couple got together. And for me the dragging that part of the story was only one reason for quitting the show. I stopped watching way way back, because for me the show had become something that it was not when it first started. And if I remember correctly, the will they ever part made it even less appealing to me. I hear people say the show has gotten stronger now, but I have no interest in it anymore. To be honest…unlike with some shows where I like the family and kids and home scenes, from other peoples descriptions it seems to me as if this show also changed other things, and has become equally a crime show and family drama. And while with a different show I have no problem with it, with this one I do not find it appealing.

    There have been many shows that have made it extremely uninteresting with keeping the characters apart til the end, and while the tv gods might truly believe that a tv couple can not be interesting together, or taht a show loses its magic when the will they is resolved, but I find that to be one of the most incorrect assumptions. Though I am sure there are viewers, who feel this way. But the good thing is they have a long list of shows they can watch if they like ti done that way…as that was the way to go in the past. Luckily more and more successful shows are proving this assumption to be wrong.

    Now…Castle. That is my favourite show. And this show has in my opinion been able to make it work very well. They have managed to get the characters together, and still keep the show interesting and exciting. Telling the same kind of mysteries they did before, and having there be new sources of drama for the leads, besides the only only question “will they or wont they”. I would suggest watching this show, and seeing how it can be done well.

    And I hope NCIS:LA follows Castles path, and keeps writing Deeks and Kensi the way they were written, and keep the show about the team solving crimes. And leave the classic densi-moments there for each episode. Now they just have new challenges as characters, and the writers as storytellers. While I believe that just like with Castle, the babies can wait for a few seasons, I can see it working (I expect Castle to go there this or next season, because it is time for them). Even that can bring material for writing. How will they handle their only…leading female agent being off the field? How will she react to having to be stuck at the OSP? I do not think that now that they are “all in”, the story will get boring. Sure, it will for some viewers. But no matter what a tv show does, there will always be viewers, who do not like how they did things, and viewers who like it just that way. But “boring” domestic scenes and stories can be good too. (I would once against suggest watching Castle for that and seeing how they managed to do.)

    As long as they will keep writing a case per week, and the show being about/structured: 1. crime is committed. 2. the opening credits 3. Funny team or Sam/Callen or Densi moment 4. team vetted about the case 5. investigating the crime with interviewing suspect, doing undercover work to catch the bad guys etc 6. added a few sweet (and now just with a different, couples vibe) Densi moments, and good other character moments/witty Hetty/cute Neric 7. catching the bad guys/solving the case 7. a bonus end scene with the team or a densi moment … everything is gonna be fine.

    And I personally think the writers of NCISLA can do it. Even if they have not written a relationship for main couple before for this show (Sam & Michelle seem to have a good relationship, but she is a minor character, so that is rarely seen), but I think they will be able to write “together Densi” just as well as “not yet together Densi”. I will enjoy Densi now very much, and welcome any story line they will write. I would not enjoy breaking them up and getting them back together over and over again…but I do not think NCIS:LA is going that way. I have faith in this show, and I really do believe they are going to keep their winning formula, and only difference will be the change in Densi relationship status. I do not think they will change everything else about the show, or the characters. I hope and believe they have taken notes from shows that have done it well (example: Castle). I know many fans want more densi kissing and bedroom scenes now, but I personally am good with the usual densi moments (which will now just be different…more “intimate”…I believe…while otherwise being the same). I really do think NCIS:LA will be one of the successes with their lead couple together before the shows end. I have no scientific proof, but it seems to me so. Even “boring” couples scenes about Deeks and Kensi discussing moving in together (wow, are they gonna need a lot of cardboard boxes for all her hoarded stuff! LOL would be another classic densi fun banter scene they could do now that they are a couple), dinner plans, and everything else can be interesting. Because I really do believe that the whole idea that any domestic scenes are boring is so weird, and so made-up to make it sound like tv couples can only be boring.

    As for ratings and such. With NCIS:LA I seriously doubt that the fact that they kept Densi just unofficially together,a nd did not get them all in until the least episode,has much impact on the ratings. I personally usually watch Castle before, and NCIS:LA later this year, because they are now sadly on the same time-slot, and I do enjoy the storytelling more than the explosions. And I think that the rating are down for mainly other reasons than just upset Densi fans. Most likely the reason is competition from other networks. Possibly also the quality of the show in general. But that is just my opinion.

    One question though: why do I keep reading online that so many fans seem to think that the box and knife scene from Three Hearts was them breaking up? I did not get it that way at all! I always thought that the whole scene was about “deeks-is-making-a-gesture-that-seems-to-say-he-is-not-all-in-but-then-there-is-a-twist-when-he-says-that-he-will-be-all-in-after-some.time” I really though that that was the scene and everything that followed seems to say the same. That when the scene started both Kensi and viewers thought Deeks is breaking up with her, but then there was a twist and surprise! … he is not doing that. And I thought that while everyone seems to hate metaphors, the whole box scene made sense to everyone who watched the episode, and it was clear she was opening her heart to him, and as Hetty described the scene “it means they are one step closer to being together”. Grangers assumption that this was “the end” was wrong, Hetty knows all, and she knew it was “the beginning”.

    Bring in the “all in” Densi!

    oops, this turned out to be such a lengthy response. I apologize.


    • I am so agreeing with you, in Three Hearts Deeks is asking Kensi to be patient with him (in his own metaphoric way). Taking a step back to reevaluate does not mean giving up or breaking up, it just mean that they need to find another or better way to make it work, because they both want to make it work.


    • Rhiann, never apologize for a lengthy comment- we love reading them! You made many great points about the other shows. I agree with you that Castle has handled the developing relationship very well. I think one advantage they have over NCIS:LA is the proportion of time spent on casework vs. private lives since the show’s inception has been different, with many scenes shot at Castle’s home with his mother and daughter, and now with Kate. That in turn has made the developing relationship easier to incorporate, and to show, to viewers. So while that has made me a happy Castle viewer, the comparative lack of private life focus of NCIS:LA is probably going to make me a slightly frustrated Densi viewer.

      My take on Three Hearts was very similar to yours, that there was no break-up (raccoons mate for life), but just that Deeks wanted to take a break, to stop moving forward for the time being. I took the overall reaction from unhappy fans (myself definitely among them) as not that we thought they were breaking up, but that we didn’t understand why Deeks wanted to pull back, when he had been the pursuer for so many years. It was disheartening because it seemed somewhat forced, and possibly signaled that the showrunners weren’t wanting them to get together, maybe ever.


      • Thank you.

        And I agree about Castle vs NCIS:LA.
        The shows are “built up” differently. And not all things that work on one, will work on another. Like for example Castle has 2 main main characters, and others are more like main side characters, when on NCIS:LA all the main characters are “more equally main characters”. Also the whole point of Castle was the writer and his muse love story unfolding, when on NCIS:LA the romance is (and should be) more on the background in my opinion.
        But I still think that from current crime shows Castle is a good example of how it can be done. And done well. And it is a nice proof of fans not leaving because the will they wont they is resolved (like some legends claim would happen if ships get together). And also a nice proof of how a show manages to keep all their strong elements the same, and keep telling a good story with the main ship together.

        Thank you. It was good to know that I “did not get the scene wrong”. That my interpretation was one of many possible ones. Happy to read that there are fans who got the same vibe from the scene.

        As to why Deeks wanted to “take it slow”. I can only speculate, because I do not know for sure, but I do think that everything that had happened in the past year (his torture, ptsd, them spending the night together and hoping to move forward with their thing and then being pulled apart, his thoughts about their personal relationship being the reason she was sent away, and Angelos words all together got to him. Plus…lets not forget that the last time he got personally involved with a partner/co-worker, she was blown up (remember her new lapd partner from s2?). He just had not-so-good past experiences, and I do think that somehow all those things together…combined…made him scared something bad like that would happen again. Deep down he knows they can make it work with Kensi, because they always do, but I think that Angelo and others managed to mess with his head a bit, and make him need to take that step back and think it through. Kind of. That is what I think. And it is quite possibly partly the canon truth, too. Though I think we will not find out for sure for a little while. earliest during the promised Deeks-lawyer-days-backstory episode this season.


        • I agree that Castle is handling its ship very well. And Nathan Fillion, just like ECO, has great chemistry with everyone he works with.


  4. I’ve been trying to figure out how to put my thoughts into words but thankfully, Cladani and Lindy basically did it for me, so just a big ditto to those two! I don’t see this step as a bad thing at all. The show doesn’t focus on them and doesn’t need to just because they’re together. Just little snippets here and there is all we in the fandom need, in my opinion. Not that any of us would complain about Deeks/Kensi/Densi-centric eps now and then, but that was true before they were all in! It’s not as though I need to see half of every ep showing Densi and their life now. Seeing how they react to stressful cases now, little glimpses into after-work hours, etc – there is plenty for the writers to work with without drying up on Densi.


    • I agree Kara, except that my wishes for a different show where there’s only Kensi and Deeks (hmmm, maybe like Castle where Densi is Caskett and where Sam and Callen play the two male sidekicks who do most of the grunt work?), will always have me wishing for more Densi that I’m going to get.


      • Oh I don’t disagree with that! I’m just resigning myself to the fact that we won’t get that on NCIS:LA. A Densi spinoff would be amazing.


  5. I read earlier that one of the writers/producers said that Deeks would go back to LAPD in this season so I think that there would be more trouble for Densi in new episodes. Personally I would like to see some ups and downs in their relationship (please don’t kill me). I was also terrifierd that happy densi would be boring densi, on densi on the back seat like in this season, and we all don’t want that.
    I would like to see how they would react if there is situation similar to “the debt” now when they are together.


    • Ooh, mc987 I like the way you think! While I don’t want to see them breaking up repeatedly, I think a little conflict (if handled well by the writers) would be natural and interesting. Especially seeing challenges brought on through work-based stresses and situations such as the one you reference. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the Deeks Leaves NCIS storyline to be everything that we want it to be.


      • I am always looking for that “deeks m.” episode…… where we would find out more about his past and how he became m.deeks that we know and love. I feel that this will be connected with this “return to the LAPD” ! oh my imagination!!! I already have 2 part episode in my head… 😀


  6. Karen, great job debating the dark side😄 Brenda, loved all your points! I enjoyed reading everyone’s comments. I personally have always been against couples getting together because it was always the kiss of death for the series. Now, I agree that the evolution of the characters is the drawing card for us fans.

    I am still in my happy fuzzy state of Densi after the Humbug episode and hoping that it doesn’t dissipate after tonight’s episode airs. On one hand, I want the “all in” experience of Densi and on the other hand, I love the UST. Having said that, I think that the “all in” premise would work because this is an ensemble cast and the stories and action is not centered on just Deeks and Kensi. Go Evolution! 😊


  7. Thanks Reader, it wasn’t easy to argue against what I really feel, but it’s always a good exercise. To your point about evolution, it makes me think about a comment Jericho Steele made in his Writing Deeks interview, about seeing Deeks and Kensi as two magnets that he just can’t seem to keep apart. I think maybe the show’s writers experienced the same phenomenon, and knew they couldn’t keep them apart for too much longer, let alone another six years. Go Science! 🙂


  8. Thanks to all my Twitter stalking, (I mean, following), of show execs, I have a guess that we will get a Densi-centric ep soon. Rick Tunell posted his monthly calendar the other day and during their filming of 614 (1/16-1/27), LL is off most of those days and last time LL/COD were gone for most of an ep, we got Neighborhood Watch. It’s also Kalstein’s next script which holds promise for some good Densi scenes.

    Time will tell!


  9. Brenda (@bpnp) // January 7, 2015 at 9:16 AM // Reply

    Hello everyone,

    Thank you for all your wonderful comments! It is so rewarding to see our debate generate even more discussion – so many points we could have included if not for word limits! Karen has already replied specifically to many of your comments so I won’t be redundant. She really does deserve a standing ovation for arguing so well against her true point of view. She also deserves a shout-out for being a great collaborator on an article like this!!

    Just wanted to say you all made my day with your comments, and it was much-needed as I received some disappointing news this week. So nice to have this little NCISLA/Densi support group!! Let’s hope we have lots more positive Densi developments to discuss in a couple of weeks!


    • Sorry to hear about your bad news Brenda! And you are too kind. I really do think people should occasionally be forced to argue the opposite side from what they believe- it’s definitely a great way to understand where the other side is coming from.


  10. I’m late to the party as usual, but you guys did a great job with this debate (you even had me fooled for a second, Karen). I think what separates the established Densi relationship from the relationships on other mentioned shows is that they are NOT the main characters, nor the main focus. Them being together now doesn’t sap the energy from the show, because the will-they/won’t they wasn’t the main draw from the beginning. ECO’s and Daniela’s chemistry together, just like COD’s and LL’s, is what makes this show different from other crime shows. And whether they are happy, or sad, or pissed, or shooting bad guys – that chemistry is still there.

    I’m looking forward to where the writers take them, even though I’m a bit terrified as well. Okay, a lot terrified. 😀


    • Hee, hee. Thanks, hdawg. Excellent point about their relationship being a minor element to the show. And I agree, it’s hard to imagine ECO’s chemistry with DR (or with anyone on the show for that matter) would ever wane. I think it would only happen if he gets bored with his role, so let’s hope it never comes to that.


  11. I’m not Densi; I believe they have ruined NCIS LA. Perhaps Kensi e Deeks could be occasional lovers but a couple, no! Their pair is unlikely: much better partner work.
    The production has ruined the character of Martin to make happy the viewers and I, today, when I look at him, I think he is very, very, very OOC. I do not recognize Martin; anymore.
    I hope for an episode “Gentry, M”.
    Excuse my English.
    Hi from Roma


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