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Thank You for Raising $1800 for Pets of the Homeless!


We are so proud to announce that wikiDeeks readers and staff have joined together to meet – and exceed – our fundraising goal of $1500 to support Pets of the Homeless! In fact, so far we’ve raised $1800 for this wonderful charity.  Your donations will provide emergency veterinary care to pets that would otherwise go uncared for. Our heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who has helped, whether it’s by a financial contribution, a food drop-off, targeted on-line shopping, or just by spreading the word.  Together we are making a difference.

This week we mailed a packet to Eric Christian Olsen that included all the personalized notes from those who donated; a letter from Genevieve Frederick, Founder and President of Pets of the Homeless; and a copy of their May newsletter, which featured our fundraising efforts.

In a comment she left on a previous post, Genevieve said of your contributions, “Thank you from all the pets of homeless. These companion pets are nonjudgmental, offer unconditional love, comfort and provide an emotional bond of loyalty. In some cases, they provide the homeless protection and keep them warm. They deserve full tummies and a healthy body.”

Win An Autographed PhotoVet3

It’s not too late to help! Even $10 can make a difference. Give before Tuesday, May 19th using the listed directions you’ll be entered into a drawing to win an autographed photo of Eric Christian Olsen! You can do so in honor of Marty Deeks or Eric Christian Olsen (or even Monty or Dakota). We’ll continue to collect all the donation notes to forward to Eric. (If you have already given, but didn’t do so with our instructions, just send proof of your donation to, along with your short note to Eric, and you’ll be entered into the drawing.) Then stay tuned: we’ll announce the winner next Thursday May 21st.

We’re Not Done Yet

We will continue to raise money to support Pets of the Homeless. wikiDeeks still pledges to give $150 each time Monty or Homeless Deeks make an appearance on NCIS:LA.  We’re setting ourselves a new goal of $3000. It may take a while, but we’re determined to get there. Check out our Pets of the Homeless page to find out about more ways you can help.

A huge thanks to all our amazing readers who’ve given so far. You are the best!

Thanks to Allie AKA the fabulous thewingsofnight for the title artwork. Follow her on Twitter: @thewingsofnight or Tumblr at

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