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Kensi’s Journal – 05/11/15

May 11, 2015

Looks like we’re going to Russia on one of those ‘don’t ask’ missions. I’m sure we’re officially going in search of Karposev but finding Arkady’s daughter is also a top priority although Granger might not see it that way. I want to get in, get the bad guys and get out quickly. The last time we had a case involving a bad Russian it didn’t end well. I hope Sam and Deeks get through this without any difficulty.

Deeks was awesome today. We work so well together as partners and I can’t imagine how it might have turned out if I had been partnered with someone else. We just have this internal language that allows us to know what the other is thinking. It keeps us in sync. However, the funny stuff he comes up with is something I will never understand but also never get tired of. There is definitely something amazing about a guy who can make you laugh!

It’s the teddy bear part of him that sometimes causes trouble. I can’t believe he has loaned money to his deadbeat friend seven times. And as hard as it was to get that info out of him, I have a feeling it is more than that! If I ever get my hands on the loser, he will regret taking advantage of Deeks’ kindness!

My ear is still ringing from Deeks shooting his gun in the car. It was necessary but I was so stunned by the car backing into us, I wasn’t prepared. I think I have bruises from head to toe! Well, I’m off to pack for another overseas trip. Too bad they are never for fun.


3 Comments on Kensi’s Journal – 05/11/15

  1. “There is definitely something amazing about a guy who can make you laugh!” Amen!


  2. This one made me laugh. Heaven help Eric if Kensi finds out he is the one borrowing from Deeks. Lol


  3. I agree! I’d like to see those fireworks!


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