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An Auction Ends & A Drawing Begins: Win An Autographed Humbug Photo

Humbug 1 signed cropped copy

Before we talk about our next – and pretty spectacular – drawing, let us say congratulations and a huge thank you to wikiDeeks reader Beth H, who won the eBay auction for an Expiration Date photo signed by Eric Christian Olsen and Ernie Reyes, Jr.  Expiration Date Autographed 2Her winning bid of $95 brought our fundraising total to $2,355, putting us well within reach of our current goal of $3,000! Beth told us, “I supported Pets of the Homeless and got this awesome picture of Eric Christian Olsen and Ernie Reyes, Jr. from NCIS:Los Angeles “Expiration Date”- a cool episode from my favorite show!” Thanks Beth, Eric, and Ernie, and everyone who’s given so much to support this great charity that provides food and emergency veterinary care, and helps spay and neuter pets owned by homeless individuals. You can learn more about them on our Pets of the Homeless page.

Help us support Pets of the Homeless between now and November 29th, and you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a photo from the NCIS: Los Angeles episode “Humbug” autographed by Eric Christian Olsen and Daniela Ruah. (And we’re sorry, but if you gave during previous drawings, we’re going to be greedy and ask you to donate again in order to enter this time- remember, it’s all to help the charity.) It’s not too early to think about unique holiday gifts for that special NCIS:LA fan in your life!

A huge thank you goes out to Eric and Daniela for taking the time to sign the photo at PaleyFest in support of our fundraising efforts. Follow the instructions below to donate. As part of the donation process, you can write a note to Eric and Daniela that we’ll send to them once we meet our fundraising goal, and we’ll use that note (it will be e-mailed to us) to enter you into the drawing.

Thank you for helping us support this great charity, which helps the pets of homeless people all across the United States and Canada, making their world a little brighter by taking care of the furry friends who provide them with companionship and security. (Donations can be made from anywhere in the world.)

Here’s how to join our wikiDeeks campaign:

Mobile users donating $10 or more use this link.

PC users donating $10 or more follow these instructions (see below for how to make a smaller donation):

1. Go to the Pets of the Homeless globalgiving campaign of your choice: spay, neuter and vaccinate pets of the homeless, or provide emergency veterinary care for pets of the homeless.
2. Choose one of the pre-set amounts or just click the “DONATE NOW” button.  (You can set your amount on the next page.) Donate
3. Change the amount if needed, and click the orange “Make this donation a gift, in honor of, or in memory of someone.” Change Amount and Click In Honor Of
4. Choose a card, and then choose a donation in honor of Eric, Deeks, Monty, or someone you know. Or you can donate in memory of Dakota or someone you have lost. Leave “E-mail a card” as the kind of card you want to send. In Honor or In Memory and Email
5. Enter Eric Christian Olsen’s name in the “Who should we send card to” section, along with our wikiDeeks charity e-mail: (The e-mail is how we’ll know you donated.) Send Card To
6. Enter your name in the “From” line, and leave a short message of any kind for Eric. You don’t have to “Show how much you’re donating,” but if you do, it will help us track our cumulative impact. Message
7. Use the “preview” button to see what your e-mail to Eric will look like. Here’s a sample: Card Preview
8. Hit the Continue button to enter your payment information, and you’re done!  Once we’ve reached our goal, we’ll print and deliver all the notes to Eric and Daniela.

Note: If you give, but don’t do so with our instructions, just send proof of your donation to, along with any short note you want to send to Eric, and you’ll be entered into the drawing.

Want to give less than $10, or don’t want to deal with the instructions above?  You can donate through Paypal on the Pets of the Homeless website. If you send proof of your donation to us at (we ask for a minimum of $5), along with any short note you want to send to Eric, you’ll still be entered into the drawing.

Thank You for All Your Help!


The Fine Print:

The winner will be randomly drawn from everyone who donates between September 8, 2015 and November 29, 2015.  If you gave but didn’t follow our instructions (and therefore didn’t make a card sent to wikiDeeks), you can still enter- just e-mail proof of your donation to

wikiDeeks reserves the right to publish copies of your notes to Eric and Daniela.  We want to spread the word as widely as possible about this great charity.

Marty Deeks and the other wonderful characters of NCIS:LA are the property of Shane Brennan and CBS.  Neither CBS, NCIS:LA, Eric Christian Olsen, nor Daniela Ruah are involved in wikiDeeks’ Pets of the Homeless campaign.

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  1. I donated a generous 25


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