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8 Comments on Kensi’s Journal – 11/16/15

  1. Best post ep journal entry yet! I loved that Deeks ended up going to dinner with Callen. We know Sam’s not up for company so this makes sense that G left ops just to tease Deeks. Love that Kensi is headed over to take care of Monty and will be there when Deeks get home. I like happy endings💛


    • Maybe they did go out but it is doubtful. Kensi left before Callen slipped out so she didn’t know about their plans or lack of them. I tried to make some sort of a happy ending with Kensi going over to his place because I didn’t like that they all bailed on our Deeks! Thanks for your insight!


  2. I didn’t see any dinner with Callen? Would be nice if it did happen. But please, NOT Callen and Talia! Blah! :-)! I miss Joelle.


    • When Kensi and Talia left, Deeks was talking to Callen about hanging out together. They left before Callen did so she probably assumed they had. I agree with you – no to Callen and Talia!


  3. Yes strange things happen. The strange thing here is that I didn’t see the Callen / Deeks dinner and that Callen mentioned to get together with Talia. Did Kensi see thing we don’t? Did Kensi really believe Callen would spend an evening alone with Deeks? Where did you get this from? Just curious.
    And Kensi you should consider Callens idea (PSB will be MIA ASAP). Best idea ever.


    • As I mentioned above, Kensi didn’t know that Callen and Deeks probably didn’t hang out. When writing the journal, I can’t write about things that Kensi wasn’t privy to knowing. Trying to keep it real! Lol!


  4. It was so sad to see Deeks left alone at the end of this episode, so I hope that he really had a chance to hang out with Callen as Kensi here thinks.


  5. Ju5t Becau5e // November 21, 2015 at 3:26 PM // Reply

    Great idea to point out the PSB issue was caused by Kensi going to the same coffee place instead of switching up her routine. There was a time when none of the guys would even consider “rescuing” Kensi, even if it were just from a PSB.


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