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wikiDeeks Exclusive! An Interview with Diana Valentine

Join in us for a very special interview with one of our favorite NCIS: Los Angeles Directors, Diana Valentine! In our latest podcast Diana talks about her work on set as a script supervisor and behind the camera at NCIS:LA. We especially wanted to know about directing Densi in one our favorite episodes “Better Angels.” We think you will enjoy finding out more about this very impressive lady.  Enjoy!

About Diane (427 Articles)
Founder, Writer and Contributing Editor of wikiDeeks. Always wanted to put together a talented team of writers and graphic designers who loved NCISLA and Marty Deeks in particular! My dream came true! Hope you enjoy what we have created!

11 Comments on wikiDeeks Exclusive! An Interview with Diana Valentine

  1. michelle mcnally // April 7, 2019 at 11:38 AM // Reply

    Great podcast

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  2. Thank you Diane for a very thoughtful interview.

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  3. Thanks, Diane, and thanks Diana Valentine for this great interview.
    I have to admit “Better angels” has been one of my favorite episodes this season, even if it was so sad I kept on thinking about most of its scenes the following days I had watched it, as if I couldn’t let go of David and his story, so I have found amazing to have a chance to listen to the director herself of such a special episode. This was possible only thanks to you, WikiDeeks staff (and obviously to the very kind and talented Diana Valentine). Thanks again.

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  4. I don’t always pay attention to who writes and directs these episodes so I was pleasantly surprised it was Diana Valentine. This “Better Angels” was one of my favorite episodes of season 10. Daniela Ruah really put her heart and soul in her performance. It may be her best of season 10. I’d like to thank Ms. Valentine for this podcast and also thanks to Diane and everyone who participated. wikiDeeks forever


    • I always look to see who has written and directed any film or show that I am watching. I am one of those people who sits through all the credits in a movie theater. I always feel that no matter how talented an actor is, without good material and direction their efforts will be lost. I have enjoyed many of Ms. Valentine’s episodes, specifically Better Angels, Seoul Man, Beacon, and some others titles that I can’t recall right now. Frank Military, Gemmill, Wharmby, Whitmore, always seem to get wonderful performances from their actors. The same goes for the writers. When I see an episode written by Military, Gemmill, Kalstein, Wilson, I know that I am going to see excellence.

      My opinion, and this is strictly my opinion, is that the writing over the last year or two has slipped a notch. The show definitely suffers from the loss of the likes of Dave Kalstein and Joseph Wilson. The writing in previous years was excellent, with great, exciting stories. This season we are likely to get a brilliant episode, followed by one or two so-so efforts, then another really good effort. I hope that Mr. Gemmill can correct whatever it is that has gone awry with his writing staff.

      As always, thanks to Wikideeks for its excellent content, its devotion to all things Deeks, and for allowing ECO’s fans a place to read about and discuss our favorite guy.

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  5. Great interview Diane! It was very interesting to hear about making an episode from director’s point of view too. You rock this year.
    Thanks to Diane Valentine for taking her time to talk to you.

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    • maria luisa // April 10, 2019 at 12:35 AM // Reply

      Thank you so much Diane for this amazing interview with Diana Valentine! It’s so interesting to know how the writers and directors work with the actors. Wikideeks keep giving us so much NCISLA crew interviews this season! Do you plan on having one with Daniela too? #AskEco May we have a video with Dani telling us how you both prepared to shoot the wedding episode.

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      • Thanks Maria. Not sure if we will get any more videos from Eric this season. But we are grateful for all the support we have received and it’s been a great year for wikiDeeks.

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  6. Fascinating, Diane and Diana; thank you both. I’m seeing a trend with TBTP that we’ve heard from recently–that they are very well-rounded and multi-facted in terms of what they’ve done behind the scenes beyond “just” producing/directing. Perhaps this is part of the reason the cast (regulars and guests) frequently mention how great it is to work on NCIS: LA.

    It’s also always interesting to hear how the actors provide input into their characters’ voices/dialog and now I’m all kinds of curious to know what the script originally said in that scene.

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