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Rough Day: Deeks’ Surf Log 03/05/23

Days like today are rough. A Petty Officer who was looking forward to going home to start a family was killed because he just wanted to report wrongdoing. A Master Chief so ashamed at being caught by his un-shameful actions that he bribed the Petty Officer, their argument ending in death. 

After a day like this, I’m glad I had the chance to decompress with the guys before going home. No offense to them though, but drinking at work is just not the same. I mean, if you want to get technical, drinking at the Squid & Dagger was still drinking at work for me, but it was just DIFFERENT, you know?

But I can appreciate what Rondel is doing with his bar to give others a safe place in this world. It’s all I ever wanted the S&D to be – a spot where people could find a home, make some friends, and feel safe in this crazy world. Man, I miss that place. But instead, tonight I will wait for my wife to come home, wrap my arms around her and Rosa, and be thankful for everything I have in my little safe place in this world. 

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Hello! I'm Lyssa, and I'm here because I love NCIS: LA and Deeks and being creative and crafty. Whether that's through my writing, postulating what will happen next on the show, or creating photo edits, or cross-stitching the characters, or building custom Funko Pops and their miniature props, I love it all!

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