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In All Your Memories: Drabble 4/7/23

A/N: This story is for the last episode, “Sleeping Dogs”. 

“Alrighty, what’ll it be today? Taylor Swift, Adele, oldies? Ooh, I downloaded that CD we talked about last week.” Deeks nudged Rosa’s shoulders, keeping his eyes on the car in front of him. 

“I don’t care, you can pick,” Rosa responded quietly. 

“Hey, you ok?” 

She inhaled audibly. “I’ve been thinking about our trip.”

Deeks sighed internally. He’d wondered how Rosa felt about their visit to her aunt. Although her condition had stabilized to a degree, she was still weak and in hospice.

“I know, that had to be really difficult, seeing her like that again,” Deeks prompted. 

“It was,” Rosa agreed. “But I actually enjoyed visiting with her. I actually have been thinking about what happens once she’s gone. I know she probably isn’t going to live much longer, and…” She paused. “I know it’s selfish, but I will have no one I’m related to anymore.”

There was a world of hurt, loss, and probably feelings she’d kept hidden to herself all this time in her voice. 

Making a snap decision, he pulled to the side of the road; they would probably be late, but right now that was the least of his worries. He thought of a hundred pithy, trite things to say, none of them right or helpful. Before he could settle on anything, Rosa spoke again. 

“I don’t mean to sound ungrateful. I love you and Kensi. I’m thankful for you. But you didn’t know me when I was a little girl, or anyone who knew my parents. Now if my aunt dies…” she trailed off and shook her head. A tear slipped down her cheek.

“Oh, Rose, come here.” 

She leaned into his outstretched arms, stretching awkwardly over the consul between them. Her body shuddered with suppressed sobs, and her fingers hooked into the fabric of his shirt, clinging to him. 

“I can’t even imagine how hard this is for you,” Deeks murmured, brushing her back in a soothing rhythm. “I wish there was something I could to do to make it better.”

“It helps that you’re here,” she whispered, trying to discreetly wipe her tears away. “Sometimes I wonder though, who am I without them? You know, my birth family.” 

 “You’re Rosa Reyes,” Deeks answered softly. “You’re an incredibly kind, passionate, thoughtful young woman. You’re stronger than I could ever imagine. And that reflects who your parents were more than I think you know.” 

Rosa pulled away, desperate hope in her eyes. “Really?” 

“Absolutely. And we’ll do everything we can to help keep them alive through your stories, everything you shared about them. The soup that Kensi can’t get enough of.”

She made a sound that was half laugh, half sob. “And the tacos,” she added, managing a weak smile. 

“All of it,” Deeks promised. Rosa nodded gratefully, once again curling into his chest.

A/N: After thinking about Rosa, Kensi, and Deeks visiting Rosa’s ailing aunt, it occurred to me how difficult that must be for her. She’s lost so much at this point, that the possibility of losing yet another family member could be devastating. I’m not sure I conveyed this as I imagined.

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1 Comment on In All Your Memories: Drabble 4/7/23

  1. Em, I think you have written the perfect amount of angst. Too much and the sentiment becomes maudlin.
    Typical Marty that he pulled over, knowing the right things to say. Rosa’s worries and Marty’s support. They both deserved a cwtch.


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