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Review: NCISLA “False Flag” (S10E24)

Season 10 of NCIS: Los Angeles came to an end this week with “False Flag,” written by Frank Military and directed by Dennis Smith. The second of three parts, it followed last week’s “The Guardian,” written by showrunner R. Scott Gemmill. Given that the Military/Gemmill duo is the same pairing that gave us Season 9’s emotional, conflict-filled finale, hopes were high for a repeat performance. Unfortunately, this finale felt a bit too plot-heavy to be able to provide the stars of the show with much time to talk about their feelings, giving the episode more of a solid case of the week vibe than something we’ll obsess about all summer.

But First (and Mostly), the Plot

While the story for these last two episodes was interesting, I couldn’t help but see lots of missed opportunities for emotional moments for the four leads, particularly Densi. Sam and Callen actually got stuck with the least interesting part of the story, spending the hour trapped on the aircraft carrier chasing suspects through narrow hallways. These two didn’t have time for a single chat about the honor of the SEALs, the disturbingly tight confines of the ship for claustrophic Sam, or what was at stake if they failed. Surprisingly, their lives weren’t even in imminent danger at the end. Heck, they didn’t even have much chance for snarky banter. It was as if their roles could have been played by anyone.

For Deeks and Kensi, the missed opportunities felt even more clear. First there was the parallel between this season ender and last season’s finale of the dangers inherent in a foreign mission. The previous mission to retrieve Mosley’s son generated huge conflict among the entire team; here everyone appeared to be gung ho about the mission to avert international disaster. Unfortunately the lack of a personal angle or any team conflict made this case less interesting than Mosley’s.

Then when you also think about the number of times Kensi’s gone abroad to this part of the world and had brushes with death, you’d really think her safety would have been on hers and Deeks’ minds. Instead, we get Deeks saying “Love it” to Jasmine when she’s ordered to book their flights. (On the other hand, how wonderful was it to see how Sam and Callen didn’t hesitate to ask for both Kensi and Deeks to head out of the county? We’ve come a long way from Granger scoffing at the idea of Deeks going to Afghanistan to back up his partner, or from Sam questioning Deeks’ ability and character.)

Yet wouldn’t this couple have taken a moment’s pause to think about how they were following a similar path to the one at the end of last season that led Deeks to nearly die, and Kensi to re-examine her priorities? I assume this happened in the long flight to their destination, but there was simply no time to squeeze in a scene that showed it. Here’s hoping for a slew of deleted scenes on the DVD!

Then there was Deeks in his local Iraqi garb that bore a striking resemblance to his attire when he flew to Afghanistan to find Kensi. When I saw him, I immediately flashed back to the events of “Spoils of War.” Even Sabatino’s (Erik Palladino) presence must have served as a reminder of that same time for Kensi. I know they were in a different country here, but surely Deeks and Kensi both thought about their respective past experiences. How did that impact them? I guess we won’t get a chance to find out unless they have more time to discuss it in next season’s premiere.

The episode’s main cliffhanger actually landed on Deeks and Kensi (and Sabatino) taking heavy fire. We got this quick but intense exchange:

Kensi: Deeks! I love you.
Deeks: I love you too.

Be still my heart. This wasn’t the most surprising exchange they’ve ever had, but it sure felt real – and real intense, exactly what these two would be thinking with their lives on the line. Bring on the post-ep fan fics please!

Classic Hetty, and Neric on Repeat

Perhaps my disappointment at the lack of emotion wasn’t so much because there wasn’t any, but rather because it was concentrated with characters I don’t care about as much (sorry Neric!). I did feel sorry for Eric, having to deal with that obnoxious and over the top new tech operator (agent?) Jasmine Garcia (Alyssa Diaz). She was just a little too competent to be believable, and a little too rude to be funny.

The most emotional scene of the night was Nell’s tearful recounting of her mother’s deteriorating condition. Renée Felice Smith was great, as was Barrett Foa. And yet I couldn’t help but feel like I’d already seen this scene play out, like maybe three or four other times. The repetitiveness just made me think, “Again?” I’d love to hear from any Neric fans out there – did you enjoy this scene? I hope so!

Easily the best part, and one of the highlights of the entire episode, was Hetty’s advice to Nell about her mom: “Tell her something that I tell myself every morning: Keep punching.” Linda Hunt delivered that line with such emotion that I immediately teared up even though I hadn’t really engaged with the scene to that point. Hetty was great throughout, such as when she commented that she likes her filet mignon burned on the outside and bloody on the inside, like her enemies. Classic, Hetty, just classic.

And of course I guess we were supposed to feel some emotion for Mac (Catherine Bell) and Harm (David James Elliott). The scene at the restaurant surprised me with its deliberate pacing; I didn’t think Mac and Hetty would have time to catch up, with the bad guys on the verge of launching their false flag attack. Still, the actresses were quite good together. Again though, when Mac and Harm had their stiff exchange via video conference, I didn’t really feel much emotion. How about you JAG fans- was this satisfying for you? Again, I hope so!

Memorable Moments

  • I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a character’s American cover blown, only for them to slip into more accented English. Is that really how things work?
  • It was such a pleasure to watch Hetty physically standing in Ops with Eric, Kensi and Deeks. Seeing more than half of the team together, especially with Hetty, made me smile.
  • I appreciate the usefulness of the Iraqi clothing, but blonde boy Deeks, female Kensi, and black Navy SEAL Wallace are really going to struggle to blend into the Iraqi countryside no matter what they’re wearing.
  • Hah! I loved Sabatino complaining that he didn’t get invited to the wedding.
  • I appreciated that Military seemed to be paying attention to the time differences involved, with events happening in daytime in one location and nighttime on the other side of the globe. I remember many times in Season 5 when Kensi’s Afghanistan exploits appeared to play out with the same amount of daylight as the team’s in L.A.
  • I did find myself trying to will into existence a promo for the next episode, so I think it’s safe to say that the Densi cliff-hanger got to me.

On to Season 11

I gotta be honest, folks. I was a little let down by this episode, which lacked Frank Military’s usual dark and dramatic signature. I think I read that he’s writing the premiere, but can’t recall for sure. If so, hopefully he’ll bring more of the angst I love so much to the Season 11 opener.

The good news is that Harm and Mac didn’t take over the show. It just felt like maybe Gemmill didn’t squeeze quite enough plot into his deliberately paced (not in a bad way) “The Guardian,” leaving Military with too much story to tell to get the characters to the cliff-hanger. Not bad at all, just not as satisfying as last season.

Thanks to you all for what was a truly amazing year for wikiDeeks. We appreciated every view, like and comment, and loved talking to you all about our favorite character. We’re not sure exactly what Season 11 will hold for wikiDeeks, but we’ll keep you posted. Here’s hoping for a “Deeks, M.” episode and lots more fabulous material for Eric Christian Olsen to play, and for us to discuss.

But we’re not done with Season 10! Come back later this week for the final S10 editions of Deeks’ Surf Log and Kensi’s Journal, and let us know what you thought about “False Flag” – and all of Season 10 if you are so inclined – in the Comments below.

About Karen (287 Articles)
wikiDeeks Writer & Assistant Editor. I never wrote for fun before... until my ECO-obsession. Now I love to analyze any and all aspects of the best character on television.

25 Comments on Review: NCISLA “False Flag” (S10E24)

  1. I agree with your review. Densi and Neric are the two cliff hangers. Are the Neric’s negotiating contracts? The “I love you” was probably the best scene of the night. I am a major Jag fan. Mac and Harm not being together was a real bummer. The end of Jag implied that MAC and Harm were together and then we get this?

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  2. Aussie Mate // May 21, 2019 at 8:27 AM // Reply

    Thanks Karen for another great review. I too was greatly disappointed in this season finale and did expect a whole lot more from the writers. I found myself having to watch this episode quite few times to get the jist of the plot, which I felt kept changing every few minutes. I can’t get my head around the story if I don’t understand the plot. I didn’t know who was doing what to who!! Maybe my lack of knowledge of computer technology and military jargon doesn’t help. I felt there was just too much going on and it was being squeezed into 40 minutes of tv.
    I sincerely hope that Garcia is not going to become a regular, quite a bully I thought and very intimidating.
    Love the Hetty content, but sadly, I think that is going to be somewhat less than was in the past. As for our favourite married couple getting screen time, didn’t happen, but the “I love You” , “I love you Too” at the end made my heart skip a beat.
    I hope that there is a lot of BTS and Extras in the Season 10 DVD, only thing to look forward to during this very long hiatus.
    Thanks again

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  3. michelle mcnally // May 21, 2019 at 8:27 AM // Reply

    i agree with your review
    that was so weird how the lady agent suddenly had an accent. never have seen that before. hetty was wonderful, and her advice to nell, her coments at the restaurant and most of cast in ops with hetty was like old times. i would love a m. deeks episode would be great. i love wikideeks just everything about it. i for one am glad the cliffhanger wasn’t darker but their should always be time for emotional moments for the four main and hetty. kensi and deeks at the end was heartbreaking. i thought o no the end but they won’t kill them off. too many plot, not enough emotion.<3

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  4. michelle mcnally // May 21, 2019 at 8:32 AM // Reply

    loved eco joke on twitter feed. i love that he shares some of his life with his fans. forever fan ❤

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  5. Great review! Very on point.

    Jasmine Garcia = Hate. Her. Hate her. Almost as much as Mosley. Really? It’s the first minutes of your first day of a new job and you’re that much of a bitch? Why do they think we need this type of character?

    Nell = over it. Done. We get it. Go on your maternity leave, Rene.

    Agent’s accent = very poor choice in direction/acting. She’s flawless American and then when back to her “native” accent she’s dropping words in a caricature of a Russian one?

    Very good point of the not-blending-in-ness of Densi and Seal. And yes, I definitely think Deeks pulled out his Afghanistan outfit from an old go back. (Dang, he’s cute in it).

    And it does make sense that Sabatino could be involved with this mess but it still feels like “let’s give some previous characters some airtime” season. At least this was more organic than Talia.

    Yeah, the best part was the exchange of I love yous.

    While I didn’t watch JAG, I understand the huge romance that Mac and Harm were in their 9 TV years together. But big romances are fun in the build up but then the “real world” of marriage — particularly that with two career-oriented-in-the-military people — can create the situation over time that we find them now. Estranged. I’m kinda hoping the rumor that they’re bringing that series back is true. The TRUE mother-ship updated coming full circle.

    Very funny the comment regarding where the conspirators think they can run to when they run on an aircraft carrier. And the diplomat tied to the bed.

    Season 10 had a couple episodes that I loved. The rest look good on paper but the execution was soulless. Crossing my fingers for a better season 11.

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  6. Thank you Karen for your great review and thank you WikiDeeks staff and everyone here for this season, I hope to see you in season 11, your reviews and comments are something that I always look forward to.
    When it comes to this episode I, too, am a bit disappointed. I wish the plot had been paced differently and for me (at least right now before we see part three) just two parts would had worked better. (Sometimes it felt like the plot was moving too slowly and then at the end of this episode there was so much going on at the same). When I heard that there will be a third part and knew that it probably means we will get a cliffhanger at the season finale I was hoping for something different, for me personally this cliffhanger felt a little bit boring and something that we have seen before.
    There were moments in this episode that I really enjoyed, like moments that Karen already men tioned, that “I love you” scene felt real and I felt the emotions in that scene, I loved Deeks, Kensi, Sabatino scenes and banter and seeing Hetty was great. Even though I would had liked the plot paced differently I really liked the fact that even though there were different writers these two episodes felt coherent and consistent (sometimes if different writers write part 1 and part 2 you can clearly tell the difference, but here the writing in these episodes felt natural for me).

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  7. Sorry you were disappointed in the episode, Karen, especially since it was Frank Military writing it, which surprised me. It really didn’t seem like one of his, but I did find it engaging to a point. I also found it satisfying that Callen didn’t hesitate at all to send Deeks and Kensi into Iraq. I love to see Deeks get all dressed up in the local fashion. I actually have one of those hats, ECO apparently found weird. It’s like someone cut the arm off an old tweed suit and sewed one end together and this rolled up the brim. Deeks pulled off that fashion statement much better than my husband and I did.

    I could nit pick about a lot of things in this ep, but overall, I was into it with a couple of exceptions. One, like you, the recurring theme of Nell’s mom being close to death. Not sure why they are pushing that so much, but maybe Renee is taking a leave of absence, or leaving the show. I just hope if she does, they do NOT keep Jasmine Garcia. I didn’t even remember her from that long ago episode. I had to look it up. She was irritating as hell. I actually kept waiting for Beale to take her down a peg or two, and was sorely disappointed when he wasn’t given that chance.

    My main problem with this episode was the idea that a bunch of Chechen terrorists could find a way to all be assigned to the same ship. That seemed highly unlikely to me and did not ring true. I intend to focus on Deeks and Kensi and their love for each other in the face of death. How will they survive this firefight? Will they be rescued like they were at the beginning of season ten? If the season premiere is being written by Frank Military, I doubt he would use that same scenario for the opening of season eleven. So what are we left with? Capture? Escape through some hidden back door? Surely not death. I suppose it depends on just who is attacking them…Chechens or Isis? Or both? I would expect that American operatives would be worth something if captured, and make a hell of an alternate storyline. But, the same could be said for an escape with Deeks, Kensi, Sabatino and Wallace headed into the dark to find the French lady and the Chechen whistleblower. Time to look ahead. This season is finished and onward to the next one.

    WikiDeeks…this has been a fun year, and thanks to Eric Christian Olson for making it extraordinary.

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  8. sassyzazzi // May 21, 2019 at 12:46 PM // Reply

    Thanks Karen, for your review and thanks to WikiDeeks for providing this fan forum.

    Overall I enjoyed the episode, but it did not have the punch of a finale, certainly not compared to last season.

    As a non JAG viewer , I liked that this episode introduced me to two characters I did not know, but developed/presented their personas enough that I liked them, especially Mac, and yet the JAG characters did not dominate the NCIS LA characters. I have to be honest though I really do not care what happens in the personal lives of Harm and Mac.

    We got more of Kensi and Deeks than I thought we would so I was happy.I would always like even more of them, but they had some good scenes, and I certainly was happy with the “I love yous’. I thought when Deeks said “love it” to Jasmine about the flight, they were going to meet Sam and Callen on the ship ,which seemed like it is their job but then somehow later they were redirected to the Middle East which seemed far more dangerous and we did not get a scene with them concerned about being in the middle of a really dangerous operation. It also seemed like a very unrealistic plotline that they would be dispatched to do that, it seemed more like a special ops team job .

    I was happy to see Hetty, enjoyed Sabatino who I find to be a very entertaining recurring character. I personally did not like the Garcia character, a new character who comes into ops and feels the need to be in charge , and belittle someone who is part of the team, not a keeper; just got way too much of that in season 9.

    I am looking forward to Season 11 and more Deeks and Kensi!

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    • sassy you nailed it. I could care less about Harm and Mac and that scene where those were staring at each so fondly. Give me a break. And again I’m with you, why did they send Kensy and Deeks so far into enemy territory. It just didn’t make any sense to me. I guess they were looking for a cliff hanger, but those of us that have followed this couple over the years saw that final scene as dumb. What’s the old expression “you can fool some of the people some of the time,………. thanks sassy.

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  9. Thanks, Karen, for your great review. To be honest, this season finale left me very differently from last year’s one, but I was prepared, so it wasn’t a big letdown.
    The end of last season was amazingly shocking, even visually, with that rocket hitting the team’s car in Mexico and us in the dark all hiatus about who would survive or not (even if, of course, we all hoped no one would die or be seriously injured). This finale didn’t leave me like that. Yes, I think I may happen to think about NCIS:LA in the summer, but not with the same angst of season 10 or season 4’s finale cliffhangers.
    I am glad we had Densi “I love you’s”, but since their wedding I have really missed at least one meaningful scene between them (3-4 minutes in 7 episodes would have been enough). A scene where they would discuss about their future, if/when to leave NCIS, possible career changes, having children and just show us how happy they are to be married.
    Post-wedding Densi have seemed very similar to post-All in Densi: if you didn’t know something had changed between them, you wouldn’t have told.

    Thank you everybody here for the awesome job you have done in Season 10, the great reviews, Deeks’ Surf log, Kensi’s journal, different articles and features, roundtables, fanfictions, ECO “collaboration”, the amazing interviews to Frank Military and Diane Valentine, everything.
    I am looking forward to Season 11 with you.
    All the best to each and everyone of you this summer hiatus.

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  10. Still don’t get why Neric/Nell/Eric are always getting so much flack in the reviews here. I mean Densi can be repetitive too, so why is a bit focus on the situation with Nell’s mom so much cause for… disdain it seems?

    Hopefully we will see how that plays out in S11 and that the whole cast will return.

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    • Simply because everyone’s different and have different opinions. Not everyone has to like/care for certain characters if they don’t want to. People have commented that this situation feels like they are dragging it out (Nell’s mom). We have been told a few times in episodes I watched (I skipped an episode so I don’t know if it was mentioned in that one, though I think I recall hearing it was) in a few episodes that Nell’s mom is sick and she may need to go to her. So yes, it’s natural that people may be getting annoyed with “she might be/she finally did.”

      You like Neric, that’s fine! However it’s also fine NOT to like them-and comment as such. I’ve mentioned to you before that I have no opinion on Neric (though I do dislike being repetitive for the sake of being repetitive). You commented on Densi being repetitive at times. When-in this episode – were they repetitive? People are commenting on this episode, not others. At just under a year of watching the show, I’m still a relatively new fan of ncis:la, but I have gone back and read reviews from prior seasons, and there is criticism of every character and couple, including Deeks, Kensi, and Densi as a couple.

      I hope you have a good day. 🙂

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    • bandabou I feel about the Nell/Eric conversations about her mom kinda how I felt about the Densi wedding planning conversations. They too felt repetitive. I get it – you’re getting married, you’re planning your wedding, it causes stress, yadda yadda yadda. It just became boring to me because while the content changed, the basic premise of each conversation never really did. With Nell and Eric, in some ways its been better because it’s been more emotional and about more important stuff than picking out cake and choosing seating charts. It’s just that the overall dynamics of the conversations never seemed to change. We had a super emotional (justifiably so) Nell being comforted by Eric and guided by Hetty, with only slight changes to actual content of the conversations. Or, that’s how they struck me anyway. I’m glad you enjoyed them!


  11. Debra Gillespie // May 23, 2019 at 3:15 AM // Reply

    Thanks Karen, for an excellent review, as always. My expectations for the finale weren’t too high even for a Military episode, so actually I was rather surprised on how much I liked it. With the JAG mini-reunion I wasn’t expecting any Densi scenes at all compared to “The Guardian”, so the intense one at the end although short I’m sure will haunt me during the summer. And that’s what cliffhangers are supposed to do, right? I hope you’re right in that Military wrote the season 11 opener, (which I’ve seen they’ve already filmed as well as another one), and that it will be a “hit out of the park” like the season 10 opener.
    It definitely looks like they’re trying for a JAG reboot; CBS certainly has a good track record with their dramas of this type. The only thing I wonder is that they have a series right now (The Code) that follows the same premise…could there be room for another? If not I’d certainly wouldn’t mind Harm and Mac (and Chedwidden if possible) showing up as recurring characters in the next season. And Densi fans wondering “what’s in the box” for six years look pretty impatient compared to die-hard JAG fans waiting fifteen years to find out the results of that coin toss.
    I recognized Alyssa Diaz immediately from season 8 (The Queen’s Gambit) and her character, and I can understand how people would be turned off by her abrasive personality. But she’s a major character on The Rookie and so I believe she wouldn’t be on too many episodes in season 11. The last two episodes were sort of a mini-reunion of The Rookie, as Mercedes Mason (Talia) was also on that show.
    Agree with Aussie Mate on that may there be plenty of deleted scenes and commentaries on the season 10 DVDs. And looking forward to any fan fiction produced during the summer. And some trivia…I noticed that Pamela Reed (Deek’s mother) portrayed a major general on JAG during an episode in their last season. I hope I’ll be able to catch it sometime, somewhere without having to buy the last season DVD of JAG.
    Could I make a request of TPTB here at Wikideeks? I loved hearing both the replays of the post season 9 and the wedding episode podcasts here, but if there is going to be one for season 10, could you give advance notice here at the website on when the podcast will be? I’d love to hear it live if possible. Thanks, and may the hiatus fly by until we get to season 11.

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    • Thanks Debra! FYI our podcasts and interviews are never broadcast live. We always record them and then upload them to YouTube, a sometimes lengthy process when your internet is as slow as mine, LOL.


  12. heavenbenttotakemyhand // May 23, 2019 at 8:12 PM // Reply

    Thanks for this excellent review Karen. Your analogies to past episodes were spot on.

    Do we think Renee and/or Barrett are leaving the show? Or is this just a diversion? I’m not much of a Neric fan but the only other tech person they’ve had on the show that I can tolerate is Fatima. Renee and Barrett are both awesome so fingers crossed they both return.

    Add me to the list of those who think the I love you’s were the best part of this show. Couldn’t you just see Kensi jump up and attack the enemies at that point?

    For the series premiere, whose turn is it to be injured? What life lesson will they learn?

    Thanks to all of you at Wikideeks for providing such an amazing resource for fans of Densi and ECO. The addition of the #askECO this year was just incredible. Again, thanks for all you do.

    Gotta go. Need to watch every episode of the season again. Fanaticism is a witch.

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    • Thanks heavenbent! I haven’t the slightest idea who might stay or go of any of the cast, but I’d be surprised if Renee or Barrett wanted to leave. After all, they’re making a good amount of money and because most of their scenes are filmed at the Paramount lot, they don’t even work that many days a week. Of course, you never know- perhaps one or the other is bored or has a new opportunity they want to pursue.


  13. Thanks folks for all your awesome comments. It’s been a pleasure working on these reviews and getting to hear everyone’s thoughts all season long. Enjoy the summer!


  14. I know I am a little late in posting, but I am new to this site..just read all the really impressed with all the comments…on this final episode, are kensi and deeks ever going to get a break…really hoping all are coming back…I feel in love with Densi 2 years ago, and have bought all the DVDs, love them especially starting season 2.. One complaint, They need to bring a little romance back in Kensi and Deeks life..they are married now, they can kiss or touch each other, a hug here and there..missing that since the wedding..thanks for listening..

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    • Yep I agree! It’s been a desert of emotions between them.


    • Welcome to the site Kathy!


    • Aussie Mate // June 2, 2019 at 8:42 AM // Reply

      I totally agree, want to see “out of work” shows of affection, like a hug, an arm around the shoulder, a kiss or just a plain “I love you” now and again. This has been sadly missing I think even before the wedding, so please writers let’s bring back the romance in Season 11


  15. Jennifer Rosalie Mcpherson // June 14, 2019 at 11:55 AM // Reply

    Having discovered NCISLA only 18 months ago and since then bought and watched every episode more than once, I am now over the moon to have discovered wikiDeeks yesterday! Thank you so much Karen for a fabulous review of Season 10 finale and I agree with everything you say. I’m a HUGE Densi fan and whilst I appreciate not every episode has to be about their journey I had hoped for something more than their quick exchanges at the end.

    I’ve never watched JAG and don’t think I will if it comes back to our screens. I was expecting more around these two characters due to the hype around the “crossover” that has been going on for weeks.

    As for Neric, I feel Nell’s mum’s plight has gone on for too long now and wish the writer’s would decide one way or another if Nell is staying or leaving. I get the impression they can’t decide. If one of them does leave let’s hope the replacement is Fatima and not that arrogant “I’m better than you” female we saw in this finale episode.

    I wanted to end by thanking everyone involved in producing wikiDeeks and special thanks to ECO for taking timeout from his vacation to answer fan’s questions (what other actor would do that – except maybe Daniela)?. And of course ECO’s beautiful better half, Sarah, for not minding the interruption to their vacation time.

    Now to return to viewing all of NCISLA to keep me going until Season 11 (which I have longer to wait for since I’m Uk based)!!

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    • Welcome Jennifer! So glad you found us. Hope you enjoy the site and that it helps in some small way to fill up your wait time for S11.


  16. This episode was the worst of all I’ve seen. Jesus. All they hyped and we saw thin nothing.. these weekly terrorists plot is so old. Rather have a Kensi Deeks teaparty for 45 minutes.

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