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Take My Hand and I Will Follow You: NCISLA Epilogue Fan Fic

A/N: This story does involve a fair amount of my personal head canons woven throughout. This is the second, less angsty finale fic I’ve written for wikiDeeks. While not absolutely necessary to understanding this story, my previous FLETC fics might fill in some of the blanks for this current story. There are quite a number, so reading just a few should give a good representation of my version of Deeks’ time and performance while at FLETC. 

The beach was a wide, open expanse in front of Deeks as he ran, keeping a steady pace, eyes focused on the light brown grains beneath his feet. It was still early enough that the sun warmed his shoulders without being sweltering.

Kensi had gone with Rosa to buy materials for an art project, leaving Deeks to while away the morning on his own. He’d planned on some small odd jobs around the house, but it was too gorgeous out to waste inside.  

His cell started ringing halfway through his third mile, and he fumbled for the zippered pocket at the back of his shorts, only coming to a stop when he accepted the call. 

“Hey, this is Marty Deeks,” he answered, dragging in deep, ragged breaths. The person on the other end didn’t speak immediately, and for a second, he thought they’d hung up.

“Good morning, I’m Assistant Director Dave Porter calling on behalf of the FLETC Chief of Staff,” a crisp male voice said finally. “I apologize for interrupting your weekend.”

Now it was Deeks’ turn to hesitate. He had no idea why anyone from FLETC would be contacting him, unless they took sudden issue with Hetty’s manipulation to get him in despite his age. 

“That’s all right. What can I do for you AD Porter?”

“Well, I’m calling because I recently met with DCSA Agent Martinez, who spoke very highly of you.”

Now that was a name Deeks hadn’t expected to hear again. While Martinez had seemed in favor of him attending FLETC after his interview, he figured he was just another name on an extensive list. 

“That’s kind of her,” Deeks commented neutrally. 

“She indicated that you have certain, shall we say, unique qualities. A sentiment shared by several of your former FLETC instructors and fellow cadets. In fact, from the sound of it, you assisted a good many of them with passing the harder courses and even acted as a mentor.”

Porter’s voice was equally as neutral as Deeks’, but Deeks still felt wary. 

“We just had your typical study groups and I offered my experience when I could,” Deeks said. “Nothing that spectacular.” 

“There’s no need to downplay your skills, Deeks. Aside from a few false starts, your performance at the academy was exemplary, especially in the case of your leadership skills. You’ve received good feedback on your mentorship and leadership capabilities across the board for most of your tenure with NCIS,” Porter revealed. 

He knew he generally received good annual reviews, but once again, was surprised it had caught the attention of anyone at FLETC. Let alone why they were looking into his history at all. 

“Sir, I don’t mean to be rude, but I can tell when someone’s flattering me. This is my day off, and I’d like to finish my workout before my daughter and wife get home,” Deeks said, deciding that if he was being fired or reprimanded for some reason, Porter would have told him already. 

Porter laughed softly. “Good insight and on par with what I’ve heard about you. I understand you’re in the market for a new job,” Porter explained. Deeks had certainly put out a few feelers recently, just to get an idea of what his options were, but he hadn’t even gone as far as to submit any applications. 

“I might be…,” Deeks said slowly. 

“No need to be concerned. We’d like to offer you an instructing position. If you are indeed looking for a new job.”

“Wow, that’s an, uh, incredibly generous offer, but I’m not sure I’m the right person for you. I’m married and have a daughter, so I’m not a good candidate for a sudden move. Besides that, I don’t have the formal training to teach.” 

“Actually, the training program would be in Los Angeles. The Chief of Staff would like to tap into your legal expertise and considerable experience with new agents before they go on to their first assignments. It’s an area that’s been lacking for a while now and you seem tailor made for it,” Porter said. “We’d provide any necessary courses and certification to get you in shape to teach.”

“That’s an awful lot of commitment without ever having met me,” Deeks commented. He didn’t know if he should be flattered or annoyed by the presumption.

“Well, like most industries, we have a shortage of instructors. We’re willing to invest if it means acquiring quality candidates.”

“I’ll have to think about it and discuss it with my family before I make any decisions. It’s a lot to think about on Saturday morning.”

“Of course. You take your time and call me back when you’ve decided.”

After they hung up, Deeks paced along the ocean, trying to process what had just happened. He finally stopped about a mile from where he started, facing the ocean. Unfortunately, the crashing waves didn’t give him the answers he was searching for. 

For the next several days, Deeks debated Porter’s proposal in his head. He wasn’t hiding it from Kensi, but he wanted to figure out his own thoughts about the offer before he threw a wrench in their lives. Especially since the topic of their careers had proved volatile in the past.

There were a thousand reasons why it wouldn’t work. He didn’t have formal experience as a teacher of any sort. He’d be leaving a successful career for one that was potentially less reliable. Then there was the question of breaking up his and Kensi’s partnership for good.

And yet. He wanted it. Even though he hadn’t seriously considered teaching, it was a compelling thought. He had enjoyed helping the other students at FLETC. Although it wasn’t his leading point in favor, Deeks couldn’t deny it was the perfect opportunity to transition away from fieldwork, and the danger that came with it.

At night, he researched the basic requirements for a FLETC instructor and what the position would require of him. It wasn’t that he mistrusted Porter, but it wasn’t the first time a potential employer had been less than forthright to put a job in the best possible light. Despite his misgivings, it seemed he had most of the necessary qualifications.

It was nearly a week later, and they were cleaning up after dinner when Deeks knew he couldn’t keep it to himself any longer. Deeks watched Kensi shake her hips to the song she sang under her breath, washing a plate to the same rhythm. She looked up mid-shake and winked at him.

“Hey, come here,” he murmured, gesturing for her to join him against the counter.

She dried her hands on a spare towel, squinting at him suspiciously. “What’s going on? You’ve got that contemplative, angsty look in your eyes.”

Deeks didn’t answer immediately, waiting until she was close enough to hold, and rested his hands on the base of her spine.

“There’s something I need to tell you.”

“OK, you’re not making me feel any better,” she said with enough humor to let him know she wasn’t too worried.

He brushed his bangs off his forehead. “Um, so the other day, I got a call from AD for the FLETC Chief of Staff.”

Kensi’s eyes widened slightly, and she pressed a hand to his chest. “Why?” 

“They, uh, want me to help train new agents here in L.A.,” Deeks answered with a soft laugh. He hadn’t anticipated the joy he would get from finally revealing the news.

She started to say something, pressed her lips together, and then tried again. “Oh. That’s… I wasn’t expecting that,” she settled on.

“Yeah, me either.” Deeks grinned wryly. “I honestly thought they’d be glad to never see me again.”

“Babe, stop that. You know you excelled in all of your courses by the end. Anyone would be lucky to have you teaching them.”

“Thanks,” Deeks muttered, scratching his temple with his thumbnail as he flushed with a combination of pleasure and embarrassment.

“So, exactly what kind of material would you be covering?”

“Law and unspecified pre-field experiences. I guess kind of like an internship of sorts. In a way, sounds like I’d be their trial case for this kind of program.”

Kensi wrapped her arms around him, squeezing tightly. He felt her smile against his cheek. “Baby, I’m so happy for you. This is so amazing!”

“I mean, haven’t accepted yet. I don’t even know all the details.”

“But you’re considering it, right?” Kensi asked, pulling back. “This is exactly what you’ve been waiting for. You’ve wanted to leave NCIS for years.”

“Yeah, but not just on my terms. You deserve to have a say too.”

“Well, I’ve had unofficial offers over the years to take a less hands-on position. You know about some of them. I’ve thought about it a few times recently. Maybe this is the push I need too.” Kensi pressed her lips together, adding more quietly, “Besides, I’ve steered our future for long enough. Now I think it’s your turn.”

Deeks felt overwhelming love and respect for Kensi, recognizing the offer for what it was. He didn’t doubt Kensi meant what she said, however, he knew how difficult she found ceding control

“You’re sure?”

“Yes. I am beyond ready, Deeks. In fact, I’ve been ready for a while, and just didn’t want to admit it to myself. Or anyone else.” She smiled ruefully. “I think I will always love fieldwork and of course I want to continue helping people in some way, but I don’t get the same thrill I used to, and,” she heaved a sigh, looking to the side, and heaved a weighty sigh. “I’m tired. I don’t want to spend the next however many more years getting home late only to be called in whenever a case pops up. I’m ready for more stability.”

“Well, I probably need to iron out some details. I mean, it’s been a week since Agent Porter called me. He might have offered the position to someone else,” Deeks pointed out.

“Hey, they’re not going to find another Marty Deeks anywhere,” Kensi said, only half-joking.

“And we should talk to Rosa about it first before we make any final decisions.”

“OK, now you’re just looking for excuses, babe. You’re right, we should. Somehow I think she’ll be happy to have both of her parents around more often and in less frequent danger. Though she might miss the excitement of random criminals dropping by.”

“Don’t remind me,” Deeks groaned, shaking his head at the craziness that was their lives. Which may very have been their lives, he corrected in his head. “So we’re doing this? Leaving behind NCIS and everything it stands for.”

“We’re not leaving it behind, just restructuring. Even if we’re not working with them every day, the team is still our family and nothing can change that. We’ll keep the most important parts,” Kensi said, the tiniest wistfulness in her voice overridden by anticipation.

“Oh my god, we’re doing this,” Deeks repeated, letting out an ever so slightly hysterical chuckle. He hadn’t let himself fully commit to the idea before now. “That’s kind of terrifying.”

“And exciting.” Kensi grinned, looking a little overwhelmed herself. “Hey, maybe you can put in a good word and get me a position on this trial training program too.”

Deeks grinned. “The Deeks-Blye NCIS Academy?”

“That has a nice ring to it. With a little luck, we can poach the entire Office of Special Operations.”     

“I love you,” he whispered, overcome with emotion. Kensi smiled up at him, rising on her toes to kiss him firmly.

“Love you too.” She cast him a sly look then, pulling off the towel wrapped around her waist, and beckoned to Deeks as she started walking backwards.

“Where are you going?”

“Well, with a decision like this, we have to celebrate,” Kensi answered reasonably, dropping a smile that left little doubt to her intentions.

“What about Rosa?” Deeks asked, even as he followed her with little resistance.

“We’ll be quiet.” Kensi In their bedroom kissed him again, her expression softer, tender. “Here’s to the rest of our lives.”

“The rest of our lives,” he echoed, giddy at the thought for the first in a very long time.

A/N: Title is once again taken from the John Denver song, “Follow Me.” I’ve suggested before that Kensi might be ready to leave, but just can’t force herself to take that next leap, and is waiting for Deeks to make it for her. This story reflects that possibility.

I don’t know if I’ll be writing any more stories for wikiDeeks after this, but I’d just like to take a moment to thank Karen and Diane for letting share my fanfiction, to everyone who has read and supported my stories, to Lyssa who has provided invaluable feedback during the writing process, and to this wonderful fandom. 

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I write fanfiction as ejzah on and Tumblr. I love writing and talking about all things Deeks, Densi, and Eric Christian Olsen. I’m so excited to contribute some of my writing to wikideeks.

5 Comments on Take My Hand and I Will Follow You: NCISLA Epilogue Fan Fic

  1. Yes! I love your Deeks at FLETC stories so much. Thank you for always being such a strong defender of our favorite character. Unfortunately he’s needed that over the years. I really enjoyed this and think it’s a great solution for Deeks, and as always, I enjoy seeing him earn recognition for his stellar work.


  2. I love this way to end Deek’s and Kensi’s story. I have so enjoyed NCIS-LA, especially Kensi and Deek’s story. And love reading these fan/fic stories. I will miss all of it, for sure.


  3. Becca shugart // May 20, 2023 at 11:18 AM // Reply

    Love this story and the way you write for Deeks and Kensi but especially Deeks!! Dang i can’t help but wish u had wrote for the series.,i always hated when they wrote him dumb or lazy or incompent. He was a lawyer for heaven sakes in california. Thanks being a defender of Deeks,after all no one can resist the “Deekiness”!!!lol


  4. I agree with everything already commented about your writing of Deeks. He might be flawed as a character but that’s why Martin Atticus Deeks has been so compelling. Highly intelligent. Great lawyer. Svengali cop. Excellent Fed. Competent. Honest. Talented. Irreverent. Fun. If only the show was as respectful to Deeks. They couldn’t even be bothered to make him Special Agent Deeks!
    ‘Take my Hand’ is the proper conclusion for Deeks’s law enforcement career; and for a happy-ever-after with his Ladybird.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. What an awesome way to wrap up an awesome Deeks. Thanks for a great ending.


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