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Will It Be “Humbug” or “Hooray”? Take Our Polls!



While we’re all pretty excited about what may happen in “Humbug,” we know those NCIS: Los Angeles promos can be pretty darn misleading.  Will we end next Monday evening thrilled with Kensi and Deek’s “mistletoe moment,” as Shane Brennan has referred to it?  Or will we just have another undercover kiss or “Recovery” ending with a frustrating lack of actual physical contact?

Another possible outcome of “Humbug” is that the season-long mystery about the state of Densi’s relationship might be revealed.  Some of us think they’ve been together together since the first episode of the season (or before!).  Some of us aren’t so sure.

And of course there are differences of opinion as to what we want to see, what will actually make us the happiest. So finally…

Tell us more about your hopes and predictions in the Comments, and good luck to us all on Monday!


Karen P.

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30 Comments on Will It Be “Humbug” or “Hooray”? Take Our Polls!

  1. So I went back to view the promo from Recovery to see what we saw there and in that case, it was exactly what we could have guessed it was going to be. Deeks telling Kensi he wanted to be at his place with her – and we all know how that played out. That gave me some hope that we may be able to beleive what we’re seeing in the Humbug promo is a true Densi moment and not an undercover one.

    I feel as though this moment could make or break me before the holiday hiatus. If it’s a real, honest, loving Densi moment, I don’t think I’ll care if the rest of the episode is horrible. Actually, I know I won’t care. And if it’s a cover or they get interrupted, I’m going to spend the hiatus very irritated with the writers and execs.

    My (our) investment in this relationship may be bordering on extreme.


    • Kara, I’m with you. For me, I think this moment could make or break not just the episode, but the entire season so far. How wonderful would it be to go into the Christmas hiatus with genuine happiness over the state of Densi? And “extreme investment”? I couldn’t possibly know what you are talking about there. 😉


      • If by genuine happiness, you mean an incessant need to rewatch whatever moment(s) they have over and over again, then you are correct.

        But I shouldn’t count my chickens before they hatch!


  2. Karen,

    I don’t even need to look at the author – I can always tell it’s you writing because I’m nodding my head vigorously. You’re my long-lost internet sister from another mother in another country 😉

    You also know your audience well – could totally guess who would pick which options on here (not looking at you Gayle 🙂 )

    I think you know what I want. But what is really the best for me is I’m not scheduled to work and my classes are done for the semester so I can just finally enjoy an episode!


    • Awwww, what a lovely thing to say! Seriously. Sometimes I feel like the grumpiest person on this site, so it’s good to know that I’m not alone in my frustrations. But I do love that everyone is not 100% in agreement about all things- it makes it far more interesting to discuss.

      I’m glad you get to watch Monday night, and I truly hope you enjoy it and get to see exactly what you (we) want.


    • Hey there “bpnp”! Oh, I think you are looking “at me” and I’m looking right back! And for the record, I think I’d pick something in the middle of some of these options….


  3. Hah! Kara you make me laugh. I think that “incessant need to rewatch” goes hand in hand with our “extreme investment.”


    • 12+ hours later, I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve watched the clip of THE scene. I should probably be embarrassed, but I’m too happy to care


      • lol Kara I’m glad to know that your Tv is safe n sound and your not the only one that has re watched that Densi kiss about a bazillions times!

        it was funny reading your comments before the show aired you were hopeful but bracing yourself for disappoint like a lot of Densi fans myself included were doing!!

        They really surprised Densi fans last night and I’m guessing Brennan and co knew they would blow Densi fans collective minds with the exciting and positive developments with Densi!

        I was very happy to see that the show got 9.45 million viewers the 2nd highest amount to the season opener which had 9.50 million!

        Like I’m going to twitter to Mr. Kousakis later more Densi equals more viewers!! 🙂


  4. Here’s my prediction; they’re using the cover as a cover to steal a real moment between themselves in full view of everyone. Bold. Yeah. I’m going with that…


    • I agree with your prediction! 😄 I hope that’s how it plays out. 😄


    • OhBuddy I think you’re right…just from the look on Deeks’ face. The show is certainly hyping it…hope they produce, otherwise rewatching previous episodes will not do it for me, because there is no there there.


    • OhBuddy, I would totally be okay with this! And I could definitely see it playing out like that. As long as it’s a real moment, even if everyone else with them thinks it’s a cover, I’d be happy!


  5. One thing I thought of earlier today; this season, have any of the TV promos been misleading for Densi or has it only been the longer sneak peeks that don’t play on the air? I can’t remember a TV promo misleading us yet. That gives me another vote of optimism. The promos may be vague but I don’t think they’ve flat out taunted us. Granted, there is a first time for everything.


    • Can you tell that I’m trying to convince myself that the Densi stuff will be real? Apparently I’m a glutton for punishment. I feel like I’m setting myself up to be disappointed.


    • Kara,

      I do remember the promo for ‘Recovery’ was a little misleading when it showed Deeks saying he wanted to be at his place and Kensi saying “What?” as if she thought he was nuts. When in reality she said that in response to him saying he didn’t want to be there with her right now.

      I agree that the kiss will be real and explained away as a cover kiss. I would be happy with that. But I think we all know that cover or not, between them it will be real. After that promo, they better kiss or I’ll be very pissed! If it doesn’t happen in that scene, then it better before the episode ends!

      My hope is that even if it’s a cover kiss, the episode will have more of a Densi moment at the end! John Peter Kousakis teased us on Twitter with “ a kiss….JUST a kiss?”.
      Of course it may end up being a Callen ending since Shane has spoken of Callen’s relationship becoming intense. Ugh! This will drive me insane!!


      • Angela, You’re right about the Recovery promo and the displacement of Kensi’s, “what??”. I kind of overlooked that part because I was just excited to see that they had put in Deeks’ line.

        They have to know they can’t keep stringing us along, right? RIGHT?? I feel like to tease us with that promo and have it turn into nothing would just be mean. I can overlook the sneak peeks being misleading because A) they aren’t aired on TV so only us real crazies see them and B) there’s never narration basically insisting that you see what’s about to happen with them. I have to believe that it means something that they stuck them in the promo.

        I really shouldn’t be getting so worked up about this yet, but I seriously can’t stop. Karen – I’m so glad you posted about this because when you posted the review of Reign Fall, all I could think was how I didn’t even care to dissect that ep because all I could focus on was the Humbug clip!

        24 more hours. In 24 hours, I’m going to either want to hug my TV or I’m going to want to toss it outside.


  6. Ju5t Becau5e // December 14, 2014 at 8:53 PM // Reply

    Love the way you phrase the options!


  7. Thanks everyone for a discussion that has made me laugh and feel less alone in my obsessing. The tweets from JPK and now Kyle Harimoto (“#NCISLA Familia I suggest you get together and watch with friends tomorrow night. We made this 1 for YOU for you — our die hard FANS.”) make me want to believe this is not going to be just a cover kiss. I want this to be a team Christmas outing, and the fact that Sam’s wife and kids are all in the cast would support this theory/wishful thinking. Of course, you’re right that all the tweeting could be more about Callen’s love life than about Densi, but it I agree that it would be awfully cruel to give us that promo without it leading to something good. Wow, I can’t believe how optimistic I am at this moment, much more so than our poll results seem to indicate we are as a Densi fan group. I hope I’m not being Charlie Brown with CBS playing the part of Lucy and her football.


    • Maybe Kensi and Deeks go skating, kiss while totally unaware that everyone else decided to come, they all see it so we get the “how will the team find out” out of the way, and then everyone has a merry Christmas. The end.


    • I have posted the same Harimoto’s tweet in the Reign fall review, Karen, I’m sorry, that was the first topic I read when I logged and didn’t notice you had alredy mentioned it here. But this doesn’t change my great enthusiasm and excitement for this episode!


  8. I Feel Possessed // December 14, 2014 at 11:02 PM // Reply

    I hope it’s a Densi kiss in the ice rink, and agreed that if it’s undercover it will really be real. It would be horrendous if, after all this hype that nothing happens.

    I’m hoping it doesn’t refer to a Callen his with his g/friend. I see that as maybe having not so happy an ending this episode.


  9. Wow, it seems we’ve already ending Callen’s love life before the episode airs!! LOL!! But who are we kidding? For us, it’s much more about Deeks and Kensi!


  10. Well, I’m happy to admit my prediction was wrong, it wasn’t a cover of a cover at all! Plus we had Eric and Nell, Sam’s whole family, G seems like he’s going to be able to work things out with Joelle…Granger with a heart? We had drama, action, humor, romance, all kinds of suspense. In my opinion, easily the best Christmas episode of NCIS:LA, maybe the single greatest episode of all. Ever.


  11. I honestly don’t even know how to formulate my feelings right now. I was fairly optimistic going into the ep and I was still blown out of the water. It was so perfect. Between Kensi finally stepping up and talking about her feelings and Deeks diving in for that first kiss (I have watched the scene about a million times and that still gives me butterflies), it was just so much more than I could have hoped for! My favorite was the smiles and the second kiss though. Because there was more awareness and realization there and they just looked so happy.

    I loved the whole episode, but I’ll spare you all now and save all the other jumbles of thoughts for the review 🙂

    I’m just so happy. So very very happy.

    (Oh, and that part when Deeks told Kensi that he and Monty talked about it and wanted her to go away with them? Adorable. The way he kind of mumbled and spit it out – he was nervous and it was so sweet.)


    • I can’t forumulate my feelings properly, either, Kara but I can only say I’m too happy for this development. It was hoped for and much wanted but once under our eyes… WOW, I can’t describe the emotions…


  12. It’s so wonderful to see Deeks and Kensi so happy, and to see all of you Densi fans out there so happy. After such a long time, it’s just fantastic. I’ll see you all over on the review comments for more discussion about this most epic of developments.


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