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Review: NCISLA “Core Values” (S7E12)


As we get to this point in the season, I marvel at how half the year has already flown by and I’m still trying to figure out where the second half will take us. You may remember I wasn’t a big fan of Joe Sachs’ last episode from Season 6, “Blaze of Glory, so I watched this next offering with a bit of trepidation, OK a lot actually. Thankfully, this time Sachs has redeemed himself with the help of veteran director Karen Gaviola, who teamed up to give us another enjoyable and thought provoking episode. Of course, anytime Deeks and Kensi can go undercover I’m usually a pretty happy camper and this time was no exception.

It’s rare when we have a story where the NCIS: Los Angeles team is actually investigating a case involving Navy personnel. The plot this week involves a moonlighting Gunnery Sergeant from Camp Pendleton who was exposed to radiation poisoning. The team is sent to find out the source of the radiation and whether it involves terrorist activities. This is a case right up their alley.

The investigation discovers a straight-away marine who has been collecting hazard pay as a security guard at a decommissioned nuclear power plant. Radiation risks still exist underwater where a cooling pool holds decaying radioactive material. The question for Callen and Sam is how the marine got exposed and what secret is plant management hiding behind those smiles? There can only be one person for this job! Who you gonna call? Janitor Deeks? Homeless Deeks? Lawyer Deeks? No! We get security guard Deeks! I’ve always wanted to see Deeks in an LAPD uniform but this will have to take second place as Kensi and Deeks go undercover at the plant. Callen and Sam are alerted to a dangerous drop in the water level at the plant, exposing significant radiation to the security guard as he makes his rounds. With three malfunctions at the site- the valve, the alarm and the security cameras- there is only one suspect… the plant’s operation scientist, Chadmont. Do we have a whistleblower or someone purely out for revenge? It’s seems to be an open and shut case as Densi talk about Deeks’s facial hair or lack thereof, until… Boom! It’s obvious this is not going to be a simple case. Someone set the backup generator to the water pumps to explode and next they have their sights on sabotaging the plant’s primary system. The team quickly discovers the main bomb hidden within the piping system of the plant and captures the homegrown terrorist before he is able to initiate a full scale nuclear disaster.

Watching the team work their way out of this one was exciting and it was nice to see them getting back to basics, but it also presented a disturbing reality of what law enforcement agencies face every day as they fight the war on terrorism. You never know where the violence is going to come from and how it will happen but every day these professionals work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep this country safe. Keeping one step behind the terrorists is not an easy job and sometimes it doesn’t happen at all as in the case of the San Bernardino attack. If only we had the NCIS:LA team at our back!

Memorable Moments

  • It was fun to listen to the team out-palindrome each other in the opening scene. Very clever piece of writing. And I don’t even want to know what kind of high school has a palindrome club!
  • It’s not an episode of NCIS:LA without a little bromance going on.  Callen: Maybe someday we’ll find out that kale is toxic and yoga is bad for your spine.  Sam: Why do I even bother?
  • Sam Hanna words of wisdom:  Trust me. Nothing good comes from lying to your wife. Or so I heard.
  • I love watching Sam figure out how to disarm a bomb. Call me crazy, but there is just something sexy about all that brainpower on display as he tries to divert a nuclear disaster.
  • Granger to the rescue? LOL! Good to see that all members of the team get to play hero even if it was a bit farfetched.  Sam: Ain’t that a bitch.

Deeks Moments

  • Deeks: Is she being serious about the lead-lined boxers because I have my lineage to think about, you know, it could be the end of the Deeks’ family tree. Sam: You could be doing the world a big favor. (To Eric) Are you comfortable?
  • Deeks can’t help but tease Kensi amidst the seriousness of their situation: I believe I was exposed… to the toxicity of the vending machine’s chimichangas. Seriously my tummy hurts.

Densi Moments

  • We find out more about Densi’s home life together and that Kensi leaves globs of toothpaste in her sink…which is more than I think I wanted to know. But I do think it’s adorable that she leaves Deeks asleep in her bed as she goes off to take her morning run. What a wonderful gift to return to.
  • I agree Kensi, I want to see a hairless Deeks too!
  • There was a lot of talk about Densi and babies this episode and whether or not the couple is contemplating becoming parents one day. The look on Deeks’ face is soooo sweet as he watches Kensi rock the crying child. As they serenade the baby with their wobbly version of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star you know that one day these two lovers will make great parents if just given the chance. Nice ending.

It’s that time of the year when they play games with the series schedule as CBS gets ready for February sweeps. We are off next week, but will return with a new episode written by Andrew Bartels. So join us again next time and don’t forget we have a new entry in Deeks’ Surf Log, Kensi’s Journal and the Edit of the Week coming up later this week.  See you then!

Episode: “Core Values”
Writer: Joe Sachs
Director: Karen Gaviola
Original Air Date: January 4, 2016


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37 Comments on Review: NCISLA “Core Values” (S7E12)

    “take backsies” – Hetty speaks his language 🙂
    Kensi is ok with his scruff all the time but NO to a mustache. No. Just. No.
    It IS nice to see the janitor job pass to someone else.

    I thought the singing at the end was awkward. Just me.
    And Kensi babysat a lot? But she “hates” kids and didn’t want to babysit Hanna Banana? Which is it, writers?
    Hetty shares drinks with Callen, Sam and Granger, but not Kensi and Deeks? No waitsies?


  2. Donna Marie // January 5, 2016 at 3:55 PM // Reply

    I didn’t mind this episode. I did like the ending with Deeks & Kensi singing to the baby, it was very cute. Lots of hints dropped this season about eloping, babies and settling down. Wonder if something is about to happen to our favourite couple? Note to the show and Eric- PLEASE DO NOT SHAVE! I hope the rumours of the show being in danger of cancellation is just that, a rumour.


  3. I really enjoyed the episode. It was well balanced and the plot had a few twists. I loved Granger getting in on the action and Hetty’s gut instincts. Sam and Callen play the straight investigator role well, while Deeks and Kensi’s undercover roles were sort of fun. The banter in the men’s room about Deeks shaving was fun. I loved the lullaby at the end and found it very sweet. I do agree with Peakae that it seemed out of canon for Kensi to have been a babysitter, but did find it in character that she did it to have money to buy ammo. It would be nice to have the two of them have a serious conversation about the future rather than us getting hints as to what they are thinking (exposition). I liked Deeks with shorter hair. It wasn’t in his eyes all the time 🙂

    I get the feeling that this may be the last season. I base this assumption on something I read about the cast being up for contract renewals (I looked but couldn’t find the source-if someone has info, please share) and the fact that Shane Brennan is suddenly tying up certain details. I hope I’m wrong and that as a worst case, they get an announced last season so they can go out the way the creators/writers intend them to. I understand that is a luxury in the business, but I hope as a fan that they get the chance to tell the story as intended. Not trying to be a downer here, just a realist.

    In the meantime, I intend on trying to help the show in any way possible. I’m not a Nielsen viewer (and those who are supposedly sign a confidentiality agreement) so I watch live, and stream from so the +7 numbers go up. I am losing interest in the mothership and with Michael Weatherly’s impending departure (announced on multiple platforms today), I may stop watching, and I did not like NCIS: NOLA at all. I hope for more of the epic adventures of the Office of Special Projects on NCIS:LA!!!


  4. Thanks for the lovely review Di! I’m afraid I may never really love a Joe Sachs episode. I’ve only liked two of his nine (Higher Power and The Livelong Day). For me this was a filler episode and nothing more, although I did think the last scene was sweet (although confusing with the Kensi likes babies after all thing). My complaint about the undercover assignment is that they didn’t get to play actual undercover characters, just put on different clothes (at least in Deeks’ case). It’s way more fun for me when they get to be someone they’re not. Oh, and one more complaint- could they have been more casual with their sneaking around? Kensi’s carrying around a tablet for no other reason than product placement, not to mention the loud conversations between the two of them. Otherwise there wasn’t much new or different or noteworthy, and I don’t have much to say about it.

    amyabn, I did find this article:, which seems to indicate that Shane thinks there will be more seasons to come. On the other hand, I’m not sure you should ever take anything he says at face value, LOL. And I think you’re probably right about the contracts being up for renewal. I believe it’s a pretty standard practice in Hollywood to sign actors to seven year contracts at the start of the series, which would mean most of the cast (not ECO, RFS, or MF) would need to negotiate new contracts at the end of this season.


  5. Thanks for the first review of 2016!

    I think this was a normal, average, filler episode with some interesting glimpses but nothing extraordinary. Anyway, I quite enjoyed it, as a whole, even if I wasn’t so invested in the case.
    What I especially liked was Deeks and Kensi undercover (Deeks in a uniform is something that doesn’t happen every day!) the ending, and Granger.

    I found the final scene very sweet and touching. Kensi cradling the newborn baby and rocking him in her arms, and Deeks helping with a lullaby he probably didn’t even remember he knew the words once. But some things remain etched in one’s memory, no matter how much time has passed, no matter how different you are. And this is how Deeks suddenly and very sweetly seems to remember that famous lullaby from his childhood and slowly soothes the baby.
    Kensi’s whispered words when the scene faded, “Keep going, it’s working”, were so tender and natural, like coming from a real mum who is thanking her husband for his help in putting the son to sleep after an exhausting day!
    I liked Kensi’s naturalness with the baby, she didn’t seem scared nor awkward. And after some moments in which he was studying Kensi’s reaction, Deeks relaxed too, and everything felt very spontaneous and not forced.
    The looks they shared were priceless and said so much more than words. I think Deeks and Kensi were both holding their breath and looked for strength in the other, as they always do.
    The only thing I found a little out of character was Kensi babysitting in middle school. When she talked about kids in “Resurrection” she explicitly said “Kids and me? We don’t mix”. Something went so wrong babysitting that made her be afraid of kids in future years? Or was it just only one of the many amnesia attacks of the authors?

    Anyway, I think the scene worked a lot, both taken just as a sweet way to end a case giving the fans a sweet Densi moment, both as a way to plant a future seed and show Densi’s progression as a couple (the way in which they were so natural with the baby may give a hint they could have already and seriously talked about having kids together one day).

    I know that of an apisode that lasts 45 minutes I have almost exclusively talked about 2-3 minutes at the most, but that scene was really precious for me.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Thanks, as always, for the great review. I enjoyed this episode. It didn’t feel like a filler to me, but to each his own!

    The palindrome scene was hilarious. Quite often the opening bullpen scenes are my favorites. The team banter is always a welcome thing.

    Did anyone notice the nurse referred to Deeks as an NCIS agent and that neither he nor Kensi corrected her?

    I was confused by Deeks’ change of clothes during the nine minute bomb countdown. Once they located the bomb and Sam went about studying it, Deeks is seen a couple times in his security guard uniform – but before the bomb is snuffed by Granger, Deeks is back in his street clothes. That seemed odd to me. I’ll have to watch it yet again to see what I missed.

    Granger continues as one of my favorite characters in this show. I just enjoy the way Miguel Ferrer brings Granger to life.

    I, too, thought that Kensi’s babysitter comment was odd, but I loved the closing scene between her and Deeks.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Really liked the episode… the palindrome exchanges were great – went from single words to sentences to (I thought I heard) a complete phrase. Of course Eric would have been the club president. Really enjoyed the Densi exchanges in the men’s room and on the site. Since it was supposed to be a shut down plant, there would not have been many people there to interfere with them and with him playing security guard (looked good in that uniform) no one to investigate their activities. Loved the mustache exchange! Not sure why Deeks would suggest a mustache after the comment he made to Lt. Boyle in “IA”, but it definitely got Kensi’s immediate and vociferous veto. We did find out that they are not completely living together yet so we still have that goodness to anticipate.

    I thought the Sam/Callen investigations were well done and professional. I really liked the fact that Sam had to sweat and think to make the explosives safe. The show runners are definitely trying to rehabilitate Granger – boy, has he mellowed since his first appearance! I also wondered where Deeks and Kensi were during the toast scene then the scene jumped to the hospital, so they had gone back there to see the Sergeant, his wife and baby boy. That way we got to see that beautiful Densi + baby scene!!! I believe Kensi said she baby sat in Middle school, that would be before the family breakup and any family issues on her pat. Loved the lullaby and the way he looked at her holding the baby.

    I still remember Brennan’s comment from during the summer break “Wait for the “Are You Pregnant?” line… we’ve had several references to babies and children this season, so I am hopeful that will be the cliffhanger for next season. Brennan talks about Densi in season 8 and looks like he has taken more of a CEO role with LA and his new projects. Spoiler TV has LA in the green for next year and the numbers have been good for most episodes (those that split Sam/Callen and Densi time). I believe that COD’s, LLCJ’s and DR’s contracts are up for renewal at the end of this season. ECO has one year more as do the wonder twins. At this point I am optimistic that we will have a season 8 (in contrast to my pessimism at the end of season 7), that there will be a little Deeks somewhen along the line, and that Callen will find his father and his name, thereby thankfully ending that arc.


    • Second to last paragraph, where you wrote that Kensi babysat in middle school before the family breakup and therefore before all her family issues: wow, thank you for making the inconsistency make sense for me. That she developed a nervousness around children after she dealt with the loss of her father and started to shun her feelings makes perfect sense to me, hope this satisfies everyone else as well.


  8. The scene with the baby actually didn’t seem so out-of-character when I thought more about it. Watch this clip from “Neighborhood Watch” (one of my favorite episodes!) and see if you don’t agree:

    Liked by 1 person

    • I remember Densi talking about kids in that episode, but the clip you mention is blocked by CBS. Will have to check out the DVD to recall exactly what was said (other than the little monsters who broke the front window).


      • It’s the scene where Kensi and Deeks are sitting on the sofa just before the “little monster” (Cody) broke the window with his sling shot.

        Deeks: She chose her life, just like we do. (I don’t remember who the “she” reference is)

        Kensi: Yeah, but all she wanted was a family.

        Kensi: I actually thought I’d hate it here; a family, kids running around, happily married couple thing…It’s actually kind of comforting…and it is nice…to have someone to say “good night” to at the end of the day.

        Deeks: What’s happening here? Hm? Kensi Blye going all soft on me?

        Kensi: (weakly) no

        Deeks: The next thing you know, you’re gonna want little kids running around…little mutant ninja assassins.

        Kensi: Hey! (chuckles and pokes Deeks playfully with her foot).

        Deeks: What…I’m saying that, you know, for the record that if that’s something you want to do, I could help with that from a technical standpoint, because I am the husband, which means I have…

        Kensi: Oh…(smiles and looks at Deeks)

        Deeks: (continues sentence) …parts of my body that are able…..

        (window breaks)


  9. Thanks for a great review, Di! I enjoyed this episode and appreciate everyone’s comments here. I really like and agree with Norm’s comment about Kensi and babies. Kensi seemed so comfortable holding the baby and the connection to the breakup in her family causing her to be skittish in the past makes sense. I thought the end scene with Densi and Twinkle, Twinkle was perfectly played. I loved that ECO and DR played the scene as if this were the first time they sang this song since kindergarten. Their trying to sing and remember the words…perfect scene. Loved the look of success and love that passed between them at the end. And dekay11, Thanks for the trip down memory lane with neighborhood watch. One of my favorite episodes.

    Granger totally surprised me and I loved it. I loved watching Sam figure out out to defuse the bomb and his “ain’t that a bitch” comment after Granger’s heroics was awesome.

    And I loved Hetty being Hetty. The lead lined boxer comment leading to the dialogue between Densi was hilarious and all this talk about babies….I have little Deeks running around in my head now…

    I am really nervous about the comments that this may be the last season. Fingers and toes crossed that this series lasts as long or longer as the mothership.


  10. Nice review as always, Di. I just have a couple of comments about that final scene. It was sweet, but I thought somewhat bittersweet as well, when Deeks noted the child might well grow up without a father, something that would resonate with both Kensi and Deeks. I think it also shows that as bad as his father had been, he still missed having one. I was also a little saddened by the fact that he claims to not remember any lullabies. Did Mama Deeks not sing to him? Now that is sad.

    One other comment about all the references lately about kids. From what I’ve read online, Dani is thinking about having another baby. If that were to happen, I wonder if the showrunners might not be considering having her pregnancy play out on the show instead of trying to hide the fact like they did last time. Now wouldn’t that be fun?


    • That would be great! And I really think they would blend a pregnancy into the story arc. Now if Deeks would just sign the blankety blank forms, they could meld FLETC with Kensi being assigned as an instructor to be with him while she is not allowed in the field (they could get into a whole lot of fun trouble with team Gibbs in DC – and Tony won’t be there, so Deeks could fill in occasionally.) – as an attorney, a graduate of the California Law Enforcement Academy (I surmise), of the Los Angeles PD Academy, and almost 6 years practical experience with NCIS he wouldn’t need the whole curriculum designed for those with no law enforcement experience.


      • I wonder how much FLETC training Deeks would need, because it appeared on the mother ship that Ziva never went to FLETC due to her liason status when she became an agent.


        • The other issue with Ziva is, as I recall, that she was not a citizen when she applied to NCIS… they never really said whether she went to FLETC or not; she got her citizenship not long before the end of her tenure. Deeks would definitely not need the physical fitness, firearm training, or legal courses. He might have to “test out” unless Hetty and Granger get Vance to waive them. There are probably a variety of admin and skill courses he would need (there was an episode about his agent development deficiencies) .


    • I was thinking the same thing. All this talk about babies may be setting the stage to play out a real life pregnancy when it happens. That would be a great story line to carry the show into the future.

      If NCIS LA actually incorporated the balancing of families with the dangers of the job….it would be so different from the NCIS franchise. We already have Sam with his family and it would be good to see more. I remember vividly in a S2 episode, Hetty’s advice to Kensi about balancing her job and a personal life. Hetty seemed regretful that she was unable to do that and wanted Kensi to be able to have what she did not. Perhaps that was a hint of the future for NCIS LA. I think it would be an awesome blend of family and action drama.

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      • That would be a bad idea. NCIS LA would fit better to Hallmark Channel in that case. Please remember it is a crime/drama show and NOT a family/romance shit show. This family theme ruins everything IMO. Why would the show need more of a familiy? I don’t get it. I also don’t get why he writers want to make all characters the same (troubled former life, now a relationship, family…). What makes this team so special to me is that they all are different and still manage to work so well together. So why change it and make it the most boring CBS show?


        • Beth, you have an interesting perspective. Your comments give me the perception that you already find the show boring and that it is turning into a “family/romance shit” show although I don’t understand what you mean by that. I think there is a plethora of shows including the Hallmark channel that offer what viewers want to see. I don’t watch every show that is broadcast, only the shows that catch my interest. Why do you think it would be a bad idea to inject family and relationships into the mix and with that, why it would be boring?

          I have not forgotten that the premise of the show is based on naval criminal investigations and do tune in for all the interesting cases. Speaking for myself, I faithfully tune in and DVR on Monday nights not only for the crime/drama of the week. The back stories on each character revealed over the past 6 1/2 seasons in bits and pieces are fascinating and I’ve enjoyed drawing the correlations between past and present and imagining the possibilities. I believe we all (including the characters on NCIS LA) are products of our environment and it shapes who we are or who we want to become in spite of… And yes, the family reveals have been in bits and pieces because the weekly premise of the show is based on investigating a crime which takes up the majority of screen time.

          It seems one dimensional and uninteresting to have the show simply introduce a crime and then solve the crime. If that is what viewers want, there are alternative TV shows such as “True Crime” that does just that. I believe that the NCIS franchise has successfully expanded on the original crime and solution formula on all their NCIS shows by sprinkling back stories on families and tidbits of information ensuring that we as the viewer become invested in the characters.

          Our NCIS LA seems to have more of a slant on family than the others. I attribute it to Hetty’s journey to where she is today…but at what cost to her personal life? I for one would like to see more exploration into how family and relationships are juggled and balanced, as we do in real life, along with the crime/drama of the week. Like a diamond in the rough, the more facets added to the original stone, the more it sparkles and shines. In one hour, we do get the case and the solution but sprinkled in, are the little gems that build the back story. We often hear complaints that not enough background is provided due to the case of the week. And that’s where wikiDeeks fills in the gaps, allowing us fans a forum to respectfully express our viewpoints and our own “take away” from the episodes. And the cherry on top…a really special forum to express our dreams and wishes for Marty Deeks and Kensi Blye and for the entire team at NCIS LA.

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          • Totally agree with your comments Reader1976. To me it is the characters that make the show. If no one liked the characters no one would watch. I admit the only reason I watch the show is for Eric Christian Olsen (I think he is the best!) and seeing what happens with Deeks & Kensi every week. The solving of the weekly crime is an important aspect of the show but learning about our favourite characters is just as important to me.


          • I was a Navy spouse for ten years and one thing I learned was that The Navy was all about family. If you didn’t become a part of the family it was hard to survive in that very stressful lifestyle. So I don’t understand why this team can’t be part of a family as they battle crime either. I can tell you if this was only a crime show I would have stopped watching a long time ago. The character’s backstory is why I stay. Good discussion.

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  11. Just a few comments:

    Joe Sach’s scripts are different. They tend to give us a real case, where we need to consider the crime, players, solutions, etc. vs being so character-driven. Thus I appreciate them more since they aren’t the norm.

    I distinctly remember when I first saw ECO and declared, “Shave & get a haircut”. Oh how very wrong I was. Keep away from the clippers!

    Granger being the bomb guy was a real surprise – something that doesn’t happen so often with this show anymore (probably because we’ve gotten to know the characters so well).

    I’m not worried about them getting canceled based on their numbers. The only thing that has prompted concern is revealing G’s name as I thought Shane was keeping that for the final ep? Hope he’s not thinking the same – that they better get it in “just in case”.

    I too have wondered about DR getting pregnant again. It’s not something I’d really want for the show, but if it happens it happens. More so I wouldn’t want a little bundle of joy to be a “Densi surprise”, but rather something that was mutually agreed-upon in advance (which I know doesn’t tend to be them in general).


    • I’m not too worried about learning G’s real name. His antecedents and name haven’t come up since the first episode this season and there doesn’t seem to be a clamor for Callen centric episodes like we had last year. Just need to get it resolved just as we do as to exactly where Roberta Deeks has been for lo these many years. We seem to have one or two episodes to resolve Callen’s issue and to get Arkady back home. Could be that the showrunners are changing Callen’s situation… maybe a new love interest more in line with his personality (perhaps ex-pretend wife Tracy since Tony is leaving the mother ship?) or someone else like her (NOT Anna!) who could also be part of the team and allow Callen to move on from being the “sullen loner” (Sam’s description – I have a few more descriptors for the current character). Lots of potential for new story arcs besides how Densi balances a home and family against the job requirements. They are going to need someone to play the femme fatale if Kensi is dealing with a baby and Nell does not fit the mold.

      We have discussed the possibility of a Densi baby before… given Brennan’s comment, I’m leaning toward a surprise for both of them, not a plan.


      • Why do you want a relationship for Callen? I love him a the sullen loner or lone wolf or whatever you want to call him. It makes him different from the others. Don’t like the idea of all being the same persona with different names.
        And if DR is pregnat or have any plans, I hope they won’t make the same mistake as in S5 (which was a terrible idea and cost a lot of viewers). I just hope she will be replaced by whom ever (NOT Nell) and no backstory.


        • Honestly? Two reasons… number one it would keep his mitts off Kensi when the fact that he IS the only single becomes obvious to even him. And second, his time with Joelle softened the un-socialized edges to his personality. Sam understands the Densi situation from personal experience; Nell and Eric are struggling with their own situation. Callen tolerates both but would not hesitate to put either the relationships or the individuals at risk if HE thought doing so would advance some mission. In that he is just like Granger used to be ” the mission comes first – always” (not an exact quote, but very close to a statement Granger made in one of the early episodes). Hetty is all over the map; will be interesting to see her rationale for assigning Densi to protect Jack. Is she testing the relationship, is she trying to break it up, is she trying to get Kensi back with Jack, is she trying to help her old friend as she did in SOW, what? It is only in the fanfiction world that her intent is consistently shown as intending Deeks and Kensi to be together.

          I hope the show runners just accept the fact that Kensi is pregnant, have fun with Densi trying to add a baby to their jumble, and bring in another agent to work in the field with Deeks while Kensi is going not so quietly nuts on desk duty. If that agent were a good-lucking female, Kensi’s little green monster would be on overtime!


          • I agree with Norm. I think it would be a great storyline to take the relationship forward eventually. I think they would really increase viewership IMO. This doesn’t always have to be a crime show for me to be entertaining. In fact the crimes are always secondary to me. I want character driven shows. That will always be more interesting to me.


          • Okay, now I see that we are watching different shows. Or at least use IMO.


            • No we are watching the same show just very different opinions. And I believe I did use IMO….IMO.


              • Sorry Diane, my reply was for Norm but you have been faster than me so your comment was on top of my comment. It happens when two fans post more or less at the same time. I just saw this after I have posted it but since Norm replied to my comment I thought it was clear that I replied to that comment.
                Again I apologise.


  12. Donna Marie // January 7, 2016 at 4:44 PM // Reply

    I just read that Deeks and Kensi are going to move in together in an episode to air in January. However, Kensi’s ex fiancé Jack comes back on the scene when Hetty asks Deeks & Kensi to be his protection detail. Hope this dosent cause any problems or I will scream!!!!!!


    • Shouldn’t other than some awkwardness between the 3 of them… She resolved her issues with Jack in SOW… I’d like her to say “You’re history – I’m living with and loving Deeks and plan on doing so for a very long time”. Wonder what they will do with Jack’s adopted Afghani daughter?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes! I want a flat out declaration from Kensi to Jack that she loves Deeks and that is that😄
        I still feel sad whenever I watch the scene in SoW where Deeks saw Kensi so confused and hugging Jack at campsite. I did get the vibe that he understood but it was still a stab to the heart. I hope there’s a good resolution/closure scene.


        • I think that Kensi’s declaration to Deeks that he makes her feel the way she always wanted to feel speaks volumes to the state of their relationship. I hope Jack comes back and says something to the effect of Kensi having told him about Deeks while they were in the cave. I’m not worried about his being back.


  13. I rewatched this a while back. I can definitely see this episode ending being with their own baby someday


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