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NCISLA Classified Preview: “Core Values” (S7E12)

NCISLA CORE VALUES 5Title: “Core Values”
Airing: January 4th (Happy New Year!)
Filming: October 28th to November 5th

What CBS is telling us: Kensi and Deeks go undercover at a decommissioned nuclear power plant as the team investigates the radiation poisoning of a Gunnery Sergeant moonlighting as a security guard there, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES, Monday, Jan. 4 (9:59-11:00 PM, ET/PT).

What we think is happening: Deeks in a security guard’s uniform is a new look but there are explosions so all is right in the world. There is also Deeks watching Kensi rock a baby at a hospital in the promo. In a post “Cancel Christmas” interview, Miguel Ferrer mentioned that Granger will be just back in Los Angeles after escorting Malese Jow’s Jennifer Kim to Washington D.C. With their prior connection, could this be a preview of the PaleyFest promised “Granger, O.” episode?

Be on the lookout:


Raphael Sbarge as Leo Chadmont
There is a tear in the timeline continuum with Mr. Sbarge’s appearance on NCIS: Los Angeles. He appeared last season as the museum curator (and spoiler alert – bad guy) in the “True Colors” Scorpion episode. In that episode, Cabe Gallo called his old friend Hetty Lange to dress Walter, Paige, Toby and Happy. He was also in the season eight NCIS “Cracked” episode.

Sbarge appears on Once Upon a Time as Archie Hopper/Jiminy Cricket, David Molk on Murder in the First, Ralph Becker on Prison Break, Ray Wallace in season six of 24, Jake Straka on The Guardian and Michael Jonas on Star Trek: Voyager.

Guest roles in all the big crime dramas on CBS, including appearing three nights after this episode airs on Elementary. Welcome to Raphael Sbarge week on CBS.

Michael B. Silver as Damon Westphal
Silver is one of the busiest “that guy” actors – as in ‘I know that guy!’ He appears regularly on Royal Pains as Ken Keller and was Dr. Paul Meyers on ER, Professor Winkler on Veronica Mars, FBI Agent Peter Elliot on CSI: Miami and ADA Leo Cohen on NYPD Blue.

Silver, like Sbarge, has been on about every crime drama on television including the mothership’s “Enemy on the Hill” episode in season nine.

John Lacy as Security Chief Oaks
Played a park ranger in the season two “Caught on Tape” NCIS episode. Plays mostly uniformed personnel – cops, EMTs, soldiers – or cowboys in period pieces.

Emerson Brooks as Marine Gunnery Sergeant Hugh Patterson
Was a Navy Lieutenant in the season five “Identity Crisis” episode of NCIS. Roles in a number of crime dramas, usually as a cop, soldier or EMT.

Poorna Jagannathan as Dr. Nitya Agarwal
Appeared in a number of movies and television programs, usually as a doctor.

Pisay Pao as Jamie Patterson
Cassandra on Z Nation.

Bobby Neely as Marine Captain Ezekiel Taft
Roland Moore in season two of NCIS – “Terminal Leave” episode with other guest roles in both comedies and dramas.

Anny Rosario as Marine Sergeant Olivia Flores
A few guest roles in crime dramas.

Ludwig Manukian as Rashad Nader
Ellis Rezian on The Shield with guest roles in a number of crime dramas.

Matt Sigloch as Drill Instructor
Spent 22-years with the Marines. Works mostly as a technical advisor on drama – most notably NCIS from 2004-2009 and every episode of JAG. Sigloch appears usually as military personnel in programs where he is the technical advisor.


WRITTEN BY: Joe Sachs, who wrote “Higher Power”, “The Dragon and the Fairy”, “Drive”, “Purity”, “The Livelong Day”, “Fish Out of Water”, “The Black Wind” and “Blaze of Glory”.

DIRECTED BY: Karen Gaviola directed “Blood Brothers”, “Overwatch”, “Betrayal” , “Rude Awakenings” Part Two, “Merry Evasion” and “In the Line of Duty”.

Insider Intel: Nothing up this week so far.

Official Photographic Evidence:

Unofficial Surveillance:

John Peter Kouskias and director Karen Gaviola are out scouting locations:

Rick Tunell was hanging around with a lot of people in white hardhats:

Chris O’Donnell may want to borrow a hardhat:

LL Cool J is providing weather updates during filming:

Guest star Anny Rosario shows off her table read sign:

Ludwig Manukian got a photo with LL Cool J (as all guest stars seem to) and costar John Lacy

Since the series stars like to Tweet to each other, why not the guest stars too?

Video Surveillance:


I’m interested in “The Year of the Hero” statement. Is this how the direction of the second half of the season?

Sneak Peek #1:

Everyone who is surprised Eric was the President of the Palindrome Club raise your hand. Nobody? That’s what I thought

Sneak Peek #2:

Our favorite Mathlete, whoops, Junior Math Olympian seems to be unhappy with the Palindrome Club President.

10 Comments on NCISLA Classified Preview: “Core Values” (S7E12)

  1. Looking forward to this episode. They’ve been dropping boulder sized bread crumbs around kids and Kensi holding a baby looks very sweet. Pair that with lead lined boxers for Deeks and I suspect a discussion about the future and whether Kensi and Deeks want a family is on the horizon (at least I hope so).


    • I am looking forward to it as well. The only thing I’m finding a little out of character is how comfortable Kensi looks with the baby in the preview compared to the woman who was afraid to be alone with Sam’s elementary school age child in “Resurrection” in season four. I hope there is something in that scene where Kensi talks about being more comfortable with children.


  2. Thanks for your first preview of 2016.
    This episode seems very NCIS LA style, with a bomb, explosions and two of the main characters in danger. I look forward to it for two main reasons: the first, to see what they have invented this time to save Sam’s and Callen’s life the very last minute, and the second to see what Deeks and Kensi have to do with a baby and if that scene will bring to some talking about kids and their future together.


  3. Premise: as a foreigner watcher, I watch and rewatch scenes and help myself with transcriptions I find online. So, maybe what I’m going to say is based on a mistake of comprehension…
    about the baby thing: I think we already had a (very small) hint in “Internal Affairs” that Kensi and Deeks have been talking about kids. Them, privately. When Mama Deeks goes to Kensi’s flat and, seeing her mess, says “Two parents in the same line of work. It’s gonna be tough”, Kensi babbles something like “we’re not really, um I mean, we are, but just not…”, then she’s interrupted by Mrs Deeks. For me, that “we are” is the point: it shows one again that for Densi a long time has passed from the moment Sam raised the topic in 6×18 “Fighting Shadows”.

    PS this site is really awesome, thank you for all your work


  4. Late photo from CBS:


  5. Awesome as per your usual, Tess! Love reading, seeing, watching…just everything. Really enjoy all the sneak peeks. A common reaction from guest stars in this and past episodes is how lovely, warm and welcoming the cast is. Not surprised, just sweet and heart warming when I read them.

    Thanks Tess, for a great preview read right before watching the episode😄


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