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What did you think of “Glory of the Sea” (S14E06)?

A week off for Eric Christian Olsen means a week off for the wikiDeeks review. We’re turning things over to you to talk about this week’s episode, “Glory of the Sea,” written by Faythallegra Claude and directed by Terence Nightingall. A few questions to get the discussion started:

  • Should Kensi be so fixated on being the fun parent? Is it in character? Does she even have a chance against Deeks? (Plus, surely he’s already planning to take her to every musical that comes to town, right?)
  • Did the buried treasure theme capture your imagination more than a typical case? The “adventure is everywhere” attitude certainly tied in with Kensi’s search for fun.
  • It must be so hard to be so closely tied to such a distinctive role as J. Peterman in Seinfeld. Hearing John O’Hurley lecturing about Juan Cabrillo really took me back. I thought he might start describing Cabrillo’s urban sombrero. Did anyone else have the same trouble separating the two roles?
  • We finally got a bullpen scene, although it was just Sam and Callen. In fact, we got lots of these two together for the first time in awhile. Did you enjoy it?
  • We didn’t get any scenes focusing on the characters’ personal lives, which set this episode apart from others this season. How did that work for you?
  • Are you looking forward to the cage diving with sharks bachelor party in Mexico as much as I am?

Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below!

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2 Comments on What did you think of “Glory of the Sea” (S14E06)?

  1. First things first. Since all the main characters are going to be out for four episodes, I want to get Deeks absences over, so I can look forward to a full time Deeks. My biggest irrational fear was they were going put Deeks in the last 5 minutes of this episode and not count it as one of his absentee episodes.
    I think Kensi could be fixated on being the fun parent because she knows she isn’t. Long ago, Kensi promised she would try to be more fun, so maybe to move her out of the serious educational mindset she wants to step outside the Kensi box. Since, Deeks promised to take things more seriously, I’m sure he may have thoughts that he cannot be all fun. I feel that Kensi/Deeks had no time to prepare for Rosa. No time to grow as parents with the a child. I feel their initial relationship with Rosa is like a teenage niece visiting them and trying to make her visit interesting and fun. So if you had a visiting niece you met for the first time you would like to do tourist things. The scavenger hunt, I think, is too ambitious. I think it’s something you do for a birthday. Rosa needs to know who Kensi and Deeks are first, Dinners, baseball games, miniature good, etc.
    I haven’t watched Seinfeld a lot so I don’t associate John O’Hurley with that, but I know his voice and his manner. To me, his personality over shadowed the role.

    I liked Sam and Callen together and enjoyed seeing them in the bullpen.

    They had enough personal stuff for me, because they still interacted personally with each other. I would have to answer this again when Deeks is on the episode.


  2. Debra Gillespie // November 15, 2022 at 11:41 PM // Reply

    Just a personal aside concerning the role John o’Hurley played here. Seinfeld fans will take this as blasphemy, but I never could get into that show and so don’t know anything about what I assume is o’Hurley’s most well known role. I certainly remember him in daytime serials from way back mainly from his distinctive voice and hair, and every year he is one of the TV commentators for the National Dog Show on Thanksgiving Day. His rather droll comments during that event often give some levity, and I detected some of that “drollery” during this episode. And because there’s been trouble the last two times the team or part of the team have been in Mexico, do they really want to tempt fate? Or, “what possibly could go wrong?”

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