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Review: NCISLA “Tidings We Bring” (S8E11)

"Tidings We Bring" -- Pictured Behind the Scenes: Renée Felice Smith (Intelligence Analyst Nell Jones), Barrett Foa (Tech Operator Eric Beale), Eric Christian Olsen (LAPD Liaison Marty Deeks), LL COOL J (Special Agent Sam Hanna), Chris O'Donnell (Special Agent G. Callen) and Bar Paly (Anna Kolcheck). Sam partners with Anna (Bar Paly) and Callen with Deeks as the team investigates the disappearance of a Navy Lieutenant Commander who is working with the NSA on foreign cyber threats. Also, the team celebrates the holidays together on NCIS: LOS ANGELES, Sunday, Dec. 18 (8:30-9:30 PM, ET/8:00-9:00 PM, PT), on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2016 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

When it comes to Christmas episodes, NCIS: Los Angeles has a long track record of strong work. We’ve had nice team efforts such as “Free Ride” as well as key Densi eps like “Humbug” and “Cancel Christmas.” As much as I hate to end 2016 on a sour note, I’m afraid I have to say a Dickensian “bah, humbug” about this week’s entry. Unfortunately I found the script, written by Chad Mazero and directed by James Hanlon, generally uninvolving, with one particular sequence that was just plain wrong.

4 Partners Swapping

The episode was notable for its continued partner swappage, featuring the return of Anna. Sadly, she has not grown on me with repeated encounters. I didn’t particularly care for her showing up unannounced or for her dismissive attitude about the need for search warrants. And while her scene in the car with Sam was well written, it worked because LL Cool J’s Sam patiently led Anna to realize she needed to talk to her father, not because she showed any real emotion or vulnerability. We just got her usual smirk. And if I cared about Callen, I’d probably be beside myself talking about their lack of chemistry (not to mention the significant age difference). As much as I’d love to see Arkady as his father-in-law, surely Callen can do better.

Speaking of Callen, many of us have wanted more scenes with him and Deeks together, and we finally got it. Their scenes were the highlight of the episode. I very much appreciated the glimpse of Deeks’ childhood holidays, and seeing them compare notes about the reasons they wanted to have – or not have – holiday traditions in their lives was good stuff. It never felt like either one was going too deep with the sharing, but it will hopefully serve as the start of a bit more of an actual friendship between them. It was probably the most screen time they’ve ever had together in a episode.

Deeks: When I was growing up, no matter how crazy things got around the house, my mom made sure that the holidays were the one constant thing in our lives.
Callen: I can see it now, little Deeks out on the farm with a hot chocolate, looking for the perfect tree.
Deeks: Kind of. Except for the farm was the back of an ampm and instead of hot chocolate, my mom was cranking menthols.
Callen: Ah, the Norman Rockwell painting.

While we’re talking about partners in the field, was anyone as worried as I that Eric and Nell weren’t going to be able to handle the two criminals in their backseat? Thank goodness they were not the most accomplished of bad guys. But again I found Eric’s demeanor way over the top. I guess that was the plan, to intimidate the bad guys, but did they really need to wreck a car to get information out of them?

3 Gifts Exchanging

We did see a number of gifts exchanged throughout the episode. Nell and Eric had been busy! Nell’s conversation with Kensi was particularly well done, although it’s unclear whether her words about Kensi being a heroine quite sunk in. Eric/Hetty’s gift to Kensi was spectacular, and took me right back to the make-up brush Hetty gave her in “Imposters.” And Eric’s sincere words to Kensi were very sweet and indicative of his ongoing support for her through the entire season. I’m not sure Kensi knew what to make of either conversation, but hopefully it all made her feel missed and loved.

Finally (if we’re not counting baked goods), we got Nell’s clock for Eric. Not a terrible gift, and I’m glad it made Eric feel better, but the metaphor felt like a bit of a stretch. On the other hand, Eric’s insecurities seemed genuine and their scenes together were fine. I think I’m probably just bitter that they came at the expense of any scenes for Deeks and Kensi…

2 Seconds of Densi

I understand that Deeks and Kensi can’t always provide the “emotional center” of the show, but after a series of Christmas episodes where they at least got a significant scene or two together, I have to say I expected more. And if I’m being honest, I have to say I was expecting much more. As in, maybe even a proposal more. Sure, Deeks’ hug and excitement to see Kensi were totally adorable, as was Kensi’s seeming to actually need the reassurance his hug provided. And the very public nature of the display made it all the sweeter. But after such a strong start to Season 8, I thought the Densi aspect of this Christmas episode would be up to the level of those from recent years, and it wasn’t even close.

And A Fantasy Sequence in Kensi’s Head

Wow, what do we make of that Kensi “dream sequence” at the end? And since she was awake, that’s probably not even the right term to use to describe it. After successfully avoiding all spoilers, I had no idea this was coming. While usually I like being surprised, in this instance I was kind of appalled. I guess I should be thankful they didn’t have Kensi, Anna and Nell mud wrestle in bikinis while the guys all watched. It was an unpleasant reminder of the Talia-Kensi throwdown in “Deep Trouble, Pt. II” that felt completely unrealistic and unprofessional. At least here it wasn’t real.

Kensi is a physical person who has been known to express her feelings through violence (see Talia, see The Punch), so her fantasizing about taking on Anna for trying to replace her seemed totally plausible. I get that she’s anxious to be back and insecure about her future. But to choose to express that through this ridiculous sequence rather than to have her try to express herself with words does a disservice to Kensi and to us as viewers. Kensi has been through so much, and we’ve barely seen her get a chance to talk about how her life and her mindset have been impacted. It’s a shame they didn’t use this opportunity to do a little more for her character.

On top of that is the fact that the show has never introduced such moments of fantasy before, at least as far as I remember. I understand that scenes like these could be regular elements of a TV program, in which case I’d be totally open to seeing them. There must be lots of current examples, although the only one I can think of is the very old Ally McBeal. But NCIS:LA has never spent any time showing us the inside of any of these characters’ heads in this way before, so it was disconcerting to have this random moment included. Next thing you know, will we get an all-musical episode? I don’t see either as part of the show’s DNA.

The End Result

What all these elements – the partner swaps, the Neric-centric storyline, the Kensi fantasy sequence – produced was a show that felt way out of balance. It made me appreciate the finely tuned set of four partnerships the show has developed over the years. When three of the four are out of whack, the whole show feels off. Add into that a type of scene we’ve never seen before and my head was left spinning.

Memorable Moments

  • Herring under a fur coat? I’m going to have to pass. Per Wikipedia, it’s a layered salad composed of diced pickled herring covered with layers of grated boiled vegetables, chopped onions, and mayonnaise. Some variations include a layer of fresh grated apple.
  • I didn’t get why Callen was fighting so hard to avoid working with Anna. As Deeks said, “What is happening?”
  • Sam’s initial bid for Hamilton tickets was $2150. That’s one pricy – but awesome – Christmas gift.
  • I seem to recall Nell comes from a family of major Christmas celebrators, complete with crazy holiday sweaters. I’m not sure her siding with Callen on the dangers of Christmas trees felt quite right.
  • I loved that Deeks gave Callen a nickname (Rick Steves) when they were discussing holiday travel possibilities.
  • Was that the final stop for that bus? How did they know Jenkins was going to get off when he did?
  • Did Nell bring the clock gift anticipating that Eric would be upset that she got accepted to the mentorship program, or did she run out at lunch and purchase it?
  • No Deeks, I think you meant that it would be great to see Kensi doing the tango in Argentina, not the salsa.
  • I missed Granger/Miguel Ferrer. I hope the character and the actor are doing OK.

Well I sure am sorry that after waiting so long for a new episode, we didn’t get a better one to take us into the new year. Regardless, I hope your new year is filled with wonderful things, including a Densi proposal and a “Deeks, M” episode!

In the meantime, what did you think of “Tidings We Bring”? Was I too hard on it? Did you love Callen and Deeks together? What did you make of that fantasy sequence? Tell us your thoughts in the Comments!

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74 Comments on Review: NCISLA “Tidings We Bring” (S8E11)

  1. In my opinion, you were not hard on it at all. It was a huge disappointment to me. I also agree that Deeks and Callen’s scenes were the highlight. As for the rest of it? It was just…weird. And I missed Granger. Maybe he was spending time with his daughter? Once it was over, my initial reaction was “What the hell did I just watch?” I did DVR the episode – maybe another viewing or so might make me feel better about it. Then again…maybe not.


  2. Thank you for the great review. I really liked the case, but overall I was disappointed too. I didn’t like that dream sequence at all, it was way too much, especially because this was the first time after the accident when the whole team was in OPS, this was not the way how I imagined TPTB welcoming Daniela/Kensi back (even though I kind of wish that the fight scene had happened for “real” ). Kensi and Anna are both going crazy at home/bored and bringing baked goodies, should that make me realize how similar Kensi and Anna are, or was that meant to be funny?. How many jokes about Kensi cooking has there been?, it is really getting old and that is not the type of continuance I am hoping to see. (It seems like even Callen has started cooking since “Humbug”, based on that scene where he asked Anna for dinner)

    In the first episodes of the season the Densi (or just Kensi) scenes felt as a natural part of the episode (even if there were only 1-2 Densi/Kensi scenes), now in the last episodes Densi/Kensi scenes have felt much more disconnected/random. Kensi said in episode 8×08 that she doesn’t want to see the ring until she is out of hospital, well now she is home and I hope there is at least a talk about the ring very soon (I am still hoping for an engagement though) . I was hoping for just one scene where they are alone and maybe say I love you, or at least Merry Christmas.

    Those scenes with Kensi and Nell /Eric were very sweet and I liked them. Deeks/Callen pairing was great to see, but it could have been better written, I wanted (for once) Callen do something nice for Deeks (not the other way around). I am not a fan of Anna or Callanna , but I wish it was better written too: for example in episode 8×08 Callen says he hasn’t met the right woman to settle down with , then this “who works with who” and at the end he is suddenly seems very smitten with Anna again. Will we get Callanna engagement/wedding in the next episode? 🙂 Both Callen and Sam were a little bit out of character. (It feels weird how Sam is not more worried about the mole, previously he has been very protective and worried if there has been a threat, )

    I missed Granger in this episode too, and I really hope absence was not because of Miguel’s health.

    Even if I am a bit critical, I do love this show, I can’t wait for next year and new episodes (and the mole hunt to end), Happy Holidays everyone!


  3. Ah, almost holiday time, so more opportunity to respond here!

    If you are launching the #NoAnna Club, sign me up. Between lacking any authentic emotional depth and that voice, I cringe. Obviously my care for Callen is different from Deeks. (Deeks = hugs & take home. Callen = observe from afar ensuring nothing too horrific happens. Actually it’s a bit more from that as a carry-over from my adoration of The Three Musketeers.) So yes to all of your comments about him “doing better”. (Honestly how does Sam put up with all that?!) My vote for Callen had long been Grace from “Raven & the Swans”.

    As for the Wonder Twins, in the car scene I expected one or more of the senior agents to be lurking around the corner ensuring they didn’t get themselves in trouble. Now knowing they were alone freaks me out! When Beale flung the flare, all I could think was, “Oh dear.” (And not in a concerned manner.) Yes, let’s leave Eric in the Mission giving thoughtful gifts (for which I think everyone thought of the make-up brush!) Poor Deeks is going to start thinking their house is booby-trapped with all these trinkets!

    Yes, they’ve trained us to associate the Christmas episode with Densi, so fail there.

    I sadly caught wind of the spoiler about Kensi’s big scene. Being shocked in the moment would have made it so much more entertaining. Thus, I’m long overdue to add to my long list of “minority opinions”. So add this one: I absolutely adored that over-the-top, mostly (because of Nell) unrealistic scene. Perhaps it’s due to possibly having similar thoughts in my own life; we let them play-out in our minds since we can never act and should never speak of such things! That was My Girl Kensi physically stepping-up to fight for what’s hers, in this case her job (and her team). Yes, we saw it with Talia related to Deeks (which I was pretty ok with too)!

    I firmly believe this is inherently part of Kensi’s character. We saw it in the very first episode, defending herself as a woman, by taking the pipe to the front of the European convertible. It would re-iterated soon after in taking a battering ram to the front of an FBI-driven Escalade. The fierceness is one of the things that initially drew me to this character!

    All of that related to a related column you wrote about missing scenes. I would have appreciated if the ep ended at Casa de Deeks with her relaying her thoughts to him and them talking through it. We’re still left to try to interpret her actions (or in this case thoughts, similar to Callen). I too want to actually hear Kensi trying to work through this, but that’s just not how they’ve written this character and overall, must remember this is a crime-action drama, not a soap. So to get the ending I proposed (no pun intended), I understand the time this would require is one left for fan fic.


  4. Thanks for the review and no you weren’t too hard… this episode was not what I wanted or hoped for. Anna has no chemistry with any of the characters and her scenes were a waste of time that could have been spent on Sam interacting with the team. After all that’s what we want the little moments when the team member reveal just a little something about themselves.

    Who cares about Anna, we are in our 8th year with these characters and to have her forced on us makes it boring to watch sometimes. I could understand if Callen and Anna had something but they have no spark. It just seems like… well she’s here and I have no one else so why not!

    I also think we are getting too much Nell. You would think its her partner out, she’s with Anna, Granger, Sam, Deeks, and now Eric.. And in this episode when I was wanting some tender DENSI moments we got Nell. Why would Nell and Eric be in a car with the suspects! Its bad enough we have someone who doesn’t even work there going out in the field (and telling them who should go where and with who). Now we have the office staff going out wreaking cars and doing all kinds of crazy things. Nell is jumping on desk kicking bad guys, going to prisons getting information the others couldn’t get. It etc…its just so unreal!

    So although we have had some good DENSI moments I think this season has really not use ECO like they could have.


  5. nope, not too hard at all.
    another great review,
    thank you.
    Overall it was a meh episode, and I can’t help but feel disappointed.
    Absolutely no progress with the mole issue.
    No real Densi moments
    We went another episode without an I love you from Kensi
    She actually turned her cheek when Deeks kissed her…
    I am willing to write that off to being workplace appropriate, and she did reach out to hug him…but still. Plant one on him right on the lips, girl…
    Now Nell is helping her with rehab…really
    I guess I can get her staying away from the entire team to rehab, but why hide it from Deeks, it seems she is leaning on everyone but him at times, I would really like to see her actually needing or allowing him to help her. It would be good for both of them.

    I think part of it might be to make us think everyone is nice and fuzzy, so it makes guessing the mole harder?

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    • I really want the Mole hunt thing to be over, like now please.

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    • I would like for the ATF to actually need Anna to do her job over there. Like, full time with lots of O.T., that keeps her far too busy to hang around the OSP.
      Here’s to Anna’s very successful, and incredibly busy, career with the ATF.
      Now go away…
      One can hope…

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    • I assumed Kensi did tell Deeks she was training with Nell, and that it didn’t go well. I figured that’s why he was surprised she showed and why he asked if she was okay.


      • You know, I have tried to look at it from different points of view and accept the assumptions needed to do so and have the interaction make sense.
        The situation just doesn’t really fit unless there is a big communication problem. To me it seems the writers are hinting at a brewing problem with our couple.
        Here is why I think so: Kensi kept the shooting thing from Deek’s or he would have known she wasn’t home. Even if he didn’t know her exact schedule, he would have swung through the shooting range to check on her before heading home.
        So obviously he had no idea it was happening. She had plenty of time to fix dinner, yet didn’t call or send a text to let him know she was not going to be ther3e for dinner. Yes, he could have called, but obviously he stuck to his plans and she did not yet failed to even let him know.
        Now she gets up and goes to the gym before the team gets there. Odd, wouldn’t you think they would get up, have breakfast together, and head in together? With the team having a job to do, the facilities are empty the majority of the time.
        Why would she wait until after he leaves from work to go shoot and go in early but leave before he gets there. His work days are long enough, then she is gone early and late, it just doesn’t seem like something that a person in love would do.
        You would think with the team out in the field, there would be plenty of time during the day to get in a couple of hours of training or shooting in uninterrupted.
        With the mole still out there, you would think she would be safer with the group. She should know better, and I can’t believe that Deeks would be ok with it if he knew.
        Now Kensi takes the time to bake cookies and delever them to the Mission but doesn’t even think to let Deeks know, that’s just weird.
        So, onto the assumptions, let’s assume for a second that Deeks knew that Kensi was training with Nell and it did not go well. When Kensi showed up, he said I didn’t know you were coming, which again seems off. I would have expected him to say something like I thought you said you weren’t coming, implying that he KNEW she was not going to the party. I know it is semantics, but one implies a conversation with understanding, then Kensi changing her mind (again, why not tell him), while the other seems to leave a question about why they hadn’t worked it out yet. How could he not know one way or the other…?
        Then there is the other issue. If we assume they are communicating…
        Kensi nearly died
        she has been struggling with depression,
        is frustrated with her progress in rehab
        she is unsure if she can ever return to work in the field
        Hetty threw a little cold water on her hopes for a speedy return to duty
        Kensi did tell Deeks that she was training with Nell and that it did not go well.
        Then she tells Deeks that she does not want go to the team Christmas party
        … if you were Deeks, would you be at the party?
        If Kensi was my fiancée, there is no way in hell that I would be at the party without her, walking around all happy, sucking up eggnog and handing out ridiculous used lights to Callen, while she was home alone, I would be with her.
        I would be wherever she was, supporting her…together. I would certainly know where she was and wouldn’t leave her alone.
        If you were in love with this struggling person, where would you be???.
        Don’t you think that Deeks would be there for her too.

        It just makes no damn sense
        …unless she is lying about where she was; told him she was at her mom’s maybe.
        I just can’t believe he would leave her at the house alone after a tough day.


        • yet another reason to dislike the episode…
          the first holiday ep I have not liked in some time.
          there was so much potential, with so many story arcs in play and a chance for advancement.
          the only thing we got was….probably more Anna.
          ..what a shame,
          swing and a miss….


  6. After being disappointed with the way the end of the year rapped up, I decided to look forward.
    Now that we are heading into the new year, I was thinking about what I would like the new year to bring…so I started a list.


    • I really want Kensi to do something special for Deeks’ birthday this year.
      Something meaningful and personal.
      If the box was supposed to be a makeup present for forgetting his birthday in in that crapfest that was the episode called … Drive…excuse me while I go kick something…god I hate that episode… maybe it is time to open the box as well.

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    • I would like to see Kensi have a conversation with Deeks expressing how important and perfect for her he is. It could be set up by stating that he is everything her dad would have wanted in a husband for her, or about why her mother loves him so much and thinks he is perfect for her. …checking the boxes like:
      Intelligent- he is a lawyer
      Wants to protect people- he’s a cop
      Cares about people- feeds the homeless
      Loves animals- no doubt
      Cares about her- obviously
      Is loyal- would die for her and never doubts her (Blye, K) etc.
      Loves and accepts all of her- he has seen her at her worst and wants to know more (the homeless story)
      Can make her laugh- even when she doesn’t want to
      Thinks she is the most beautiful thing in the world, no matter how she is dressed.
      Is her best friend.

      I would like to see her acknowledge and validate just how much he means to her.
      In actual words…

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    • I would like to see Kensi validate Deek’s law degree at some point and say she is proud of him, what a great accomplishment is…
      It gives him a unique skill to the rest of the team, but it never seems to be utilized
      After the well-done councilor comment and putting him down by talking about how he dressed as a lawyer, and so on. To would be nice for her to be supportive of him about this.

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    • How about no more missed firsts for Densi…
      A partial list of important things we missed, I know you guys can do a lot better than I can with this, but here is a start…
      Their first real kiss, alone, not in public
      The wakeup the morning after “it’s a love story”
      Their first night together
      Their first morning waking up together after
      Their first night as a real couple after the ice rink
      Their first morning (a clip from Mammoth would have been nice)
      Their first” I love you’s” (at the beach it was obviously not the first time)
      Their first day in their house
      Deeks taking Kensi out of the hospital to come home
      Kensi coming home from the hospital
      Them cooking together
      Now we miss Kensi cooking him a meal and his first time eating it.
      Kensi actually baking and Deeks doesn’t see it or taste the cookies.
      .to me, these little things, like cooking, matters because it has not only been cannon forever and the source of frequent teasing and banter, but it is something we can never get back. They tease her about it for 8 years and we don’t get to see it when she does??/ really? WTH

      A bigger one is that with all the past disappointments that Kensi has had about the holidays, I am surprised that Deeks wouldn’t have already been with her.
      I am sad that we didn’t get to see Kensi and Deeks exchange gifts. Another thing we missed
      We actually missed their first Christmas living together. They moved in on Ep. 7/14, right? After all, Kensi has been through, I would have thought that a scene with her at home with Deeks…together and thankful, would have meant something.
      There are these huge milestones in the cannon of the show, but the writers just ignore them, frustrating at best…

      Maybe it is because the writers are not very good at healthy relationships, but the scenes they do show usually have some cliché ending like an interruption or a phone call. But for the most part, they sure just seem to skip over a lot of milestone firsts for the couple. Really very sad.

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    • I want Granger to be OK, and not be the mole.
      He has grown on me over the years, and I like him better than Hetty actually.

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    • I would actually like to see Kensi watering a plant…yes, a LIVE plant, in the kitchen window of their home or something. Maybe an Oregano plant or a Fern… maybe a scene in their kitchen starts off that way. I know it is silly, but for some reason it would be nice, I guess it would symbolize growth and change in Kensi, that with Deeks, all things are possible…and if that is possible, then maybe marriage, kids and a happily ever after are as well. I know, I’m a sap, right.

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    • I would like to See Callen and Sam pulled apart when one needs to support the other.
      Kensi and Deeks have been drug apart and not allowed to support teach other numerous times. She wasn’t allowed to support him after he pounded on Scarli
      After her boatshed conversation, when she left in tears, Deeks was held back from supporting her, she had to leave him tied to the chair, she had to leave him in the hospital afterwards.
      Yet somehow Sam gets to travel across the country to Druid Hills Georgia and the CDC to spend 2 weeks with G while he recovers…. Really?
      …why do I feel that if Hetty told Sam not to go, that he had work to do; that he would have said something like “…he’s my partner, I’m going” or “Seals don’t leave a man behind, I’m staying with him” “things could go bad and I will not let him die alone, period” basically being insubordinate and refusing a direct order.
      And he would have gotten away with it. That’s the frustrating thing.

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    • I want to see another proposal, have it accepted, and see the ring on Kensi’s finger. Maybe she wears it on a chain around her neck at work? Even if it is only of the clock, I need to see it. The marriage can wait, but we need to see progress.

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    • I need to see Kensi back in the field where she belongs.

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    • I think I would like to see Kensi start to call Deeks Marty of the job as a way of trying to keep work and home life separated.
      Maybe she just tries it out for a while, then they decide to go back to just Deeks?
      …I mean, after all, she will be a Deeks herself at some point, Right.

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      • As much as I want to hear her. All him Marty doubt it will happen. Think Castle. I agree with all of your thoughts!


        • that’s actually what I was comparing it to. Kate called Rick “Castle” pretty much all the time, and always at work. But occasionally, in a emotional, serious or intimate moment, She would call him “Rick” it would immediately get his full attention and let him know how personal and important this was to her.
          I just thought that if Kensi called Deek’s “Marty”, the personal moment would seem more powerful or emotionally connected.
          just a thought.


  7. A great and thorough review and right on. A disjointed ep for sure, however I was so pleased to see Callen and Deeks together that it almost made up for this mess. Watching Callen and Sam fight over who gets partnered with Deeks gave me the warm fuzzies. I flashed on that scene in Descent when Sam wanted nothing to do with Deeks as a partner. This time I wondered if Deeks wasn’t reminded of that as well, the way he looked totally confused as he looked back and forth between the two men as they fought over him. Anna may have been the reason, but I still loved that Callen had no resistance to working with Deeks. Their banter when they were out and about was easygoing and natural and was a decided shift from Callen’s earlier behavior toward Deeks. Maybe what happened after that helicopter crash and seeing how he cared for Kensi made Callen realize what a good man he is. That Deeks was willing to share a small bit about his childhood shows the ice has melted between the two. Everything else about the episode I will try and forget, but I will cherish the scenes between these two characters. That Callen even accepted that pile of Christmas lights from Deeks showed that maybe he was loosening up just a bit. And that is good for a character who has been so aloof for too long.


    • I didn’t think that Sam and Callen were fighting over who gets to partner with a Deeks. To me, it was more like Sam wanted to push Anna and Callen to partner up, while Callen was trying to avoid being paired up with her. (I don’t blame Callen.).


  8. Thanks for all the hard work you do on these reviews.
    I didn’t like the episode at all. Well, except Callen and Deeks bonding.
    I always love their Christmas episodes. This is the first I didn’t like. And that daydream. It has no play on this show. Flashbacks are cool for dramatic effect, but those daydreams belong on a sitcom.
    Anna, I have no interest in her, so I ff all her alone scenes and regretfully, her and Sam scenes. I like Sam, but she doesn’t belong with the team. There are other female agents that they had on, who had chemistry with such as Grace and the DEA lady. I just don’t get it.


    • Wanted to clarify the name of the agent I liked Agent Lisa Rand played by Alicia Coppola (looked on IMDb).


      • I thought Callen had good chemistry with Grace from Ravens and the Swans, and she seemed more age and style appropriate for him. I really liked Alice Coppola as a recurring character, seems like a real person who has chemistry with their team.


  9. Agree with everyone here, i had such high hopes for this episode, or even just for an impactful densi scene since all previous christmas episodes were so great, and this was a complete let down. Dont like anna, but i have grown to tolerate her…. i just wish she hadnt taken over the whole episode. Im also not a huge neric fan but enjoy bits and pieces… i feel like the only good parts of this ep were deeks and callen. I loved that they discussed childhood impacts on how they view the holidays, they rarely bond over their traumatic childhoods and it was really nice.
    I actually like the dream sequence because ithink it shows kensis mindset and it fits with her character. Shes aggressive and territorial and feeling on the outs. Just wish it had not been used as a sneak peak, that is so not what thks shw is about
    Seriously im just disappointed there was barely any densi


  10. Karen, great review, you hit all the high points.I thought this episode was rather flat , seemed slow, and lacked humor and really totally unlike any of the Christmas episodes I have come to expect and like since I started watching in season 2. I realized in this episode how much  I have come to count on ECO pulling out  a mediocre episode and making it good, which did not happen here. I think the show needs to get Kensi and Deeks back in the field together their banter often carries episodes that are a little light in certain areas.I really appreciated Callen and Deeks in this episode , it may have been the highpoint for me, we finally got some really nice Deeks and Callen moments that we have been waiting for .
    Onto Anna, she is an interesting character in small doses and I have given her the benefit of the doubt for awhile . She is not an unpleasant character the way Talia was. She is just is not an actress that can hold her own with actors of the caliber that are on this show. She needs a very very small part, where she stands around and looks pretty. BTW, I am convinced that smile (smirk) is what got her to be a great model but for television she needs to unlearn it! I do not see any chemistry between Anna and Callen at all. Deeks was not brought to be a love interest for Kensi, it happened because they have such on screen chemistry. TPTB cannot create on screen chemistry. The flirty scenes between Callen and Anna are becoming painful to watch.
    But the main reason this episode disappointed and it did disappoint was because of Densi. It became clear through the ads and tweets that we were not getting a Densi proposal, so I was were prepared for that . However, I was not prepared for a Christmas episode where they spent their first christmas living together as a couple , and she almost died and we did not get a scene where Kensi said to Deeks thank you for staying me in Syria, and thank you for all you have done, and I love you. I am really anxious about the second half of this season, I am afraid they will just talk about Densi like they are an old couple and we will not get any Densi moments. We were spoiled in season 7 ( other than the two lousy Kalstein episodes) where we got a good Densi scene in each episode. I am feeling they are not paying attention to their fanbase since their ratings are up, but I am convinced they are up because of Deeks and Kensi. I really wish there was a way we could convey to TPTB how unhappy long time fans were with these last two episodes.


  11. Luckily, after watching the “dream sequence” preview which had me speechless (a waste of precious screen time that could have been used for other meaningful scenes, like, why not, a Densi one, maybe?), I had set my expectations low for this episode. First time for a Christmas episode, which I had always looked forward to eagerly in past years. And I must admit most parts of “Tidings we bring” left me completely unimpressed. Nothing, no reaction. Which is even worse than a bad reaction because it reminds me of how I mostly felt after Season 6 episodes.

    The only scenes I liked were the Callen/Deeks ones, but, above all, the welcome back hug Eric gave Kensi. It seemed so heartfelt and genuine that it really touched me. Barrett was amazing in that scene!
    I think it was the perfect conclusion to Eric “Kensi’s champion” arc. Much much better than the Deeks/Kensi hug in the bullpen.
    I’m sorry to say it is the first time a Densi hug has transmitted me next to nothing. How I wish we could have seen a cozy scene in their new house in which they both acknowledged how lucky they were to have each other and to have been through so much together over the previous months.
    I’m not liking this version of Kensi who seems to have gone back to only thinking about her job so much as to have fantasies of physically fighting with whomever dares to replace her. I thought that after her accident and coma and long rehab we would see a scene in which she saw things in a different perspective. Which doesn’t mean she would stop being an agent – at all – but only a person who has been through a lot and understands that sometimes priorities may change slightly.

    I would like to end my comment saying thanks again to all the Wikideeks staff for providing a place where we can write and exchange ideas and opinions. I wish Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate and happy New Year 2017. May it bring all the peace we need.

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    • I think we will get a perspective changing scene in the next episode, because Nate is coming back.


      • Wow do I hope you are right.
        Get Kensi to recognize what is really important and and show some appreciation to Deeks as well as their relationship.
        anything to stop the way things are heading.
        the writers are just making her revert to the version some of us were frustrated with from several years ago.
        I mean, where is the woman that was the initiator of the whole having a kid together discussion?
        Now she wont kiss the guy or tell him she loves him, what the heck, really.


  12. My frustration and disappointment mirrors what many of you have stated so well. While usually I tend to soften my feelings, and feel better about a disappointing episode over time, this time I am heading the other way. Getting more frustrated as time passes. What starts out as a good season has taken a slide in the last two episodes. Even those that didn’t love the story arc or critiqued Kensi’s actions and the way Deeks was involved in her rehab were content of not completely satisfied with the way things went due to a nice Densi scene in every episode. …then the wheels came off… What the heck happened?
    We are half way through the season and don’t have an I love you from Kensi she has leaned on Sullivan and now apparently, Nell for rehab, hides her training from Deeks and just seems a little distant. we missed their first Christmas together and her coming home, very sad.
    I need someone to help me be a little more optimistic here, because my imagination is going a little dark.
    Kensi is hiding her rehab and has leaned on everyone but Deeks.
    She has not told Marty she loves him all season.
    No kiss either.
    Even Eric got a better hug than Deeks did.
    She turned her cheek when Deeks went to kiss her (office appropriate ???)
    She said she wasn’t ready to give up her job yet to settle down
    We still haven’t seen the ring since she got out, so obviously, the competition with Sullivan and returning to work are far motivation to her than the ring was and is. We have gotten no thank you for staying with me in Syria, no thanks for rescuing me, thanks for supporting me and being there…just nothing.
    I get a bad feeling that this is all a setup to have Kensi pull back from the relationship. I fear we will hear something to the effect that while she really does love Deeks, she loves her job more and needs to focus on that first. Get herself whole before she can commit…some crap like that.

    At this rate, we will see a Callen/ Anna or Eric/Nell tender moment or engagement before Densi…really?
    It seems like this has become the Callen and others show lately.
    He already gets way over an equal share of the airtime, and now we get Callen and his dad, Callen and his family, Callen and Anna, and so on. Enough already…

    And also, yes, all this Anna is just too much, way too much. A small dose may be tolerable, but the part is just way too big for Bar at this point in her career. She doesn’t have the skill set yet to be displayed so prominently. Around the other wonderful actors, she stands out like a sore thumb. Too bad.
    And for someone like myself, that really doesn’t like her, it is almost unbearable.
    Eric and Nell in the field was just bad. Please stop now.


    • She has told Deeks in the past that she only wants him to see the best parts of her. So she wants to be perfect for Deeks because he isn’t just anyone else (Nell, Sullivan, etc.). I’m not really worried about not hearing an “I love you” from her, because like you said in an earlier comment their hasn’t been many “happy” DENSI scenes. In all but 2 or 3 of the DENSI scenes, she was in a dark place in her mind. Just because we haven’t seen it, it doesn’t mean she hasn’t said “I love you”. Just offscreen.


      • If she fails in front of Deeks, it is not just a personal failure it is her failing him. Failure in front of say Nell is no big deal. Kensi is a perfectionist and I feel she is waiting to pass the physical test by herself before she shows Deeks. Rationally she knows he doesn’t need perfection, but we all have irrational fears & insecurities. Much like Deeks felt in the breakfast scene in “Command & Control” last year. That’s being human.


        • apologies in advance,
          I am on a little bit of a rant, sorry…
          You know, as much as I dislike the whole” that’s just who Kensi is” thing and that she is just human, I have to look at as a possibility. So rather than disagree and debate it, I thought I would look at it from the point of acceptance and what that really means for the relationship.
          The “only see the best parts of me” comment was over 2 years ago, and before “All In”. Command and Control was a year and a half ago and they did actually talk about it. Kensi can’t express her feelings about Monica and agrees that Deeks is a Bitch.
          They didn’t talk about Nicole. She drops the well-done counselor comment when he is obviously hurting. Kensi says that Deeks can lie to everyone else, but not her…yet she acts this way. After torture, beatings, the loss of friends and co-workers, and Jack…this is where we are. Really. She leans on everybody but Deeks, not good. I thought they were starting to communicate. Guess not.
          As others, have said, if you only want someone to see the best in you, don’t move in with them. Since we have seen so little growth, or at least a huge step back to where we were 2 years ago, the only reasonable thing to do is for Kensi to break up with Deeks and move out. If she can’t say something as simple to Deeks as that she is self-conscious and will train at the gym while he is working, but doesn’t want him watching, then what hope do they have.
          Only the best…can’t show weakness or failure…ok, lets sort that out.
          Better not live with the guy, because a bad case of cramps will make you look weak and girlie. Can’t have that. Certainly, shouldn’t buy a house with him if you can’t tell the truth about what you want. Sure, as hell can’t marry the guy, because the whole “for better or worse, in sickness and in health” thing is a bold-faced lie.
          What else, oh yeah…how would the whole baby discussion go. How about pain management, too tough to talk about that. God, forbid she needs an epidural, what a complete failure. In fact, he shouldn’t be in the room when she has the kid, because he could never be allowed to see her in pain, she is tougher than that. Right.
          She wouldn’t ever ask for help, because she is super mom. If postpartum depression hits, keep it too yourself and power through. Sleepless nights with a sick baby, just call Nell, don’t ask for help or you’re a failure. Wow, what if the baby has trouble latching and she can’t breastfeed all the time…what a failure as a mother.

          The point is, that as humans, we fail at things all the time, and if we can’t share our feelings and ask for help from those we love, then we are truly alone.
          If Kensi, after all this time, can’t lean on Marty for help and be honest with him, then they should not be together. Their entire relationship will be consumed by lies, deception and deceit, full of half-truths and omissions. Move her out, break them up and let’s move on to Eric and Nell. Maybe after a year or two, the writers will have sufficiently screwed up that relationship, that we can take another look at Densi.
          Maybe she will get accidentally knocked up and Deeks will step up and offer to help.

          Obviously, I am just pissed off at the writers and have gone off on a rant, sorry.
          We saw growth is season 7, where did it go?

          It is like there are too many writers in this show and they don’t know what the heck each other are doing. Just doesn’t make sense to me
          All in means all in…that should include honesty and emotional support.
          Note to writers…if that was a lie, then break them up and move on.
          If it was the honest and heartfelt truth, then let them act like it…that means you jerks need to write and direct it as such.
          Yep…still pissed.
          Sorry again


      • I really appreciate you being so positive about Kensi. I think we have to go with what is canon not try to say what happened offscreen.. In this case she has not said ” I love you” or accepted his ring. I really do understand why she wanted to wait, but I think if we either had an “I love you” or she was wearing the engagement ring it would go a very long way to make the Densi fandom happy. If she said ” I love you” and was waiting for the perfect moment to wear the ring , it would be okay or if she wore the ring and we did not hear her say” I love you”, we would know she was saying it offscreen. Please do not take what I wrote as a criticism , I love this show and I love these two characters, I really believe TPTB owe the fans who have stuck by them in that awful Monday time slot something more than they provided in the last two episodes. I also think they owe the Deeks and Kensi characters more than what they got in the last two episodes , both for character development and development as a couple.


        • OK I can agree that the finished product of a script would be better if they would add proof of her emotions. I’m just saying that we know she does love him. I’m optimistic that in the next episode with Nate, he will get her to be more open with Deeks emotionally like she was Pre-Syria & the crash.


          • I totally agree with you , we know she loves him, I thought the checkers scene showed that she loves him. There just is a lot of angst in the fandom and angst leads to people being unhappy and sometimes sniping at each other , and I just do not think it is fair to the LA fans who have stood by this show and these characters. I know there is a school of thought that any publicity is good publicity , I don’t subscribe to that , and it bothers me that some actors ( not the LA cast) say that. I think fans deserve to be respected and rewarded because after all they are the customers.


            • sorry guys, I hope I am not coming off as snippy, that is certainly not my intent
              Command and control is a good reference point, Look at the progress they have had since then, actually through season 7…we got I love yous, Deeks support about Kensi’s undercover opp, Deeks’ financial fears, Kensi’s honest comments.
              the IA issue and Kensi’s unwavering support. Deeks confession and Kensi’s forgivness.
              Jacks return and Deeks’ support, moving in togrther, and all the discussions from marriage to kids.
              the only see the best part of me comment was in epp 6- 8, the grey man, right?
              that’s over 2 years ago and I thought the couple had some growth since then.
              I mean, that was even before the All In thing…
              I just feel bad that we seem to have backslid that far.
              I hope Ryan is right and that Nate helps Kensi see what is important next episode.


              • Ed, you are definitely not snippy, I love reading your comments. I was actually talking about other social media sites which are not as civil or friendly as this one . I totally agree with you, season 7 showed a mature, loving kensi and Deeks, that is why these last two episodes seem so out of sync with what we have come to expect.


          • Ryan, you are a far better optimist than I, Sir.
            I feel they are wasting valuable air time with crap the last 2 weeks and I am irritated by it.
            thanks for the positive outlook tho.
            it is needed.


        • that’s how I feel as well, thank you.
          But, I would like to embrace Ryan’ thought process…thanks Ryan.
          I think ther are lots of things that happen on the show that we don’t see or even need to see.
          so I propose a list of things that will happen that should be assumed to happen because they will not be shown on screen.
          any more of Eric’s stupid flash bang grenades and flare crap pretending to be Rambo.
          all dream scenes
          Neric in the field together…ever
          A Callen family reunion taking up 1/2 an episode.
          A supernell 8+ minute interrogation.
          Callen and Anna tender moments.
          Anna doing anything.
          …hows that for a start.

          my point is, yes, things happen off screen, but with only 42 minutes per week of valuable airtime…take a look at the crap they have eaten up time with in the last 2 weeks.
          there are always choices to make, but whoever is making them has been taking stupid pills the last couple of weeks or just flipping a coin.

          Kensi was talking about Marriage, a house kids, a wedding location, a guest list and all of that… now we cant get an I love you unless it’s off screen, really, give me a break.


      • If Kensi only wants Deeks to see the best of her, then they should never get married and should never even have moved in together, because once you’re married or co-habitating you don’t just get the best. You get (and give) everything. Just saying.


        • the sad thing is…Deeks really wants to see all of those things. He wants to know things about her that the rest of the world will never see. He loves that. He loves her…

          news flash, after being beaten in Afghanistan, breaking down in the boatshed and being punched in the face during the King case, Deeks has already seen her at lest than her kick as best….plus, her makeup was smudged.
          …and he still loves her, go figure.
          the more she opens up to him, the more he will love her and feel connected, he cherishes the moments when she can be vulnerable in front of him.
          that’s love


  13. I always look forward to the Christmas episodes, but this one was really disappointing. After the previous ep, in which there was not a second of Kensi/Deeks together onscreen (instead we got extended Sullivan), after waiting three weeks, we got something like 15 seconds of them at the end of the episode. Instead, it was way too much Anna and Nell/Eric, and the so-called dream sequence added nothing to the episode (except to get the fandom riled up with the release of the sneak peak). Valuable screen time wasted. It seems the PTB can’t see how important the Kensi/Deeks dynamic is to the show and its fans. I don’t expect them to be the focus of every episode, but 15 seconds in two episodes is really not acceptable. DR was back from her maternity leave when they filmed this episode, so there is no excuse for her to be used in the episode so little. I know the writers had to come up with something for her pregnancy, but they should have come up with something that had a faster cure, so that she could be back out in the field as soon as she was back from her leave.


    • exactly, I mentioned before that I thought they overplayed the injury thing.
      Neck surgery, a compound fracture of the leg and, almost bleeding out, a coma, and a spinal injury…really?
      they only needed to cover a 2 month period, but they wens over the top and had to skip over some key moments in the journey with big time jumps and it still didn’t work well.
      I agree, they should have went with something with a 8 week rehab and got her back with the team.
      This is just painful to watch.
      I mean , think about it, if Kensi came back for Christmas…what would we have…
      a well done, realistic and complete Kensi rehab.
      we have Densi back in the field, like they belong
      no Neric in the field…stay in opps you two
      no need for Anna.
      wouldn’t that by itself have made a better episode than what we got?


    • Natalie Ryan // January 16, 2017 at 6:58 PM // Reply

      Something that really equals my opinion on the whole plane crash and Kensi in a coma thing. Thank you for that. I was looking for someone with the same thoughts I have about the whole thing with DR’s pregnancy, They didn’t handle it well neither the first time, nor the second time. It arises more questions than we got answers in both cases.


  14. Brenda (@bpnp) // December 20, 2016 at 9:52 PM // Reply

    Thanks for the review Karen – my sympathies for having to pay such close attention to this episode


    • Brenda (@bpnp) // December 21, 2016 at 8:20 AM // Reply

      Apparently the site rejected the rest of my (critical) comments! lol

      Trying again:

      I did see the sneak peak and was planning to skip the episode entirely – then I was sick in bed so I watched it a day late.

      I’m with you – aside from Anna. I don’t mind her. Far from the worst thing about this episode.
      Totally agree with the Nell/Eric stuff – do we really buy that being a field agent is such an “easy” job that someone who’s a tech operator can just slide into that role? Why do Nell/Eric need to be in the field? Implausible, but tolerable in small doses – way too much already.

      Agree with prior comments as well re: length of injury and time skips to accommodate the massive recovery that would have been needed.

      And then the “dream scene” – I don’t even know what to say. Why do we we need some bizarre “girl fight!!” randomly inserted into the show?! Incoherent with the rest of the storyline, inconsistent with progress the character has made – unless they are setting her up to have a more serious brain injury than was initially apparent and this was the start of a pattern of violent hallucinations, I don’t see the relevance of this scene to the story, the character, or the show.

      I’ll stop. I could write more (actually, I did and deleted). I don’t mind a “filler” ep here and there, but I do object to regressive and incoherent story lines.

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      • wait…what,
        the site rejected critical comments, say it isn’t so…
        oh dear lord, i’m doomed.
        hello…am I still here..hey , where did everybody go…
        I know you are kidding, but seriously…I could be in real trouble here…
        happy holidays


  15. This episode was such a disappointment. I was bored throughout. The Deeks /Callen scenes made it tolerable. All scenes with Anna were unbearable to watch.

    Bar Paly has so many fans on Twitter that think she should be a permanent cast member. I don’t get what they see. She has that perpetual smirk that might look good in print ads but not on tv. She has absolutely no chemistry with anyone and her acting does not convey any emotions or feelings. Somebody please explain her appeal to me.

    I really miss the Kensi and Deeks from S7. I hope we see the old Densi spark in the upcoming episodes.

    Thanks Wikideeks staff for another great year of discussing everything Deeks. Happy Holidays !


    • I think it is hard to tell from Twitter what is real. Publicity folks for celebs hire folks to tweet positive comments. In general negative comments mean a whole lot on twitter because in general they are from real folks , so when we saw 50 % negative comments on Kurt’s instagram that was really significant, the same was true when Talia was on, lots of negative comments.


  16. Karen, Thank you for an excellent review and you are not at all
    too hard. As for my part, I did not like this episode at all. The
    writers are doing everything which they did not do at the end
    of season 7. That is confound the viewers completely, put them
    on the wrong track. And throw them totally off balance about
    Kensi and Deeks. The bad and frustrating writing from “Sirens”
    continued here with a too long case of the week, an overdose
    of Anna (I still can’t stand her), Nell/Eric scenes, the pointless
    dream sequence and forced Christmas celebrations.
    I, too feel that the Christmas episode would have been a wonderful
    opportunity for some great Kensi and Deeks scenes. For her to affirm
    how he means everything to her and truly share her feelings AND insecurities
    with him. Though I can understand that she does not want him to know
    yet that she is training. I think that Kensi sets an extremely high standard
    for herself.
    Also a warm and public welcome back from Hetty to Kensi would have
    been so nice. But none of it here.
    But I appreciated Deeks and Callen, as well as Eric’s genuine
    and touching support of- and friendship with Kensi.
    As to the journey of Kensi’s recovery, its credibility was already
    seriously damaged by the huge gap between “Parallel Resistors”
    and “Glasnost”. I know I have already said this in a comment on
    one of your previous reviews, but I still strongly feel that for the
    continuity of Kensi’s difficult journey of recovery there should have
    been an episode between “Parallel Resistors” and “Glasnost” to show
    Kensi’s first steps and further progress with walking and her prospects
    of going home. And instead of the overwhelming Sullivan arc, I would
    have chosen to let Deeks motivate Kensi. All the wonderful- and
    staunch support from the team would have strengthened him to do this.
    And as for the character of Sullivan, I do not trust him at all.
    I also agree with all the various comments about Granger, I missed him.
    Where was Miguel Ferrer??
    It is so frustrating how much they do not show and all the missed
    and wonderful opportunities.
    I still dearly hope to see Deeks’s beautiful ring on her finger and still
    desperately want the Kensi from before the crash back. Because
    if this writing continues they are slowly but surely assassinating Kensi’s


    • I totally agree! I loved Kensi’s growth in S7 and the strong connection she and a Deeks had throughout the IA investigation, Jack’s reappearance, their opposing views about kids and the pre-proposal. I thought the accident would bring them closer but they not what’s shown on screen. While we did get a couple of emotional Densi scenes, it seems like Kensi is putting Deeks a little at arms length. With no screen time between them, my imagination is running rampant with awful breakup scenarios, which are mostly not justified but I can’t help but think the worse. Then, when we get new episodes in January, Deeks might be in jail. Hope it’s an undercover op and not real.


    • I agree completely with both of you.
      you would think they would be getting closer, nit drifting apart. the look on Deeks face when coming home to an empty house make you think he may have the beginnings of some doubts.
      maybe his jealousy was real, or at least he is unsure. Now he doesn’t know she is even coming to the party. If she is constantly leaving the house t train and practice shooting, without even let him know she is doing so…well he is a detective and will know something is up.
      the lack of honest communication will ruin their relationship eventually.
      then again, with the way the writing is going…I know, more roadblocks, right.
      the one trick pony rides again…


  17. A side note; is it wrong that I read 4 Partners Swapping, 3 Gifts Exchanging, 2 Seconds of Densi, And a Fantasy Sequence in Kensi’s Head to the tune of Twelve Days of Christmas? Just wanted to acknowledge that bit of holiday goodness amid all the disheartened comments regarding this episode. It did not go unnoticed. Nicely done, Karen. Thanks!

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  18. Nice job as always Karen. Have to follow Brenda in sending my sympathies to you for having to pay such close attention to this episode. I can say that as much as the last episode pissed me off, this one bored me to death. While, as hard-core fan, I was fighting this all consuming feeling of the boredom, my husband commented, completely out of blue, as he hasn’t followed it closely, that this (Tidings We Bring) episode was boring… Bored, boredom, boring…

    The best thing for me was a knowledge that Roberta Deeks did everything for her small Marty to enjoy X-mas holidays however mad or bad the situation was.
    What I also liked was the hug between Kensi and Deeks as I saw it as a moment when confused and shaken Kensi needed Deeks and his support. She literally grabbed him and held on to him, and his question “are you okay?” showed us that he was aware of it.

    Hoping to be of a better luck on the 08th of January 2017 and that nobody will forget Deeks’ birthday I wish happy holidays to all of you and your families.


  19. It was a little off but enjoyed the show. I missed seeing more of Hedi and Granger.
    All in all can’t wait for the next episode.
    Merry Christmas everyone.


  20. Honestly I have no words concerning the direction of my favorite show. Since this has been a challenging year for me; I’m eager to begin 2017. Hopefully my favorite show will get back on track and we’ll see some great episodes.
    Thank you wikiDeeks fans!! Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!!! Thanks for all the wonderful posts; this is a great site!
    Thank you wikiDeeks for putting all this together so the fans have a safe place to discuss, vent, analysis and comment on each episode; its so greatly appreciated!!! Cheers!!


    • May you have a safe and happy holiday season.
      May you be able to look back on the previous year, no matter how difficult it happened to be, and still find things to be grateful for.
      May the coming year provide many opportunities for new hopes, dreams and things to be thankful for.
      Peace and good health to all, and Merry Christmas.


  21. Thanks everyone for another fantastic and entertaining discussion! Happy new year everyone!!

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  22. After I had watched “Sirens” and “Tidings We Bring”
    I was truly upset. But I would like to let you know how much
    I have appreciated everyone’s truly passionate, hearfelt,
    astute and thoughtful comments.
    And I still care deeply about Kensi and Deeks.
    I would like to wish to all of you all the best for Christmas
    and 2017.
    Till next year!


  23. A cause for alarm?
    I really hope that we get to see some relationship progress and appreciation from Kensi and things become more solid with Kensi and Deeks starting with the next episode.
    I think that most of us believe that Kensi truly loves and needs Deeks, but the uncertainty and the drama it creates is starting to wear off the shiny parts of the relationship.
    For those of us that have followed the Densi relationship from the beginning; we know there have always been Kensi haters and people that did not want Densi at all. This group ebbed and flowed in size, getting much larger after Kensi’s behavior in episodes where she was mean or distant to Deeks.
    Whether it was the punch, good job councilor, her response to Monica, or leaving Deeks alone after Thapa died, we have all seen it happen or even felt it ourselves at times.
    I do understand the angst and drama in a deep relationship, but the writers are creeping close to an edge and I hope they turn around before it is too late.
    Not a falling off a cliff type edge, but a sliding down the hill and can’t climb all the way back up kind of thing.
    The writing is putting in too many questions into Kensi’s behavior and the relationship. All the little things keep adding up. No ring, no I love you, Sullivan, sneaking around, keeping secrets, not leaning on Deeks, the last several weeks have been tough and it has been getting worse, if not in specifics, but overwhelming volume.
    The writers wanted drama, but they are making Kensi far less likable in the process. I see a backlash forming much like after the huge miscalculation that was “the punch”. A mistake to be sure. They wanted to put some angst in the relationship, but wound up creating a bunch of fans that were mad at Kensi and did not want the relationship at all after that. A huge backfire.
    I see the same thing happening here and it has me worried.
    The natives are restless…some upset with Kensi, some, some at the writers, some want another pairing….and it’s growing.
    If you happen to stray away from this site (by mistake of course) you can really see it.
    From CBS, own site, to the ncis sites, spoiler tv, and so on, it is everywhere. The general masses are growing weary of the whole push pull thing with Densi and are starting to move on, enough is enough, they have been strung along just too many times and are tired of it.
    Even the some of the most dedicated fans, the ones that care enough to take the time to actually write those amazing stories on the fan fiction sites (thank you so much by the way) are drifting away. These are the some of the people that help feed the fandom, and they are moving on. Yes, that is scary, right?
    There is still some wonderful writing out there, that’s not where I am going with this.
    I am talking about the volume of the stories as well as the number of the writers that are actively contributing. The numbers are shrinking and have taken a big dive recently. What is out there has a lot higher percentage of Eric/ Nell and Callen stuff compared to Densi than it did just a short time ago. It is not a healthy sign. I have noticed that some very talented and prolific Densi writers have moved on. Yes, some no longer write at all, and I get that; but others have lost interest and now write other things… and that is troubling to me.
    A list of issues would include frustration with the storyline, a lack of motivational Densi scenes, irritation at the characters (Kensi), just to get started.
    All of this comes back to the writing. If the fans don’t get some good Densi scenes to talk and write about, some on screen confirmation that Kensi is still fully committed to the relationship and that it is a top priority, and have Kensi actually act like she is in a loving relationship…like soon… then the whole “ will they won’t they” drama crap we constantly get and the writers seem to depend on, will devolve into a “who cares…next”…situation at some point in the not too distant future. It seems like the number of people that don’t want them together, or worse yet don’t care, is growing. They better do something quick.

    All the little looks, gestures, small touches, the cuteness that left no doubt that they were truly in love and meant to be together…we need a big dose of that ASAP. Where the hell did it all go?

    They are on the verge if killing their own golden goose, or one trick pony, as it were.
    A cause for alarm, or am I over reacting?


  24. I know I am losing interest, still love “Densi”, but the show, as a whole,is boring me. Don’t care about Anna (she gets too much airtime) or Nell and Eric, as a romantic couple. Coupled with lack of Deeks and Deeks and Kensi scenes, makes me even less interested. Won’t be watching live with the new episode and if I hear that it is another boring one, I’ll delete the episode off the dvr. I really don’t have time to waste.

    Liked by 1 person

  25. The feelings you are expressing is the exact thing I am worried about, and you are certainly in a growing group that feels the same. Dani and Eric, Kensi and Deeks; they were in the running or at least mentioned for the fan awards circuit.
    People’s choice, teen choice, things like that; for favorite actor, actress, couple and so on in their genre. Now nothing but crickets…while Chris and LL get the votes. A very sad state of affairs indeed. Instead of thinking they are just adorable and belong together, watching for all the little signs of affection with anticipation and excitement, fans now watch with dread for and frustration for more signs of trouble in the relationship.
    Either that, or since the little things that made them so watchable and endeared them to us so much are gone, or at least not shown, people lose interest. Very sad.
    Take a look back; we had: I am going to miss a bunch, but I will try.
    Skin Deep and the butt pat, then Drive and the forgotten birthday
    Wanted and he partners quiz, then, Parlay and the whole Monica thing
    The kiss then the torture
    It’s a love story, then nothing
    I want to be at my place with you, then the punch and frozen lake
    Agreeing to talk, then Afghanistan
    A return and some hope, then Three Hearts
    Humbug, then a weird gap
    Command and Control breakfast, then Blame it on Rio
    An unlocked mind, then internal affairs
    Talking about kids and marriage, then Kensi isn’t ready
    The team actually accepting the relationship, then the chopper crash
    Surviving then pushing Deeks away.
    Getting home, and appearing to still be distant
    Feel free to add to the list, please
    Which leads us to where we are now…people thinking here we go again, getting tired of being played, and becoming frustrated or simply screaming enough already, and moving on.
    There was a time when fans used to lash out, vent or turn to fanfiction and write their own ending when the couple did something stupid or out of character. Now many no longer care enough to be bothered to complain.

    They really need to get them on solid ground as a loving couple and either look outside the relationship for drama or pick on a different character for a while.
    With the show being moved again and having its season episodes cut down, it started out on a dark note. For a while, it seemed like, with rising numbers, the addition of the cut episodes, and anticipation around the couple, it had been pulled out of the fire. Now it seems it may have been dropped back in. Darn, that close…
    Whether it is a bad game or a bad episode, you always want to get the next one going as soon as possible to move past it. Get the bad taste out of your mouth. The fans, unfortunately, have had quite a while to stew in the train wreck that has been the last couple of episodes. There was already some irritation with a distant Kensi and then Sullivan, then she gets out…now this? Really?

    I understand angst and drama, I really do.
    But in a movie or miniseries, it gets resolved in a few hours.
    This has gone on for 7 years and the fans are reaching their limit.
    We all have a different angst threshold, and although there are some that really like “the hard journey will make the end so much sweeter” approach, waiting 2 hours for the payoff in a movie is different than 7 years.
    My fear is that if the writers don’t make a course correction quickly, when their supposedly great and fantastic payoff happens…there won’t be anybody left around to see it.
    Enough is enough.


  26. Maybe, just maybe there are some fans out there who can’t stand this (Densi) or any relationships (the romantic ones) in a crime / drama/ action TV show.
    The reviews tend to be more about Kensi that about Deeks and that is the sad part. I thought this is a Deeks page. So who cares about Kensi?

    I don’t think it is fair to blame the writers. They are supposed to be good action and drama writers but not the cheezy romantic arc creators.
    Let the writers do their job without trying to manipulate them (hopefully they have their own mind and stories and won’t get manipulated). And it is up to the fans to view it or not.
    I for one don’t like all the relationships in this show but this is my problem. I didn’t watch this episode because of Ana and the start of another boring romantic ship. I guess I will watch again when Ana is not listed at the guests list.

    Happy new year to all.


  27. not really sure I ever really wanted more romantic drama, just different.
    not every team member need a romantic relationship.
    I just think that if they set up the whole Densi relationship, then let that be their thing and leave the other characters as is.
    as far as the writers and show runners go… who else is to blame?
    It feels like there is too much relationship stuff going on because the writers seem to think that every single cast member need a love interest or relationship drama …give me a break.
    callen and anna
    sam, his wife and kids
    Nell and eric
    granger and his daughter
    Hetty and nell bonding time
    need we go on?
    the writers and directors cram this down our throats.

    the other issue that the writers are responsible for is big lack of consistency that leads to frustration. first deeks wants a kid and kensi doesnt, then it is the other way around. Calen is the lone wolf of the group for 6 + years, then they keep trying to hook him up, first with joelle then anna,
    sam is private and fiercely protective of the team, not even warming up to deeks, then welcomes anna with open arms with a mole around no less
    sam and callen are hard on deeks professionalism, but then put up with eric and in the foeld antics.
    Deeks get his teeth drilled and tortured but yet he loves the dentist and kensi doesnt
    eric wont even use a drone to shoot a missile at the enemy to save his teammates, but then throws flashbangs and threatens to set people on fire with a flare.
    the writing has made the characters become so out of character that it becomes irritating.
    either the writers dont pay attention to what happened previously, or the the oversite from the show runners is seriously lacking at times.
    i dont know who to blame for the inconsistent writing,… except the writers and the people approving the script.
    to sum it up…
    leave the romance focused on Densi, and get your own story straight.

    and I would much rather talk about it here than just not watch because I dont like it.


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