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The Top 3 Missing Scenes

@DanielaRuah: Sheer happiness to be back... All new ep of #ncisla tonight!! @ericcolsen is particularly excited. And that's Petey holdin' the sticks
This week we’re going to continue with our wish fulfillment discussion, focusing on the Top 3 scenes that never aired on the show. What key missing scenes would you most like to insert back into an episode?

The Premise

We’re all aware of some key scenes that were actually filmed and then never aired. Some were included on the DVD, and at least one was not. But I’m not limiting myself to scenes that we know exist; this Top 3 can also include scenes that I think should exist. The only limitation is that they need to involve Deeks or Densi. Also, this is a list of scenes from episodes past, as opposed to my earlier Top 3 Most Wanted Scenes, which contained scenes I hoped for in a future episode.

The Top 3

On a procedural show like NCIS:LA, there’s really no end to the missing scenes from these characters’ private lives. I’m sure I’m missing some really great examples from my list of semifinalists. In the end, I think I chose two of my Top 3 in an effort to rectify some serious character-related issues. The other choice was based on a desire to make certain events canon. In reverse order of importance, my Top 3 is…

 #3. Post-“Drive”: Kensi apologizes for missing Deeks’ birthday

There are quite a few reasons why “Drive” (written by Joe Sachs) is among the most disliked episodes in the Densi fandom, but perhaps the biggest is the way Kensi not only forgets Deeks’ birthday, but makes no effort to make up for it until a subsequent episode when she gives him the infamous Box. Many fans were horribly angry at Kensi’s behavior, and held it against her long after the episode. I wish there could have been one final scene where Kensi shows up at Deeks’ apartment after her “date” with Jaime, and offers Deeks a make-up gift. I would be totally happy with the version proposed by thewingsofnight in her excellent Essential Episode review, or any of the bajillion others floating around in fan fiction as the fandom desperately tried to fix this mess.

#2. Post-“Recovery”: Kensi and Deeks sleep together

The final scene of “Recovery” (written by Gil Grant) was a good one, but I desperately needed it to be the second to last scene. I needed that infamous deleted scene that appears on the DVD to be included in the episode; I need that to be canon. I was hugely frustrated with the lack of clarify over what happened that night. I chose to believe they had slept together because I didn’t think “The Frozen Lake” made sense otherwise, but I wanted to know for sure. And I also wanted to see it, I wanted to be there when they had their second real kiss and more.

#1. Pre-“Windfall”: Kensi and Hetty debrief with a remorseful and truthful Hetty

Here’s my latest attempt to salvage Hetty’s character from a season that took her from one of my favorites to one of my least favorites. During “Spoils of War” (written by Frank Military), Hetty professes guilt over Kensi’s predicament, but she does so with Nell. I needed a scene where she came clean to Kensi- and to Deeks- about why she had chosen to keep Kensi in the dark about Jack, and when she came to know Jack (and if she had been following Kensi for a long time before she came to work at NCIS). I need her to apologize for her horrible judgment that nearly got the whole team killed were it not for Deeks. I need her to apologize to Deeks for allowing him to think that he was responsible for Kensi being sent away. And I need Deeks and Kensi to get a chance to express anger over that and then perhaps to forgive Hetty and move on. Without such a scene, the two of them either look like the most gullible people in the world (did they think it was a coincidence that Kensi was sent to shoot Jack?), or way too forgiving.

Also in the Running

Among the many missing scenes I wish were canon:

  • The 2nd hospital scene in “Ascension” where Deeks throws his badge across the room (on the DVD)
  • Post-“Human Traffic”: What happened after Deeks walked away from the team?
  • Post-“The Debt”: Did he and Kensi talk more? Did Kensi hold a grudge?
  • Post-“Spoils of War”/pre-“Windfall”: How did Deeks help with Kensi’s recovery?
  • Post-“Impact”: What happened when Deeks woke up? How did Kensi continue to help him with his recovery? How much time elapsed before “Omni“?
  • I’d like to have seen a separate, more personal, video from Kensi to Deeks before she went rogue in “Spoils of War.” Was she really going to leave him with “It was an honor and my pleasure to work with you”?
  • I’ve always wanted to see the deleted “arrest” scene from “Plan B” where Sam and Callen arrest Max Gentry (featured on an Insider Daily Brief about the episode)
  • What about Deeks driving Julia to the boatshed in “Blye K, Pt 2”? What did they talk about? How proud was Deeks of Kensi? How obvious was it to Julia that he was in love with her?
  • Post-“Belly of the Beast”: I would have really liked more of Sam and Callen looking after Deeks. At least we got this great post-ep fic from Sweet Lu
  • More Deeks surfing in any episode ever

Next Time

The Top 3 is taking a holiday break, but in our next installment in January, we’ll enjoy one final week of wish fulfillment, talking about the episodes for which we’d most want DVD commentary from Eric Christian Olsen and Daniela Ruah. In the meantime, what missing scenes made your Top 3? Tell us all about it in the Comments below.

Or, return to last week’s Top 3, the Top 3 Scenes I’d Change.

Have a very merry Christmas if you celebrate, and a happy and healthy New Year!

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18 Comments on The Top 3 Missing Scenes

  1. I think you hit the nail with those top three choices!!


  2. Great list, Thank you for doing these lists !
    These are scenes that are on my “also in the running list” in addition to your list

    – Deeks calling Ray and talking about the thing (Post Humbug, after Deeks and Kensi decide to go all in)
    – Scene where Deeks and Roberta have a talk and reveal more about their relationship
    (what was their relationship like before she appeared on the show)
    – When Kensi meets Roberta for the first time in Citadel I wanted to see one extra scene (how did that dinner go , what did they talk about?)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Anne, Yes! How could I forget how much I wanted the Kensi Meets Mrs. Deeks scene to continue?


    • Anne these are fantastic suggestions! I want them all, but my first choice is more Ray. There’s another likable guest actor who, with a little change to his story, might have become a likable recurring character.


  3. Great picks, but I would prefer to have seen an apology for the the punch in “The Frozen Lake” over mis-remembering his birthday. Several of your runners-up were also fantastic: a convo in the car between Deeks and Julia in “Blye, K.;” a separate video to Deeks in “Spoils of War;” and a post-“The Debt” discussion are all terrific suggestions I hadn’t thought of.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Psyched I respect your choice, it’s definitely needed. I should have included it in the list of semi-finalists. I think I left it off since I had addressed it in my previous Top 3 on Scenes I’d Change, and I try to avoid repetition with these lists as much as possible.


  4. Your Top three and the rest of the scenes you mention are perfect, Karen. I would have liked to see all of them and I have often found comfort in amazing fanfictions that tried (mostly beautifully, I would say) to fix what was missing.
    I have taken some time to choose mine, and I must admit my number one is/has been for a long time/ will always be a post-The Debt scene between Deeks and Kensi. That episode had so many implications and was so much of a turning point in their partnership (relationship?) that for some time after it aired I couldn’t believe we were left without a clarifying scene between the two partners, a scene in which Deeks had a chance to explain better what had gone on and forced Kensi to say what she had meant to tell him before knowing it was all a set-up.
    I know Season 3 was maybe not ready for All in Densi, but I think the writers could have included something satisfying for the viewers even without making them a couple yet.


  5. Spoils of War — the time after the end of the episode — the mess hall, the plane back to the US. I wanted to see lots of holding each other and not caring who sees it.
    Recovery – oh yes, a whole episode by itself thankyouverymuch of the drive from the restaurant and then at (whose house?) home. Did they drive separately? Somebody could change her mind if so. You’re right, the reaction the next day seemed to indicate more than just making out for a while. And really, Kensi didn’t have extra clothes in her locker at work or time to run home? But I digress.
    Impact — What happened next? He slept …. did she leave? Stay? Did he wake up and they talked?
    Bonus — Humbug — after “all in”. A hurried goodbye to people and then a long weekend? That Christmas together.


    • Hah, yes, peakae, tellustellustellustellus. There are so many missing scenes from this show that it’s downright maddening. Sometimes I get it- it’s a procedural not a soap opera. And other times I want to tear my hair out- they put Deeks and Kensi together and made us love them, the least they can do is show us significant moments in their relationship! Your list is excellent, by the way.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Love these choices,
    I really wanted to see the scene where Deeks gives Kensi the fern plant… I think ECO posted a pic on instagram of the scene and then it never aired.
    Definitely agree that the end of Drive needed an apology from Kensi.
    And I would have loved an end to spoils of war with them holding on to each other regardless of who saw (as peakae mentioned)


  7. Great choices from everyone. One scene I would like to add is from “Hand to Hand” , I wanted see Kensi’s reaction when she hears that Jason is detective Deeks. (Who tells her or how does she find out?).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Anne, that is a fantastic suggestion. It never even occurred to me to think about Kensi’s reaction to finding out Deeks’ identity- that would have been entertaining for sure.


  8. Natalie Ryan // January 4, 2017 at 12:41 PM // Reply

    Wonderfully written. There are so many things I’d change about the show, but not all of it comes to mind right now.

    First and foremost all of the Deeks-hurting scenes when he was mocked by the team. And that hospital scene with the badge. Gets me in the feels and I wonder, why they deleted it in the first place. So many things would’ve turned out differently if there were some of those scenes. But, I agree that some of the scenes that you mentioned and weren’t even considered would fit in perfectly.


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