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Review: NCISLA “Recovery” (S5E9)


Deeks in rehab!?? From the very beginning when we got the initial tease from Shane Brennan that Deeks was going to be fighting a possible case of sex addiction on NCIS: Los Angeles, we were left wondering if this is real or another undercover persona. With all the problems Deeks has faced since his trauma, it wouldn’t be surprising if PSTD presented another side effect for him to deal with in his recovery. But thankfully we find Kensi and Deeks are instead using their undercover skills in a rehab center as they investigate the death of a US Navy officer. Gil Grant and Paul Kaufman have worked together before in last season’s "Skin Deep," and Densi fans have been waiting patiently for this episode to air since last week’s trailer which promises to move the relationship forward into the next phase… and oh boy, does it!

When a Navy Officer shows up dead and floating in a pool at an addiction recovery center, the team goes on assignment to try and find his murderer. Lt. Commander Gary Leonida was drying out at the Tranquility Villa unbeknownst to his military supervisors and now the government is concerned his high level IT knowledge could be compromised. The team sets off to find out more about the officer’s time spent at the center and who may have supplied the drugs that killed him. Security at the center identified a visit earlier in the day as his sober buddy who claims he hadn’t seen Leonida for three days and has a rock solid alibi. Altered camera footage and truth serums in Leonida’s blood system, sends Kensi and Deeks undercover with unique roles too play at the rehab center (Callen:  I hear a cry for help.).

Sex addition is real….or so Deeks finds out as he checks into the Villa. His fellow inmates snicker as the counselor announces his addiction and I was a bit put out at how cavalier she was in throwing around his personal information. Kensi is also struggling with the unhealthy food selection on the menu offered to patients in recovery there. Perhaps it was a sure sign this place was not all it was made out to be in the brochure! It’s plain that the officer’s death is highly suspicious by now and deleted security footage by the center shows who really was involved in the crime.


Deeks is convincing as a sex addict and shows off his undercover skills in a very different light. Usually we see the agent sporting a janitor’s outfit or a homeless getup. It’s nice to see him using his talents in a more serious vein and perhaps we wouldn’t have seen this side of Deeks if he hadn’t gone through the trauma of PTSD and suffered some of the side effects that mirror addition. His low key approach allows him to find the patient who was seen on the deleted security footage with the dead officer. Finding the party girl leads to his killer. A member of an ultra-right wing extremist group identified by the girl killed Leonida for information on how to gain control over US predator drones. With an inside co-conspirator at the rehab center the group almost destroys a Pakistani village with one of our military drones. The team saves the day at the last possible moment and most likely American/Middle Eastern relations.

This was a strange episode. The story line was a bit dry despite the enormity of the mission and our heroes seemed a bit too bored. Considering their actions just saved the eruption of a third world war, their reactions were jaded as if it was just another day at the office. I think I was as bored as the rest of the team until I saw the rear end bump Deeks gave Kensi on the way to the taco bar. It felt like the final scene wasn’t even a part of the episode and just a tag on to move the ship along…so it did feel a bit out of place. But while Densi fans, including myself, had to wait until the end of the show for the story behind the teaser we anxiously waited for all week… I wasn’t disappointed.

Kensi is confused because Deeks takes her to a ‘nice’ restaurant instead of their usual dive but she’s on to him like white on rice. She forces him to come clean about this faux date and accuses him once again of never saying what he means…and once again Deeks doesn’t let us down! The great communicator has returned. The best moment of the entire show was Kensi getting out of her chair and taking Deeks up on his offer. For a second there, I thought she was going to let us down. But this time she didn’t freeze and run away. I loved her reaction and had a good laugh! Finally! She obviously has been thinking a lot about this very moment and she was ready with a response! The expression on Deeks’ face is priceless and in an instant Deeks and Densi fans are in heaven. It’s taken a long time to get to this place but they both had a long time to think and had to get past the baggage of the last few months. After Deeks expresses his true feelings, I don’t think anyone was going to stand in their way of enjoying the rest of that evening!

So relish this moment now folks… from all the spoilers it’s probably not going to last… but damn, it felt good!

Memorable Moments

  • Kensi and Deeks have tats? I wonder if we will ever get to know where? Although I really didn’t need to know about Eric’s tat! Strange boy.
  • Eric is still grilling Nell for more intel about her personal life and now he’s trying to find out what kind of tat she sports. (Nell:  Why would you assume my tattoo is something cute and sweet? Eric:  Because you are.) Keep trying Eric, she’s bound to give in one day!
  • Callen and Sam’s razzing over the power cars was amusing. (Callen:  Goes without question, huh?). I guess Sam doesn’t always have Callen’s number! (Callen:  Talk to me about body piercing.)

Densi Face to Face

Deeks: So Winkler’s a meth head carpenter… I bet he works fast at least.


Hetty:  I thought going undercover as a nutritionist would suit Mr. Deeks.
Deeks: Great!
Kensi: Ah no, no Hetty. He had a burrito and a pop tart at 8 o’clock this morning which he ate at the same time!
Deeks: I also had a glass of orange juice and a multi vitamin.
Kensi: A Flintstone’s chewable which he only bought since they ran out of Sweet Tarts.
Deeks: They’re delicious.
Hetty:  Poor attempt at humor on my part, Ms. Blye.


Kensi: I’m not a nutritionist.
Deeks: And I don’t have a problem with sex… Eh…


Deeks: I don’t want to be here with you right now.
Kensi: What?
Deeks: I want to be at my place right now… With you.

Classic Deeks:

Deeks: Well, there is some good in this world Mr. Frodo and it’s worth fighting for…

Classic Hetty and Deeks:

Hetty: I had something else in mind. Something more in your natural wheelhouse.
Deeks: I didn’t even know I had a wheelhouse.
Hetty: Oh you have a wheelhouse.

SO… What did you think about this week’s episode? Leave your comments below!  See you back next week!!


Title: “Recovery”
Writer: Gil Grant
Director: Paul A. Kaufman
Original Air Date: November 19, 2013


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23 Comments on Review: NCISLA “Recovery” (S5E9)

  1. As usual your review was spot on. I loved the ending scene but in the first words of next week’s trailer all I could think of is be careful for what you wish. I know why we have to have the separation but how are they going to get Densi back together by season’s end? At least we didn’t have to wait 8 years. I’d like to think next week’s episode will open with them at Deeks’ apartment but it’s more likely we’ll just have to imagine what took place.


  2. Excellent review, although I didn’t think was as dry as you. I don’t think they really gave us enough insight into the reason why the blond woman at the rehab center was interested in bombing Pakistan. It seemed like a stretch. I thought there was too many little scenes about tattoos and hot cars, especially that one at the car dealer. I guy pulls a gun on them and he turns out to be Homeland Security and then we never see him again. Weird. I thought they should have spent more time at the rehab center, but maybe that’s just me being a Deeks’ fan.

    ECO’s scene with the girl on the bench was like a breath of fresh air. They took their time with that scene, letting it unfold and let us see a gentle Deeks as he talks about addiction and slowly pulls the information he needs by simply being kind and interested in the other person. His last line that he thought she was a good person and was happy she was getting help was very insightful and gave us a glimpse into someone who has intimate knowledge of what addicts go through. I thought of his childhood in that moment and when they were interviewing the meth addict. ECO has such a way with facial expressions that he lets us know what he’s thinking with no need for words.

    And now the final scene…so short and so much packed into that one minute. One less joke about tattoos and we could have actually spent some time with them in that restaurant. I wanted to scream when Kensi started in about his lack of communication skills again and then not saying anything. It was all Deeks and I am still flummoxed that Kensi had nothing to say in response to his declaration. Why won’t they give this woman a line when she needs it? One word…”okay” or maybe a warm smile, or a touch of hands across the table or a touch on the shoulder when she walks past him. Just a hint of what she was thinking. Trying to read Kensi’s facial expressions is like reading tea leaves. When she got up I wondered if she was running away and had to rerun the scene to make sure she was actually going with his suggestion. I was yelling at the television. I think I was only convinced something was going to happen when I saw the preview for next week…and they damn well better give us more than messed up hair as they come into work the next morning. I want at scene at his apartment!!! Don’t fans deserve that after all our waiting??? We want kisses…(note the plural) and quite possibly some skin, but that’s probably not going to happen. I only hope that what they do give us, leaves us with a some feeling of satisfaction.


  3. I actually loved Kensi’s reaction so much I laughed out loud! Talk about pent up sexual energy! I’m surprised she didn’t knock him over in his chair as she ran to the car crying ‘what are you waiting for??’ I don’t know if it was her or his body movements but I never considered she was running away except to his bed! And I didn’t have to follow them there because I’m pretty sure there were trains going thru tunnels and buildings rising if you know what I mean!! It was a fun scene for me.


  4. Once again, Eric Christian Olsen totally crushed it. The two scenes that really stood out to me were the one on the bench where he’s talking to the rehab patient, and the other (of course) was the dinner scene at the end. On the bench we got to see Deeks drawing on his experience as a cop. I adore seeing him undercover in situations that showcase his strengths. This was definitely one of those. On the other hand, I relish the scenes where we see this man’s vulnerabilities, in situations where his not completely sure of himself or what he’s doing. The dinner scene was just that. I was captivated and enthralled by the range of emotions we got to see displayed, one after another, on his face. ECO’s ability to communicate things without words is truly beyond words. Watching Deeks build up the courage to finally blurt out what he’s been holding back was… beautiful. Kensi got what she asked for, that’s for sure, but now what is she going to do with it? It’s been a long time coming, but based on the promo for next week’s episode, it looks like everything is going to get f***** up.


  5. So I felt the need to let this ep “marinate” for 24 hours, but I’m still pretty much where I was last night. Brilliant Deeks communicating with the rehab patient and the raw & beautiful confession played to perfection to Kensi. But the final seconds of the episode ruined the whole thing for me. Do I want Densi canon? Of course. But not like this. And it wasn’t the issue of the cliffhanger either (JPK prepped us for the “nagging question”.) I’m still feeling disappointed, frustrated, and sad.

    For this ep (not the series), the end scene felt rushed and far outside the norm. I’ll try to keep the rest brief (compared to my blog post and comments). Kensi needs to get herself sorted out. Decide to be with him, discuss your hesitation, or cut him loose. Understanding and relating to Kensi, I cut her a lot of slack, but I’m about to the end of my road on this front. I know she’s scared (of losing EVERYTHING), but the clock is going to run out in short order.

    Refocusing on Deeks. Ugh. I can’t imagine how they keep writing him to be even more lovable, but they keep finding ways. And ECO just keeps creating on-screen magic that’s simply breathtaking. Poor Deeks. What more does he need to do? He’s kissed her; he’s professed his feelings for her in a public place. The guy deserves some happiness. But in a wider scope, he’s got to get control over his emotions. If not he’s risking his job, the girl, and possibly both. He too could lose everything. All of this even ignores what the guys are going to do to him based on an emotional and departing Kensi. Run Deeks. Run very fast.

    All of that was fine and great. The final seconds and how the vast majority of the fandom interpreted what happened after the episode ended… that part wasn’t ok with me. (Sorry Di!) To me, for Densi to potentially jump to something physical without first ensuring they are on the same page is a recipe for disaster. (Reference next week folks!) It’s a relatively shallow ploy for the plot. The best descriptor I have for that inference from the final scene is… gratuitous. There were a lot of ways to complicate them (again/more), this was a dangerous choice. (P.S. I’ve never been a fan of most of Gil Grant’s scripts, so this fit the mold. I feel the same about this ep as most feel about “Drive”.)

    While not realistic, I’m pinning my hopes that the beginning of next week will reframe the direction of Densi (and fix where I am now). This is based on the fact the dinner scene keeps popping up in “The Frozen Lake” promo pics. Never have I wanted these two to get interrupted more than now (unless they are actually TALKING, which I know is a pipe dream)! The option that one of them is simply dreaming is a move far beneath the values and talent of Kalstein. Speaking of Dave, since he treats these two as his own (including Kensi as his alter ego), I’m going “all in” on his ability to keep Deeks & Kensi individually and as a ‘ship true to character.

    In short, (don’t yell) I’m actually happy Kalstein is splitting them up next week (even if it’s for DR pregnancy). IMHO, they aren’t ready as individuals to be together. Not now. Not yet. (Sorry for the length of this; I’ve never been known for brevity!)


    • I agree with you Gayle! I am fine with them having a nice slow arc to their relationship. Both of them have issues that have to be dealt with.

      I was smiling like a 13 year old fangurl when they were sitting at the table and he said what he did. And when she left the table and he breathed a sigh you could see ECO’s shaking! wow he did an amazing job acting as usual.

      The one thing that did frustrate me was Kensi’s comment about communication. she lays it all on Deeks and it takes two to communicate. And since when has shee been a great communicator? ALSO since when would Kensi fit better as a nutritionist? and since when does Deeks eat really bad food? We know he isn’t the healthiest but they made him seem as though he was worse than Callen’s penchant for bad food. Has Hetty never checked out Kensi’s supposed stache of ding dongs and such?

      Next week’s epi looks great! I am kind of glad the two are being split up, “All the Sex” is just too soon in the relationship and its def going to affect how those two treat each other on the team. Especially Deeks who isn’t an agent and isn’t used to separating personal life from work.



      • Although I’m happy that they’re together (at least for a short time), I sort of agree with both you and Gail that it’s rushing it just a bit. I would personally prefer an arc that would focus on their relationship but move it a little more slowly, as they move from partnership into coupledom (if that’s a word). I think it can work for the show and for all of us Densi shippers if they take this slow and steady (but not for eight years if you get my drift).

        And, Carrie, this police officer has to take exception to your last line. I assure you that contrary to the way the show would like to portray them, police officers are no different than federal agents. We can easily compartmentalize and separate our personal lives from our work lives and do so each day we go 10-41. I find it ludicrous that the police are made out to be a weaker version of a federal agent. I will pit our six month academy against the feds’ training any day of the week and I daresay our recruits come out just as prepared to face man’s inhumanity to man as any rookie federal agent. Sorry for the rant–it’s not towards you–but I get so sick and tired of the way they try to make Deeks the weakest link. He’s hardly that.


  6. Excellent review Di, although I had much more mixed feelings than you. I really should just leave a one-sentence response that says, “What Sweet Lu said.” But when have I ever been known for such brevity?

    I loved ECO’s expression when the guy put the axe through the door, and how he just stepped back and kicked that door right in… Again, ECO’s expression when the meth addict mentioned his “screwed up childhood.” I wish there had been time for an undercover therapy session for Deeks where he had talked about his own screwed up childhood or in some way referred to his more recent traumatic experience. Oh well, maybe in my fantasy Deeks spin-off where he gets 90% of the screen time. Speaking of which, that scene on the bench really did seem like it was from a different show. They took their time, it was played completely straight, and it was lovely to see Deeks working his cover so very well, yet still being very sweet and supportive with the yoga girl. It felt much more adult, as in mature, than most scenes from the show.

    Then there’s the source of my continuing frustration. Even the shoulder bump was initiated by Deeks, not Kensi. Can Kensi do nothing to advance this relationship? When Kensi accused him of saying something without actually saying something, I must admit that an obscenity actually escaped my mouth in her direction. Deeks has put himself out there repeatedly, saying and showing his feelings. She has done nothing to reciprocate. What was she doing last year when she made him dress up to take her out to a fancy dinner at Crustacean? I find myself turning against her, and I hate that that might happen.

    On the other hand, I very much want to see Deeks happy, and he is so clearly, completely, desperately, head-over-heels in love with her, that I want him to have her. I was truly happy for him at the end, that he might finally get what he’s persistently worked to have for the last 3+ years. And as usual, ECO was stunningly good. I loved that he answered her accusations with questions until he at least got her to acknowledge that they were on a date. The way you could see Deeks’ psyching himself up to say what he meant was wonderful- DeeksFreak described it perfectly. I thought the rest of their exchange nicely paralleled the kiss scene from Descent. Here he interrupts her rant with words instead of action. The way he tilts his head afterward felt like the equivalent of “How’s that for communication?” This time at least, instead of running away, Kensi got up and led the way. And that final close-up- wow.

    And here’s where the truly mixed feelings come in. While I’m thrilled that maybe there really is now a tangible Thing (I’m not ready to believe it until I see proof), and I’m thrilled for Deeks, I’m very disappointed for me as a viewer. I’ve waited 3+ years to see whatever happened next, and if the next episode skips right over that, without any Kensi-Deeks sexytime (I know it’s not HBO, but a few kisses would be huge), I’m going to feel forever cheated.


  7. Well it looks like I’m going to have to be Kensi’s champion here and that’s ok. I have watched that last scene multiple times and I still stand by what I previously said. Kensi is emotionally high maintenance. No one knows that better than Deeks (and loves her despite of it) and he basis his actions on this, hence he takes her on a date without telling her. Not the greatest move but…. he is doing the best he knows how to do with his traumatic background too. He also had to expect what her reaction would be based on her previous outbursts and he was ready for it. Kensi is not touchy feely and never will be (I think we have to face that), she wants words to back up his feelings (some women would prefer action, but that’s Kensi) and he gave her the best two sentences a man could ever give a woman. He gave her exactly what she wanted to hear. I can’t believe the woman didn’t melt in her seat. Now she had to make good on her demands. With her leading him from the table and his sweet look, I can’t believe Gill Grant had no other outcome in mind than final consummation of their relationship. And it looks like from the smiles we get at the beginning of next week’s trailer that is exactly what happen. I can’t imagine he took her back and they argued all night long. So for me, it was a satisfying moment and one I will cherish since we get so few of these type of scenes.

    Having said all that, and as much as I think I understand these two characters, I really don’t. I don’t know what has been going on between them since that kiss. How much time has lapse? Three months, three days? I can’t figure out why it has taken so long to get to this point….I can’t figure out how they could work together without this happening a lot sooner either. But who really knows what was being said or looks that were being passed or all of the other subtleties of love that could have been going on. We were never privy to all of that. I really don’t think that final scene this week came out of the blue. I just think there is not enough time to tell it all in a 44 minute show. Was it’s Deeks’ trauma, Kensi’s socially backward personality, their jobs, their families….their lives or just the restraints of a procedural crime drama???? Who the hell knows the real reason? Are they destined to be together, maybe not. That doesn’t mean I don’t absolutely love their relationship for what it is. I think it’s beautiful in all of its flaws. It doesn’t have to end happily ever after for me. I kind of see them as a modern day Romeo and Juliet anyway (one of my favorite love stories) There is certainly a lot of love there but that communication thing keeps getting in the way….

    Unfortunately, I think this is all we’re going to get for a lot of reasons. First, we are dealing with the NCIS formula. It’s not a soap opera or dramatic romance and as such Brennan and company are never going to let us see what we feel as shippers would be the most satisfying. That’s what fan fic is for. Also, this whole baby thing has gotten in the way as much as they say we’ll never know on screen that Dani is pregnant. If she hadn’t gotten pregnant would they have found another way to break them up? Probably. I would love to see more happier times for these two but I fear that it doesn’t make for exciting drama as Mr. Shakespeare knew so well, As for me….. I’m just along for the ride and hanging on dearly.


    • Also to add I am not sure I want to see more kwim? A kiss here and there is ok… What I want actually is a relationship and a partnership that has its moments but doesn’t overshadow the characters and what they do and how they interact with the rest of the characters. I don’t want Deeks and Kensi to be defined by Densi… does that make sense?


      • I think they got it out of the way in this ep and I would be surprised if we see more than a kiss in the future if anything at all. I agree I like seeing them as two separate people and not rolled up into one name. I would like to see them doing more apart as well. We might get more insight into their personalities that way. I think we will get a chance to see that very soon.


    • Di I truly appreciate your spirited defense of Kensi. It almost had me reconsidering my frustration at her (and the writers). It’s so fun to hear everyone’s different takes on a single 60-second scene.


      • I’m not saying I appreciate Kensi’s lack of communication but she just not a sharer. she hadn’t talked to her mother in years, for gods sake. And in the same episode, when she was in the bathroom and called Deeks….she couldn’t talk to him then either and she was in mortal danger! It’s not going to be any easier because she’s in love. She is definitely a work in progress and like those of you who want to see the relationship go slower….I think Kensi changing over night to being warm and fuzzy would be jarring. I think it will be fun to watch her find her way with Deeks’ help. I think he knows this is going to be his job to open her emotionally. I just don’t think we will see this kind of interaction on the show because they are not the main characters like what happen on Castle. Do I like it, hell no!


  8. For me, the last scene was a perfect Kensi reaction – I just loved Daniela in it. The last seconds, when she is stunned with his bold statement, I could see the subtle change in her eyes and her breath. There is gif with her breathing in that just impacted me stronger than any words she could have uttered. Thank you, dear writer for not making her speak – it was perfect as it was. This couple needs to get whatever they can, while they still can. When you put your life in danger every day, when today is all you have, plans are not what they are for other people.


  9. I think the writers are making us work very hard to understand Kensi’s state of mind about Deeks, because they don’t give her anything to say, only demands that Deeks say something that she obviously needs to hear. We are all left to try and decipher Dani’s expressions with a limited amount of time in which to do that. Why they are not giving her any lines confuses me, although I suspect it’s to keep us guessing and hanging on week after week waiting for something to happen. It’s quite tiring, but we are fans and will hang in there because we have no other choice and because we believe as ECO has said…these two people are meant to be together. I really do believe Kensi cares deeply for Deeks, but the writers have not given us much to go on, so again we are left to do the emotional work. I like subtlety, but I am ready for something a little more overt, this said with a pleading tone. If all we get are smiles as they come into work the next day, then I may find myself following anonKP and cursing loudly in frustration. I know it’s a procedural CBS show, but so is Castle and they managed to show a rather sexy scene between their two main characters. Why is that so much to ask from our favorite show and between our favorite characters? I will be very disappointed if they don’t at least show the two of them kissing, but I am used to disappointment on this subject so I am trying not to even think about next week’s episode. I know they are going to split them up, so at least they can give us a thrill or two before they do. Come on Mr. Brennan…an emotional explosion can be just as exciting as a car bomb.


  10. ok and as a funny part, because of all the pictures that ECO was posting of the dinner date and the fans commenting on the creepy looking guy in the background eating… all I could focus on was trying to determine if that guy was outside or a reflection LOL… I had to go and re-watch the dinner part afterwards because I was so distracted haha.

    and he had a really big head comparatively.


  11. My thoughts on the progression of Densi… They need to make mistakes and show their flaws. This has been building for 3.5 years. How could that be too fast?? They work together everyday, so the whole getting to know each other thing has been happening the whole time. For this reason, I don’t feel the dinner was rushed. It’s been over 4 months since the kiss and him telling her that she is what got him through the torture. Bringing him Chinese food and a cronut doesn’t quite balance out the scales IMO. Her leaving with him was literally a step in the right direction. Given the electricity between those two, it’s impossible to not think they went to his place and left all words at the door. The next day will bring doubts and fears, etc., but that’s what will force them to face the challenges ahead of them. They’ll have to both work at finding a balance. She’s the type that won’t want to try because it’s too scary and he’ll have to start over with trying to bring her back to the place he got her to at the restaurant. At some point Kensi will probably say or do (or not say / not do) something to cause him to retreat a bit. It’s like a dance they’re doing. The Densi Waltz. Two steps forward, two (maybe a few more) steps back, and stepping on each other’s toes along the way. This will maintain the tension and keep their dynamic (and the show) from becoming stale and uninteresting. At least, that’s what I’m hoping for.


    • Yes, I totally agree with you DeeksFreak. They have been dating for at least 2 years of their 3+ year relationship, so something more physical than a kiss and a bunch of shoulder punches is in order. And I also agree that the sexual tension and chemistry these two have wouldn’t be lost even if they were allowed to be together. They do have so many issues and it would be fun to see them work on those issues while they’re also growing their relationship. I have confidence that the writers, and especially the actors, could pull it off in a way that kept things entertaining.


  12. Finally I got some time to read all your reviews that I’ve missed so much during all this time. Great job as always.

    I really hope we get to see their tats at some point. From the moment that info was revealed I thought it will play an important in the future. Like when Callen thought Sam was dead and he understood the dead body wasn’t him by the scar he has. I picture something similar about them.


  13. So, things I don’t understand include the follow scene from the 5X09 Recovery episode
    and why was this deleted scene omitted?
    NCIS 5X19 Spoils of War – Deleted Scene

    If it had made into the final cut of 5X19 (but did not) as planned it wouldn’t make any sense, right?
    So, in the Recovery why wasn’t it shown? Having it in both episodes would make more sense as Kensi would have realized that she had a reason to be with Deeks?

    That’s why I’m not a TV writer, I guess!

    Liked by 1 person

  14. The scene would make more sense being in episode 5×09 in my opinion as it shows why they struggled with their feelings the next day and why Kensi mentioned the whole frozen lake (she mentioned in the scene that she didn’t want to choose and we see in 5×10 that she feared she had to choose).
    In 5×19, it would make sense as it would show the exact same thing that Deeks admitted at the end of 5×01,that he only made it through the torture thinking about her, and now she made it through thinking about him.
    People have speculated that in 5×09 it moved their relationship too fast with Deeks admitting he was in love with her. The first time we hear them declare their love is at the beginning of 7×01 (there is another deleted scene in 6×24 where Kensi says she loves Deeks which was also deleted).
    And in 5×19 I guess either it was removed for the same reason or due to the fact that it didn’t advance the plot of the episode even if it was a powerful scene.

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