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Review: NCISLA “Leipei” (S6E7)

With all the talk of drones in the news lately, it’s not surprising that the team would eventually tackle the subject and its relationship to terrorism and put their own spin on the topic. This week the NCISLA agents are after a terrorist group that use a drone to kill a another suspected terrorist and the team has to find out the connection. Kyle Harimoto’s name is on the front page of the script and we have David Rodriquez making his NCISLA debut as the newbie director on set. Let’s see what this duo can do!

She drives me so crazy!

It was a strange opening scene but it had its moments as Deeks monopolized the conversation in an informal team gathering in the firing range. Where else can you get to hear about Sam’s need for perfection, Deeks’ dreams of becoming a cowboy and Monty’s anxiety issues around his potty habits? Now all we need is Eric talking about his high school play audition and… oh geez, too late!

The murdered victim, Elias Minas is a Greek nationalist placed on the no fly list for his high ranking terrorist activities with an anarchist group (PK) that is accused of bombing the US embassy in Greece. As the team sets out to investigate the crime scene we find out that in her spare time Nell is an expert in radio controlled aircraft. Eric is so proud he could explode! (Granger: If you two don’t cut out the Ewok routine, I’m going to send you home.) Kind of a strange hobby, but then again it is Nell.

At the boatshed, Hetty finds out more from a homeland security agent that Minas was a traitor to the terrorist group where he once held a high ranking position. Minas gave up highly sensitive information about the group in exchange for his freedom. The government was able to arrest other members due to this intel and in return he was granted witness protection. It’s been three months since then and the man has vanished without a trace.

Back at the scene, Sam and Callen interview the main witness to the murder who explained that Minas was agitated and nervous after seeing another member of PK that Minas had fingered. The terrorist, Frank Kouris arrived in the States before Minas. Callen has to uncover what his real motive is for being here and was finding Minas just a lucky happenstance?

The Sam Hanna Tour of Skill Acquisition

Ah… Callen knows his partner so well and chides him for his constant need to excel in everything he sets out to master. I never thought of Sam as a perfectionist but it was an interesting peek into the disciplined mind of Sam Hanna. Although I understand Callen’s frustration, it does make Sam a very interesting subject for analysis… but falconry? Now he’s just messing with us.

I Feel Like You’re Messing With Me….

Kensi also loves to mess with Deeks’ mind as she agrees to go skateboarding with him after we find out that the detective has a passion for the sport. I tend to agree with Deeks and feel she may back out on that promise but then it is a new and improved Kensi! So who knows? Kensi and Deeks have been sent to Long Beach to check out the origination of the drone launch only to find the dead body of the warehouse owner. They also discover all the material for building the drone is stored there as well.

Sam and Callen get to do their health inspector routine at a Greek restaurant in order to close in on Kouris and his gang which promptly turns into a classic gun fight. Sam brings down Kouris but not before Callen gets to kid him for taking so long. The restaurant scene was a classic bromance interaction between the two that we always enjoy watching. Nobody does it better! The banter continues in the boatshed as they interrogate Kouris who insists that PK didn’t kill Minas but that someone else actually beat them to it. Bealsky (aka Eric) finds that Minas had an encrypted account with Chauvenet where he may be offering his services as a killer for hire. But something doesn’t look right. $50,000 is a paltry sum to pay a killer and Kensi and Deeks find out why. Minas wasn’t paid to kill someone… it was for proof of concept in order to develop an even larger drone for a terrorist attack. The buyer kills Minas with his own weapon of destruction, effectively removing him from the picture all together.

The final piece of the puzzle is discovered as Sam and Callen check out Minas’ old apartment and have to kill an intruder who is identified as a member from the fringe cult group called Live Free First. The organization hired Minas because of his aeronautics background and to construct a drone for an even bigger terrorist attack on the “capitals of corporate greed”… Los Angeles and New York. The team is able to track down the larger drone and they sprint to the scene to stop the attack… but not before the drone is released and the pilot escapes! An oil refinery is the intended target and the team pulls out all the stops in an exciting conclusion to block the pilot and the plane from completing their mission. It’s Nell to the rescue as she talks Callen through the precise steps needed to regain control over the remote and crash land the drone just yards away. Wow! Just in time!

Later that evening, Nell gets her first taste of Hetty’s high-test whiskey as the two have a special tete-a-tete to discuss Nell’s future within the organization. We get a glimpse into how the young agent views her skills and why it’s so important to realize her dream on her own terms. It was another eye opening moment into this character’s life and I appreciate being able to look deeper into her soul. Nice moment between mentor and apprentice.

The Mole Returns!

I was wondering when the mole would return. Looks like Hetty is still looking within her team and the implications are very serious not to mention scary. I’m sure more will emerge as the season progresses.

Memorable Moments

  • Monty has anxiety issues! LOL! Who knew?
  • As Granger opened the case, I realized that we are seeing less and less of Hetty leading the team. Is this the sign of something more to come?
  • So Nell is a drone expert? I wonder what else the idiosyncratic analyst has up her sleeves? Go get ‘em Tiger!
  • Sam can also be so funny when angered by Callen. Case in point: Sam: I got hit with a can of Turtle Wax. Did you ever get hit with a can of Turtle Wax? I didn’t think so!

Deeks Moments

  • Do we need a better visual than this? Nope! Deeks: I like to think of myself as a gun slinger born in the Wild West, you know what I mean with a six-shooter in each hand and with my trusty steed between my legs riding into the sunset. What’s up Trigger?
  • Is this the first time we have heard that Deeks is a skateboarder? Would love to see that mane of hair flying around the curves!

Densi Moments

Deeks: Long Beach has the El Dorado State Park. Do you know what that is? That’s 15,000 feet of smooth concrete skateboarding bliss.

Kensi: What is it with you and skateboarding?

Deeks: What do you mean?

Kensi: I get the surfing thing, the ocean, the dolphins, the zen stuff… blah, blah, blah, blah, blah…

Deeks: Zen stuff… blah, blah, blah, blah, blah…?

Kensi: But kicking a board down a dirty street, dodging cars? Not interesting….

Deeks: Alright but you and I skating a pool, you know what I mean, the wind in your hair, flowing through transitions….you do that once and I guarantee you, you are going to be hooked.

Kensi: Ok, I’ll trust you… I’ll try it. Why not…

Deeks: Ok, I mean I feel like you’re messing with me, but I’ll set it up.

Kensi: How hard can it be? You can do it. Federal agents!

This episode deserves an A+ for action and allowing us to get a little further into the minds of Sam Hanna and Nell Jones. Despite Callen’s teasing, Sam is a very interesting guy. You have to like someone who has such a need to explore the world around him. And Nell knows herself well. She realizes it’s going to take more than brawn to make a seasoned agent. I love how she is taking the road less traveled.

Don’t forget to read Deeks Surf Log and Kensi’s Journal to find out what they thought about this week’s mission. And come back next week for my next review of “The Grey Man”. Looks like Kensi is going to be dishing out more secrets to Deeks about her past! See you then!

Title: “Leipei”
Writers: Kyle Harimoto
Director: David Rodriguez
Original Air Date: November 10, 2014


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19 Comments on Review: NCISLA “Leipei” (S6E7)

  1. What a great episode! Loved that amidst all the action and intrigue, we got some solid glimpses of the entire team. Who knew that Nell was a drone expert? And Nell really shone this episode with her calm, analytical demeanor and when she talked G through diverting the drone with a damaged controller..awesome! And clearly, Nell and Eric are close..could Eric be any more proud of Nell? And she even asked him if he missed her. And did she actually say, good work, Bealky?
    And Sam…did not know about his penchant for acquiring skills even ones that are just plain cool. The banter between he and G was awesome.

    And my favorite part was all the Densi. Loved all of Deeks’s lines, he was hilarious.. we now know he skateboards. And Kensi’s line, “I’ll trust you” seemed to have a deeper meaning or is that just wishful thinking? And then there’s the Monty comments…clearly Kensi is spending more time with Deeks if he’s concerned about labeling Monty. And Deeks’s comment that labels are dangerous…hmmmm.

    Is it me or does Hetty seems to be fading more into the background with Granger taking a bigger role in directing the this the prelude to having Nell take over? Is that why there was the moment between Hetty and Nell? Nell knows that Hetty was an operative and a darn good one..Nell has to know that she can’t be the same as Hetty but her incredibly high IQ would compensate. Is that why Granger has been more likeable? Granger has been growing on me but I balk at the expense of Hetty! I wonder what’s in store…As a huge fan of Hetty, I hope she is not leaving anytime soon.

    And the mole is back…

    Once again, another fantastic review, Di. I always look forward to reading them!


    • Thanks Reader! I do wish sometimes that the scripts could be a bit more emotional and real. I guess when you work for special ops it’s all about saving the world. I just wish it’s wasn’t every week.


  2. Nice review, Di. I particularly enjoyed your description of the opening scene- you made me laugh out loud when you got to Eric’s part. For me this episode was pretty blah. Nothing to get excited about, nothing to get worked up about. A few random thoughts… Deeks and Kensi’s discussion about Monty felt like a glimpse into a future world where they talk about their child… We saw a skateboard (and a snowboard?) in Deeks’ apartment in Impact… I wasn’t a fan of Nell’s sudden expertise about drones, but the conversation with Hetty at the end was nice and unrushed… I enjoyed another appearance of Competent Deeks with the figuring out the purpose of the giant oven and shooting out the bad guys’ tire.


  3. I think that Granger is trying to minimise Hetty’s contact with all members of the OSP and this relates directly to the mole issue. Hopefully the mole issue will be a running issue for most of the season and the betrayal will come with another crossover, Tobias and Tony from NCIS?? Powers that be if you are listening. Maybe the distribution of information has come from Hetty herself?
    And of course Monty has anxiety issues. He has PTSD, or as Sam calls it Puppy Traumatic Stress Disorder. When will Monty do another trip on the show? Maybe he will lead them to the mole??
    Out of the Eric and Nell, I wasn’t really surprised that one knew about drones but I did think that it would be Eric rather than Nell seeing as he is the gamer but maybe he is allergic to outside now as his surfing hasn’t been mentioned recently.
    I think with Deeks’ label issue it is a recent development with his own PTSD and not wanting to be considered a victim.
    Just some thoughts for the awesome review.


  4. Great review Di and I liked how you explained how the bad guys used each other to complete their nefarious plans!!

    As for the show itself..I gotta agree with Karen….it was a pretty bland episode and had a filler feel to me!

    Even the little Densi stuff we got…didn’t do much for me and I actually deleted the show…right after I watched it,

    The only scene I really enjoyed was the one with Hetty & Nell..because it contained some real human emotions & dramatic heft to it..

    Unfortunately…the writers & producers..rarely give us these weighty scenes. with actual emotions and feelings being expressed.

    Lastly…I noticed that Hetty brought up the mole to Granger. I couldn’t give a furry mammals behind about who the mole is..

    To me the biggest mystery oif the show this season…is..who is the person (s) responsible..for the slow death of Densi & thier “thing”?

    I’d like to think…they will soon get Densi ‘s storyline off of life support..and give it some new life & direction.. each passing epiosode goes by…Im having grave doubts..that Densi ‘s “thing” …that trhey spent the l;ast 5 seasons building up….is even a priority to the shows producers at this point…

    They seem to prefer showing scenes with lots of guns blazing & things getting blowed up….thinking..thats what most fans of the show want to see & will bring in the ratings.

    I personally feel..they are wrong.

    True…it might be what older CBS viewers enjoy watching…but if you go by the ratings….it’s not what a lot of people in the 18 to 49 bracket. like to see.

    Castle beats the NCISLA handily in the ratings…every week….and Im sure if’s not because..Castle has more gun play or explosions going off.

    My guess reason Castle keeps beating the show in the ratings…is because Castle fans…..enjoy watching the humor & dramatic.interactions between Castle & well as the who done it plots and action scenes.

    On NCIS:LA…it feels like the number 1 priority for the producers each and every week.. … is to solve the case… in a paint by numbers fashion….inbetween gun fights and explosions

    And if they can find the time…they squeeze in a few moments… of humor or dramatic scenes between the lead characters.

    But nothing can take precedence ….over solving the case or the action scenes.

    Hence one reason..Densi is for all intents & purposes so far this season…M.I. A. !

    ( Heck..Im starting to believe & worry……the D in Densi..stands for DOA…and Dead as a Do Do bird.)

    The reason Im going on about this stuff….is because I read Karen’s excellant article on why the show frustates her. I agreed with so many of the points she brought up…regarding the things that she finds frustating with the show

    One of the things that frustates me.. how the people running NCIS:LA……seemingly have failed to dramatic shows over on cable during the past 15 years…have changed how dramas on TV…can look & sound like…

    It’s like the powers that be behind the show…are stuck in the 1970’s or 80’s….and have never watched an episode of The Sopranos…The Wire….Breaking Bad Game Of Thrones….Sons of Anarchy …House of Cards….to name but a few excellant & ground breaking cable TV shows.

    Of course…I don’t expect them to show the foul language & sexual stuff that cable shows can …but..

    Would it kill them or hurt the show’s ratings…….if they showed us that something is actually going on between Deeks & Kensi,…instead of dropping these lame little hints..that MAYBE..there spending time of a romantic nature screen?

    CBS moved the show to 10 PM this season…which is considered a time slot…where producers have traditionally… felt freer to show more mature & adult themed content.

    But….you would never know they changed time periods…looking at the first 7 shows of this season.

    They have not ramped up the dramatic human element or sexual content…1 iota so far this season.and judging by what Ive seen…they won’t do it later either.

    They seem locked in this very conserative and old fahioned view.. of how to do a police proderual.

    Thats definately the case…when it comes to showing anything even remotely …of a loving or sexual nature…as they have little patience or desire to show tender moments on any given episode.

    Yet..when it comes to showing scenes of graphic violence…..their all gung ho…and take great finding new ways to graphically kill people.


    • Owen. Unfortunately I agree with everything you said. It’s been a frustrating season so far for so many reasons. Someone needs to light a fire under the show runners and get this show on the right track again.


      • Di .Im with you ..when you point out this season has been frustating for a large variety of reasons.

        As for someone lighting a fire under the show runners…I havent given up hope….yet…and sure hope that happens also….. sooner rather than later.

        I know it’s early into S6…but.
        Were almost 1/3 of the way into the new season…and I think apart from the fun episode Chris directed..the rest of the shows this year…have just been..ok and mostly..underwhelming in my opinion.

        Personally … they pale in comparsion to most of the episodes from the previous 5 seasons…and none of them come close to the quailty of the very best episodes of the series.

        Reading the posts…it’s clear than Densi fans like myself..are not happy with the direction or..rather..lack of direction…when it comes to Densi & their “thing”

        I keep seeing the words…frustated & disappointed describe how Densi fans are feeling about our fave TV couple this season

        What I don’t understand….is how the producers & writers…thought Densi fans…would be happy..with the almost complete disappearance of all things Densi on the show…with just the few crumbs they threw our way..

        Whats even almost more worrisome to me than the lack of Densi centric episodes this season … that the few Densi scenes we have gotten…..have almost this forced feel to them.

        I’ve noticed…much to my ever lastng chagrin….that a lot of times…the banter between Deeks & poorly written…especially when we compare it….to the witty & clever Densi dialonge from the past.

        I don’t know…if that’s because they have new writers on the show…or what the deal is…but..something is definately..”off”…when it comes to the writing for Deeks & Kensi this season.

        Their back & forth teasing and flirting with one another…used to have this easy flow to it and was always fun to watch.
        Now…that easy flow seems to be gone..replaced with an awkward…almost,,, fake feel to their dialonge..that wasn’t there before.

        It’s like..there trying to be the funny & flirtry Densi of old….but..there’s something missing or lacking.

        I don’t know once again…if that’s the writers fault…or..because ECO & DR…have been either told or gotten the hint…that Densi is being down played this season…and it’s affecting thier performance on screen.

        I’ve read people say that they find Kensi’s reponses to Deeks this season..,,off putting because they have more of a angry or upset tone to them…compared to the more fun loving responses she gave Deeks in the past

        Could it be…it’s all been mapped out and decided by the powers that be….that Kensi’s character this season….is going to be seen as more… impatient with Deeks…because she’s unsure where she wants to take the “thing” with Deeks?

        Maybe that snappish tone people are noticing…is because Kensi’s character….is still undecided.regarding Deeks & perhaps…still thrown for a what happened to her overseas & finding out that Jack is still alive.

        Perhaps thats why Kensi’s gets more easliy irritated or annoyed with Deeks & his more flirty comments

        Kensi is still not over the traumatic & shocking things that happened to her late last season..and she needs more time to get back to the Kensi of old.

        Maybe a clue can be found…at the end of Frozen Lake….when the guy told Deeks to be patient & give things time…because in the end… Kensi will come to him….when she’s ready.

        Whatever the reasons are for the disappearance of Densi’s “thing” this year…and the unease to Deeks & Kensi’s once smooth playful banter this season….I hope they writers & producers…fix things & wake up before it’s too late.

        If they keep up with this annoying & frustating of Densi fans worldwide…as they have since “Frozen Lake”.ended…..they will do so…at the show’s ratings peril. Im afriad.

        I saw that Mondays show…only had 8.17 million viewers….which I believe…was the lowest amout of viwers this season.

        Sadly… I predict…if they don’t start giving us a lot more Densi…and the writing & shows don’t get any better…the show’s ratings and viewership .will slowly continue to drop.

        What really puzzles me…is it looks like the producers…went into this season.with an early game plan…that pretty well meant….they were going to put Deeks & Kensi’s “thing” on pause….until they figured out what to do with them.

        But how they thought Densi fans…would be pleased with the idea of them basically ignoring or giving short thrift to Deeks & Kensi’s characters storyline… that the writers and producers themselves… spent 5 seasons building up…is a mystery to me.

        Going by the comments on this board and others…it’s obvious that Densi fans patience is growing thin.

        The real danger that I see for the show… the longer they make Densi fans wait…regarding the question is Densi a couple or not a couple question..the more Densi fans will grow weary and tired of waiting for an answer.

        If that was to happen…that they drag out the Densi question over this season..and still not give us an answer either way by the time S6 ends…..many Densi fans…myself included.,.. might be so fed up and frustated…they
        might just stop caring about Densi….all together..and also stop caring period…for the show itself!



    • Owen, you voiced one of my main frustrations perfectly – Densi’s relationship has been building for 5 seasons, hit what should have been a major precipice last year during Recovery and Frozen Lake and so far is year we’ve gotten little insights into what they may be to each other outside of work, but it’s not enough, in my opinion. I know DR’s pregnancy changed the game, last season but regardless, it’s almost like the writers, etc are ignoring everything that happened between them since the kiss in Descent.

      At 7 episodes in, I was hoping we’d have more detail about the development of their personal relationship by now. Maybe it’s coming next week since the episode seems focused on Kensi, but I’m not getting my hopes up.


      • Kara…the sad thing for this Densi that kiss in Descent…happened at the end of Season 4!!

        Since then…how many other kisses have we seen between Deeks & Kensi??


        ( Course…we did have that beautifull kissing scene with them that was cut from S5…. .but…the boneheads.. edited it out..forever earning the ire of Densi fans that one doesn’t count!! 😦 )

        Maybe they cut it.. ..because we overheard Deeks ( GASPS!!! ) telling Kensi he was falling in love with her. :).

        But since Frozen Lake…Densi ‘s path towards true love or what passes for true love on a network TV show…has been a confusing & rocky one… to say the least!!

        Since that brilliant espisode……it’s like Densi & their “thing” has been kidnapped by Bob Barker.,.,and he had Densi,…spaded & neutered!! lol

        As for next weeks show…I also hope they give us Densi lovers…..something that speaks to where Deeks & Kensi are at in their relantionship…but like you…Im not holding my breath either!

        I would love to see an episode….where we see Kensi & Deeks finding out that Hetty was the one who sent her overseas to kill the White Ghost!

        The fact that Hetty might have had an inkling or good intel…telling her that Jack was still not only alive but might be the White Ghost..but she withheld that info from Kensi & the rest of the team..would make for some real dramatic fireworks & compelling viewing.

        So..I hope we see something along those lines in the next episode…only time will tell!!



    • Great review! I have to agree with Owen on the various points he brought out. I love all the characters and especially Densi, but as I’ve said in previous posts, nothing has really changed between them this season. After hearing that Callen will have a love interest this season, I think it’s just to distract from what’s not happening with Densi.

      I also expected more adult content for the new time slot, but absolutely nothing has changed. Fans will drop off by this season’s send in my opinion if things don’t change.

      I think more fans should use social media to contact the show writers, directors, etc and voice their thoughts and opinions.

      I really do love the show and I’m hopeful, but I’m not sure if it will survive when compared to the competition in the long run. They haven’t even showed the box again!! Very frustrating.


      • Angela..Im in total agreement with you when you said if things don’t change ..especially where Densi is concerned….fans will start dropping off & stop tuning into the show.

        I think the fact that Callen will have a love interest…is a very bad omen for Densi lovers everywhere..because I can’t see how…a police procedural on a network TV show…..can find the time in any given episode…to focus on 2 ongoing romances .

        Any relantionship that Callen’s character gets involved with and shown onscreen…will most likely..come at the expence of Densi’s screen time Im afraid.

        What I find…”curious””…is how they want to give Callen a love interest this season…after not doing so..for the past 5 seasons.

        They have royally mucked up..the one with Densi ..after they spent the past 5 seasons building up..

        so..are Densi fans..supposed to sit back this season….and cheer on Callen & his new love interest..while Densi & their “thing” fades away ever so slowly while sitting on the sidelines?

        I think Chris is a good actor and G is a ok character…and I can see where Chris might have wanted to flesh his character out a bit…and shake things up.,… having him in a relantionship…but..

        …Chris does not have 1/10 of the charisma..that ECO has….and Im failrly certain.whoever the actress is they hire to potray G’s new gf…they will not hold a DR….or the chemistry that ECO & DR have in spades,

        ECO & DR’s natural chemistry… is not only obvious to everybody to see ‘s there off screen as well.

        That onscreen chemistry…is very rare for two actors to have on any TV show or film for that matter……so for the writers & producers of the show….to imagine…they can strike ratings gold again with G & his future new lady love…..while parking Densi… silly & pretty dumb in my book

        I have said this before…but…I can’t help but feel that maybe the reason that Chris & LL Cool J..have been front & center for most of the shows this season… ( and why Callen will be getting a love interest this season) because both stars…are not all that happy..that Deeks & Kensi…have turned out to be so popular with viewers.

        It would not be the first time in TV..that actors who were supposed to be supporting players to the established stars of a show…became more popular.

        Henry Winkler of Happy Days & the Fonz fame…hardly sais a word for the 1st season & a half of that show…but he soon became..the breakout star & character of that show

        Same thing happened…with Michael J Fox on Family Ties! I read that Meredith Baxter..the established star of Family Times…..was not happy..when the writers started focusing the show around Fox’s character…due to his huge popularity.

        So…could it be..that Chris & LL Cool J…have such huge egos..they went to the producers..and told them to put the brakes on Densi…and focus the show more around their characters?

        I m just spit balling here…and have no proof…that Chris & LL Cool J…think the show resolves around them..

        .I mean…just because the only 2 characters that we see on every season of the DVD box sets of the show…..are them…doesnt mean they have big egos..does it?? WINK WINK..and say no more!! lol


      • Angela…I almost forgot to mention..that I heartily concur with your suggestion that fans should reach out and voice their concern & frustations regarding the show this season …to the writers & producers on social media.

        Who knows…if it will have any affect on them…but..since so many of the show stars ..writersd & producers.. are on the Net…it can’t hurt.

        One reason I can think of…of why the fans should try….is because of the recent TV interview that DR gave..where DR said she thought the writers were doing a good job… of keeping the fans guessing to whats going on with Densi.

        Clearly..DR has not read any of the posts on this board and others….where Densi fans are expressing their continued frustations & annoyance with the direction & paltry amount of Densi we have gotten this season.

        Maybe…if a few of the people infront & behind the cameras… heard from enough disgruntled & frustated Densi fans..they might get a clue.. and learn much to their surpise…that the path they have chosen for Densi at least…is the wrong one afterall.

        Im going to do my part…by tweeting something to one of the shows John Peter Kousakis. and express to disatisfaction with the down playing with Densi. so far.

        From what Ive read of Mr Kousakis twiiter feed…….he seems to be a big believer …in what gets the ratings for the show….is lotts of guns blazing away & blowing plenty of things up..

        ( In his tweet to exhort people to watch last Mondays show….he actually used the words.. “Action packed!” )

        I would like to let him know..that I don’t care…how many gun battles they show ..or how much stuff…they blow to smitterwreens….after over 100 shows….there all instantly forgetable..

        Im sure…there are tons of fans of the show..that love seeing the fire fights & cars/ boats etc.. getting blowed to bits.

        Thats cool…if thats what floats your blowed up car and or boat.

        But to a lot of fans of the show…that action stuff…is secondary.,..but its not the main reason they watch the show…

        They tune in..because those people….really like the characters…( well…most of them…sorry Nell!! lol ) and enjoy watching them interact with one another.

        What stays in those fans mind long after the show not the case…or how many guys G or Sam gunned down…or how many things went kablooyey…’s the dramatic or humorous human moments & emotions expressed & shown……..between the characters.on any given show..that these folks cherish & remember & watch..over & over again.

        This site for one…was created..because all the wonderful people behind it….loved & enjoyed Deeks’ character.

        The fact..that ECO..happens to be good looking..talented.. funny & charming… and basically…a hunk hunk of Viking burning love…doesn’t hurt!! 🙂

        Im willing to bet a 100 dollars…..nobody has created a website…..talking about & keeping score…of the how many bad guys……G & Sam have given a bad case of lead poisining since the show started.

        Ok Im going to call it a night..before Mr Kousakis’ people..start writing to my people… to tell me to stop talking about him!!. 🙂



  5. Thanks for your great review Diane!

    One thing that struck me about the scene in the firing range is that Kensi and Deeks are not shy about having conversations in front of Callen and Sam that reveal how much time they spend together outside of work.
    At the same time Callen and Sam were not teasing them or acting curious. Instead Sam is clearly annoyed and accuses them (or maybe just Deeks?) of hijacking the conversation.

    As Karen mentions above, it was good to have Competent Deeks back. He asked all the pertinent questions, put the pieces of the drone puzzle together literally and figuratively, and even detected the minute drops of blood that lead him to find the dead guy.

    The scene with Hetty and Nell at the end was great. Nell has seemed less confident of herself in recent episodes so I was glad to hear that she still wants to move forward with her intended career. It will be interesting to see how she puts her diverse skills to use in the future.


  6. Owen, and all interested in the article about season 6 and Callen’s “intense” love interest later in the season, please read:


  7. Hi & thanks for the link Angela!

    Everything that is going wrong with the show & Densi this season for me….is explained in this sentance by Brennan!

    “This season, because we don’t have that prolonged storyline, everyone’s excited about some of the smaller arcs we’re doing and some of the really intense action episodes we’ve got planned.”

    How do fans who enjoy watching the show for other reasons …besides the “intense action ” ( rolls eyes we have not seen bigger & better gun fights and explosions before ) get him to understand..

    …..that all the action scenes in the world mean nothing..if the human characters on the show act & are made to look.. super human…. and have about as much character a turnip?

    Im a big fan of The Walking Dead….and even though that show is about a post-
    apocalyptic world.. over run by zombies…it has more genuine dramtic & heartfelt scenes..that NCIS: LA this season for crying out loud

    If Brennan was running TWD….he’d be showing zombies being gunned down & blowed up…44 minutes out of a every 45 minute episode!!!!

    Has Brennan not noticed..that it’s the year 2014..not…1984?

    Most macho guys carrying big guns…starring in action TV shows & movies….went out a long time ago…and they do no business at the box office.

    Today…women are a huge driving force behind the success of any movie franchise and or TV show..but..Brennan..bless his little beating heart..seems to have not not gotten the memo regarding that trend!!

    He’s under the mistaken impression..that most fans of the show care about..are the action scenes. That to just such a stupid assumption. There are a million police proceduruals..that are on the air…heck..there are 2 other NCIS shows on TV.

    For myself..what makes or I should say…MADE his show stand out…from the other 2 NCIS programs and all the oither cop shows on TV…was Densi & the human interactions between the core group on the show.

    As for his thoughts on Densi…Brennan seems to be just as clueless.

    He obviosly thought before the year started…that Densi fans would actually enjoy the.. “are they together or not” lame tease job they brilliantly came up with this season.

    Hopefully by’s dawning on him…that Densi fans are not at all amused as the Queen would say…and just like Superman….Densi fans don’l to have their capes or emotions played & tugged on!


  8. As promised..I tweeted something to John Peter of the producers of NCIS:LA…. after I read his post from Nov 15….mentioning that the ratings for the show on Monday nights were…. “respectable”

    John Peter Kousakis‏@jpkouz·Nov 15 California, US
    #NCISLA fans. We’re doing well on #Mondayat10pmCBS Respectable ratings on competitive night. Thank you for hanging with us! #BestFansEVER

    Owen O’Leary‏@
    @jpkouz Ratings would b higher if you would only focus more on Densi,character developent/ human emotions & less on gun fights & explosions!

    lol After saying that I would write something to the man eralier in the week…I kinda chickened out…cus I really had no idea…how I was going to frame my tweet to him…..but once I saw what he wrote about the ratings..I felt I had my opening.

    It was tough to get what I wanted to say to him in only 140 characters….I didn’t want to come off as rude….but I did want to get my main points & complaints about the show so far this season…in my tweet to him.

    I have no illuisions that what I wrote to him will have any effect on what he thinks works for the show…but…
    …since he publically acknowledged… that the ratings for the show are only “respectable”..who knows…

    maybe if more fans let him & the other people behind the show know…that they would enjoy seeing more Densi, character development & actual human emotions displayed on screen ..instead of more fire fights & explosions…it may happen.

    I know….fat chance…but hey…a Densi fan can dream right? 🙂


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