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NCISLA Classified Preview: “Driving Miss Diaz” (S7E3)

NCISLA S7E3 3 crop

Title: “Driving Miss Diaz”

Airing: October 5th

Filming: August 13th to August 21st

What CBS is telling us: “Driving Miss Diaz” – The NCIS Los Angeles team investigates a 20-year old Peruvian massacre after a well-known fashion model, believed to be one of the survivors, is now a potential target. Also, Kensi goes undercover as the model’s assistant and Deeks as her chauffeur, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES, Monday, Oct. 5.

What we think is happening: Kensi and Deeks are in suits (and looking awfully good), Hetty is running a photo shoot, Callen and Sam are tech support and our old friend Alex Elmslie is back after a three season hiatus.

Be on the lookout:


Douglas Weston as Alex Elmslie
Weston was last seen as Alex Elmslie in “Exit Strategy” in Season 3.

Arienne Mandi as Catalina Diaz
Beautiful young actress with a few credits.

Bertila Damas as Blanca Perez
Pilar on Grimm and guest roles in both dramas and comedies back to the early 1990’s.  As with everyone who appears on the program, Damas had her picture taken with LL Cool J:

Fernando Rivera as Campus Police Officer Ignacio
A number of guest roles on television series including playing Seaman Mark Forrest in the “Squall” episode of NCIS.

Janelle Marie as Sofia
Splits her time between English and Spanish-language television shows and movies.  Here she’s showing off her script:

Fernando Luis Vega as Gabriel Diaz
A few credits in a number of indie projects.

Billy Mayo as Campus Police Officer #2
Was Det. Lyons on Desperate Housewives and guest starred in just about every show including the JAG (“New Gun In Town”).

Phoebe Neidhardt as Young Female Assistant
Guest starring roles on programs like Criminal Minds, The Mindy Project and The Big Bang Theory.


WRITTEN BY: Andrew Bartels
Wrote or co-wrote “Allegiance”, “Zero Days”, “The Grey Man”, “Humbug” and “Fighting Shadows”.

DIRECTED BY: James Hanlon
Directed “War Cries”,  “The Grey Man” and “Kolcheck, A.”

Insider Intel:
Nothing up this week so far.

Official Photographic Evidence:

Unofficial Surveillance:

Director James Hanlon working with Arienne Mandi, Daniela Ruah and the back of Eric Christian Olsen’s head.

Hanlon working with Linda Hunt:

Daniela Ruah shows off her sensible business attire…

…and is ready for her close-up:

Video Surveillance:


Oh, Miss Diaz, that isn’t a homeless look.  Not in that suit.

Sneak Peek #1: 

A great look at Kensi and Deeks – fun, flirty and handling their assignment with ease.

Sneak Peek #2:

Do you think the very entertaining “Young Female Assistant” was smiling because the guy from tech support looks just like LL Cool J?  That is a bearded Alex Elmslie walking toward Callen and Sam as the two approach the receptionist’s desk.


Tess DiCorsi is a wikiDeeks contributor. You can read more by Tess HERE.

10 Comments on NCISLA Classified Preview: “Driving Miss Diaz” (S7E3)

  1. Late added clip from “Jimmy Kimmel Live” – opens the segment (and they talk about it – Jimmy is a fan).


  2. It was a great preview as usual, and thanks so much for adding the LL clip, it was really funny.


  3. Thank you, Tess!! As usual, the preview and all the clips are getting me excited. Can’t waIt for Monday night😄


  4. Agree! Thank you for the great preview; pictures and the Kimmel clip! Much appreciated!


  5. Thanks for your preview.
    I really liked the undercover sneak peek. Let’s hope it will be a funny episode.


  6. Great case preview and clips – thank you!


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