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The Top 3 Sexiest Scenes


This week we move from old-fashioned romance to something a little, um, hotter, with The Top 3 Sexiest Scenes. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

The Premise

Let me just say that I think everone defines “sexy” differently, and I promise not to judge your list if you don’t judge mine. Of course, the listed items do need to be Deeks or Densi-focused. (Yep, Deeks managed to create quite a few sexy scenes all by himself.)

The Top 3

Well this was an interesting exercise. In last week’s Top 3 Romantic Scenes, I had difficulty narrowing my list to a Top 3 from a long list of contenders. But when it came time for a Top 3 Sexiest Scenes, I came up with a short list of options with three that easily jumped into my final trio. I think that says a lot about the approach the showrunners have taken with these two, with lots of meaningful glances and sweetness, and a relative lack of steaminess. In reverse order of importance, my Top 3 is…

#3. Post-lasers/explosion in “Deliverance”

Written by Shane Brennan and Frank Military, “Deliverance” was one of the first times I saw a real glimmer of Densi. When Deeks helps Kensi escape the laser- and explosive- filled room, they seem to make a breakthrough in terms of trust, which had been a huge roadblock in their early partnership. That emotional shift, combined with a relieved and vulnerable Kensi landing right on top of Deeks, just leapt off the screen for me. In that moment post-explosion, I was absolutely convinced she was about to kiss him. Instead, one of those annoying teammates interrupted, leading to a classic Deeks use of humor to defuse tension (after Kensi says she has to pee, Deeks replies, “I think I just did.”). And then he smiles a glorious smile. In this moment they’re totally themselves, without their guard up as it’s been through most of their early partnership. It’s a great early scene between these two that hints at what they might become in the future.

#2. The hilltop kiss in “Descent

In an intense episode written by Frank Military (again!), we finally see a moment of crystal-clear communication between a Deeks and Kensi who’ve been struggling to express themselves to one another for an entire season. No, make that three seasons. It’s the culmination of the will-they-won’t-they that began from their very first scene in “Hand-to-Hand.” And it’s a Direct Deeks who’s had enough and final stands up (literally) and takes charge of the situation. I like Direct Deeks, particularly this one. The kiss is amazing, and then when he takes a step back and utters his “How’s that for communication?” line, wow. The whole thing is intense and even though their relationship remains in a continuing state of confusion as Kensi flees to follow Michelle, it’s a tremendously satisfying moment that gave me some comfort that the showrunners wouldn’t be able to leave them in limbo forever. (Granted, they did succeed for another year and half- well played, Shane Brennan. Well played.)

#1. Saving Kensi at gunpoint in “Greed”

There’s lots of sexual tension and romantic banter in this episode (again written by Frank Military), right from the ballroom dancing opening. But the scene in the loft where Deeks confronts an apparent bad guy holding Kensi at gunpoint takes my #1 position. I just love the way he maneuvers into position by pretending he doesn’t see what’s happening, and by gushing about the ridiculous artwork (This is the perfect combination of girls and guns). But then – bam – he goes from silly to 100% serious, telling Michael Saleh, “Let me make this perfectly clear. If you harm her, today is going to be your last day on earth.”

The evolving expressions on Kensi’s face are priceless. She goes from exasperation and disbelief that he could walk right past them without noticing her predicament, to total satisfaction and no small amount of, shall we say, lust, at the way he’s come to her defense in such a thrilling manner.

So whoa, these last two weeks have been a bit of a revelation for me in terms of my thinking about Frank Military. I always saw him as a master of dark material, but he wrote two of my Top 3 Romantic Scenes, and the guy claimed all three of my Top 3 Sexiest Scenes. From now on I will think of him very differently!

Also in the Running

There were several other stand-out sexy scenes that didn’t quite crack my Top 3, including several from the Top 3 Action! Deeks list:

  • Deeks blowing off the hinges and kicking down the door in “Sans Voir, Part II” (Shane Brennan)- I really hated to leave this one off the list as it’s one I can watch over and over
  • Deeks walking out of the ocean in his wetsuit in “Skin Deep” (Gil Grant)- you know I love Surfer Deeks
  • Deeks saving Kensi despite two bullet holes in “Personal” (Joseph C. Wilson)
  • Deeks and Kensi’s face-off in Daniel Zuna’s house in “Hand-to-Hand” (Matt Pyken)
  • The final date that’s not a date scene in “Recovery” (especially the way he tilts his head at her) (Gil Grant)
  • Taking on about eight men in a fistfight in “An Unlocked Mind” (Frank Military)
  • Shooting while sliding at the villa in “Collateral” (Cheo Hodari Coker)
  • Jumping onto the pergola in “SEAL Hunter” (Frank Military)

Next Week

Next week we’re continuing the Densi discussion, with a focus on the Top 3 Densi Communications. Which moments of clear communication between these two make your Top 3?

In the meantime, let’s talk about the sexytimes. What are your Top 3 Sexiest Scenes?

Or, go back to last week’s post, the Top 3 Most Romantic Scenes.

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23 Comments on The Top 3 Sexiest Scenes

  1. So my first response to your #1 pick was WTH? Until I remembered Deeks’ tone of voice when he threatened Saleh, and (you are so right) the completely turned-on look on Kensi’s face when he says that. Also doubted #3 briefly, but the more I think about it, the more I agree with you. For me, it’s sexy because of the almost kiss (I though the same), the intense eye-locks, and yes, because of the laughter at the end.

    Have to add to the runners up (and the only reason I won’t argue that this belongs in the Top 3 is because it never aired): the deleted scene from Spoils of War (I think) that flashes us back to the night between Recovery and The Frozen Lake (like I need to describe it that much, you know, THE scene). Aside from it being the first time they have sex, what could be sexier than that man whispering that he’s falling in love with you? [fanning self]


    • Thanks Psyched! I’m glad you were able to understand the reasons for my choices. Like I’ve mentioned, “sexy” means different things to everyone. And while I agree that Deeks telling Kensi he’s falling in love with her is indeed very sexy, that scene will forever be tainted for me for its pseudo-canon state of existence. I need to know that that really happened!


  2. Good choices! I’ll offer three more:

    Neighborhood Watch — Deeks following the blood trail to find Kensi in a towel. Deeks walking away… slowly. Kensi peeking.

    Fighting Shadows – running in the park with the bungy cord thing. Deeks pulling her in. “Lean, mean, sex machine.”

    An Unlocked Mind – yoga. “Wow, deep straddle, that’s a crowd pleaser.”…. “Deeks, focus.” “I am. I’m focused on your iliac crest.” She climbs on top of him.


    • peakae, those are great picks! I cannot believe I forgot that yoga scene. That is one fantastic episode, and that scene is incredibly sexy.


  3. I love your top three. Totally agree and your honorable mentions are on point too. Love the other reader picks too.


  4. Your #2 is my #1…so far. I still haven’t seen a steamy, sexy scene between these two that is off the charts. Lots of sweet scenes between them in the last two seasons, but we never get to see them in a serious, one thing on their mind scene. Even the deleted scene seemed rather tame, more of a suggestion really. I watch other prime time shows that don’t have a problem showing their ships unafraid to tear off a tee shirt and pull their ladybird down on the bed and sometimes it’s the other way around. If we can watch people shot and blown up, I think we are strong enough to handle a little steamy scene between Kensi and Deeks.


    • Steamy Scenes you say…
      you know…
      for presenting Densi as the romance and such for the show…
      there is really very little of it.
      I do wish there was a few more steamy moments between the couple, both undercover and away from the job.
      in reality, Sam and Michelle have had adult moments in their own bedroom at home and undercover during the Siderov thing.
      Callen and Anna the same…one at home and one in the russian embassy.
      Callen even had a nice moment with Joelle.

      there may be a lot of Densi scenes that are romantic or even a type of sexy.
      but when it comes to actual steamy. they really do get short changed for an actual couple.

      heck, we have even seen Granger wake up in bed with someone and watched Callen do the same with Kensi in Rage.
      so I know I will miss a lot, but lets try to count actual bedroom scenes.
      Callen with Kensi undercover,
      Sam with Michelle 1 undercover and 1 at home
      Granger at home

      ….and we get one with Kensi and Deeks…and it winds up in a fight and then getting interrupted.
      really? we have seen Callen in bed or even a bedroom with Kensi just as much as deeks.
      am I out of line to be a little disappointed with the way the Densi relationship has progressed at times.

      Dani and Eric have such great chemistry, but Deeks seems to get the passionate scenes with Monica and Nicole.
      the directors seem to go with the most subdued takes with our couple, pulling them back from any real intimacy.
      even in Castle, the had Becket peek around the bedroom door in lingerie and wearing one of his shirts the next morning…even that is way more than what we seem to get.

      odd, very odd.

      would anyone like to see Kensi walking up to Deeks while wearing one of his white linen button down shirts.
      just a button or two open at the top and her gorgeous tan legs out the bottom.
      pick a room…
      in the kitchen with a cup of coffee and doghnut crumbs on her lips
      cuddled on the couch with a beer, scratching Monty’s head.
      it wouldnt take much…
      enjoying some time at the beech on a towel…Deeks actually applying lotion this time
      a night out with them both dressed up.

      I feel a little cheated to a point, I think and truly hope that things will change after the mole issue is resolved.


      • About the lack of the steamy scenes between Kensi and Deeks… I have always thought that it has more to do with being in-laws for Eric and Daniela and less with the show runners. Although chemistry between these two was off the chart from the very appearances of both of them in the scene and lot of sexual innuendos and banter, I have always missed more passion in their kisses (that we saw). And it is not that the actors cannot pull it off – they clearly can as we could see in the kiss between Kensi and Callen or kiss between Deeks and Nicole. And yes, I love how their love story has been developing but I seriously doubt that we will be able to see much more different staff (more sexy or steamy) than we have seen so far.
        I would be so glad to be proved wrong, but I heard Dani explaining in one TV show that they were professionals and the usual staff, but she was blushing and you could feel a hint of embarrassment…


        • I guess my thoughts differ somewhat.
          I can certainly understand how it could be a little awkward, bit it would be a lot less so if every…single…person…that…interviews…them…didn’t…bring…it…up.
          Seriously, find some new material and questions to ask… or start covering lost cats or bake sales….
          It becomes more weird because it seems more weird because everyone brings it up asking if it is weird and gives the impression that it should be weird….right…
          Self-fulfilling so to speak.

          In reality, as a married professional there some big advantages to offset the downside. There is trust, knowing the other person’s life style is a huge relief. From drug use to unprotected / casual sex, you get to share it all with a kiss…knowing what and with whom your on screen partner is doing adds some comfort. Maybe it is as simple as being a smoker, or you’re a vegan and they eat a double whopper with cheese for lunch. Maybe they make a pass or start to express interest personally.
          In any case, if I was David, I would much rather have Dani kiss Eric as opposed to Charlie Sheen…who knows what the hell you could catch, right. Or even Brad Pitt. He seems to try to have at least one affair on every project he is on. Just look at the list.
          Even from Sarah’s point of view, wouldn’t you want Eric spending all day with and kissing somebody you trust.
          It may feel odd, but at least the worst that will happen to our couple is catching a cold from their niece or nephew.

          I think the show, as well as the entire NCIS franchise tends to stay rather tame.
          That being said, we have seen the comments where Dani and Eric have said that after doing several takes, the directors tend to take the most subdued of the bunch. They have both stated that there have been takes with a lot more passion.
          They are committing to be true to the characters, but get reeled in by the showrunners.
          I think they really want to drag it out and make it last…just a little at a time.

          I would settle for them snuggled up on the couch together feeding each other ice cream…
          …see there, I’m easy to please.

          Die, Anna, Die


    • Thanks Lindy. I agree. It’s a shame that my Top 3 picks are all from before they were together together. Since they became a couple, we haven’t gotten anything so sexy, although I do have to admit that watching Deeks hurl chairs and take on Hetty and Sabatino in “Payback” was quite sexy. But I know, that’s not what you’re looking for!


  5. Since I knew this week’s Top Three would be about sexy scenes, I’ve spent the last couple of days thinking about what mine would be (there are worse occupations!) and I admit the “How’s that for communication” kiss and “Greed”’s protective (and sexy as hell) Deeks (“Let me make this perfectly clear: if you harm her, this is going to be your last day on earth”) were both among my picks.
    I have also chosen some more scenes, but I couldn’t decide the sexiest one:

    – Two amazing scenes from “Imposters” 2×23
    “Partners with privileges” scene
    Star: So, are you two, like, together together?
    Deeks: Is it that obvious?
    Kensi: No! We’re just partners.
    Deeks: With privileges.
    Kensi: Definitely not.
    Deeks: Kind of.
    Kensi: No.
    I don’t know why but this entire scene has always seemed very sexy to me, including the way Kensi “touches” and pushes Deeks away when Star may become too “dangerous”…

    Another scene from the same episode, just after Hetty gives Kensi her very special brush and her very cryptic advice ( “Not to worry. Sometimes you find them, sometimes they find you. You just have to keep your eyes open”).The way Deeks enters the armory and the way he gets so close to Kensi almost whispering in her ear, combined with the idea that he may like both Kensi’s “feminine and deadly” sides more than he dares to admit, has always been one of my favorite early-Densi scene:
    Deeks: I thought you were getting the gear
    Kensi: I am
    Deeks: Are you? ‘Cause that looks a lot like a makeup brush. You putting on some radiation-proof foundation? Got a little lead-lined mascara in there?
    Kensi: No. It’s just something Hetty’s getting rid of.
    Deeks: Really?
    Kensi: Yeah, but you have to be careful, be… (a blade appears)
    Deeks: Mm-hmm. You two scare me.
    Kensi: Good.

    – All the “diary vs journal” scene in the boatshed (3×4 Deadline): the way Deeks looks at Kensi saying “Good to know… good to know” has always made me wonder why they waited so long 😉

    – 3×7 “Honor”: Another great scene in which both Deeks and Kensi express a lot with what they say but more with the way they look at each other and their body language and Deeks’ innuendo. Both Daniela and Eric are so gorgeous there (I think the picture from that scene is my favorite Densi ever, although they don’t even touch each other!)
    At the beach the two protagonists of the episode, Maeko and Connor, kiss.
    Kensi: They’re so sweet.
    Deeks: All right, Sleepless in Seattle, you want to grab a beer?
    Kensi: If you ask me nicely.
    Deeks: You know what, forget about it.
    Kensi: Why?
    Deeks: I know where this is headed. Every time you see something like these two, you get all Eat, Pray, Lovesick on me.
    Kensi: You don’t like happy endings?
    Deeks: I’m sorry, what?
    Kensi: Why do you have to go there?! Oh, my gosh.
    Deeks: I just want to have some beers with my partner.
    Kensi: I can do that.
    Deeks: Yeah? Can you? Partners– just have some burgers, watch the game.
    Kensi: Of course. I’m just one of the guys.
    Deeks: Well, if that’s the case, maybe we should hit up a strip club.
    Kensi: Don’t be an idiot.

    – I think many “Neighborhood watch” scenes are very sexy but one that has always been special to me is Deeks in OPS with his wedding ring: I think I could stare at his hands moving while talking about Kensi’s fake vacuuming forever!

    – 4×6 “Rude awakenings”, the scene in which Deeks tosses Kensi her rifle (one of my favorite GIF sets ever!) before taking off his hoodie to reveal an NCIS vest…

    Sorry for the long post, but the topic was… interesting!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. This just goes to prove that sexy is in the eye of the beholder. My three

    3 – butt/bacon grab from out of the past – physical proof of their lust for each other

    2 – descent kiss – when you need to cut through to the real issue

    1 – jailhouse kiss in under siege – more than just a ear wig pass

    Others chose good moments. The yoga scene in unlocked mind is a good one too.

    There are so many, and enough for everybody to have their own.


    • agreed, these are the kinds of things I like as well.
      I would add things like
      In the bar in Skin Deep leaning against each other
      The bar in Crimeleon that dress and the conversation about my type
      Kensi getting dressed as the art curator
      At the beach Deeks offering to apply lotion
      Neighborhood watch- a bunch of them
      The towel and cut foot, Kensi after the jog, the cover kiss, in the street after chewie the dog found the body
      the couch scene
      I loved Kensi in the dress with the snickerdoodles.
      Heck, just most of the episode.
      yoga scene in an unlocked mind, just wow
      the bungee cord scene in the park (sex machine)
      boat shed scene in an unlocked mind before they got caught by Hetty, Kensi not pulling away, but actually holding on to Deeks said a lot about her commitment.
      still love the humbug kiss
      the end of the breakfast scene in command and control
      the kiss and I love yous with the small beach wedding talk
      Kensi’s kiss at the cafe instead of spilling coffee on deeks to give the person a reason to be looking at them.
      the end of comeback with Densi taking a hold of Deeks for a kiss and holding on for the talk about moving in.
      the morning of expiration date in bed before it went so wrong
      the start of the detective discussion in Arkady’s house before the severed finger comment.
      okay…I will stop now.


    • Thanks Elizabeth! I forgot about that “Out of the Past” “butt/bacon grab” as you so accurately described it. That’s a great scene.


  7. Karen thanks for the another great article on this site. Your first would be my third, my second is the zen moment – about Kensi, Deeks and whipping out his metaphor from “Spiral” (hmmm), and my first will always be the yoga scene from “An unlocked mind”. Seeing how Deeks checks Kensi shamelessly at the work is priceless.


    • Deeks, focus…
      I am, I’m focusing on your iliac crest…

      yep…more of that please….

      Die, Anna, Die


      • I love the complete lack of subtlety from Deeks. He is just blatantly staring, in worshiping fashion, of course…while Kensi gets into a crowd pleasing nice deep straddle.
        one of my favorites.

        Die, Anna, Die


    • I agree, the looks they give each other during the metaphor banter….hmmmm, nice.


    • Thanks Maria. Those are two great examples indeed! I’m glad you all helped me remember some additional Densi scenes that could count. My list ended up so heavy on Deeks-only scenes it was a little disappointing. (Although I’ll never be disappointed watching Surfer Deeks emerge from the Pacific.)


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