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Is this really a good idea? Deeks’ Surf Log – 11/13/22

Went home shopping with my mom today and I’m not sure this is a very good idea. I mean do I really want my mother living this close to us?  But I couldn’t admit that to her.  She was so excited about being here for Kensi and Rosa and she would be devastated if we showed any concern or anxiety. My family means everything to me and believe me there was a time I never thought I’d have a normal family. My parents made me who I am for better or worse. But  my mother is an enigma. I have always admired her strength and fortitude….but common sense is not exactly her forte. Kensi and I know how to handle her for the most part. Not sure how Rosa will adapt.  

Of course Mama Deeks may wind up being the ‘fun’ (grand)parent which is what Kensi accuses me of. And how this is going to affect the dynamics of our family…I just don’t know. But maybe it’s a good thing. If it wasn’t for my mom being the positive and upbeat woman she was, I would have never survived my childhood. And I turned out as well as can be expected, right??  Rosa is lucky, though because she gets to grow up knowing a wacky, unorthodox but extremely loving grandmother. I’m excited where their relationship will take Rosa. She’s a very lucky girl, indeed. 

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