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NCISLA Classified Preview: “Tidings We Bring” (S8E11)

Tidings We Bring
Title: “Tidings We Bring”

Airing:   December 18th – the final new episode of 2016.

Filming:  November 1st to November 9th.


What CBS is telling us:  Sam partners with Anna (Bar Paly) and Callen with Deeks as the team investigates the disappearance of a Navy Lieutenant Commander who is working with the NSA on foreign cyber threats. Also, the team celebrates the holidays together on NCIS: LOS ANGELES.

What we think is happening:  Both Kensi and Anna physically are back in the office in the annual holiday episode.  The Hetty resignation deadline, a missing Navy Lt. Commander and the team wearing kevlar are all a part of this year’s holiday festivities.

I’m a fan of the holiday episodes – they’ve all been good episodes with threads that have been part of season-long or series-long storylines.  Jack was first mentioned in “Brimstone” and introduced in “Disorder”.  Kensi’s Hawaii trip in “Higher Power” was part of the foreshadowing of her father’s murder mystery.  “Free Ride” had mentions of Sidorov.  “Merry Evasion” and “Humbug” were about the growing Kensi and Deeks relationship while “Humbug” also introduced Aiden.  “Cancel Christmas” introduced Jennifer Kim and the North Korean spy storyline.   The holidays matter in the Office of Special Projects.

Be on the lookout

Bar Paly as Anastasia “Anna” Kolcheck

Last seen in “Home is Where the Heart Is” (episode six).

Joel Johnstone as Gregory Jenkins

Played Gus Grissom on The Astronaut Wives Club, Dr. Andrew Cesario on Getting On, Cameron on The Newsroom.  Had guest roles on The Fosters, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, Criminal Minds and Ed.

Arthuro de Puerto as Manny

Was Hector Valdez on The Bridge, Adres Diaz (Pulpo) on Chicago PD and Luis Flores on Fear the Walking Dead.  Played Edward “Collarbone” Rosario in the season 12 “Patience” episode of NCIS and appeared in episodes of The Magicians, Agent X, The Lottery, Rizzoli & Isles, CSI, Austin & Ally, Bones, Touch, Raising Hope, The Mentalist and The Defenders.

Maynor Alvarado as Raul

Had guest roles in episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Chicago Med, Raising Hope and a number of independent or short films.

Alison Haislip as Nicole Ross 

Was the unfortunate Lt. Commander Hannah Banks in the season 12 premiere of NCIS, played Ali Laurents in the Hulu series Battleground and appeared in episodes of Stitchers, Con Man, Bones, Spooked, Shameless, Franklin & Bash, Trading Eights and has worked as a voice actor for animated series.  She also starred in the Funny or Die short “Women for Eli Manning” which makes me happy as a New York Giants fan.

Natalie Wachen as Amy (Clothing Consultant)

Played Lenore White on Boardwalk Empire and appeared in episodes of Switched at Birth, Deception, 90210 and Tyler’s Ride.

Brea Bee as Navy Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Morgan

Bee appeared in episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, General Hospital, Breaking In, Bleeder and several short films.

Miguel Angel Caballero as Javier Nunez

Played Orlando Brooks a few years ago on General Hospital, was Isidro Calderon in the “Fit for Duty” episode of JAG, guest starred on The New Adventures of Old Christine, CSI: NY, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, ER, Greetings for Tucson and The Visitor.

Dan Cole as Security Guard

 Cole was Dan Gore on The Office and had guest roles in Baskets, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Parks & Recreation, Monk, Two and a Half Men, Smith and Arrested Development.


Written by:  Chad Mazero who co-wrote “Internal Affairs” and “Revenge Deferred” in season seven.

Directed by:  James Hanlon is back for a second visit in season eight, directing “Black Market” a few weeks ago.  In previous seasons, he directed “War Cries”, “The Grey Man”, “Kolcheck, A”, “Driving Miss Diaz”, “Command and Control” (number 150), “Angels and Daemons” and “Where There’s Smoke”.

Insider Intel:  TV Insider had an article about Callen, Anna, Garrison and the holidays.

Official Photographic Evidence:  SpoilerTV has the photos this week.

Unofficial Surveillance:

Some of the cast, the stunt professionals and their director:

The cast with their director:

The crew with their director (and a festive holiday dinosaur):

James Hanlon does a great job chronicling his days working with on his episodes.

Daniela Ruah was back to work with this episode:

Eric Christian Olsen filming with Chris O’Donnell:

LL Cool J and Bar Paly filming in Venice Beach:

The Wonder Twins take the wheel:

Barrett Foa and Renee Felice Smith enjoying the holiday feelings:

Looks like in the days just after Halloween when this episode was filmed, it was Christmas Time in Venice Beach:

Alison Haislip and Joel Johnstone at the table read:

Natalie Wachen at the table read:

Young extra Alexandra Opal has a photo in her dressing room and some lovely holiday-themed pictures:

Bar Paly with a crew member (still wearing the U.S. Marshals vest):

Actress Brea Bee enjoyed her time on the set:

Today, in having your photo taken with LL Cool J:

(wrong date but nice photo)

And that’s a wrap for both the episode and this calendar year’s worth of episodes:

Video Surveillance:


One of their best previews – very entertaining.

Sneak Peeks:

Nice to see that Deeks does not get his spears and peppers confused.

Kind of a cliffhanger there.

E! has a preview scene here with Kensi and Anna not getting along at the Christmas party.  I’m hoping that some sort of joke Kensi and Anna planned to show Kensi is back in fighting shape.

Possible Sports Related Delays:  CBS has a full doubleheader this Sunday with almost all of the country getting the New England Patriots at Denver Broncos game but some viewers getting the Oakland Raiders at San Diego Chargers.  I will update the start time if there is a delay (there is a planned 8:30PM ET/7:30PM CT start for this episode) in the comments section Sunday night.   Other places to find the start time include the show’s official Twitter account (@NCISLA) and CBS’s official twitter account (@CBSTweet).

This closes my second year of doing these previews (I started with “Spiral” in season six).  I am grateful for the opportunity to do this as well as for the fun conversations in the comments every time there is a new episode.  Thank you all!  The program and these previews will be back January 8th after a preemption on Christmas night and “Head of the Snake” making a 10:30PM ET (approximately – sports again) start on January 1st.  Have a safe and happy holiday season with all the best ahead in 2017.


Tess DiCorsi is a wikiDeeks contributor. You can read more by Tess HERE.

46 Comments on NCISLA Classified Preview: “Tidings We Bring” (S8E11)

  1. Tess,
    thank you again for all this,
    a fantastic lob as always!

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  2. Kensi is back…
    Love seeing Dani back and smiling…. I just love her smile.
    I Like seeing Kensi up and mingling with a smile on her face. It is nice to have her interacting with the team. I realize she isn’t released to full field duty yet, but just having her at the mission is nice. I hope she has Deeks open the damn box at Christmas. I would like to see her exchange a meaningful and personal gift with Deeks…maybe at their house in private to avoid the inevitable interruption…
    Just like last year when Deeks ask for forgiveness, I would like Kensi to say she is thankful for Deeks support and love….the best gift she could get.
    Might be a good time to see the ring again…

    I can’t imagine the writers giving us the nuggets of Christmas, progress on the mole, Kensi returning to work, some baby talk, the box, and a ring discussion all in one episode. I would think it will be spread out as bait to hold interest….but I can always hope, right?

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  3. If you haven’t seen the sneak peek, spoilers…
    Otherwise you have a pretty good guess.
    Nell and Anna.
    What could the cause be….
    Nell is the mole? But Kensi grabbed Anna, so maybe not?
    Anna is the mole, or working with them
    Anna accused Eric of being the mole and Nell is defending his honor
    Anna said something derogatory about Eric
    Anna got a permanent field agent position on the team and Nell is pissed she didn’t get the spot
    Anna made a pass at Eric under the mistletoe
    Anna made fun of Nell’s hat
    Anna and Nell had too much of Nell’s eggnog and a high-quality cat fight ensues

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  4. Kensi in the field
    Whether we feel Kensi is progressing too fast or not I won’t get into.
    From what we have heard, we can assume Kensi will re-evaluate her priorities at some point. That said, my gut feeling is she will make a full comeback and return to the field. I think the moment of reflection will come after that, during a fight or something.
    She gets into a hand to hand situation and someone gets her into a head lock and twists her neck. Or, she gets hit in the back and her hand goes numb for a second…something like that. Something relatively mundane under normal circumstances, but that scares her because of how quickly a re-injury could happen.
    Not that I think it will make her give up her job, but it may cause some doubt.
    Just my thoughts.
    Maybe she just hurts her hand a little… while beating the crap out of, and then choking out Sullivan after he made a pass at her…
    Why did I go there…just why…?
    Sorry, couldn’t help myself.


  5. Looking into Sullivangate…
    Others have previously commented on Kurt’s facial hair and the fact that the rehab story arc is not quite over yet.
    The last episode was supposed to be just before Thanksgiving and this one is just before Christmas. That only leaves about a month between episodes according to their own calendar. Kensi’s rehab should be progressing well, I hope.

    With Sullivan released to full duty and returning to his unit, he couldn’t have possibly have been deployed, processed, discharged and then grown an abundance of facial hair in any reasonable time.
    So where does that leave us. Assuming he returns, maybe Dani and Kurt have a lot more of the pre-shot scenes from July still available or there is a huge flash forward.
    So, what are the scenarios…
    Kurt and Dani have more pre-shot scenes.
    A big time jump after the first of the year and Sullivan returns after that
    Kurt was just visiting the set and teasing us.
    Kurt shave off his beard right after the pic was taken to start filming the episode.
    The writers don’t own a calendar
    Thanksgiving and Christmas are no longer only one month apart and I missed the memo.
    The team was actually celebrating the Canadian Thanksgiving on October 10th, it’s 6 weeks earlier than in the US.
    California has now voted to move Christmas Day to coincide with Barack Obama’s birthday. ( a joke people)
    Sullivan grows facial hair like a Yeti or Chewbacca
    Sullivan is a werewolf
    Sullivan didn’t actually return to his unit and he is a BIG FAT LIAR…

    Hmmmm, let me think
    What do you guys think?


  6. OK, advance warning…
    The first one that ships and decides to make any attempt to write fanfiction about Sulisni or Kenivan…
    I will personally wear out the thumb down button voicing my opinion…
    Just Sayin’


  7. Why Ed thinks Anna should get hit by a bus…or killed by the mole.
    Actually, I don’t completely hate the character of Anna…. well maybe I will talk myself into it by the end of this post, we’ll see. I Probably do, actually.
    Anna in principal might not be so bad, but there are a lot of issues.
    First Bar is just awful, she is just too inexperienced as an actress, she is too rigid, has the same facial expression regardless of the situation and delivers lines in monotone fashion. It is just rough to watch, especially when she is surrounded by such quality actors. It stands out horribly…a different actress might help a lot. Sorry.
    Aside from that, I personally feel that Sam and Callen already get the lion’s share of the airtime. They already get the bulk of the action scenes, lots of time with Hetty, Callen has the Arkady scenes, recently his father, and now a sister and a nephew.
    Now we want to add in a romantic interest…. Sorry that is just way too much Callen, at least for me.
    Maybe if the dad and the rest of the family move to Idaho and we don’t have to see them, there might be room for some romance, but otherwise it just overload.

    I do think the writers should prove they can create a happy Densi before they are allowed to move on and create another dysfunctional relationship with Anna/Callen or Eric/ Nell.
    …then again, if they do, maybe the writers will leave Densi alone and go screw up some other couple…
    That’s a thought

    Never mind…I just can’t stand Anna


    • I wish they would write Anna’s character better, we really haven’t seen why Hetty asked her to help and not another agent ? Everyone else in the team has skills and qualities that help the team and make team members special, what are Anna’s special skills and qualities? )
      Didn’t they talk about Anna getting a job earlier this season?

      I am a huge Densi fan, but I hope they will keep the balance between romance, humor, drama and action in mind. (In my opinion too much relatioships/romance will not be good for the show).
      (I might be too Densi obsessed because I saw a dream where Kensi asked Deeks to marry her and he said yes).

      I agree with what you said about Callen and Sam and airtime, I think they could balance the airtime between characters better. ( I wish we could get Deeks and Kensi centric episode like “Neighborhood watch”).


      • I completely agree about the balance, the show cant be all relationships.
        …but as Nate said once, each partnership is different. Unique.
        the Eric/ Nell have their theater/ dance stuff, the shorts discussions, banter, the tech stuff ect.
        Sam and Callen have have all the macho stuff, the CIA, the SEAL stuff and so on.
        Hetty and Granger have the good old days, the scotch drinking and so on.
        Kensi and Deeks have their thing…. the writers need to stop trying to create relationships for every damn set of partners.
        does Deeks get to interrogate a SEAL…no, does Kensi go to the toy drive thing with Eric and Nall…no, so why does everybody need romance.
        Crap, the writers cant get it right once, why on earth would they try for three or four of them….
        the romance belongs to Densi….leave the rest alone.


        • I totally agree with you… I don’t watch the show to see multiples love stories… If I wanted to see that, I would watch Grey’s Anatomy (or anything like that) and I don’t, because I don’t like it.. I watch NCIS LA because of Deeks (obviously) and Kensi, the action, Los Angeles (my favorite city in the world, don’t ask!!!), the humor, and I must admit I like Densi’s relationship!!! But that’s all… No more couples please… lol
          And Anna… I don’t like her… Bar Paly is really beautiful but she’s not a great actress, not yet… Maybe some day but for now, she’s really painfull to watch… I don’t like the idea of Kensi going crazy with her… But I must admit I enjoy watching the scene… a little… I hope it’s a dream or something like that… and that she wakes up in Deeks’ arms… A girl can dream!!!


    • I’m afraid Anna is in the Jan 8 episode as well. Like you I’m not seeing Anna’s value add on the field and I don’t see chemistry between COD and Bar so it’s hard to watch the romantic aspect of their storyline.


      • I agree with you.

        I hope Anna gets that job they mentioned earlier this season and is busy there 🙂

        Especially Sam’s reaction to Anna feels out of character for me : It took years for Sam to really accept and trust Deeks (even though he saw the skills Deeks has), and Sam doesn’t really trust Arkady and the mole hunt continues. (Sam has previously taken the safety of the team and his family very seriously)


        • Exactly…
          it would be nice if the ATF actually needed Anna to do her job and spend some time at work instead of schlepping around OSP.
          note to Anna….go do you job and leave NCIS.


        • Totally agree I see no chemistry at all between Callen and Anna. I can take Anna in small doses but this is too much. Bar Paley is very pretty, I am sure she is a wonderful model, but she is not an actress that can hold her own with this cast. She basically stands around and poses and looks pretty and that really is getting old.


      • As they go into the New Year, we get into the episodes where Chris O’Donnell isn’t avaiable for a week because of the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am. LL Cool J use to need a week for the Lip Sync Battle and a week for the Grammys. Now It’s just Lip Sync Battle but that’s still time he needs off. Sam can’t get shot every time LL Cool J needs some downtime. The program needs supporting characters. The mothership could always bring in Fornell or Dornagett (RIP) if someone needed time off. LA needs the same.


        • Tess,
          I agree with the thought process and understand the principle, but I guess I think that with such a large main cast of 8, it is hard to get them all the airtime they deserve anyway. i truly think they would be just fine running with a man short once in a while. make the episode centered around another character or pair. I an certainly not a Talia fan, but at least the character is well acted.
          much better than Anna. it is just awful.
          I would much rather watch Deeks spend half of the episode in a Turkish bathhouse playing Chess with Anatoli Kirkin, just a suggestion. Play tennis with Arkady, hang out at Kip’s pool.
          go fishing on Hetty’s yacht, hey, how about a surfing scene, maybe with the vets… anything other than watching Bar struggle because the casting director put her in a situation she is just not ready for yet. it’s not her fault, but boy is it hard for me to watch.
          just my opinion.


  8. Let’s not forget that the mole poisoned Granger and tried to poison Kensi in the mission with the Monkshood plant on her own desk.
    I wouldn’t eat Anna’s Christmas sweets.
    Just sayin’


  9. I saw another preview where Anna just stops by with cake for the team and they just have her come on up and work the case with them. Really? Just like that?


    • I saw that too. There was some really bad acting in that scene too.


      • That scene really bothered me too (especially now when the mole is still running wild), Sam’s reaction was really out of character in my opinion.


      • The casting for Anna was wrong. She isn’t at the same caliber of acting as the rest of the cast and it shows. She doesn’t convey any emotions in scenes. Her accent really throws me off as I can’t understand her half the times. In my opinion, she doesn’t have chemistry with any of the actors. Her role, other than love interest, is generic and undefined. I’m not trying to disparage her as a person but critiquing her acting skills/character as it relates to the show.


        • For a show that usually does a fantastic job with the guest actors, especially in recurring roles…
          Arkady, Thapa, Siderov, Michelle,Matthias, Kirkin, Sabatino, Talia…and more.
          Many of then are great, and even if we didnt like the caharacer much, at least the actors could act.
          ..But…oh boy did casting blow it with Anna.

          For Bar Paly and Anna to get more air time than any of them, not only is it puzzling and disappointing…it ought to be a crime.
          Someone is doing a disservice to the show and the fans, and they should be talked to, disciplined, fired, executed, have their head on a spike….something, wow.
          I am completely baffled how this can continue.

          make her the mole, get her killed by the mole, send her to Antarctica to break up a drug smuggling ring….just get her gone…like now…please


        • You mentioned Anna’s accent and I agree. What I find strange is that I think Bar Paly is Russian born, but I still don’t find her accent natural. I live in a place where I meet a lot of Russian tourists and speak English with them and I just don’t find Anna’s accent natural compared to them. I think Arkady’s accent is great though and it sounds more authentic.


  10. Thanks Tess for the awesome job you do with your previews every week. I really missed them during this mini hiatus.

    I was honestly left speechless by the third E! sneak peek this week. Really? Did they really need to go there? Dream sequence as it may appear or not, I think the characters were so out of line that I still want to think we’ll understand more (better be this way!) after watching the whole episode.

    I thought this characterization of Kensi that punches or headbutts or shows her aggressiveness with whomever dares to steal or be a threat for her “things” (Deeks, her job, her team, etc…) was over and done with. Unfortunately I was wrong and I’m afraid she may need more than just a long physical rehab to come back to work if she reacts the way we saw (if the scene is a dream, she’s not excusable anyway, since her fantasy may still hide her true self and intentions and I didn’t like them at all).

    Kensi’s character’s main enemies are not people shooting at her, not even Hetty’s well masterminded plans, nor the ghost of Christmas past when Jack left her, nor helicopter crashes in Syria. Her real enemy are only the writers. How sad…

    You know what? I have decided I’ll watch this episode with very very low expectations so that everything nice it has inside will be an unexpected gift.


    • The writers don’t seem to know how to write strong, independent, and capable women. At some point, the women all end up catty, insecure women…Kensi, Talia, Anna. There is a chance to portray strong female role models but then they all have be reduced to fighting each other.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Apparently, it is just fine to tease, joke with, wrestle around with, have food fights with, hang out with, drink beer with, and go with rides with some guy while discounting your boyfriend’s feelings and potential jealousy…
        But having him work with someone else just aint cool….

        Liked by 1 person

    • I am hoping that the dream sequence comes from Nate helping Kensi prepare to return to work. She expresses some anxiety about how she’ll fit in after being out of the loop for so long, and he asks her to imagine the worst case scenario so she can find a way to avoid it. Cue the dream sequence. It would still be stupid, but I could live with that.


    • I have scene the clip, but maybe the one I watched is edited a little differently.
      what led to thinking it was a dream? just the behavior, or was there a clue I missed.


      • My bad, Barrett Foa mentioned in the live Facebook broadcast that there was a dream sequence in the Xmas episode, and there has been much speculation on other sites that the cat fight clip is it, possibly because the alternative (that this is really how the characters are going to behave) is too cringe-worthy to bear. But I don’t know that for a fact.


        • makes sense, thank you.
          …I would still pay to see Anna get choked out. but that’s me

          are you referring to Kensi’s behavior at the mission…or the fact that she got bored and decided to actually bake something….crazy right?

          the scene does seem odd, Callen not opening Kensi’s cookies, the one upping her with Anna’s cake. Nell’s action and yell. Kensi baking, deeks not knowing if Kensi would be there.
          you would expect him to say something like ‘ I thought you weren’t coming”, because they would have previously discussed it. I didn’t know just seems odd to me. it is just off and we might be being set up…


    • I thought it was out of character for everyone. Anna worked well with the team last year and even joked with Kensi about not falling for Deeks’s “Deeksness”. I hope it is a joke, a dream or Kensi showing everyone just how much better she feels.

      I’m a fan of the holiday episodes so I’m going in with a good feeling. There could always be a stinker in the bunch but hope for the best is the holiday way.

      Thanks for the nice words – there looks like there are three new episodes in January (the 8th, 15th and 29th). That’s a nice run.

      Happy Holidays and all the best in 2017!


      • the holiday episodes are usually top notch and the last 2 have been especially good, so I am with you on that.
        i will try to picture a recovering Kensi, some progress on the mole hunt, an Anna excited about spending lots more time at her job with the ATF, ( sorry, couldn’t help it), Sam and Callen supportive of Deeks….and a wonderful Densi scene that is too precious to preview.


  11. A minor concern
    At times, I think the show is like a company that has designed and builds a wonderful product, but has no quality control process.
    The showrunners have a big picture vision and an overall direction, but the detailed oversite seems lacking at times, it seems that the individual writers don’t collaborate well or have anyone making sure they are consistent and not redundant.
    They replay same jokes ( dog park, no bags) they all use the same drama issues and have Deeks picked on to the point it becomes overwhelming. Instead, they could say, ok you already did that, let’s give it a rest.
    Even the cannon seems to be all over the place at times. Commitment, marriage, jobs, having kids, even being comfortable with kids….Kensi and Deeks flip flop constantly. It just does not make sense to anyone who has been paying close attention for a while. Kensi grows and matures, then reverts back to what we saw years ago, Sam is slow to trust and accept, and then opens up with open arms with no real reason. Dear god is it irritating. It seems at times the writers don’t even pay attention to what has happened in the past to get any form of continuity. ARRGGHHH.
    I bring it up because I care. The show is so good and it wouldn’t take much effort to make an improvement to fix an issue that bothers some of the show’s most dedicated fans.
    I just wish they would make more of an attempt.


  12. I don’t think it’s a minor concern, Ed, I agree with you 100%. And after “Sirens” and now with this episode’s previews I realize my disappointment comes from how much I had liked Season 8 so far and how consistent and emotional the episodes had seemed up to this point. Sadly I’m having a déjà vu of Season 6 and I don’t like it at all.


    • To me it highlight how much I love Kensi and Densi’s growth in S7. Densi was written as a couple in a mature relationship. They dealt with difficulties of their job professionally while having a personal relationship. I miss that now.


  13. Thanks Tess for pulling this together. Have a great holiday season and look forward to your previews next year!

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  14. I actually think the potential for drama could be fantastic…
    Hold on, here’s why.
    I would just love to have some tension on the team between Callen and some of the other members because his girlfriend is well…a bitch…. You know where Deeks will side, Nell proved her loyalties, Eric has always been in Kensi’s corner.
    Sam, well who knows
    I would love for one of Sam’s or Callen’s personal issues to need to be handled by Hetty firmly and stopped or corrected. Have her tell Callen to make a choice. Let’s see how that goes.
    I mean, really, let’s take a look back. Callen has refused orders, showed up at crime scenes in LA when he was supposed to be in San Diego, went AWOL, refused to come to work when told by Hetty to do so, chased people across the country and the Europe for his own needs and even gotten tazed in the process…then let go by Sam…and the list goes on.
    Same thing with Sam. Constantly it is personal with family or ex Seals or old friends, etc. He either went off alone or drug the team along into things because of Michelle, more than once…Deeks got dental work because of that, Jada more than once, his Kid, Moe, Khaled, …. where to stop. It is quite a list.
    They have both been disrespectful and insubordinate to Hetty and even Granger on numerous times and seem to get away with it.
    And now we have Anna…
    …But… these two arrogant, pompous, opinionated asshats have the nerve to question Kensi and Deeks and lecture them about keeping personal feelings and emotion out of the workplace.
    Shut the hell up and look in the mirror

    Apparently I have been holding on to this for a while….just breathe…


    • I was trying not to let my #TeamDeeks bias out but then you write things like this that threatens to unleash it all. I find Sallen bromance boring. They’re usually disrespectful of Deeks, but this season at least shown him respect and support. The things they say as they banter is the same as what Deeks would say but when Deeks says them it’s ridiculous and annoying. Their double standard against Deeks,as Ed has pointed out, is old and tired. Move on.

      I hope we get story advancement on the mole, Callen’s family and then let’s move on. I would like Densi engaged but not necessarily married. Just committed totally to each other.

      Let’s get the team to solving crimes where everyone is shown to be competent.


  15. Some social media additions:


  16. Some last minute social media posts:

    And the guest cast always loves having their photos taken with LL Cool J:

    I’ll be back a little later with the start time from CBS.


  17. Like

  18. Doeorhy Turner // January 8, 2017 at 7:18 AM // Reply

    I am so happy that someone else sees Bar Paly (Anna) unskilled acting. Being a model does not mean that mean that that one becomes a natural actress, but that seems to be in the minds of so many who create theater. As to the show, it is so obvious that Callen and Hanna are going to be the heroes though they do little of nothing in solving the crime. Nell and Eric do the research, Kensi and Deeks figure out the solutions and those two come in at the end to make the catch. God, don’t get me started on Hetty and how the decisions she makes leave both Deeks and Kensi in traumatic situations. I have the solution for me. I no longer watch! The writers need to know that there is an educational audience who can identify consistent plot line and character development. They miss logical thinking. For example, in the episode, “Drive” why would Jenny Radler’s daughter bond so easily with Sam and Callen when Deeks shares his he remembers her as a child; kept her with her mother, after all, he was her mother’s lawyer? Sam Hanna comes off as a bully, Callen with serious attachment issues and a very close mind, unless it comes from Sam. As team leader should not he be the one to help the team run smoothly? As training in field skills, should not Sam be training Deeks as he need Dom? Thus far, Sam Hanna has placed the life of Jade in danger of being killed by her brother; Moe to be hanged, and Deeks to be tortured, yet Hetty praises him for his honor and bravery. I don’t need that kind of hero,


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