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The Top 3 Most Wanted Scenes


We all love NCIS: LA, but we also come to the show with high expectations. We’re invested in the lives of these characters and wishing for certain things to happen in the future, whether it be this season or beyond. Exactly what we’re wishing for brings me to this week’s topic: The Top 3 Most Wanted NCIS: Los Angeles scenes.

The Premise

One rule I’ve applied to my choices this week is that the most wanted scenes need to be something we’d like to see in the future. (Stay tuned for a separate post for missing scenes from past episodes.) Also, I tried (only partially successfully) to limit my wishes to a single scene as opposed to an entire episode or story arc. And of course since this is wikiDeeks, the scenes should be Deeks or Densi-related.

The Top 3

If you couldn’t tell from my choice of feature image above, I love the angst, so there’s not a ton of fluff happening in my Top 3. (Don’t get me wrong- I do enjoy the fluff. I just crave the drama.) In reverse order of importance, my Top 3 Most Wanted Scenes are…

#3. Gordon John Brandel appears unexpectedly and Deeks gets closure

I know, Deeks’ dad was reportedly killed in a car crash in 1998. But what if he wasn’t? What if it was a case of mistaken identity, or his dad made it look like he had been killed? How dramatic would it be for him to reappear in his son’s life? At first I thought I’d like a scene where Brandel pops up and poor Deeks is overcome with shock. Ah, the angst! But the version of this scene I’d most like to see is Deeks moving past the shock and confronting his father for being such a terrible human being, telling him he wished he had shot him sooner, and receiving strong support from a fierce Kensi who is ready to jump down her future father-in-law’s throat if he even looks at Deeks the wrong way.

I know Deeks says in “Internal Affairs” that he wishes he had shot his father earlier, but I’m not so sure he still doesn’t harbor feelings of guilt over that event. This scene would give him a chance to address those lingering issues. Plus I just want him to have a chance, as a grown man, to stand up to his father without fear. I feel like that would be so good for him. However, it’s something I can live without, something that I don’t see as crucial to character development or to my overall satisfaction with the show. That’s why it’s not higher on my Top 3. I would look at it as an unexpected bonus, particularly if the showrunners refrained from spoiling or sneak peeking it.

#2. Sam and Deeks are on a mission together where Sam expresses confidence in Deeks

It’s no secret I have been obsessed with these two characters since “Descent.” That episode triggered a complete series marathon re-watch in an effort to understand their relationship (which eventually led to my “job” here at wikiDeeks). I was so angry at Sam but for me, he’s largely redeemed himself since that Season 4 finale. He apologized and complimented Deeks in “Ascension,” he defended Deeks from Callen throughout “Omni,” and although he may still mock him on a regular basis, I don’t feel the same edge of disdain, or even anger, that was once there. I believe Sam has genuinely changed his attitude and beliefs towards our shaggy detective. But I’d like to see a little bit more.

Specifically, I’d love a partner swap where Sam and Deeks are isolated on a dangerous mission and where Sam expresses full confidence in Deeks’ ability to protect him and carry out the mission. Better yet, I’d like to see Sam ask to be partnered with Deeks on a dangerous mission (should Callen be indisposed for some reason) because he trusts Deeks and believes he’s the best man for the job. That kind of validation would have to mean a tremendous amount to Deeks. I know it would mean a lot to me.

#1. Kensi or Deeks make a potentially life or death choice between their partner and a mission

Here’s the scene I think is longest overdue. Deeks and Kensi hesitated to go all in for years because of what such a change might mean to their work partnership. We all know what happened post-“Recovery” when Deeks failed to take the shot in “The Frozen Lake.” One moment of hesitation caused them to question whether they could ever be more than partners. After another year or so, they finally got bold enough to move forward together, albeit with Kensi’s regularly broken workplace rules forbidding public displays of affection on the job. But are these rules enough to keep disaster from striking if they are once again pushed into a make or break situation?

Since “The Frozen Lake,” the two of them have not been put into a position where one had to choose the mission over their partner. What would Deeks do when the love of his life is threatened but rather than save her, he must protect an innocent witness? What would Kensi do if she were forced to repeat her actions in “Ascension,” when she left an injured and traumatized Deeks behind to face his torturers? Could she do it again? I kinda want to believe that she couldn’t, but I’m not sure. Whatever choice they would make would have huge ramifications- if they chose their partner, then their partnership must surely be put in jeopardy. If they chose the mission, what effect would that have on their relationship?

Wow, I warned you that my Top 3 was filled with angst! I love seeing the characters pushed to their limits- that’s when the emotions and the drama run highest. I’m not totally heartless though- all my runners-up were 100% fluff!

Also in the Running

I did consider a number of fluffy scenes for my list, but they just didn’t make the final cut:

  • The proposal (actually it sounds like the upcoming version might be pretty angsty)
  • Kensi calls him Marty during Kensi-and-Marty Private Time
  • Deeks becomes an agent
  • Monty!
  • Deeks calls Ray to update him on his Thing
  • Deeks asks Sam and Callen for their blessing on the engagement and receives wholehearted, sincere support rather than the usual mocking

Next Week

Put on your reporter’s hat, because next week’s topic will cover the questions we dream of asking Eric Christian Olsen- The Top 3 things we most want to know about his work as Marty Deeks.

In the meantime, tell us your Top 3 Most Wanted Scenes. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers! Give us a full explanation for your picks or just your short list. What do you most long to see?

Or, return to last week’s Top 3, the Top 3 Deeks Mysteries.

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14 Comments on The Top 3 Most Wanted Scenes

  1. Those are great choices.

    1) I really love yours about choosing between mission or the safety/life of the partner. I want a whole episode of that. And no counter scenes of bantering with Sam and Callen. Some of the best episodes worked because it was serious – Kill House, Descent/Ascension, The Frozen Lake, Spoils of War, etc. I think Internal Affairs was lessened by the lack of seriousness by Callen/Sam.
    2) Along the lines of a Sam/Deeks partnership, I really, really want Callen to have a scene with Deeks where he finally acknowledges to himself and to Deeks that Deeks is a good, valuable agent. A Descent situation with Callen, if you will. I want him to acknowledge that Deeks saved Sam from drowning, saved Sam’s wife from Siderov, saved them in Afghanistan, etc.
    3. So this is isn’t all angsty, I would like another scene of Deeks and Kensi decompressing after a tough day, like The Job or consoling like Impact.


    • Thanks peakae. I totally agree about the inappropriate use of humor that interrupts the serious tone of some episodes. That and canon inconsistencies are probably my two biggest continuing pet peeves about the show. And yes I want Callen to appreciate Deeks!


  2. WOW ! great choices !! I also loe angst so I agree with you. I still have mixed feelings about wishing Gordon being alive. But the #1 would be definitely THE scene !!! Also, I´d love to see Sam standing by Deeks side in any occasion ! Specially with some disagreement with Callen.

    About the scenes frm ‘the running’, gosh, that phonecall to ray is loooooooooooooooooong overdue !!! Come on !!!

    I´m so excited for tonight !!!


  3. Karen you have said everything I would like to see!! So here is my thoughts.

    1. Would like to see a beautiful Densi love scene. (nothing explicit of course) and of course the proposal and wedding.

    2. I want to see Callen give Deeks more respect and tell him he is a valuable member of the team.

    3. I have also wondered if Deeks father is still alive so it would be interesting to see him come face to face with him again. (Maybe the Deeks M episode we have been promised)

    Deeks becomes an agent
    Deeks being acknowledged for saving their butts in Afghanistan
    And a ‘fluffy’ one, when they say they are all going out for a drink after work, I would like to see that!


  4. Your number 1, Karen, is probably mine too! I have wanted for so long to see a life-threatening situation for Deeks or Kensi (but I’d prefer Deeks because the angst ECO can make the viewers feel in such scenes is extraordinary…) in which they have to choose between their partner and other lives. What would they do in the name of a the greater good? But I’m afraid the writers won’t be so daring…
    Other scenes I’d like to see (not in a particular order):
    – Deeks’ proposal (not offscreen, please) and a real engagement by the end of Season 8
    – Densi wedding (very faraway in time, maybe as an almost final seal to the show, so I hope it won’t happen for a very looong time)
    – Deeks becoming an agent (come on, he does agent-like things all the time, all he needs is to sign those papers…)
    – More repercussions and ramifications of working undercover now that Kensi and Deeks are a couple, how it may affect their personal lives and their relationship, how tough it may be for both of them to come home after an undercover operation that may involve to seduce someone; in this case I hope it will be Kensi, because I’m very possessive of Deeks and, like Kensi, I don’t want to share him with anyone else 😉
    – A love (not explicit, obviously) scene between Deeks and Kensi, where we can feel their passion and not just tenderness and sweetness to which we have been used so much lately. Not that I’m complaining, but I’d like to see, at least for once, something more.


    • Thanks Cladani. I am like you, not in a big hurry for the wedding. As long as they don’t throw hurdles in their way that feel manufactured (like “Three Hearts”), I am just happy that they are together and communicating and happy. Well, at least they were before last week! I love your suggestion about more ramifications of working undercover- that would be really interesting.


  5. I’d love to see:
    1. explanation of why Roberta wasn’t listed as Deeks’ next of kin.
    2. reveal what is in the box!!!
    3. flashback scene showing what Hetty saw in Deeks’ to make her create the liaison position

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ooh, Daisy, I love the idea of a flashback to see what Hetty saw in Deeks. I’d love to know at what point he landed on her radar. For all we know, it might have been as early as when he shot his father.


  6. I never thought about him coming face to face with his dad again. That would be a powerful scene.


  7. I’d like to see Kip Brigham again, with an explanation of how he and Deeks know each other.

    I’d also like to see a scene where Deeks has had to go into hiding, and needs to contact the team for help, but he can’t contact Kensi because it’s likely she’s being watched. So one night, when Sam is at home, the doorbell rings. Sam looks outside but doesn’t see anyone, so he carefully opens the front door, and there is Monty, with a tag on his collar that says “Miss me?”


    • Yes, hoopsdiva, I like your suggestions. That second one sounds like something you should write a fanfic on! I just really hope actor Monty is still alive, and that we get some sort of confirmation at some point.


  8. I know this is really late but I would love a deeks m episode where the team is investigating someone trying to sell weapons or something and the suspect is from his past where they knew him as brandel and it brings up memories and they have flashbacks of his father hitting him and what happened after. also the team being protective and supportive. wheeww that was long.


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